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11-19 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Nov 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael brutal back. For Tom -- here in the news radio 930 WB. And is The Grateful Dead you know I I gotta -- idea this is a contest. This contest here. I know I wish I wasn't on the year and WB yen could be qualified to win this ninth caller ninth caller. At 64498359. Caller. Get some tickets were pretty good tickets to the rat -- -- Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead and is banned rat dog. On March 4. Tony fourteenth that's coming up fast and you think we -- from rat dog is one heck of a band I've seen them over a hundred times. I went with them on their European tour in 2002 saw them all over Europe that is one heck of a heck of a group. And I'm going to be there unfortunately not the free ticket you get the Matt Carle -- six report 9875. Again Michael Wood in for Tom -- Thomas off on vacation. This week you'll be back next week. In the -- so kind to let me sit in for him you know I'll tell you what. This is I'm the voice of buffalo I I I'm I'm so humbled actually be sitting in this seat. News in our -- just -- to a few minutes -- the first time I was ever on talk radio was in nineteen EB four I believe. In the for showing ever was on was Tom -- early show on another. Radio station here in buffalo 1984. And so on but he's a little bit younger than me. And I sent their divorce with them looked like there was Kris can respond with that as the right -- Europe against the left Winger. And it was the last time I saw -- 198485. That was my introduction to talk radio it's kind of fitting that the first time. I get to do talk radio on my own is that Tom -- station. WB and it's a real pleasure. I'll tell you I'm very very upset I'm upset as Camby. About not just the fact that might my health care policy was canceled. By the president. The president then turned around and said OK Mike you can keep your health care policy if you like it. And then it turns around what happens but Andrew Cuomo. Sentiments as you know what I guess the exact quotation is -- actually -- very good success of our programs we don't see any reason to change it now said. As nothing to do has no clue what's happening at it a 140 some thousand to western New Yorkers have their health care canceled. By the president the United States and Andrew Cuomo said -- -- -- -- -- -- It is right mean. I'm I'm sorry -- and we are here at 8030930. Star 930. On your cellphone did you receive. A cancellation notice. From on your health care insurer did you receive one. I've got to tell you it -- threw -- for a loop I've been trying to get into the New York State. Healthcare website. I haven't had much luck I've been work and to order a really haven't tried that hard because I don't quite know -- using yet. But I have to actually make this decision. Figure all this out by December 6 not the 31 the sixth. I have to decide whether or not gonna buy something on the exchange forum -- a buy something from and other health care provider outside the exchange in the one thing that really. Throws me is that we had a top notch. Health care plan from independent -- we loved. We're paying a pretty penny for it but we you know were -- with some young kids that we need so. You know I'm. I'm just flummoxed I I just don't understand how anybody this -- Blair -- From night heard your public interest research group and what if might hurt ever comes to your front door and they do it all the time -- New York. Students from UB involves state and it paid a little bit of a percentage of the money they res. The go door to door Nyberg and ask you to donate cash to their -- don't do it. Don't do it because the head of night her as a liar. He says there are very few sub standard policies in new York and those with individual policies are getting on average a 50% reduction in premiums you know what I'm not. I'm not nobody else I know who got cancellation cancellation notices getting a reduction in premium player -- from my paper and absolute lie. You know it -- that I've I figured this. Figured out why all otherwise. While why when the president knew. That the that -- on my policy in a real some -- -- -- it was going to be canceled. When he knew he continued to say you're going to be it would keep your health -- if you like it. While because they couldn't have gotten it passed without it. The reason why Hillary care failed in 199394. Is because -- people figured out that would be able to keep their doctor would be able to keep. They're their health care plan I don't know of any of you remember the Harry and Louise television commercials which basically guided Hillary care. The Obama folks realized -- longer -- when ski playbook. Bet if they told the truth about health care policies and doctors in the affected nobody could keep them. That they would also suffer the same fate and probably get it right here in -- twelfth so they lied and the blind for years. Lied for years. Price decrease. I have no clue. What we my wife and -- my children are gonna do I have no clue we're gonna definitely get insurance somewhere we can do without or without returns that's just flat irresponsible. But and I don't know I mean I can't get through the entire lay up or are they they call a layup over your health care website. It's definitely beverage -- the the federal action Obama church it's. It system the system that website that. But I'd I'd have gone through title with a note prices are better get busy we could go -- until December 6 and that's it. That's it. So educate yourself cancellation notice gives -- 8030930. Star 930. And by the way I just celebrity knows there is no truth to rumor that rob Hopkins the Buffalo Bills. Real slider who fell on top of a person from the 300 level. And is now fired from his job a PR firm here locally there's no truth to the rumor that rob opposites aren't on his PR director for rob for the mayor of Toronto. No truth -- that at all. Alitalia. I have no. Need to. What was possessing this -- from Orchard Park. You've got to figure he's probably -- familiar with the statement from Orchard Park open 300 well. He's probably fortunate part is he really doesn't go there to watch the game egos -- -- thank him. What was possessed and slightly. -- who would not leave it in the video. Amazing amazing that -- after January 1 he's not gonna having health care coverage in fact he's going on media. On a federal program right now could you just losses would await spent the week. And now rob Hopkins is famous western. To be hard to get the -- -- the people know you guys who slid down on the real. Awful awful. I gotta tell you this whole situation. With the Obama care he's got -- -- Absolutely -- you know the worst part about it is worth pointing out to from callers calling here the mayor now being switch from full time hours. To part time first of all the president redefined for time. From forty to thirty just unilaterally to -- no it's not for worth 34 so. Now people who have a full time job thirty hours wants. A bare their bosses are being pushed by this law by in order trying to save money to convert them. Two part time less than -- -- and I've talked to more than one caller who said I've got my hours cut from forty to thirty I have to go to another part time job. Because I -- for my family on this new quote unquote Obama full time tomorrow. Just can't do. And now it there are people that are called -- -- they've actually gotten more than one part time job for how do you do that. -- now people are going to be. It's either be working evening shifty you know third shift you know morning shift they're going to be doing whatever they can to make ends meet. And a full time family. It's not going to be working on. How does that happen in this thing and change. I don't allow Washington. To make that kind of just wholesale redefinition of life. We do that. It drives me crazy. -- -- -- You know we knew this was coming and listen to Tom -- he said it was a listen to sandy beach he said it was coming. And here it is and somehow or another people are still surprised. It's of these frank you're on a -- itself on frank. So what's wrong with this idea by -- -- a -- my plan. Interior plan that -- more money. But but it's okay with Obama because he's sacrificing. Our freedom on his ultra idealism you know earlier in 2008. In February remember you can -- when asked about capital gain. It and basically keep it if you if you could make increased here being that it turned out beat rate in the economy would go look for where that he could yet because. It's -- fair thing to do for the -- -- income. And just distribution you know redistribution. And -- you're so we -- the worst plan. The rockets anymore but it's OK because. In his -- more people are gonna have health care -- this year. And that's not right what -- did -- to -- people that week it's cut it to the president the executive can't. Law of course not -- but it doesn't matter anyway because our our esteemed governor said it wasn't necessary we we don't get that. We we we we can't keep our planes you. All the about it should be -- it. You know better than frank and they know better that might apps are you guys are you to look at -- you don't understand people. We have the -- we know more than you. Just let us take care of everything for yet. That's that's that's -- -- that that's not labeled your plans substandard. Because you weren't Smart enough to pick -- -- it was good for you. Guys aren't they are the ones who need to tell you that. I don't play and let's say I've been a high deductible plan. What did the pharmaceutical benefit is good and it is cheaper it that's up to me if I want to play and -- -- -- them to tell you that that's what I -- they have. That you want more than seven bulletin magazine don't you you've -- the absolute bullets to. Break did you get your deductible a lot. I mean we haven't no deductible plan and the plan I'm looking and I will play -- part with 7101000. Dollar deductibles who can afford that. This thing I do I lose all the way around me I pay more energy left is basically. In the wouldn't happen I got this letter in the mail from my company thing you're here play and it's available for mixture that it wouldn't that would it would about the wind and now. All in -- sorry what it doesn't qualify. Right right because you don't have. Kind of coverage for. Four. For condoms. It's it's certainly aren't they're committed to -- your maximum coverage. And and and our 2000 out deductible people will be it's dreamed about right. About health care because. The whole thing well it's been engaged. From I paid for what I think it's -- my employers and well. I immediately for my insurance of all things out of whack and it's solely due to economic forces are not involved in the seminal. People don't really completely understand the government is happy to have been there enforce it for. And it and that's that's the way it's going -- season -- a frank -- they -- really appreciate your call we have to go to break you know we're in the same boat franc mean you. Regret not the only ones are about a I'm 40000 is here Western New York. My name is Michael going for Tom hourly on newsreader and in the WB. Am 34 degrees here in buffalo. 34 degrees welcomed when folks here on with Michael cook who dormant for. Tom barrel -- off on vacation well deserved vacation let me tell you something folks if you -- apparently every day. You are. He deserves this vacation this is not easy stuff not easy stuff if it weren't for Jo and Chelsea in the Booth I'd be completely lost. And I you know to prepare for the news. Four -- -- -- I mean mr. Barron must spend hours. And Jones tells you look at the little smile maybe not hours but he does prepare does prepare these you can't come in here absolutely I'm prepared it's it's terrible. Tax trying to think of the staffers are going along you got to prepare these guys were very very hard and they deserve their vacations. Dave and if you Euro on the line. Yeah you -- -- of fracture on the radio in the afternoon anyway. But yeah -- got that letter canceling my help in terms com. And I don't plan that was adequate for me. I didn't -- restriction which is it was all right. For some unemployed now double whammy eight can get Medicaid. However some of the doctors I -- warm up medicate at all. I mean what good. Lot of dog type something I mean I mean our New York State. Has gold plated Medicaid we have we we give more to people on Medicaid than any other state in the union in fact. The number Tuesday California we give double what they. Double we are so far out in the lead. It. Nobody even comparing our Medicaid is gold plated listen Dave. If you can go on Medicaid goodness you should because it is better than. Just about anything. And I by the way you know if you go with one of those private managers of that of of Medicaid. Bit they'd they'd -- pretty good job in army of course it's extremely expensive -- it's part and it's killing us it's driving us into a porous it's making us the worst state in the union to do business. But it's and it's a solid. Yet they are all being on implant might my company it was a lot of fortune and wrecked it and that. But the cost is almost triples but what I was paying before -- Yeah it somehow these guys from new -- public interest research groups say that your gonna give at least 52% discount. It's it's -- total crap. I don't know -- I'm not like it's a crap on here is because -- look at that it is absolute and total. Poppycock it's it's -- just lying to its flat lying to us they've they've why do you from the very beginning what are you gonna do. Well I ordered for the third person in the hallway at the bottom of how a woman. So -- like those two guys. -- oral Bob I didn't. They're there just isn't there something about bowl. And now and know what -- start talk about their health care what they really should start. All the people aren't insured and one for sure where a lot you can get -- the issue is set this program. And animal like this state and at the copies of the eight bit out and I sure. Sounds simple doesn't. Quarter. Sounds simple doesn't -- you know the reason why we're having a problem. Our health care is being planned. By politicians. That's the beginning of the problem here Dave thank you for calling in this is Michael brutal in the for Tom hourly on news -- 930 WB and we'll be right back. Indeed the home of Sean Hannity in fact he's in his slippers right outside the studio here. Walking by nice -- Shawn nice pay maestro. But withdrew in fort Tom Bauerle here on news radio 930 WP yen we've been talking -- that we've been talking health care. We've been talking just about everything I am absolutely. Over the -- absolutely -- about the sculpture stuff for me not only is something that's been my time working on during the day. On carb up in the cancellations. On caught up -- -- I have to rush surgery. And having surgery just before Christmas so that I can. Get it done before the 31 which means -- watching my daughter's first Christmas my fourteen month old mean should Christmas -- it's like -- -- But this year she's actually going to be running around the three throw -- blame down. Because Buick. I -- just not looking for to this at all Chris Chris your car from a cellphone you know a bit about the -- insurance health insurance industry. Yeah I worked in the health insurance industry here at the Obama white -- Yeah. If people think there's pain now oh my god they're they're gonna be so bad if we don't get. There's health care law repealed -- they marched. Parent master collection won't matter. Well you know this we always talk this guy Rick Jackson from. Jackson health care in Atlanta they revealed a survey of 3000 plus physicians doctors from across all specialties. And 56% of those positions. Want this -- repealed. Or changed fundamentally. 56% of doctors. Agree with you. This disaster. God you're here to play and that helped -- the street. Health insurance the -- takes a lot because all the regulations that. I have a bright -- they have put plans together and get it to. All the states parents and their borrow. -- to our Gary -- upward accurate yeah. Ryan of course. And what's not gonna happen in New York the governor just said. It's not necessary and -- -- and of course he's not the ruling authority it's the insurance commission but but of course. He has every nothing moves in New York unless he says so we win the governor says -- and says that we don't need them keep their doctor plans. It's over New York State doesn't get too so it even if the insurance companies would wanted to do -- your state were not going to be they won't do it right. Mean they can't. Bite -- Larry are not sure you've got everybody that got employer sponsored health care you're a big companies bump whenever I left and right. And then your -- can see Obama coming up at -- at some point you know we're really close. You know what might have been right to opt out real quick get them out whenever -- -- right in outback and that. And by the the health insurance industry big there's always an adequate yeah. On now I know and what happens. Maybe two years. -- that -- -- the airport and then I could be the Democrat coming back right before the election -- -- at all we have to do the single -- then because it diplomatically if there's something. Well you know Chris let me ask me -- in the industry -- I spent seven hours a local ER. Friday night I mean great hospital it was -- arm -- is caught between a couple of different file forms order. Seven hours long term it in words he. But I was talking to some of the doctors and nurses there workers talk too much but it. Mostly I was asking them what's gonna happen on January 1 when people who didn't figured now. Who have been with had insurance all their lives. Are without insurance until they figured out is a lot of us are -- figured out so what happens when these people who don't have insurance probably a sizable number of people. They get sick on January 2 what happens currents kept it. No it not only that. You're -- -- people. Holding out money like crazy now that they don't know what's gonna happen. But the economy is gonna say well. Now on that we've already seen some of that. While you were are seeing some that are what I noticed today. Astoria. A story you know buried deep in the in the bowels of the Internet. That they have discovered absolutely discovered and the Department of Labor has admitted it. That the unemployment rate was manipulated before the Tony twelve election to be stronger than it really knows. Because I mean we can all guess why because the president and wanted to win to a Election Day. With bad numbers in October they were -- manipulated in fact right now. We have been hovering at seven point 5% or so for a year were and Carter era -- That and I can tell you every CEO when that I want to work with Mets what I do for women are advised CEOs on on our federal -- including Obama care. Every CEO I know is telling me that day and their colleagues are pushing people and part time jobs and if they are facing. Criticism whether not to have their employees on obamacare mostly refining I'm sorry -- Most of refining that they got to push them into the exchanges to its cheaper Chris it's cheaper to throw your employees to the box. Right -- -- -- and the other premiums go out right there are now there and there are probably. Under what they should be good enough people there are going to be -- -- right they're just gonna get worse well by January that this coming year but next year. People want -- Now of course and at this deductible is awful we're we're we're looking at somewhere between 7500 in. 101000. In a deductible so this surgery that I need to have the group that I can -- it's not the emergency situation. I would have to pay cash -- went on January 1. So now I have to go in during the holidays to get it done. I don't pay into independent health for awhile now I think the cover I deserve the coverage song and I'm gonna Russia not gonna room all these tickets. And I mean you have to do what you do people need to be Smart about it and then again battle this year but. Back the next year -- -- -- We're about all -- -- -- -- they're good they're about they've. Completed that they're gonna get killed. Absolutely my friend -- you nailed it it's gonna hit every single American. Six ways from Tuesday exit and by the way my surgeries nothing meant to people who weren't life threatening. Health situation like threatening injuries things you know there they -- I know people have cancer and who are absolutely up and arms they don't know what to do that they know they're going to be covered they have no idea. Well yeah it. -- split up -- and -- leaders that got out there that. What bedroom wall ball where they can just figure out publicly that -- back and trying to weave their way out but they're -- you know this but I remember right. Without them that they'd be back -- -- Obama here. You can't do while you're at. Well that's not exactly the campaign slogan I would choose for the opponent but I don't even see an opponent out there Chris I don't see -- upon you. Yeah yeah I mean I I think and if it's New York State senator Jesus H Christ. Declared for governor today. There would be no way he beat Andrew Cuomo and body in the messiah could be. Forget it. While there aren't they help. Very yeah I urge my Medicaid and the what does that mean that the -- bankrupt as. Yeah an epidemic bill. Yeah absolutely I left college ball there's the Bubba the money money go to Baghdad and they've trauma. -- -- Bob and simulate in Arabic and you know Byron brown -- We're quite supportive buffalo or how -- -- -- don't like yep 83% here on the broader government -- woman but more money. Right right most of our employees here in the Western New York our government employees have vast majority. There hospital employees that are government factors university employees the vast but -- did we have a second place finisher. I go more but -- great pitcher -- -- British. Number one day job. But that didn't know for like six months but I love that the voter level right. Bob debt rating ever. Barbara and a public -- it would then re. Arm. Really that Margaret that there are they get everything about it -- well that. Budget money big. The and I suppose we tell people things like -- Let's hear that you should be tell people things like that of the secrets are trying to keep Chris. And well if you want no more Lebanon. Chris thank you very much for column and I really appreciated really appreciate. You you have agreement. JoAnne from Grand Island you're on the line. -- -- -- Okay two -- hold on right now you know it was interest receipt that obamacare is really starting to take its tolls on the president. I mean we've got at some serious problems with his approval rating in addition it -- this came out ABC news Washington Post poll. He is our approval rating is down 42% is 55% disapproving that's very important for people understand. As Apollo political consultant I've been on a 77 campaigns in my lifetime I've mostly been out of a culture campaigns but it worked here including. The Paladino races with somebody's got 55% disapproval and 42%. Approval. There upside down there in trouble. It's pretty clear now that President Obama couldn't win reelection. Probably and that he did something magical I don't see it happening I think -- third as a second. His second administration is going to be massive failure but with those upside down numbers here's one thing -- -- to bury it. Everybody's on the US senate in the in the in the house are prisoners running for reelection are gonna tell the president you know what. Thanks for volunteering to come to my election rally but rallies that. Nobody's gonna want them even at their campaign events this is Michael Capuano in fort Tom hourly. On news radio 930 WEB and I'll be right back. Michael outta here in for Tom -- Here on news radio 930 WB yen. We've been talking about obamacare the last few minutes. -- very bright people listen shortly there a lot of people a lot of information. Here on talk about the low information voter. And I don't listen this year it is just sort of -- arguments. As much -- more about this stuff and JoAnne from Grand Island thanks for waiting. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi my daughter and son and can't pay 700 -- a lot of health and -- And came and told her last week there my granddaughter they need to kidney transplant. And she can't afford that. How what -- both stood till she paying -- the money and that applicant chip and that helped paint and then she can't build. The white Q what people need to -- ready pollution out and everything. And she checked into whether or not this is the system's -- helper. -- -- -- supposed to be the person he's trying to help you know. She's been Limbaugh often don't know they think they don't know what can count -- Jan Thompson saw her. People better wake up and realized this hurry up a debt that they get their health care then why haven't been taught him. You write an and -- as it it's always been kind of the third rail. Of American politics. But in no way Hillary Clinton tried to do it in 9394 got her head handed to work. Obama in order to do it and at 20082009. Had lied to the American people and now your broader and and the rest of us for stock which -- stop. Right -- you need to do get out okay and I -- got to block that. You put all new blood in -- He writes I think you're right you know I think we've seen some of that I mean we saw some electoral outcomes here locally. In in Western New York -- were surprised Republicans took over the county legislature the problem we have is those those Republican gains. In this past election are being translated to the state in the national. I mean right I I don't know what to say I wish I could give you some words of encouragement to win hundred police's failure are to hold on hopefully maybe. You know it's supposed to be her video that the president is trying to help ice I I hope to god. -- a joint thank you very much for calling we really appreciated. Are you want thank you Roger. Jane from buffalo you're on the air. Collecting oral -- -- -- -- I I I two talk show possible that it can't mom about this. How horrible Obama issue at -- issue -- and not really terrorism is this. And you might think it apparently conspiratorial. But. I work for the federal government can try to put fifteen years and let them. Do you have any idea how much. The next dollars a day are going to be amassing as a result of this obamacare. Young people it it doesn't matter PH they're gonna be -- people up the game and eventually taking -- -- Are the -- and is he. The what is that it is appropriate that that political okay image there are Irish federal race. -- it's okay that apply to the obamacare. And frankly I feel that lands a -- sitting there. In the all the optimistic he'd want to realize all. Many people that they are going to find it -- get altered the money for the coffers and help you at all. Help with the definitely hit the trillion dollar think I'd bet that my perspective. OK -- I don't. Jane I don't think you're far off of the IRS is in charge -- care and there are going to be finding people and putting tax liens on the and to collect out. Taking it directly from the employer -- is it does only lead down one direction and that is some people are gonna lose their homes. Of course they are. Who works thirty years consistently. Consecutively not many people you've got -- Good health motivation. -- -- and be acting job would be the stable company worked for thirty years and an eagle on your Medicare and speaking care. You know people. It is the only differences in people's lives. It'll fully variables and then they won't work maybe for sure which three years they'd have to relocate to different states that -- good they'll work for a couple years the iris detection. Right -- -- if you don't lose your house maybe you lose your car your second army if you lose. Your -- something your -- let me tell you something in the IRS doesn't mess around it was a mess around. I think that I think there are our elected officials should be taking its obamacare nightmare straight to the judicial department and the and they actually taking a case. A federal case against it because I I do believe it's unconstitutional. They're shoving it down your throat. The right -- for your mouth to to Washington's yours thank you very much for call and thank you very machine Chris. Thanks hold on here you're on with about the Tom ballots are micro computer in for Tom was on vacation. Hey Chris the car. -- -- I look at pulled over your levee break in the law right in front of the governor he's in town waiting to attempt to take it and. We're AM available on Google. Could. What one of the link to buyout will look so you have all the way to talk about it child Libya. Video tribute certain. People don't realize through tax wise. The medical write -- one out you'll want him -- fire at the current level I think what was -- -- thousand dollars yes it's absolutely whether you're cubic killed every which way they can and I hate that term obamacare. Is that not obamacare as -- -- -- every Democrat that's probably an elected in this country. Dream to have. Came through on the I mean -- -- -- opera long long time and there goes to a point of what they want it saw every Democrat out there. He GAAP figures you're getting -- exactly what you want. -- it rancorous tone it. Hold it in -- listen I most of my friends Democrats up and it out with Republicans but for some reason our province go to grateful bench -- most of my friends Democrats. And I have to argue about these things on time I'm occupants of the atlas of the -- crap -- the comes out of amounts that are just basically mute White House talking points. But I had a friend -- wife who's a virulent leftist Democrat. Who bet me. Or a month ago -- actually during the shut down. I was in Washington and -- bet me. That tidy sum of money that that Republicans would not take or states. The she was certain the Democrats would maintain it and during the shut down. It almost looked like there if you believe the media you know but now it's certainly looks the other way doesn't -- I mean the Democrats are gonna way -- this in November. Of 2014 there going to be wearing this and you know what we're gonna take states senate. It's gonna happen I hope we we have taken aback by force. You know. Because if you know. We toys and -- It's true but you know what here's the finger -- a lot you can do just having that house representatives. There's more you can do by having both houses of congress. But if there -- -- at the end of all of this if you don't have both houses of congress you can't even touch it. And without the presidency you certainly can't change it fundamentally. So we'll be chipping away at it for the last years of his presidency and. Are there. It's diplomats that just. I hope people -- right it was -- not to be pretty and it's just starting and all the all you teachers out there ordered you're unions got -- and operate year. It's common next year. Right at atmosphere of what you see at the end of the tunnel corporate. But what you see at the end of the tunnel isn't train all of you to absolutely -- Well Chris thank you very much for calling I really appreciate your call back. This is Michael the Prudhoe and for Tom Bauerle. On the news radio 930 WB EN will see you tomorrow.

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