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11-19 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Nov 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Barack. Michael -- here by myself. I can only take so much of a Democrat and I guess. -- through here for Tom hourly on nuclear 930 WB yen Tom was off on vacation and will be back next week. I'm in for him today and we're talking oh my goodness before we get back in the media say effectively. In honor of our esteemed governor comes back to buffalo. Have an announcement to make Jerry shad. Jerry Chad has been appointed chairman of the Erie county water authority Jerry -- They took him a lot of risen -- they interviewed a lot of people. They talked about all there. My multitude. Of qualifications. And they drew the jury Chad -- of course every card in the -- duration and on it because. He's an attorney for the Democrats in the legislature he's the Amherst democratic chairman. A big Democrat donor and he's close with Democrat party chairman Jeremy is owner and he's -- shot so. We knew that Jeremy chat a -- third generation that was going to it would take this and -- the big news is there is he's sitting there and at least we know we understand that -- knows how to turn on the water and turn off the water so we're ahead of the game there on the water authority might. Thanks for calling and hold on so long -- you. There. I think is very. Unfortunate trip you up because I know it's no it's. About -- at. And it Arabs even at this whole thing. And make you're safer under spurring it -- Runs forced and you know and into alleged torture iPod. Over. Corporate which shot what you sound. Directly from yet BI -- 62012. They're under -- homicide in your. Another eighteen point 4% work at nine acquitted weapons. Point Cheryl -- 4% per minute with their hands. A whopping points -- one expert. They're grateful of all types. I switched to so called outlet in just a right right so how does that -- Adding salt in. Your -- at all any safer. Down he would -- better -- in. Working. -- hands I mean the thing we have years is is heard Governor Cuomo wanted to be the first of the box with. Significant gun control legislation after sandy -- sought the opportunity -- to take advantage. Of have very sad situation. And move forward with the liberal agenda so he could put this in his pocket. So the when he runs for president he can say. I was the first actor actress and I passed significant gun control legislation nobody else here on you know primaries agent of a primary debate -- on the I'm Andrew Cuomo I pass a secret it was all about into Cuomo. Completely. And actually about him and it costs about how I mean popular Asian definitely part of the purse strap that they'll. -- brought out show that that was part of the bill. He knew never get away at. Noted that ought to registration. Or the board to count issue. I don't disagree with. I don't disagree with that night I do see some merits of the argument. That there are some scary people out their mission I get that. But I'm I'm concerned like for example I showed up here moved home after thirty years I brought my money money and guns with me. I game to the police immediately I I I haven't even tried to register. For permit yet I'm I'm I think I'm going to be sit around for awhile. -- Well Michael isn't it thank you very much Colin we got a full panel callers here John this is Michael Gorman for sandy Beecher. Newsreader at 930. And yeah -- -- great show and now you guys are great sidekick and it's it's really enjoyable and I think you guys. -- probably. Point 34 times -- many people talked in the area really appreciate that. I'm very liberal and but I was raised around on. My grandfather was a hunter I understand the gun culture compare -- to military history also I -- in the -- culture in the United States. But I think it's a little disingenuous you know he didn't -- I think Tom Bauer legal advertisements you guys -- says it was all because of eight shooting. In them that are in Connecticut. And when he says he's shooting but space that it will -- massacre of kindergartners. With an assault rifle. The type weapon that was used to fight the Vietnam War. Basically the people only difference really being. They can't be put on a fully automatic setting. And I just think. I think you want to stretch for them. Especially for -- Do. You know I don't know what what really need to happen is we need -- top gun laws like New York State already has. To go national -- at New York State and really needed. And more tweaking and probably was some politics. Being played there Michael. You know -- I'm betting. I'm betting you know just from my experience in politics and polling. The your view -- opinion. Probably represents the majority of the comfortable moderate majority where your your view your -- with gun culture you see it as a Second Amendment right. But -- and you see that you know this awful shooting that happened. And sandy hook and and and and and you understand the impetus to pass this law that you believe the law went to four. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's where you go off the rails that the. No I mean really they're so there because there's no immunity concealed. And I can see where some people might you know -- special permit a little lady who's scared and -- You know handguns when you -- get home or whatever you can suicidal -- -- put base that we get 30000 people -- that killed by guns every year in this country. Irresponsible use illegal use understood. Now without suicide with the accident took a lot of things. It's depressed people look -- guys who -- to -- and -- in a drunken rages he's. It's just that there are available and -- and I think the statistics prove it I mean if you haven't handgun in your house it's 43 times more likely to be used on a loved one friend and it has to be and for self defense. It also had a bit and you also have a statistic out of it showed that. In places where they allow handguns in the home that the that the criminals -- statistics dropped dramatically as well. Mean I understand this all those it is that you're talking about all the things you're laying out. Are either criminal or incorrect or irresponsible use of weapons. -- casino. 3030000. -- that dispute that but I mean you're talking about a 130000. Wounded two. And. Far far more are killed are in traffic accidents every year we don't outlawed the automobile John thank you for calling in Ed from Williams real. You're on the -- Like I just wanted to make one point in that everybody -- a brush over that -- kitchen and they're not shot. And those were state of the art weaponry over its -- -- in order to overthrow government. That's what they needed they needed stated our order whether they got him. At home orbiting arm from scratch. So today you know weaponry capital of the and they are or -- -- or community what they even evil weapons that we have had I just wanted to make that point everybody. So it's lost its. In -- an option. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No absolutely had to know. And I think the AC you're saying added because that we -- -- -- Christie's point was and she's listening runway and even -- on the way down to to the governors and Christie's point was that you know we've had so much advancement. And in weaponry that you know we have to be ready either. To change the laws for the troops to deal with these advancements with your your point is we have those with the most advanced weapons of the day. And and -- had no reason to change our our posture because of weapons advancement. Exactly I mean that -- that they can go from laughter right albeit. But let this stick with the constitution of the United States. If you look at that francoeur who it is the founding father arm and you -- -- -- that he also. Labeled a militia and everybody keeps on bring that point I'm Alicia well regulated militia well. And frequent she'll -- well regularly legitimately show -- not. Our state wanted -- or federal law so he did not receive a check from the state or federal government. Socialist people. Right understood but thank you very much for colon and -- government approaches. On this and you know yesterday I was talked about the a physician's survey that's coming. That the show is that the visit of the positions across the country are not supporting Obama care and I'm joined for the moment right now. By the gentleman behind that survey. Rick are you on the air there. I'm very thank you very much for coming in mr. Jackson is the head of Jackson health care out of Atlanta. And you had a very significant. -- poll findings come in this morning. Actually be out potential basically are saying that obamacare as a negative impact. On not cost quality of shared patient access. And the torso possessions. And basically it is. Accomplishing the exact opposite of what it was intended and problems to the. And and how I mean that I saw the numbers -- that physicians think. The vast majority think that the costs are going to go up dramatically him yeah I it was something like 80%. 8% think that the people that it had existing insurers is gonna go up so at least 6% so that's gonna all the all go out for everybody. -- Obama basically you know what this government intrusion you have. You know you match up the 85% of the people that pet insurance increased their call. And put in some bureaucracy that increases the cost. For the sake of trying to get to 15%. And then I'm not again tried to solve the problem but the government. Has never been intended to be the health care provider of the United States. It just not -- put to Buddha. Mr. Jackson I wanted to ask you to stick around after the break we're gonna break in a couple of minutes here you have a few moments because -- wanted to ask you if you work. Our questions we have been run on callers coming in about about the Second Amendment I noted from your poll. -- from your serving. Is a very disturbing fact it. It's something on the lines of 44% of the physicians you surveyed are not gonna participate in the exchanges. They're they're gonna. Opt out. Actually and here's the problem this basically. As -- partridge storm. Or restricting patient access. What also is disturbing -- that almost happened the positions are gonna leave early because of the Affordable Care Act. We've got what this -- were thirteen to sixteen years. That court they're not supposed to be basically. -- price data entry clerk might do not like -- intrusion of the government. They're in the relationship between them and operations. Well you know and and I see that there's there they're saying that something all lines of 73%. And actually the number was. The New York a patient care. -- -- care from a position will be negatively impacted 60% say it's gonna activate the quality care is gonna go down. -- agriculture. That they adapt to look that. Doctors have been saying -- certainly showed the guerrillas. In my opinion doctors we surveyed doctors and 2008. Ten and twelve over this whole issue which surveyed. Obama care both Florida he would leave them on the primary. And doctors should never like this they see this intrusion and so. You know the real news here is that the FAM I really sold the doctors -- out. But he did not represent their views about what we wanted to do is to give a voice of doctors. And they're the main people that really know what's going on health care trust to ignore their warnings. There's a real -- It is and mr. -- if you could state -- stick around for just a few moments we got a real quick break can you stick around. Very good thank you very much that's Rick Jackson from Jackson after the says micro computer in forest of for a Tom -- industry -- 930 to -- will be right back. 34 degrees in buffalo. -- off. Mike for the year end. For Tom hourly -- off on the occasion to vehemently go back next week newsreader and in the WB -- we are on the line with Rick Jackson who runs Jackson health care. Out of Atlanta Georgia he released a poll today a survey of 3000. More than 3000 doctors -- -- Mr. Jackson how do you get to 3000. Doctors in just a matter of a couple of days that's the huge undertaking. Well it was amazing -- -- but also argued in a 48 hour period the most that we America has 700 we got 3000 of the 48 hour period. The positions are really concerned about that position so. If it shows you the passion that with -- left it open another few days I'm sure what got 101000. But it really shows the passion that is going on here. Well and they were seeing I mean. I was in the doctor. So a lot of the date today and and doctors are mean they're being very open with meters in this is awful there they don't even know how -- -- operate. It didn't impact their ability to make decisions throughout the government sanctioned and some people outside our culture think. That one -- -- all -- you can treat everybody the same way you look at the computer so or it just doesn't. There's not like that it's a relationship. Between a position that a patient. And they believe that it will negatively impact -- -- -- this week. Which is. But basically saying they're having to do things were called the government -- to regard so what they're saying right on the street. Right there with a patient and that's that's the order but right about that the court bench ended a big part -- -- entry clerk. Right right after the you know that's that's Rick Jackson from Jackson doctor you can see the results of his Paul at Jackson Coker dot com that's Jackson's COK he heard -- com. Mr. Jackson thank you very much for we're staying on the line with us and for telling us much report. And this is Michael Caputo in for Tom Bauerle boundaries radio 930 WB yen. It's likely win for Tom Bauerle here on news radio 930 WB and -- tell you. These phone stack up when you talk about safe back don't they all my goodness. This is a hot button issue I could guess that but you know I I've I really I mean nine I really respect with comments Indian ruin your -- WP -- because I have asked Rick Jackson call and talk about obamacare. And I'm just. I'm look at these -- about an -- of these guys work hard back here they work hard. And imagine imagine. Five days -- oh my goodness the work is very very difficult and holding on. When you Colin it's got to be even worse of market can more thank you very much for holding. -- -- -- -- Thanks a -- mark. On planet really emblem said Christiane. Which it now if it's a home. -- really about. Her expertise so it. No no I'm not know what we're you know we're still while looking at what's going on this week I mean that I'm I'm not trying to fill in -- and for. For Tom you know I also know that you'll probably be here in a bid from Tim Wenger as well this week you know Toms shoes -- tough to -- I know we are well you know what they're not really that you've been an amazing. You're very content with Christine you know I'm actually bored me but that's another topic test. Well listen. I've receipts Solomon thank. You eat some fourths. Go -- just on the court and start over would be to -- short episode what she said she's. What aspect that said the -- and so many times you just your reunion of the evening out at least we have that Republicans. It just makes America. If Christie gets under your skin that makes you just a human. It my breath and released he's so what did you call that for a living race they do not trust them right right also -- them. But I know you don't do that you don't look at redemption speech but anyway you know she she talked about how much the billion dollars abrupt and I -- -- can go on and on but how much of Democrats did so that you don't do that most of the good -- I know. I know I know that's for the grades are coming from we are seeing every Democrat running for office taking credit for a. I do but it you know the shipping news. I'm here and we're promised -- -- as a Democrat. He dresses really nice those that I'd also remove issues arms. It I didn't well I know it's tough but you know the -- once you get it every night -- avatar yeah I think that these. These ribbon cuttings and things of that sort the politicians just swarmed whenever that happens -- return to criticism of the development. I think I was cranes were up there for multiple reasons mostly because of private capital investment. Our heads to legal review of the you know what typical city of this city and I am an -- no matter of reprimand but he's -- -- -- Just energize that -- can build -- somewhat tacky old college in high school level. Rinks and let's see we can do the Saber or acts are well suited to do with the sabres first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've had to defend them a favor I gotta get to a contest here thanks for common market really appreciated. Excellent they join a -- and from -- centered in packs. You have 93 minutes to call 6449875. It is that you are going to be if you call in and with the 9% of the next Monday through the six report 98 so if you qualify for the eight point firms. Contest. If you call in six reported it's fine if you will be you gave yourself a furnace checked up and be qualified for the drawing. To win. A furnace worth more than 5000 dollars. From reader -- plumbing and heating. And it's two in a -- from Clarence Centre the united -- -- 6449. -- 875. I have time for another caller and we've had Dominique. From Erie Pennsylvania. Interesting idea -- you don't think anybody should be it would have. Absolutely not mean our our trained professionals. In the United States the police officers. According to statistics if you're an innocent bystander in in the proximity of a shoot out. And you hit it. 8% of the time the police officer that shot. Are trained professional can't handle the weapon. Not what should. I. Would be safer better place if nobody here. So you're saying. You know. Forget the Second Amendment just forget. Absolutely and nobody should have car insurance because we shouldn't have car accidents. Or health insurance earned it you know. You just have an absolute perfect world. And like. All right I'll play along I'll play along so it a perfect world nobody would have guns nobody would have cartridge would need. There's nobody whatever -- I mean that it's it's not that hard if it. Figure out -- it should be a perfect world and everyone should love -- want to live in harmony. So you're calling from I thought your column from Erie Pennsylvania the summit on from California. -- -- Well in all honesty. If you if you look at the -- I don't really know what's going on with the police around the country. Well maybe it's just stated so much easier to get news about inane stupid people wearing badges. But I'm I'm I'm becoming more afraid of the police -- are criminals. I that's that it creates is with the police I mean I've been -- -- 27 grateful that -- so I've had some run ins with the police. Friends that are cops they're intelligent it's. College educated. Excellent marksman. I don't know where these bad cops are common -- that are not a drug dealer I'm not a criminal. I don't I don't take part in any of that sort of activity but likely that it needs encountering a criminal is extremely rare you know -- I don't go outside without a gun and I have automobile insurance. It. I was getting an idea again their Dominic and thank you for column. A couple of and I tell you John from Rochester your column and bouncy. Hey. -- Addict I'm a pretty pretty pretty quiet but it out vibrant is the word I think most people would use what. What she's spoken really need -- she's gone through. Well although the inner city areas righteous inner city area if you look overall. Being competent. The delicate I'd be a Democrat to Democrat. Nationally and statewide and locally have room. -- They've got Iraq wrong philosophy in the cookbook after off. Policies have done this state in this country pathetic but there and it's safe -- it all -- think it really takes the off but they expect is that. They yes they -- that it's it's the guns the guns. But. It's it's the people in these. Maniac. This. The same people. Situation Colorado movie theater -- people we get 1% of the population. That are really sick and you get. Go to old old game gets 72000 people Larry got 1% 700 people at a lot of people it can cause Havoc in. In what might my point is. The media. Entertainment industry. Turn on HBO whatever -- get all the channels of broad. Violence that people -- in. You and I can handle. They're kind of entertainment to a certain extent but the people like this. The guy -- -- look and that maniac in a Colorado. State is influenced by. By that violence. So -- say what. Well when I heard a politician speak out against. Hollywood the entertainment industry. It's on -- what. Any looked especially -- it and rated after they happen. Right after they went twelve break just what the break was it was Jamie -- In some kind of violent movie -- away all types of people it's unbelievable so these people are influenced by it. And it's time for up. The politicians. Did to -- go after the entertainment industry and the media also help tie up there there was the case here in New York State recently. -- out how to Napoli threatened to pull out all citizens albeit pageant on investments not a paycheck stumbled fumbled punt. Caught our company because he wouldn't beat -- at the kind -- a policy that respected. Transgender. And and I'm saying OK if you compare it. Two -- Golisano accompanied paychecks what I can do bet to Hollywood in the entertainment industry and violence that's where the problem. You're right John thank you very much for calling you know I'll tell you what. Of sometimes I think that the people who were pointing fingers from the left. The people in Hollywood and others are quick to point their fingers on and on gun violence and things of that sort call for gun control because there are afraid of their own culpability. I think Hollywood is a more responsible. For the attitude in some of these people with the sick people who do some very -- -- -- -- criminal things and sandy hook him -- cholera and elsewhere this is Michael Caputo. I'm in for Tom hourly and I'll be back right after these messages on news radio 930 WEB. And we're back. Michael could Prudhoe. In for Tom buy hourly news radio 930 WEB yen. We've been talking about. The -- facts. And -- from buffalo you library. I sort of Maria thank you. Sure paper show problem. Yeah a couple but well mostly tech Georgia. It was blatant. -- for. -- has -- in 2016. Right right same thing with you know not not going for with -- he's not doing that because he wants the environmentalists won. Well you know what he had -- full crew awhile. But beat her -- to show his true colors thank god. -- -- tell you what hearing I I when he -- over -- first budget I took -- might lead from Michael Long head of the Conservative Party I contacted. I you know I think opera for a 111000 Tea Party activists in the Steve York elements of the take a look at this budget the governor is being conservative he needed. You need to support this budget and it came down on me like are the bowlers were just raining down on -- people from the from the deeper in the right thing. Is jumping on to the Cuomo there right I just thought he needed to be supported. To to be supported I was dead wrong. Yup absolutely. If you don't want I ordered lawyers I immediately called the beginning kind of -- What he -- -- -- that point. Played his hand and it's pretty obvious you know what thoughts ladies aren't. Unfortunately. But. There -- -- should be repealed. The Patriot Act should be repealed. We have we given up our freedoms. It feels -- and -- -- a lot of work and believe me most of people working for TSA -- -- some people out of their job and people of. Right up but also for what for them being there we'd have no text between them and the terrorists who want to put stuff on planes. Now. You know not seriously all kidding aside we picking up my shoes. Is ridiculous. I think when when it's almost up because I don't know playing from the US Postal Service that never got really Shaq who knows what's in the package. Thank you very much -- to -- The drop that down about 3130. -- deal with some buffalo. Black ice on the road in my little kit from Western New York Michael -- here -- town. In. During tells me quiche and he's written thirty WB you know I just toys that. Before I go back -- I am apoplectic you know I think anybody who heard reads -- members and to -- spoke last week some things have said this week on. On number. I'm upset because our Family -- the cancellation order from our carrier. Which was very clearly caused by the affordable care. And and -- you know I would scrambling looking for insurance in fact you know I've got a choice of the I get surgery coming up it's nothing new life threatening. But you know I was gonna try and take it after the holidays are spent holidays with my daughters and and and my family go to Ohio were were mime or my sister is in and enjoy yourselves we have new babies in the including our premium is going to be a great time. But now I have to hurry up and rush. Mike mark my since my surgery and have it done. Before December 30 for 'cause I have no coverage after December 31 and if I do get coverage. It's -- it's going to be far more expensive at least in the in the arena of via. Via. In the deductible nuggets I'm going to 101000 dollars a noted now it's awful. And it's ruining our Christmas might I'm gonna have to get my surgery right before Christmas and army flat on my back I can't trap W my family until the fourth is my doctor won't let me travel. It's just an outrageous problem and here we -- in the news today. An announcement from Governor Cuomo he announced the state doesn't need to allow a one year reprieve for obamacare because the system in New York is working. The president said that I can keep my plan if I want to but it's up to the state and now Governor Cuomo welcome buffalo. Went. Now Governor Cuomo has said that. I don't -- -- him and Michael -- -- and -- real -- the 150000. People in Western Europe who got cancellation notices were okay we're fine you know what Governor Cuomo I am not fine. I am not fine. Absolutely -- I got canceled its gonna be more expensive for me in the same article in the there in the daily news some hump. From the New York Public Interest Research Group named the whale Warner who I don't trust as far as like turkeys from night. He says my guess is that they are very few substandard policies in new York and those with individual policies are getting on average that the 2% reduction in premiums. -- that's crap I'm gonna pay more. It or at least as much and my deductible is going through the roof. And because of my deductible with -- I have to hurry up. With some surgery and ruined my family's Christmas because Governor Cuomo thinks I don't need to keep my policy. You know it that drives me bad. Governor Cuomo drives me nuts on this whole thing I can't believe it Franken on you wanted to talk about Obama care. Think of all slides kicked it back. Don't people realize that you just port it to crumble with. Well on an equal amount which of course is a conflict of interest for them. -- -- -- -- How much -- can fine. Food and pay rent. And gas tank and all these things certificate and apple were really well. So would talk about oh -- great under formal. Well. In oh great the more -- Earlier. Everything is really. -- Much or history. Didn't watch which. -- not agree in. We have the greatest country in the because people work. And people work -- -- that a congress. Working against. -- -- just. Get -- Or is according. Now frank it's not you know I agree with you the problem we have is that were completely destroyed. People or are on the far extremes and right now the other problem I have frank is I'm going to wait to break can you hang on a comeback with a after the break. All right thank you very much frank -- -- homeowner ready for a long time this is Michael Prudhoe. Infer Tom Barrow in news radio 930 W.

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