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11-19 Michael & Kristy Hour 2

Nov 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back. We're back. That's Michael Caputo and Christine dessert and for Tom -- in new treatment the WB -- our phone number is 8030930. Garments or so phone. We've been talking about Governor Cuomo and as I thought the Second Amendment has come off and Darryl on Wanda you actually supports a commitment. Oh absolutely built and I got to elect Nancy. I think it's great it's what you get support not on how they do but it. Haven't left and right is it is absolutely fantastic. All around remarked I looked it up by by just saying that you know I keep hearing. I'm perspective people who -- in our politicians say that we have got a problem this country. We don't we have a violent problem this country it has nothing to do with guns. Go under just one tool that. Stock criminals tend to use. When we -- when we talk about guns being used in crimes. You know we refer to them is the illegal dog unlawful gun pits and that's what went. But different crimes committed are -- example someone. Indeed why in your car get until somebody we don't talk about the illegal are we talk about. The drunk driver. Are in it I don't understand why we always confuse. Terminology when it comes to terms in this country. Well I think it's it's it it's really it's just it's like the abortion debate it's the like of it at some of the other debates that are so polarizing. Because it involves guns are you find people jumping on the left of it so quickly you know because a crime involved -- must be the guns fall that's just reflexive. But again I could say from my point -- that you have people. Totally right wingers that get all crazy -- up in arms that -- gonna come to their house and beat them with a stick and take all of their fire. You. Here is where we -- not bad that our op if you look at the -- stormed out of Katrina. Who wore -- when did you they went into people's homes in -- -- on the is including down the street. Being confiscated their -- during the storms of Katrina. When it went in -- bomber case. Our government officials went into people's homes went out search warrants. To sort who want small little individual. So it's not just -- the Sacramento -- -- if it's about all of our constitutional right being taken away from what is the first the second both for. This about it right now this just the start of the portable -- Christie that's where that is where it's not a political break away from you and your friends. Our -- it Democrats are -- its first of all. I'm not a bleeding liberal Mike and I know it you know that so I know for entertainment purposes weeks sometimes have to make it that way. But with regard to Katrina. There is it. Catastrophic storm that was coming people were fleeing their homes other people were -- their homes. Law enforcement wanted to keep themselves safe so they were putting is -- -- no -- I don't hear your point is that those who wanted to keep themselves. Their homes were abandoned their property was abandoned they were going and abandoned homes and removing anything that could be used for violence. They were also -- they won't open anything that they were taking kitchen knives and speak on their border specifically to take guns away. -- bundle it from people were still living there he took got away from people that would riding away from the city -- -- -- and -- car. There has confiscate -- price -- that he's just -- -- -- exploding problem that we have and I even they really don't think. -- and I'm not try to get a weapon in intimate this hysterical. But I don't think that. Many people on the left -- be overreaching on our government's. Are you speaking of of Cuomo in particular is wrong. Well Obama yet people will see Harry Reid. Are you were I mean you can clump them all other there's. This delusion -- -- are doing so that is good in it or not you're destroy this country. In the Second Amendment -- start it what you take away people's gardens in the white to defend themselves. Beat out there aren't letting it means not being all right Darryl and let's check in. -- the upper limit is so so important to watch. While till they take it easy out a lot of callers -- and I think -- makes him an incredible point I think. A lot of people and a lot of friends who work for me generated and and people. Who were members of the generate think that any action taken against the Second Amendment is a of the beginning of slippery slope toward. Elimination of on. And I would counter that with I know many liberals that -- have concealed weapon permits and they're out at the shooting range every today. And they say you know what I can defend myself. With a magazine of seven -- but at the same time Christie. I'm guessing that even better shot it -- -- if you're so if herself up in arms about your fire arms being taken away then maybe you should become a better shot and you would need some people and. But Joseph went on Wanda. -- -- on the a couple of things -- got up and wanna make an odd couple auction like it's. -- I think from the fact. What we are it's we are regulated -- union with regard to. -- and gone in in what's your mom who had a topic on March. To subside any crime -- on going crime and he sat up. At least not from what we were morally yeah. Right -- that's because those guns are legal normally. Those guns are legal those improvements are criminals owning illegal guns it and he got all gun controls our -- companies out of buffalo. But that may well want to open somewhat -- here. No I don't think the gun laws one anyway they're not being enforced which is why these people have those guns I mean -- -- enforce the laws we have right now. Would we we we come a long way to to quelling violence but we don't report. -- -- -- -- It's a lot of books now artwork and wanna like make more. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely count against him like me and it actually arm I have. Highest. I have eleven guns yeah. And all of them are in the safe in and -- -- of children none -- yet to actually I moved here from Miami wherever I concealed carry permit. I put some of them and it's safe in Florida before -- And when I arrived in Western New York I gave all my weapons to the east or police department because as someone who relocated here and -- Florida license. Did not have. It wasn't legal in New York I have to had to put -- -- -- and with the with the police until like you -- I've not gotten appropriate -- you have permit. Yes -- I have to go through -- how long it take you to get 120. One dollar and nineteen cent bill lol. It's pretty much. Here in here -- -- Question for. You. What -- difference there between Syria or iPod. And actually -- -- Iraq which are well. -- -- -- -- Not. That animal to. Change. -- -- If you're a good shot fairly fairly -- And -- -- Absolutely. Absolutely that was my point. There. -- I think don't enjoy thinks. Christie actually agrees with you on the number of bullets and in a magazine she's made it clear that she thinks that's not necessary. On so she's right an offense that she's right if I. Hit it. Hey listen just thank you very much for probably get a -- Collins and so thank you very much in thank for being Marty from on Wanda. Your colony and we're here and with the workers -- Zurich in my brew for -- He outside to prove very quickly that our founding fathers wanted no restriction on what sort of put upon firearms. Okay okay bill and how quickly can do. While there was a group called the loyalists in the country at the time the loyalists were loyal to England it's history look at all. Are kind of not alarm you never collected firearms from the citizens. Bill which they were fighting against there was resistance in our own country who fought and spilled water against our patriots. Our our government. Washington's army not we're talking collected -- news from the people that were loyal to the crown. AK 47 that they were carrying all the time it with a I think it's the machinery has changed since that time we also you know. Don't eat ourselves with colds anymore. You you've got to deal with the times story of course that doesn't mean important restrictions upon saw. I'm saying gotta get with the times that there's got to be some kind of parameters of checks and balances. Our our founders didn't want restrictions upon our ability to overthrow our government if we had to. Hate party that I think you're right I think that that fact is right can you tell me do you do you remember where you sought among the read I think. That's I think ever that two and maybe it was in historical relentless loyal to England you know loyalist ask the United States of America didn't have their weapons. Taken. It would then -- -- they were fighting against are patriots stay or our pulse citizens. There were scared. All change didn't wanna stand on -- all they wanted the government anyone truly all our country what the patriots Norway. -- and Marty thank you very much economy got a whole panel callers hear a great party. Are not our population has gotten larger the technology is far more violent. And it's far more destructive. Well -- -- -- at it again you have to change with the times with that act like I mean we we had a pen and paper and that's how we used to send mail. Now we've got people investigating cybercrime knows what parameters on constitutional right to receive mail. Are right I mean I eat -- that freedom of speech is being changed because all of cyber technology. Did that bullying. The hold term bullying has changed. Because our technology has chain of the NF BI RI. I don't want our feet or want as well there went off of the even the bullying legislation being on the props to our fire arms technology has changed well there's no question we meet him and we need to catch up with the times and how the technology changes while I'm. I was I'm runs and it's eight years I'm not saying that he does not have a stand today house -- months and the people need to have automatic weapons in their house I'm saying that. That the save act in many of its tenants. Are either violate correctly the Second Amendment or creeping up on second and I think that most people that disagree with there with the same effect with say it. On those terms -- the ultimate and most of those that that are for it would disagree with you saying I think it's. Great terrain and pull in the reins. I and guns that are being basically assault rifles being sold through -- they're cheering me all right well Chris Tierney there autistic if that's a bit. Mission you've made up and all the people on your side made up an assault rifle is some kind of thing they named. That's it looks like some GI Joseph weaker -- -- didn't know nomenclature on the assault rifle back is an apps too liberal and recession that's a liberal creation. All right. Well here are baca micro -- and -- is working for Tom aren't we're here with Scott Levin on the once got from WG Jersey. Mike good are you -- in order and their vote pretty good -- -- of your colleagues from WG secrets reserves. -- hey Christine how are you doing. And I watch you showed Sunday looking good yeah yeah and there. Tonight particularly well Mike tonight at five we're gonna have one of -- UP four reports how many billions of dollars. Billions and billions state employees have racked up this year by the state controller. Is now sounding a warning also -- -- Williams was back in court today if they try to figure out where to keep them. -- police mr. looking person help solve an armed robbery. At a local restaurant there also the latest on the shooting that happened -- hearings in the town of -- Wanda. And in new information regarding the man who fell at the bills stadium. And finally you ready for this -- yes but what high school basketball coach at Mississippi allegedly did the one of -- players. During a game that has since stepping down as a coach. You'll never guess that this coach did it is something you would never expect. -- unbelievable stories united violence. He had to wait till finally I would want to answer. If it's a little under what this -- this really. I'm excited to hear about the latest on it fan in the and the from that creepy all -- yes I -- proceeds from Orchard Park is the presses any charge -- -- -- gonna be waiting with bated breath. Beatrice thank you very -- hi guys thanks. What we've got to quite a full. Panel policies. May he mentioned that whole thing that Nissan Williams that's I think that guy that. Past -- along the right to all those teenagers in Jamestown. Every so often comes up in the news well listen we've got a few -- a weapon yet or if he is a weapon himself. Got to regulate that thing to -- damp from the west side -- around here thanks for waiting. -- there. Well we've lost Dan Dan you're there but it's not now let's talk to David David from Lancaster. -- from a Second Amendment coalition. That's correct -- would -- you're welcome here. David. That but you're a drastic yeah what you just -- if you were worth all of history teacher and that our goal. Mister two gun violence I -- that discussion with the -- people. We are always looking through your checks and I'll I'll just a matter of whether or not going to be successful in achieving that now while keeping the air -- -- Suppose that what you perpetrate violence upon. All of our citizens unfortunately with the same effect. Little of this law -- -- -- -- the criminal elements what do you remember one thing. It is already against the law for any convicted -- Chipped it well I already know what you are and the -- what you've been convicted of felony you may not even. And the rate of recidivism what we have a New York State is such -- that is at the war the child we -- we we have a system that just sure people in and out of players and meg going to prison for a crime they expect that of LB. The Serb Atlantic -- and the right back into the same old same old. And what we're doing with the shape -- -- unfortunately we are humanizing the formal we are demonizing -- what were demonizing the object. And there's no legislation which contestants -- to change influence at the romance part unfortunately there's just a reality. And are looking for the exact same thing and that the and and just senseless violence however you do not make community -- By disarming the people that need to defend themselves against these criminal. Well you know I don't think I could -- and admitted -- him and not at all this is Michael -- With Christmas dessert in fort Tom -- on these radio 930 WB. I know that beyond the issue of gun control is home. I know what's political. I know it's controversial. But we are proposing today common sense measures. I save you forget the extremists. And simple. No one -- would -- an assault rifle. We all of. Yeah. Thank you save our lives Governor Cuomo save us. See for yourself. I'd like to do right now given a little bit too much time on their hands. I couldn't quite put it together that's. It -- with his chorus of goats. Japanese warriors -- -- about a long time paparazzi back reluctant. Jeff for me. Are you on the line in your upper part that's okay at welcome him. Well that that might. I've been -- -- out who fired their Colombian redundant. But there's -- thing. The law. Shall not in it is very simple. Ways that really you know understand Currier art -- other there are other Christine -- I'll grow -- That they are cutting and running things are out of the the amendment was on it was written to protect dot. From -- invasion of Panama from -- Mean that's what. That whole thing about it hasn't happened with army that number there was no convenience -- -- eleven and -- not meant it. We're grateful we're used to to get -- -- -- It was awful news for protection what women were invaded by the British colonists -- -- -- and used in for the I'd say 847 isn't necessary in today's world. The government we went locked out. A you know an army that we now. And just using drones going to be flying over your house of sneaky wow already it's -- one over. Another country it happened and happened in New York we lost the New York State National Guard lost. Lost drone in the again which lake was -- you remember which one -- -- that as well immigrant breaks. You know in my country right in the center from -- out of Fort Drum where my front was that a Marine Corps go to Rivera goes for training -- for his service. He's for his service like biker how important thank you for. But anyway and enter I'm also I'm a compliment in my local now I am not. I'm a college educated I'm not some right wing for an article not and I can pick your actual in this -- -- I I I got weapons. Legal weapons are you only have seven around -- might end unclear I'm obeyed the law it's jobs fruitless because the enemy. Woes from without -- to within will not obeyed a ridiculous laws that -- it's -- a lot you'll rob your house at the stolen art. And he doesn't care what people you know and for the -- is a ridiculous. Waste of legislation. I I think our governor who always on the right track it when he first started in the staple holes suddenly completely what we call and and it's just predict. Why do you think -- IDC -- started off okay and now. -- to several. And he didn't. Gun control it that that common sense that he had a fairly conservative -- -- -- -- budget. Yeah I thought I'd never say that article -- Did you and I was proven wrong. And it's even like quite an agent that has so sensible way. I am I I'm I'm a very conservative Republican but I'm also -- a -- and and -- is they -- on the constitution is that it is here the not. From people like it's how the country becoming it's boring -- Absolutely you look at the things have happened lately -- that -- that -- -- yes I am. It's -- things that have happened. The last. What you say collapsed here who infringe on -- right. And -- say. The -- -- -- one of our embassy all these things that the that he you know look at it will open mind and their ridiculous I don't want my son and a marine never happened and and and the outside of its -- but as you can see what happens legit thing I've gone and I don't I don't want to buy or make room brother -- thank -- -- Thank you Jeff you know not beat and we have -- on the one side again. Are. All Smart physically. History they are from Christie's problem and I won't be -- Now I'm back there you -- if you like to see guys no criminal record. Chart felonies burglary or illegal in my. Mean you talk about I don't know I don't have not at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're talking about people being arrested. And prosecuted for having more than seven or seven bullets and all the chants and AK 47 in your house. What's that. -- -- -- and I have been watching the -- issues NC a whole lot to gun control guy it was okay that I won't be because -- Our current problem. But let's all -- as your -- wants certain and I'll hum. He won't get. A situation. Where. Think people -- homers in encore won't you know perfectly well that we don't fire at a site. Don't figure cars -- well here -- slap -- and apple. Are. So miniscule sheer mountain. -- it Andrea what hurt him. Restriction there they're always for quality early urgent. Right right after this with the equipment the -- were. -- Okay well -- lost -- you can't make you very much damage did you know. Get over here and puppies with seven bullets in your magazine. But I think we have we also petty -- and hold on for quite -- and he were calling him two. A -- the united WB and your -- with Michael -- and Christy Missouri -- here for Tom Bauer. -- -- -- -- -- That I am I don't -- to clarify a couple of points. -- -- -- Like Tyler that they. You know he could hurt those bad the government and didn't my takeaways anybody's guns Google loyalists and patriots. However George why can't eat it and they act. Oppose regulation and iron demolition man. They were only lacking. So many plants they -- really like to carry so much stuff out there. Even instructed. I didn't -- I am I in the congress. In the military right. And polish in the militia the militiamen to predict they were dictated to. Like I think that's part you know the regulation. Yeah. What would you compare this Tuesday the national car. You know the national aren't. The national missile the national article exactly which -- -- And also out of out of old underwear well. They're also -- -- -- family that they are also arguing yelling Alderman right now -- it is now -- -- -- you target -- and if he's gonna wanna go to a break to real Santa. -- In part by -- team can do it regularly. We regulate our National Guard as well they need to be regulated because it's a military body. At -- at a military because they didn't want. Our forefathers did -- standing military -- they did overthrow the. We've always have a standing military but they -- not one so you can't change you can choose your your meals -- Would be. The Second Amendment was not recognized. As an individual -- -- by the Supreme Court until 2008. Well a bit but it took on what might not like in my. That on paper market with that in their state constitution. And what not -- is. Here. An individual right until 2008. My standup -- but -- -- -- -- dictionaries that -- -- the -- to this series setup is that the of these thing we'll talk -- ascending. And they're not contrary every penny -- think we YouTube people just let me have a worded right. You jump over everybody when they don't agree with yeah so you can tell you this is my last hour -- circuit for Tom -- here on WG -- -- 930. -- I just never heard sandy peachy cupcakes before -- hungry at the -- -- micro computer here with Christy Missouri. In -- Alvaro and the folks -- -- their -- news radio 930 WB and we've got some people holding -- the talking about the same effect. And Michael from Lancaster -- on right now. -- Thanks for holding Michael. They -- there is no way because OK we have our -- handgun registration law. Which made it all started they didn't have the look good for legal people literally got content. People are -- guns illegally could go to or any other state. I invented it won the united so -- -- street illegally to criminal opening game and everything else. More people are getting killed in the inner city by you illegal handgun. -- anything went there and you look at. Anybody whoever their goal and they've passed a law that nobody knew what the hell was and it. Including all of our legislative because. Tiger's statement made about legislators they didn't have the first idea what they're voting for but everybody is so hysterical if there's any book. That they would have voted for any. Now are you are Iranian these people are going out of your mind because we ran out. We that we should repeal it in straight end out the way it should be men -- in the states have what we have and it was probably. And right well I don't your area the problem we have right now is that the gun the gun laws that are on the books even the people a lot of gun crimes are not being. Prosecute the forces -- -- forcing a lot of inner city you know urban judges -- -- slaps on the restive to have a gun crimes. Amid institutional the walk from now that's not for him in the act is what I actually. You're you're right. With people that are have committed to renewing his -- absolutely of a bit lower crime scene that low low level drug crimes and things of that sort. We're you know you're actually written about but Michael I think that if we enforce the laws we have on the books right now. We wouldn't have. The need at all for a plea for a -- like the statement revenue for now why. Harold and it firms say a lot it was passed and added up it. We got what we did before would be invited -- we like say we should -- -- we should be evident for us we also have handed. Available -- handguns available. At thirteen 1415. Year old kids. -- -- respect one another until somebody by accident or on purpose. Because they're running around a gun in your packet that they got from another standard a black man -- street. Right you know that's Michael from Lancaster Michael thank you very much for calling your absolutely right this Michael -- With Christy Missouri in for Tom -- on news radio 930 WB. It is for -- -- buffalo. And getting colder for a minute Michael here with Chris or Chris. I -- going into his final bill call celebration. All the problems everything everybody that you and I. Here's the listener everybody that we know that is the problem in New York is going to be at this event were Christie's the fund raiser at a secret -- -- current solution now I think it's part of the solution I think he has been. Making great strides from the state and I think things are -- are changing leaps and bounds. Agree with that in what way we -- not any -- we -- seeing -- seeing progress we are seeing business progress here we are seeing businesses wanting to relocate here. Men zillions of buffalo is working its -- I -- Iran having 45 I recovered having. What what's coming from about what what do you what do you personally know about what is there is not taking place about the billion buffalo program. Arm I know -- announcing -- -- -- -- billions -- I know how do you I don't see it I don't see where would you see it now -- -- it may be on buildings that are going up. As a sad -- people would you see it at you're not gonna see it instantaneously. After six months and your tax bill. But it there are things going on and were talking about them every week top. It's about one amassing them to meet our medical board or is going to be private class act that belly laugh at a lot yeah. Yeah a -- we're getting -- are getting outside resource is coming and -- outside individuals coming in to combined with buffalo general Roswell park. To become a world class facility that's coming from him for absolutely and I'm not saying it's not answer it I don't see I I personally talked to people when I was out campaigning door to door. A gentleman who wanted to expand his business on the east side of buffalo. Went through the billion to buffalo program Andy hats. We have a lot of expansion going on in just because the governor doesn't wanna have a big red ribbon and tout himself all the time. There's a whole lot going on in Buffalo, New York here is a whole lot going on in buffalo new York and unlike the GOP. We don't need to have a press conference every time you have to. Telling me that governor Andrew Cuomo who by the way you can't get between him and television camera or run it. -- -- tell me he doesn't -- for everything but if you're telling me that if he has something positive to say about himself in buffalo something let's see if he does all the time so it and he's not gonna take care of -- Are you going. But again it's we're moving we're growing things are happening you can read in the paper every day you can -- business first things are changing here. And again it's our short mindedness of being Dowd tried you were talking about your friend he lived in Russia it's a sunny day acknowledged some lady. Get that big gray cloud from all over your head things are changing here that in the Western New York resent. Turn that frown upside I. All people Governor Cuomo is in town also smile I -- people. Smiles everyone smiles Governor Cuomo is in town. I'm on an -- -- its -- museum the first of all televised and I will I will. -- I -- does remember you I'm certain that a picture of him in the shower. With a rubber ducky. Clean up you know all we start with well. Yes are pretty happy if people perspective on that might because you were running -- Paladino campaign at the time yes yes in the in the -- with pretty cute I mean -- our child. And especially with Robert it was a good look at there are things changing here and you can see -- you can see it -- downtown court or you can see it all across the Western New York region and I can tell you with the recent elections going nine. We will be a powerhouse we as the buffalo Niagara Rochester region going downstate. We will actually have a combined effort with Paul dye Easter Byron brown and lovely Warren. Making a difference in this upstate court -- You know I'd probably about believing in what -- Let it sit on that Christie because -- going off to be with deals. And I'm going to be here talking bad about you here man I know you are -- But I can't defend ourselves I do not want. To think -- and -- I think everybody. Involved in government here in west here wants to do the right thing I like to believe that I think sometimes I'm wrong. But I want to believe it's rude in thanks opportunity you know you've got a -- -- to say your name is Erica when this is Mike Caputo. I'll be back with in the news for Tom -- in newsreader at 930 WB.

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