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11-19 Michael & Kristy Hour 1

Nov 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio 930 WB EN. Don't feel like what we've seen so far and I know we're gonna enjoy the rest and after it's over we say you when I head out back and have a game cash. Talk about the trouble even happened at school and white girls are so interesting all of -- There OK and I thought the real good guy just job listing. The other guy he's lines millions of good. Retired from this -- hey listen to this underwater sonar -- old tired girl. I'm not only because I'm not afraid of a challenge news radio 930 we leave now we can get home and catch the Emmy for best documentary. I hear there's one on -- you can -- yeah. Looks like the good lord descended the compass I'm sure. My view him. Mr. and we're on our yeah on my help these heavy fine injury news Thomas on January -- yes. Well I'm so it's not that much fun as a rock port. I hope a lot of people don't have as much time has robbed or what parties he -- them. And -- party is the every Marty -- yeah every party every party -- party review you know he is. If she really is he's a hot topic today. You know dealt with Matt Howard is trying to aid does basically you know you fall on the mercy of the court of public opinion. -- at some point. It's something we've just got to step back and let everything collapsed and share and this looks like Chris for that I'm -- dies I can't seriously I just do whatever -- on camera. I expected to have both the picture appeals -- -- there because that's Chris are real. You know but -- we've seen time and time again people love giving a second and third chances they love an underdog. We saw this with. You know our esteemed. Mayor in the DC area Marion Barry. I was there during that time I was down in DC when mayor mayor -- sweeping victory at. Well he was he's Democrat he got that caught in the -- smoking -- yes and was was you know basically sent away and they came back and and one result in fact he still serves as the leader of the community in. There are other and you die. Have done as seemingly do it for a living I don't smoke crack you know -- but that we've we've monitored. Elected officials and sometimes you have to help them out of -- crisis. Sometimes you are. Part of creating -- crisis. Right like for example we know obviously that -- the -- for it -- spent little time the wrong side of town but. But he oh with somebody got a hold -- that somebody -- known as somebody somebody spread around somebody sort of write something -- -- the right spots. And you know -- the -- politicians going after him that we're doing that. And the people visit our president himself worth spending all their time trying to figure out how to defend themselves it's actually really hear an interesting case study in political meltdown. There really is. I just you know he set up with Matt Lauer and he just basically said listen I screwed up right right we ask her about that yes smoking crack we also are the expert. But -- because he's he's very he's not. I wouldn't compare to Bill Clinton because for the simple fact that Bill Clinton never smoked -- maybe did he didn't do it from somebody else's cell phone so I'm not I'm not gonna compare him there. To open -- compared to Marion Berry is actually very similar and -- respect in that. It. They they represent the same. Our constituency amazingly enough Rob Portman who is. You know. He's very ethnic -- the pilgrims were ethnic. -- -- is right is he's the white guy right and he actually spends a lot of time in the un -- out front communities delivering to people were under served. Very similar to what Mary and buried in DC he represented the very worst neighborhood he may have gotten a little too connected with you know obviously. Well I don't know how they add members of those communities that his critics are screened down and that we eat their route. It was amazing. It was it well because again it's people like an underdog shore up behind him. What would you be doing differently. As his campaign advisor to try and keep him out of it or get him out of Christmas. Which he got to say and and Allah. Again now and does it keep it quiet and again I know is we move forward this next hour -- two dollars. We're going to be talking about a lot of political spin and I know you're gonna be thrown a lot of trash at me I'm already anticipating it. This was I not a good day for Democrats that's fresher now when I came to polls. Well that's true but I'll tell you here it -- it would go back from. To the mayor proper that we've seen this -- if if he were it. Buffalo on an outstanding talk about this this -- that if he were in buffalo he would be a Democrat because. Does that mayor absolute miracle. In its and that's a Democrat who yes is pretty much and yes Sergio Rodriguez format very very helpful for. It's it's really it Democrats -- so if you Amir Butler he'd be a Democrat I'm wondering. You don't see it here's the thing. If I were advising him and -- advised. You know politicians in crisis zone mostly out of the country but I'm here in the -- in America and some problems yes and I got yeah I would probably I probably advises that you now get out now you know I was really. Really impressed with the -- that former congressman Chris Lee. Handled this crisis it was a crisis that look like it was gonna get bigger and bigger Iraq before he said it's gonna get bigger and -- out out within now words I went away. But I think what happens here in and you even setting yourself. You see the support that that this Mary's getting and people are coming to his defense. So now why would you have him I'll -- because now it's saying okay I'm gonna fall on the solar to. I am now going to become this beacon of changing and drug rehabilitation programs that things of that nature can make up that well but this. Probably as a political political advisor I would I would see it right my candidate who was off doing cracked first the ball. Are you know about. It happened for Marion Barry it's happened for numerous other congressmen state senators assembly people unite -- -- testing and he couldn't say it's nothing it would win I would I would keep the man. I I what I'm saying that he's marginalize won't ever really have any kind of credibility ever again that's why you and I can agree disagree. As we do that. I take it I think he's got a good but at same time. Are we see people I mean I can't imagine -- -- If anybody's caught the mayor of buffalo and I'm not. Please -- -- our our present mayor and that is really getting anything at all it is theoretically if you caught the mayor of buffalo smoking crack. And he was known to be wrong on. On regular occasions. You know that you would you would the Republicans as a Republican because it would be -- -- -- after. I'd tell him I'd make him resign. And I would probably have been the guy floating that video -- -- report that would make it look. I think that society has changed. And I know it you'll appreciate this -- it's a different society that we have now in this world of technology. Things were very different fifteen years ago. On. You talk about the eighties yourself other people talk about the eighties. It's a different way of life now -- in when he thirteen. -- what he's he's he's tough on crack -- I don't know that I can't get away with a little light but some that could be. You know Armageddon for some help up front -- -- but just recently there are from the first -- many years the heat. I think -- three different. To -- problem is doing and and they don't have the entire blocks of the Citigroup raised the city of millions of people. Maybe it's department have a different here -- means the death of an entire area of this. But you have to look at Marion buried there was some economic issues going on in DC at that time is very crime -- but again. I think people say it's got a problem get help. And -- lot. And move on now all that's another thing -- yesterday we had four hours of Obama care all these polls are coming out it's. You know as Armageddon from I dance I seek not over were obvious I'm not blind in -- I'm not blind in my support our. I'll sell all of that just came up ABC news Washington Post poll just came out and said that Obama's approval ratings down 42%. With a record 55%. Disapprove of him. And more importantly they have a question really. Kind of a mean question that Satan if you can revote now what you voted Mulligan it get a Mulligan on the November and tore through government or watch. Who would you vote for and Romney wins by 34 points and there's buyer's remorse there. That's amazing actually -- I I don't know I've never seen this happen to have a president my -- But I think when we and Mike you and I -- talking about this during this presidential campaign. You had a hole. Stable -- stallions on the Republican side of whining get nomination. Barack Obama's standalone. That's from mr. and -- beat the crap -- -- -- always -- and we loved it. Any -- if you want to be president Romney -- -- Republicans of that has been the problem of care right. And chair. How -- -- -- that she asked in Massachusetts -- Oxley. -- we have we have a president that is down record for and so. He's under a lot of pressure nothing is happening it's good for everything that's happening is that. So that means business from my experience. On the doors Thursday that means that number's gonna go lower. Per -- and do you think it's gonna go down 3039. And it's that there are a but it gives -- Ultimately this obamacare situation. It is web site is really an albatross -- it really yes and again so now you're -- all all what about the governor's numbers I don't really -- They're neck but they're not only about Obama and that I don't call that they have their bad. -- port obviously what's going on you know you -- the economy is not stable you do have the problems with. -- democratic president taking some hits but his popularity is personal popularity numbers still over sixty for. And -- say al-Qaeda New -- a fact and a common car blob like -- -- day or all -- the critics we hear all the critics but. This governor is willing. Two negotiation I mean. I know today that there's a forum on the common core which is regarding all this testing for students and teacher evaluations. Well I mean some change can happen. Nor did I idol I'll tell you what there's so many things weighing down our Governor Cuomo Lori now that for him to -- it right now of what's very interesting. Chris Christie. Yeah is more popular Andrew Cuomo in New York Chris Christie forty -- percent. Chris Christie floats it in floats out right and I Chris Christie you -- Rick Christie also -- doesn't pass the save act but what's really gonna the united what does Chris -- -- pass well I think -- -- -- in the -- -- new York and says hey can I get some -- all of a clean up for -- But here's the answer it's it's not just -- numbers for for Governor Cuomo he just lost a very significant vote by very significant margins in Western Europe and that's the the vote on our proposal won on the on the ballot in on Election Day for. Four casinos are. Have we -- -- deceit is I don't see it as a loss I think you have to look at those numbers across the -- be like a drama they are brought in Europe -- what weapons across the state. Those you know. 800 people in this poll that we're talking about his numbers. Of popularity or staying the same here in -- get that I'm talk valuable you have people saying. We don't we -- cannot support more casinos in -- No no no no Estonia on on Election Day that would that's the pole down a lot of that on election I mean yeah he got beat like -- -- There's people he is tied directly to. He was just do it he was do what are called upon. Bit in that you'd be you've got to be the only political consultant I've ever I've met. In New York who tells me that that vote against the Western New York resounding vote. Against him more casinos was not a defeat for the government it was absolutely defeat that's. -- is certainly isn't the only area in Western Europe we. Of we are in an area that's that's some believe is already saturated because we have to casinos already here with the casinos in Batavia and in Hamburg. We also have to Seneca nation casinos. -- so we -- I am what the governor was well. I must say I'm not saying it was his fault I'm not saying he's not that it's his fastball he brought in the in the NC but every moment let's just let's let's face it. The governor is challenged in Western Europe in fact that's is that even as a Democrat -- so -- -- -- that -- but but -- -- -- he's challenged -- -- -- more than anywhere in the state. That the allowed his voice against him are Carl Paladino is out here in Western Europe is problem he has is in Western New York Carol Paladino is also against Republicans here. I'm not saying I'm not -- in the governor. He can't pick his battles win I don't understand the his biggest challenge is certainly west of -- west of. And I -- he's making changes here I think when you look at the programs in the projects that have been popping up in the last twelve illegal to not only for buffalo is now elected dollar 45 from buffalo there's things going up there are cranes in the -- -- -- -- are there -- things being built yet but -- I have -- to -- the credit for the man -- mayor -- commitments and. Governor isn't that is outside of the city of buffalo offering a good transferable for votes Democrat 81 at a time can take credit forum. -- on the incessantly. But the government here. Because you've got to have every here to aren't in here are not -- not listening you're not taking into account. All of the expansion business expansion and projects going on all cross our -- yet again everybody else on the plan. Says the New York State is the worst place in the nation to do business. But you're gonna say that New York is open for. Absolutely that's -- you absolutely that's a joke it's the most well lately deleted his abilities and got out of your little village of Easter -- controlled the city of buffalo you would see what's going on down there I. Don't replace. We've got everything Wheaties I I don't. I don't wanna be a fact that this show for me roar tomorrow we call and. Yes he's here today -- he's here today so I don't it's a liar all of fire. We're bracing for protesters also. Yeah Russ response of our our our advertising on the stage for yet they share they say they're pro fracking protests and anti racking fracking is actually in the middle he's both armor against them. It's like. Well I think we have obviously when he travels -- it's the most is his biggest challenge this area. -- any other areas most popular here than they were very popular and the rest Wednesday. Com he's gonna have in him and and you folks you're actually -- -- -- and I am rubbing elbows with all of the big money people -- of the problem in you're. Or if you read -- slanderous headlines. Is part of it you Margaret is a joke but I am I but you know argue well rested their companies public so good strikes you know let's look at. -- GOP's fault near -- you know. Just use sometimes they come to the door and closed after they've been on line soliciting a teenager. That -- a you know we've all got that -- Com I think the interaction between -- of this I -- -- dirtier our rob for -- that he -- itself with him you know at what point what else -- have. He got everything as -- himself to implode wait it went right pushing to councilwoman out of the way out. To get to alliance Robert -- -- well this is Michael approved new MacBook that's my name Michael -- and Christine -- And for Tom hourly on newsreader and 930 WB year. We're back. I reminiscing like -- rooms here at times of it and that. -- The Democrat that grow Kristi certainty he and for getting ready to go and face -- Carol with an ad now. And the protesters. Have been bridge protest over the Cuomo. She ended eakins. Always talk about here in the history at 930 WP NR numbers in his freezer and I'm thirty started thirty. On your cellphone and hand arm we it'll. Came up we did we have a very interesting job brokering. -- a -- breaking news. What's that rob it's rob hop rap Hopkins who was -- -- PR job here in Buffalo, New York. Has been offered a job for me in PR for rob. -- In Toronto he's gonna drop him on the mayor of Toronto. And advise him how to supply. -- this for a problem to draw attention to himself -- market cover up it. And -- -- go to -- -- you got a or we got -- home on Iran Thanksgiving on them. I thought it was robbery or at least open minded -- from show and be sure I mean yeah. Of Democrats and I'm definitely era. I'm a day and this is a definite. Conservative. Candidates I don't know do you think the people who listeners know your back of your -- was it was elected. And what was not what was it like the site is a county legislator and then he was director of veterans affairs and -- is our -- hundred. Yet able under a lot of family you know lineage in Erie county government. So the -- have always. Held power. At times at least in the county legislature that's changed. But I don't always agree with members of my own party. Well I mark out of my mind first political campaign. Was for a Democrat it was four. Mayor Jimmy Griffin. I remember when I was I think the team hang -- -- all things four footer for -- and a -- days I mean. You know buffalo is if you wanted to be in politics abrupt move for years and years if it could be as Democrats for -- what you wanted to mayor of derby for sure that it -- numbers just -- your favorite Carl Paladino was that government years -- yes ma -- members of my own family kind of shocked shocked actually Democrats want. You know I think that. You know people understand that certainly downstate when Carl ran for governor they discovered that he was. Democrat just you know seven short years they were shocked it was a scandal yes that. They have up here -- to -- you know bright green. Mean I think you're probably a little bit more conservative. As a Democrat -- -- hands up on social issues you. You just kind of a fiscal conservative I am but you still like this Obama guy and. You know what I look at I don't give him a eight -- that's for sure but you get -- he was the better you do -- do. He's given me positive. You know now everyday. Every day every day because like I'd seen how much that he has been able to broker a compromise. In a place that was just absolutely dysfunction and all. Absolutely. Right where nothing was getting done. I think something's getting that my arm yeah I don't think there. I don't think they're wrong I think that that. From to get from eight -- you have to go BC DE -- and I seeking just it's it's machine that has to get all the -- But unfortunately this APEC -- -- -- went into AB CE it -- Q are he. He hey yes I mean it was with it was a topsy turvy thing but I don't know -- tossing and this is when. You know people start arguing that there. Rights are being taken away their right to bear arms being taken away look at the people our founding fathers have fought for those rights for their fighting with. And that's and mosque gets 1840s argument here I I don't have. I don't owners and people but I don't I don't understand. -- that currents are -- why someone has to hunt with a fifty caliber. Bullet. I don't I don't know anybody who hunts with a particular are not like -- -- it's about why they need whatever fire -- -- -- Whitney. And not necessarily need. You know I don't think it's just happened and it's really about when they are either that there are a lot of people like them and have them it's not about acting at all if public option but -- -- it -- -- -- it is to get. Get a more safety get a handle on on the safety of what's going on when it comes to buying selling and fire are the politics of -- don't you think the governor. Underestimated the opposition use the seed out west here Western New York. -- -- I don't think south. Now now I think that you know he knew that did the Tea Party was very strong here look at Carroll and and Russ have really made their voices loud and proud here right. They've got their own little machine hair -- you know is very very potent. Welcoming and ready to hear their words -- him. Williams only doing. Good afternoon to you here thank you thank you com. I think liberalism. Will actually be classified. Officially as a mental illness. That but look I'm not far behind. What's happening right now. Well that this is this is pathetic and end. When -- get 339. I I don't know could could your -- be home. Make him somebody dinner. -- don't mind me. Well you can be at my home making some dinner how about that certainly you can be at my home making -- dinner how -- know that buffalo by doing welcome news. I'm really offended that friendship and support like Second Amendment like -- support. Your First Amendment. -- I do I do you support your Second Amendment my father fought in a foreign land for -- have your right to bear arms but again. When your marching on a bill of rights and your they -- there must get some day and that's a look at carry a firearm I don't care what you do dance in your front yard with that. It's simply and that they were fighting for the right to exist. And they were fighting for the right out right. And you do you do have a right they don't using 32 -- a little march checks and balances going out with someone purchases a firearm. I'd -- leaders should be checks and balances but do I think that you should take calm the multiple you know -- And in particular and not bunkers and you -- I think that Jerry Y -- And their -- -- prosecution why oh why there are only -- a couple of things got an avenue and bought leader screwed up or judge. -- -- I want this to you now because it can't get more money to actually go after these people are -- -- Point. Look at what we've debated this on our show two sides also and I think that there are. Elements of every piece of legislation. That are not always the best. Thought out and. What about what you agree we agreed on two sides and you and -- -- that she thinks the number of bullets and -- magazines it is it's it's typically. But he does Neil thinks it assault weapons need to be event. Or should you. That's -- apple and sure there are words that are banned. There are words that are bad you can't say them believe it or not I can't say certain words on this radio station. Or they will lose their license to broadcast. So there is control on my freedom of speech -- No no not at all. There are certain -- certain roles that I cannot use on the airwaves might freedom of speech is not 100%. Well and I if you don't listen I'm I'm with you on a percent I mean I think. That the segment was absolutely violated and by the privacy factors absolutely. I think that's why -- Clinton's problems here don't you now. I'd like to say thank you for your -- service. Well thank you very much you know. Listen Christie somebody just somebody just texted me that they cook a mean seeking court on blue led to cook for me. But see I think that's the problem we talked about it last week and I I don't wanna make this a gender saying. I think when someone like myself is outspoken. And because I'm a female. It ruffle some feathers in certain groups. Think it is I've been told now that I should be cooking someone dinner. Or ironing their clones I'm sorry might you know grandmother from the old country left those values back there right. Well I think it's -- -- I think your rest means that it is about you -- I think probably. -- bonus prize out there that the liberals -- not liberal Democrat. On the show and a very might -- it. Well we will be back with the liberal on the shows its might go with Christy Missouri were in for Tom Bauer. Here on -- three united WV inaugurate. We're back -- -- to hear the bad girl from the Democratic Party -- the -- Korean for take away your Second Amendment. Ranked number I am news radio 930 WVU here's what's interesting it's it's hilarious that they want me. Cooking you know it's like barefoot and pregnant that that's that that's the mind. And -- should be very concerned I'm now -- -- any cuts for I don't know earlier they want you or that may be if they got you know off back roads of. And an iron and -- term. Well we got bill in gas pork bill -- I go there they do. -- -- -- Can't say that -- I -- Is expected actually -- -- these guys. Where you can't ensure. Crime has gone up. -- -- that that's reported an absolute. And listen it's true bliss and my coach Chris is a leader -- had -- I'm not shaking my heads -- not I'm not seeking I had. Yet while our leverage -- -- ever -- in Charlotte spending insurers. -- partners are not I just read an article about Australia. Some of them are patient you know riot went up. And that should please. There's not a lot of people where guns. Are my country in Australia. People were really against. In -- eleven the government confiscate their guns what you -- the head and cry went up. And not ensure that our numbers are. You know when I guess they have a right to carry and -- What liberals it's just. We're gonna have a transfer out. People there were arguing that would ensure -- I couldn't -- like that doesn't hit. I actually went. I was I was there -- and I was so I had consumed carry -- in Florida. On an -- down there and -- their foreign moved from buffalo. And tonight we didn't have problems in my in my house there's nobody we had a lot of crime down there but nobody bought my house parties to. LaDainian let me tell -- well I didn't know that early on about the -- -- yeah I got a lot of Australians sort of because. Our people know that the very people who are armed and and you get into deep freezes -- OK that's great so haven't done. You don't need forty and a magazine holding 45 -- that. If you want that that maybe shouldn't -- overseas and Freddie for our country. Agents are -- they share in Niagara county. Well not -- shares edged. It is sad that belongs in my deputies. I'm values are gonna get somebody Joseph. Let alone get out of luck as they get into a fire fight in my guess seven rounds in my gun at somebody. Has -- my hours. If they had gotten my insurance I -- more than seven allowance. -- -- -- With a lot of talk about -- fourth he's talked about being -- he's unforced Hillary has been -- -- the first line of defense in his own home. Perhaps he's mentioning that the Niagara county sheriff. Saying if his officers. -- in Lewiston saudis that we don't need them both to -- appeared you do you say that would and over the queens accent. -- -- -- -- -- Sure we -- dependable secured there and if you missed the first bank times. I -- radio. The other thing is I -- for my country and the belief critically. And I was sharply discharge. Probably this church. And and foreign soil and -- a 100% disabled veteran now. Thank you fears -- thank you for your servicer. Another thing if all guns are outlawed. Torture -- some enterprising individuals. We'll put together. A plan to bring into peaches -- small pieces and forged pieces. Or pieces meaning the fundamental parts bit before. And whether printing them out now from predators didn't mean not I think that I don't I don't think we're facing four ban on guns enemies while we're not a team. I want that there's got to be -- but but that's the problem sunny you know again. People are checking you saying you wanna take away my right to bear arms no I don't I don't care what you have haven't -- Great -- gun collection. I just think that there has to be some kind of controls going on. Accredited devil's advocate here Christine. Appreciate -- bed detention occur. I doubt that if you will because there would be a revolution. If there ever -- Anyway compared to perhaps seeing. -- and we think it's a game. Smuggle in error when. Liquor. Exotic animals that are forbidden to be shattered picture. What's to say they can't bring in a spring. Of. They they're prepared now Holliday yes for Sherri Goodman there's reality shows right now that you can much and the Discovery Channel. I kid you not their guns -- family well today. You're you're actually -- that we have absolutely porous borders I don't know there's no question that if they ever tried to banned weapons. Ban outright would never happen yet. So I don't people who quote. The or organized crime for instance or those people were skilled and -- -- -- starts this project -- for a country you would love to take -- -- Of course relates to our talent on don't know where they actually. You know it I don't think we're actually facing. Peja opening on an overnight we we are I believe that you know remember. Incremental approach -- brightens up in that direction we have right now Nancy from Amherst. Ethier on the air. Great and glad to be an effort I would tell you that and let it come at ten year that you got in the radio it's great. It's great chemistry you intelligently. And with each other and somehow. I told him get by other and -- We like your great friend I've just never eat her food Nancy that's why it's still the moment that they -- said that I should be at home cooking are ironing might as they clearly they don't know you very well. -- To be on the right out and doing -- -- -- what is. I guess dictated -- by somebody right because I am a female. Being written today and yesterday and I'm frankly embarrassed I don't care about your politics. I I appreciate. Your being. I believe there are better than a couple of really in color and -- but just. I think that the concern it might that I don't think they don't they -- I appreciate your honor I appreciate it. Thank you very much well they are calling and we really appreciate you know Alitalia we have. Of -- why vertical threat. A very different groups and I experienced on on on. Message show last week and but the phones are always pull your people love interacting guests on how early show right. I'd I didn't know it was like behind this the curtain here behind the -- get bombarded all the time -- I want to talk to -- it's amazing. Look at it people can disagree with me. That's great but I just think it was very funny just can't you know you can't do -- to renew nearby basically helpful here. Me just tell that. It. While this is Michael Caputo. Here with -- -- I think Erica it's important top our news radio 930 WB yeah.

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