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11-19 Beach and Company Hour 1

Nov 19, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh well what is region governor and I'm sandy beach and just by listening to the radio station I'm getting my shot my Christmas shopping done I have a Christmas shopping list and so far. Listening Dubai early show yesterday at a morning news today I've got to be able I'm crossing off my list. Let's say I'm getting gray green to our general manager retreat stand. And I'm getting Christy Missouri could gag ball I'm perfect gaps. I all right I'm just the just thing the the volume settings here on the show it is a beach -- company a -- balled trees stand so far -- for two hitting a model apart. And -- This you know I'm on transact prolonged time since I first came to buffalo -- he was -- KB new reasons and -- of the -- KB air personality. He didn't know this until today they were talking about. The wind and the rain and John Zach admitted he said it right this morning like 515 he says. I have a lot of wood. A first about you wouldn't have guessed that knowing John or even you know meeting socially that he has a lot of what. And he says he has so much well -- -- to cover it with a thirty foot TARP. Now. Why I'm having breakfast. I get up from the table and give him a standing ovation everybody needs a thirty foot -- to cover there -- That's been at all I mean it really does and then just before the show started today he was talking more about the rain -- said. The problem he has is his wood gets wet. And I'm thinking that that Camby. You know cause smoke if you put it in the fireplace a -- -- knowledge that -- a thirty -- TARP covers what I'm learning something -- -- that's amazing -- think you know -- guy there -- thinking no god but you really don't -- -- -- on the that we haven't seen each other like two weeks that's -- it's been awhile yesterday I was on remote. And a audit committee and or -- Volvo had a great time there but. And get a chance to see the guys eyeball to eyeball face to face and so it's good that were all together again and I'm looking in my prize giveaway. This is a dream come true in my really going to give away Bob Weir rat dog tickets. -- -- -- -- life it's just this is more than likely expect. Is this like a welcome back to the through the air after your vacation rise of the actually those are good ticket I know they are you know there was in Vermont people going. We can get red dog tickets -- ahead. I -- and I was on vacation but I've actually been working according given on this and while we have you have a blood drug Capel. And okay. Guess it was leaving CNBC. Well man the money honey. Maria Bartiromo what she knows she is the first of what you look for a -- if you watch the business channels. Okay you -- at the women are incredibly. Intelligent. And they're incredibly beautiful. She was the first one of the major networks to have the they call it the money honey they still do I thank. A very good on investing in the stock market and all this which use looks like a movie star while her contract is up Sunday. And she's leaving CNBC. Which is part of the NBC network yes I in my NBC yeah. ID card with me for what reason I don't know do and she's going to the Fox Business Network. Now I watch the Fox Business Network why not because I care about the Fox Business Network. But generally is on here from time to time and I'm misses that its final cast on the Fox Business Network has won thirteen. On your room on your satellite channel but so she's going there are so. But the thing about Fox Network is a spare no expense or should be working on them and parks instead of those CNBC -- -- 113 and that 213. It's 13 on. It's one -- nomad and Tom additional -- satellite radio -- and what that. While Tony almost got me I notice you were already Google that 113 into the good work where it. And everybody does it so this is just want whenever I say anything. Ice and eight they'd look down by debate that I see hands on the key Bard they're pretending to look at me but they're looking at Google. As if I'm right. Now if you are serious. Series -- them. You'll find that the Fox Business Network -- and 113 so they're always doing that maybe to catch me I think maybe I'm beginning to drooling phase of my career. But notes -- know you've been jewel for long I don't have -- -- in his -- We're just right now I'm drooling over Maria -- marketplace never see her yeah slip. I should they have caller Jim -- not really sure but they're very attractive shows or just some people overdid it. And like remember -- do all US lips are so big Dunn tire could have used them as an ad for a billboard campaign and had giant rubber -- Her lips and -- Obviously she sure got their money back on the collagen treatment that's -- -- didn't -- What ever happened to her. I guess she's not around anymore I don't know where she is. But as she was. She was an outstanding personality. -- right few years ago very bright but yet collagen lips that were so. Overdone. That that's all you saw. It brought me back to in my time when I used to from the fun house that whale home park playground for central England and in the front we had a glass box with a full size laughing lady. -- -- and that you -- like that. After eight hours a day five days a week and believe me you had enough of that but she had those finalist but she was made -- plaster and -- -- -- -- now I think you'd have to be plastered to get these wild -- -- later we're gonna talk about though rob rob for. Yup exactly what a fun guy he's the he's the comedic gift the keeps on giving. Chris Farley is back and he's rob lord that's the first thing I thought exactly them anywhere he ran over a female council member is. Yeah yeah. And get his brakes checked -- couldn't stop and time course he's he's a wide vote. No question about that how big is on the queen ice on a bottom over to the scales I would. -- in the eighteen wheelers had to get on the gather. Take a break that anger over -- that meeting a thirty -- TARP covers would but that's another story will be back with -- -- more. I'm beach and company and news radio 930 and why does that commercials said they were talking about -- it composure. I saw it last night he looked really good because a couple of passes from Brady -- across the senate. -- go across the Middle -- Realists he is related to merger Michael him Nolan -- -- Michael and I -- -- composure and keep keep in mind he was named because. He's a future hall of Famer -- -- -- Campbell who was where troops couldn't go in yeah they couldn't cross over into them so they were in Vietnam. Expose the -- -- -- -- -- Akimbo Asia isn't isn't drug and -- just so you'll know somebody will name their kid arson. FF FF FF. I am convinced. That people go to the hospital without having a name picked out. And they got the TV set on. Well they're going through labor to try to distract them is all these drug commercials because we're getting more more people named after drugs you know I'm talking about. So just keep an eye on and guard Sidney JR. I think it's CIA NIK Gerson somebody will be named larceny in the next several months and I told you about my -- CL us. Up. -- army had a hard at it and if it's working construction Florida. Are let's say what -- what are we have going on. You know what you do a monologue a somethings are supposed to be funny and they are but somethings aren't funny but they're very curious. And and so we we we put those India monologue to note this is a very curious story it's out of wins borrow Louisiana. -- -- Mop that. Who set herself on -- And afterwards claim she was attacked by three men in wide bodies. More than a year ago pleaded guilty to one count of false swearing at one count of terrorizing. Settle. If you are going to set yourself on fire on irrational act to star with. Why would you blame it on somebody else. I mean if you do it. I don't know what you intend to -- probably take your own life but if you do it then why would you try him blames somebody else for. But that's it so our show army of -- that as has pled guilty you will see The -- will keep you informed of that I'm sure will be. In the front page -- Also this is strange I'll just read it to you and then I'll tell you could take on it as. A public hunt for Burmese python's. In the Everglades won't be repeated next year. If Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission spokesman. Said the state is beefing up establish programs that train licensed hunters now I don't know it was in Florida. The thought it was a good idea to let the public. Go hunting Burmese python. And there's a season for -- bygones let's get up early and go to the -- I mean how wants to do that. So now they're -- you're gonna have to be a license and and regulated -- probably iffy. And whatever. But good luck to you. All right I do have a giveaway here I don't know -- -- -- -- couples aren't on this one we do have -- tickets to see Bob Weir and rat dog. Tuesday march 4 that the 730 issue is performing arts center minimum value sixty bucks general confidence rules apply. Tickets on sale Saturday November 23 at 10 AM call now 644. 9875. And and Chris will give him tickets if he feels like it and if he doesn't it doesn't have to that's not. What we have relaxed standard on the sure absolutely on -- about. So that is that did you see a jury review of -- O'Connor's concert. It was while I was on vacation -- on severe no I didn't know she was still foremost is still performing -- this. She came well. And I'm gonna paraphrasing now she came on stage and she was unhappy. With the sound. All right now that happens a lot that's why they have sound checks that's why the artist is supposed to go there with the bad and and the sound guys. And say OK a little bit more here a little -- they aired bumble blow my houses Micah. You know what kind of range of that and when you -- -- age everything's the way you want it. But apparently. Either they didn't have a sound check prior to her stepping onstage or -- some something was bothering her. So she was bitching about that -- walked off the stage did that less than an hour. I don't think cool I don't think she's in a position in her career to walk and how many stages Giselle she's lucky they've paid a reminder walk arm one. You know I can't sound is I'll give you this though sound is important. I know how how important it is for us and radio with -- just screw up their problems because that'll do because all of that in order of people who don't Wear and don't understand them. Don't understand the problem is your voice has to get over what your hearing in your ear if you can't you won't have a voice after about an hour is just the way it works you will not have a voice. And if the headphones are too loud or too soft or too much trouble and number whatever it throws off everything I think. That more than any thing would affect the show remember the time that them. That everything went down right after we had moved here this is Roger has a vision and so a bunch of us were sitting holding a stick Mike. And that was like the best -- helped with important ally and -- I still get people talking about now we had a great time and we passed the stick Mike from person to person. And and -- talked about everything we wanna talk about was great fun. That was it was creative and it was that they kind of gave you a release while this is this is really cool. And then the thing about it is we were doing that in the engineer's office we had our top hourly yourself -- In top pocket standing next to us to the new who's. It was really cool pocket -- ended and as we handed him much. And it was a it was really cool it was really -- -- yesterday when I was on from coach. When your remote you really are out on an island. Okay because I don't get the seat physically see. Tony -- Chris. Because often during the show they'll give me hand signals or I'll see them react to something on not that dance halls I didn't offend and traffic that I. And it ends though when you're going to show on you can see them that's fabulous but when you can't see them it's -- just the disembodied voice and it's really tough. So is about one minutes and nine. And I look over at my computer screen and I close. Calls and I had meetings that the subject yet. And I'm thinking wait a minute we have imposed on the subject yet. But I've already calls and on the subject line almost calls they all wanted to talk about EJ mandl. I couldn't think correct call one eye on my show they would wanna talk about EJ -- we don't -- sports show. It's because the last time that computer was used. Was on WG RR sports talk station and the computer was set the WGR and so I was getting WG RA's. A calls on my computer screen. -- and they had to a change that so the wonderful world of brought to stay -- technology and boy it was a windy. It was a meanwhile Johnston the blue thirty put -- off of his blood that's when he -- report and that's exactly right and and and he said what happened then is because it was raining. His would go way. And as some that some people would think that's that's a positive thing but most people. -- -- Will take a break. Well we're back with more -- I think -- we've exhausted the would subject for today but may have more tomorrow who knows. -- and frustrated and I'm thirty way RW via. Wake up to Buffalo's early news with John -- -- -- in the entire WB ENN news team news radio 9:30 AM. WBE and. Good region dominated. The -- just the more you see of Obama. The more you realize what a fool me is is absolutely a phony. On the anniversary of the Gettysburg address is being celebrated 150. Years since the Gettysburg address was addressed okay. There -- a big event. Commemorating the 150 anniversary of the Gettysburg address this is skipping the event. A guy -- Barack Obama. Skipping the 150. Anniversary of the Gettysburg address. And the reason it it makes me laugh even more than it normally would is that you remember when he was running for office remember at least at his absolute inspiration was his. The laws. Abraham point. Now maybe he didn't learn and that Lincoln actually gave the Gettysburg address or wrote it. I mean now it's all -- may for that is something wonderful. This is phony as a as a three dollar bill we have a 30. No that's phony as a three dollar bill who has never try to give me. -- -- me six bucks you try to give me two theories. And it's I just never know him. So here he took the oath of office on his first term on the same Bible that that -- -- that's right remember that Andy said. He said how. How inspired he was by that by likened and that when I read that a team of rivals. By Doris Kearns Goodwin. The story of Lincoln and now he brought the people who were running against him. All into his cabinet and he used the walls to. To help his government OK as I read team of rivals couple years ago. Now. I would hit spots as -- this is an Obama at all so I think he just said and said anything that needed to be said Michael open change. Like if you like your doctor you can keep them. Like your health care plan you can keep it says anything. And people buy some people by -- George Bush's -- George Bush's fault it's amazing but yeah so he's skipping the event I'm sure is something more important to maybe he's painting a room. Doing something like that. Another -- while I was gone by the way. -- A vacation and I sought out and know that they mean well. And there was another event in buffalo where Karr offered at -- college but -- college students. Were staying overnight in cardboard boxes to show their support for the homeless. Hopefully use. -- -- And they do that because. They know where they're going in the morning. They're going home. And when they've gone there having I mean Hornish our and they know where their next meal is coming from. And they probably have security guards at the Yang Yang -- autobiography while they're on their Smartphone. On Twitter exactly and playing video yeah that's another area and they you know would -- run. Different electronic devices. Such hard like all of so for me. Involved was -- a little more substantive. Passed out exactly or pop tarts now you're talking I had was it -- hot fudge -- pop -- yesterday. Lot of new because I've not seen them -- -- and our machine and they're pretty we have met our Russian gas. When's the next newscast. We should tell me candidates should garner his apartment though. That you -- and we have news that top and bottom of it I'm not going to rally in the studio -- either and there could call all right thank you are right now. You may have enjoyed the comedic opportunities presented by rob lord mayor of Toronto. However if you and Roger the great city to run through Ronald fabulous rarely. First of all he's very popular there. And I heard this morning because -- that we were kind of featuring this on our early morning as we Johnson isn't. I heard as a -- and stated that like him because he's not a phony. Ontario. Was machine gun Kelly or. Or any of us that it would not have bony body not a phoney bone in his body is a real playing in -- But they say the real guy and they like Yemen blah blah blah blah blah. But the the Toronto. Council last night. Stripped him of his powers. Selling -- this superhero. Like Superman you know it Lois Lane whips out her purse and she's gonna Kryptonite and suddenly and it. As you got the newest Kryptonite purse. And suddenly Superman was stripped of his powers while that's exactly what they did to rob Ford and -- the the video of it was amazing. Because he is like a blow when a China shop trying to get from one point to another and he ran over a female -- one. I mean it was like seriously is like the old days -- Jody being the lead blocker. I mean it was incredible -- -- there on use them on the offensive line maybe if he's not always. Mayor of Toronto we can use them as Leo lead blocker maybe a tight end is in good hands weren't real -- not sure. But anyway. He called the move accorded top. In about an outright war in the next election. What's happening here today is not a democratic process it's a dictatorship process the mayor says he's 44 years old. For those of you came in late. He says yeah out I've done -- when I'm not a drug edit. Yeah I've been blob -- out of my mind but I am not a drunk and so he went over the things that he likes to do on the weekend. Now are saying that. He can be like a fun guy. Four of the late night comics I'm sure the late night comics are hoping he stays in office for ever. Because they can let they -- off some of their writers always have to do is. Look at the audio and video. Of the of the latest. Ran things by the Arab. And a bill how good comedic opportunities however. Even though his have been strip -- the mayor of fabulous city so I'm asking this. If you are hours instead of being Toronto's says he was mayor of buffalo. If you hours what would you. Would you think of those late night jokes are still pretty funny. Or would you think he's become a laughingstock in new mayor has to do some things with the business community. Tries to weigh -- help other agencies bring a new. Revenue rose into the city coffers things like that. And it's one of those things that now it's. Hard to see past the things we've just talked about. Because he's such an outrageous over the top personality. You have to wonder if you really care about your city Webber he's going to be. The right person to have in the office. Whether you agree that it's it's it's okay that he did he use drugs it's okay that he gets boos it's okay these says outrageous things. Indian in fact the he is alleged but he denies. Making a sexual suggestions and things like that. So. The question is would you wanna stay in office or would you want him to step down he's not gonna do it gracefully. To expect. This guy to do it gracefully is expecting a lot he's going to they're gonna have to -- kicking and screaming. With a jacket tied behind his back I mean that's the way it's gonna go with him. But I'm asking a few more hours. -- he still be as funny would you still want him or is it fun to watch from a distance especially with a city like Toronto because Toronto's a great city. I don't know anybody that doesn't like Toronto. And it's it's a wonderful world class city and its -- ninety miles away from us so we love Toronto. But I don't know if you were our mayor how much in love with -- would be a what do you think Tony before we leave would you. What would you want happen to them now resigned get out of there is now what about -- Chris. I love the fact that -- Toronto's mayor -- the is ours I would lean towards Tony -- it's -- may -- you've done some cracker that's devices when you're in her twenties Siri could be doing that when you're the mayor on the weekend. -- because it looks like Chris Farley you expect him to say I do a bit of bad by the river. -- government just days. And it's indoor sport coat that doesn't quite fit and pants that don't match. And that doesn't match Toronto Toronto is the classic but I don't know if he's a class mayor will be back after as well I was on vacation. Vacationing in Vermont because I'm from New England -- Vermont of all knowing when actually. But especially northern -- -- It and then. A really good time to Saratoga Springs I don't know if you've ever been there maybe go there and in July and August when they rom when they Thurber is -- Saratoga. I'm the best horses in the world blow up there by they as I said yesterday in a world class. Museum for horse racing of you wanna see. A photo of me at the museum or go to our way our FaceBook page. And it's it's it's a super. Great accommodations that are good food good restaurants has had a good time there -- We aren't going on in New York police tell Leo listener who commented on your pictures that you're not in a bad mood you work. And the next to the war I was having excellent horse. You know the way when somebody points -- our camera or Maria. A phone that -- -- take a picture I don't give the my wife uses today. When people wanna take a picture of me I would do -- stupid base which is this he wants it. And I like the Joker. From the bat men of the 1965. Television era so now I don't do this and in my -- -- I just look this is the way it is but I'm standing next to the course. The horse is a little taller than I am the horse look like he was about seventeen hands okay. And he's a little taller but if you're looking at the picture I'm I'm to the left of the horse today and -- -- not the back. On days that that. But I had had a great time -- that are really nice that get to see some things you normally don't appear Serra museum right near buffalo won all in place. Good stuff going on in New York State and if only -- Cuomo would go to New Jersey would be aren't. And and they see that there's a new -- surveil. People in New York were asked if if the ticket war. Cuomo. The next presidential election. -- Cuomo and Christie. How would you vote you know one in New York. -- operation -- -- -- and in New York is as -- as a democratic state as you get. But Christie one that's amazing I think people recognize almost a nut jobs you know who's in town today Cuomo Cuomo. He spent a lot of time here have you noticed yes I have these I'm sure -- just -- coincidence. He sees -- or weakness for his future plan ends -- shows up from time. -- in fact you know exactly. Let's remember that how many bowl is you have -- I have a dream and a girl last. And I think she is a police officer. Ice at seven. And on ground conditions for you. She's as you don't have one on the barrel and move. On -- to the brawl on the mag and that limit is seven and honest. Mike in Grand Island might if rob Ford -- hours instead of Toronto's mayor. How would you feel about -- what would you want. Hello Mike. I'm fine if rob Ford were our our mayor say you're mayor of buffalo instead of mayor of Toronto. Would you be happy what would you think oh he's got some flaws but he's like everybody else or would you Obama. You know I mean we. -- with. Are. -- minute. Ago that does whatever. Schools. In in the United States. -- PG. -- an insult to Google. Olympic matter. -- -- campaign manager -- with a positive outlook the and let's answered. Straight you know -- Actually there -- -- you OK okay should the court. And irritable. -- -- -- -- -- -- Always that and others -- the sheriff's department is considering charges so we have enough problems without that without rob thank you thank you very much. We've got. That lesson be learned in the stadium is make sure you find out of -- the best lesson is you know you're -- at the high seats were the worst ones. Member of the further away from the field yet but I think and higher you are and there's less chance of people falling on. In arms -- about or get in under the overhang that's always good. -- they would have to bounce off somebody else before they get you will be in the sweets guy exactly all the suites. People obviously so I love this the ever watch -- Google this -- They go to a football game to go to the suites and the suites -- glass stand. And they usually have a bar in them refreshments whatever and big screen TVs. And people. Are isolated from the weather isolated from the rest of the crowd they watched the game on television. At the stadium. That's what they don't count me in. This is why -- all of -- odds -- that it can do better home. I've always been -- like when I was producing the radio games -- via. For the Buffalo Bills that KB. I made the guys keep the windows open. Even in the worst weather because I wanted them to. Continued to feel the same thing a man would be feeling instead of being isolated. Because of your exploited it could have been back in the radio studio just looking at a monitor. And and are calling the game I wanted them to feel -- what the guys are feeling. On the field if that was cold was reign of with snow -- win didn't matter because that big and always. They aren't always thrilled about that but. I think he gave a more realistic. Approach to the game. By the what did you see gronkowski. Has nine point listed. He called and he's -- them into the end zone they were three guys on them with their arms around him he'd drag them across -- finish finish line -- and so when -- hours with. Across the end zone. And and like dunk the ball backwards it was a remarkable athletic feet but nice -- like three quarters of the game and fell asleep. And the big thing came on the last play of the game when they threw a flight gonna pick them up. And I've Ali I don't root for the patriots but I do -- for gronkowski. It's not it's hard to split the baby like that now. Trailed 3010616926. And start I'm thirty rob Ford resolved -- -- fun his name. Yeah I really should be on Saturday Night Live effect that would be surprised if they invited a month. But if you -- words instead of Toronto's. If he or harm -- how would you feel about rob Ford give -- on the will be back after.

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