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11-18 Beach and Company Hour 1

Nov 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back from its board accountable all on main street. That way though I didn't as the finest boys. I've at least my vehicle service here or there like that -- about them ultimately. But meanwhile president Ali -- -- back or would you welcome back sandy. I bring great -- okay okay well -- there was a lot of anxious moments were able about obamacare. Obama and that's been announced yet I'm breaking news here on my show Obama and about half an hour well -- For Obama care the economy and take charges situation with Democrats and Republicans together. And it worked out for all of us and that person and your period effort. Is the mayor of Toronto rob port numbering it -- for the and that's going to be really great. But also. Expressed comfort and hopefully he's been out there or he's out yet the third nipple. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hear -- Iran is our guy. Right war and act five minutes ago and it adds -- -- He win this game -- -- that despite the fact that with about commissioner. Asked him not to. -- man in the NFL commissioner telling residents they away from the game I mean. He. But -- and and he to give me anyway. Anybody was wearing a and -- assured. Some people. Go way other people applauded them but that so he admitted to what taking drugs. Being involved with -- activity involving alcohol. And -- disgusting vocabulary outside of that on the report while it just swell guy. If we get -- keep on giving late night comedians you know. Hope this guy gets reelected reelected. Where -- And applaud at what we've only. We must thumping right force Samantha our promotions director -- finally woman okay. Right markets to. Well but -- you know we beautiful women that work promotion which means. It -- not that is wrong with that. Oh and as we have of these beautiful women promotion I think cement that was holding it against the personally must've been something we said. But today we do we have woman and a guy and she's very attractive and -- OK if you're a woman but -- made. But anyway -- -- and we -- today proposing to those pictures -- my vacation my pleasure. I went out to Vermont. Yes. From England so the Vermont at a good time out there myself. Then on the way back. It's and right around the the area. Albany. Use the horse racing museum for our focus -- And I want I would say are voters like writes about it. It is one worse one museum it's the rabbit in the current divorce rate at all. You'll be able to welcome -- really enjoy yourself. But the at a picture taken of me standing next to -- wars I'm the one on the -- I think our part the courts were never meant -- Very very good so you know all over the place. And things and sometimes you read it right back here. One that appears museum after the ship. The ships that gets Sony -- take a stab at this I know spaghetti arm. The rebel army spaghetti arm nothing the partnership at right on the -- it appears museum. To rip. It's really nice and its work in progress most -- Frank Lloyd Wright. A gas station there which is incredible because all -- that impact them going. Mike -- normally have the all of the him and -- On the show -- -- part about it is great but besides obamacare. No not really pretty quiet. -- Why round. It could go Michael good going and they always whether -- -- The if -- any good rated audience story avail political and it was as. Pretty interest in some political stuff some stories about him would mean in Russia. A lot of Grateful Dead talks since he's -- had as well as myself yeah we had a great time talking. You know just -- music in general it was a lot of fun. Well yeah he's he's an accomplished politician I mean knows his way around politics so because good got a -- and Clark -- Things happen I mean. They didn't have a national press conference but the sabres actually won a game and made some changes. It is a beautiful things get everybody excited people -- around with their Saber Jersey's on again and you know by by Darcy hello patent Ted. Was it strange though I -- and over timing of these things. They announced the changes in clean house right after a victory. I'm looking. -- -- The lesson be learned here don't win it -- -- Because no doubt when your thing they don't really wanna fire because it looks bad. But they -- get a better -- firing your when your winning so that's that's what I noticed but I think those are good choices. Apparently two very you know one may not be. Laugh out. Made a Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotta Lotta lasso. Rick is gonna be able do that again. Ed Ted Nolan very very popular he was coach while I was out of a buffalo also about my understanding of the very popular guy and it wasn't very a great time when they let him go the first -- Now you're allowed people were upset and again people are just happy that he's returned. And you know maybe see some different time. Different style hockey instead of get back to winning and he won the first game Politico so that that's good and adolescent Baylor from Ralph Wilson Stadium. When your pick out your tickets but be sure to see if you're sitting under fat guys. OK you don't wanna do that. Hopefully sit under. Maybe somebody like Jordan Sullivan in fact it when you go to the box office. Ask where is Jordan -- sitting in -- directly under him so that he falls out of his seat he can nurture you know -- about you would not want to be sitting under me. That would not be a good day. -- you video and I -- see I mean it's all over the place and I heard about it I just I don't know what I'm not gonna watch it I'm going to be and -- -- what a moron. He's biting down on the back of like with the Bannister in his house. A sliding down the railing. And he loses his balance he's obviously Oreo losses -- he loses his balance and he goes on both sides and fall on somebody. We're lucky there were no fatalities with this right. Though that's -- not -- I gave it -- help health care is guru talk about the sabres talked about the that appears Arab museum. The racing museum of a lot of stuff talk about today including cars I'm surrounded by -- 00 look. The promotion ladies taking my photo outlawed bear while the camera thank you and jewels there first -- thank you. What they do with these pictures. And taking my picture remote since the invention of the camera. I have never seen a picture at a remote what it or them you know I think they do lead -- rate afterwards it just trying to make him up good and you know Photoshop. -- that's what they're doing. They put Jon bon Bon Jovi. Based on my body. -- anything about him. And if one of our account exact numbers and your story and they she is not trying to get away -- -- merchandise under cold I just thought I'd mention. -- Well -- I was associates but like if she goes through I don't know the apples or. That it's not a MacBook Pro. But anyway she's -- glad we were certain that -- Take a break. We'll be back Lamar went live at north on mobile on main street just -- -- and Williams though Tony I've found out the secret to chef's restaurant -- didn't. Ali had a good food now it's one thing to have good food and we all know ships had fabulous vote. And I and I think it's just because my pictures on the wall although if you do wanna see it. It's on the inner -- -- -- -- walk in the main dining room with on the right hand side I was hoping to exploit so that I can be you know smiling of people go in that you're in the law yet that is thank -- -- my one moment of stardom. If that's not yet okay. You know how it with you go to McDonald's and order a cheeseburger bills today would you like Fries with that. Yeah okay ships their own version of that and here is what it is it's very subliminal just so that -- -- But -- if I'm one and I'm dying and I'm not making this stuff okay. Before the waiter came to weigh in on me and take my take my order. I was just going to order spaghetti arm. Firearm it's my favorite I love it if I'm ever convicted of a major crime and I probably will be in my lifetime. My last meal will be -- spaghetti -- -- but I'm sitting there and -- the waiter comes over I appear right next to me right now. It's in the table is that picture of the statue of David. OK now I want you think or the statue of David looks like so suddenly the waiter comes and I order spaghetti arm. And and I give these statue of David. And I -- sausage. And a couple of maple. I just thinking that if you are sitting in the same table sitting muck up there -- the statue -- David you're going spaghetti farmers great. But I should have oxygen a couple of meatballs to -- so I'm saying that. The edge of the way of saying would you like Fries with that it. A work. Aren't really. So what what -- getting over by the way it would -- if -- who likes it or hate it but if the house waiter I've ever seen ice him. -- I ought to be rude but -- people sitting at this table border more sought -- -- involved because of this. And he started laughing users and I was responding. I didn't have an answer but I think they're gonna keep it out for that you'll if against the brick wall as you walk straight and. About half way down on the left hand side. It's the brick wall and there's these pictures. I'm just saying. I'd I'd note that that the voters are very good restaurant doors and that the bullet model. Felt that that worked for me. With what's going obamacare. It's either going on earth I'm going on and -- view. I've -- for what was going on while I was on the occasion because. I'm a conscientious. Talk show and I've been reading and watching and listening and not have the same level when I'm working certainly. By keeping track of it and if a cluster that the best way to describe it if it wants. It was obviously not very well thought -- it wasn't at that properly. They didn't they the ramification. I -- come from a background of programming radio station for the better part of my life. When it would come up with something we thought was interest thing and good and we wanted to do part of my job with the program director was to find the -- and -- To find out where the holes -- to find out where the weaknesses and it to find out where people could scam us that was my job. I was like a a contest detective. And believe me this thing would have never rolled out like this. Under normal circumstances but they -- -- -- -- to get it out and it's turned out to be exactly what people thought it was. And the interesting part remember I've talked about positioning. And I said no but I think the Democrats -- very very well as they position the Republicans. So that the Republicans are always on on difference. There are almost never on offense. And and I think what I'm gonna talk about today is another example of democratic. Positioning because Obama care the way it is ain't gonna work OK I think you have people can understand -- But what do we do that do we do we do a little patch here a little patch there. Or do we take it and and say this is that good -- for this we're gonna build one. From scratch. Seeing what we've seen already we could have a better bill and a better law because we saw the ramifications of what's going on right now. We come back we'll talk about various aspects of obamacare is a dull and boring because it affects you it affects me. All right it affects the way we senior government meanwhile if you wanna see some Volvo and the wanna see some pastries that we have also delicious -- We have all they had different model of the Volvo in the show him right here at north town global. Main street he's the transit in waves go away like today when I saw my way -- the showroom. It's about the sixty feet from where I'm sitting right now will be back Lamar was featured company. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news -- just use WB EN. Dot com. We're back -- -- company -- -- dark town above all on main street just east of transit and wait until I told them very familiar with this. Dealership obviously avenue in commercials for them -- thirty years but I've. I've had five of my vehicles serviced here. And Tony when I came -- I didn't come in through the mobile entrance I came in through the service entrance because based service -- here. And rovers here -- here. Guess what I saw lined up in the service area of this dealership and is there right now I'm going to see you at 9/11 -- A Ferrari move there's a Ferrari Monday golf. Which was was the one of the first guys -- -- fellow mob would move for it was the money out of the Mondale convertible there. Our red with hand upholstery and that's the classic Ferrari color. And it's there I don't know of a for sale or somebody's having its service. But I saw that night I drool on the little bit but I you know why I tied you up with a -- who are left or right yeah I should -- out. And -- -- -- drivers or joke robberies that's gonna -- can drive the Monday I'll that would be very nice I mean as you know that's my dream car about the only. Real world car that I haven't had in my life from -- I loved they'll be so nice. Meanwhile Tony. Is a strange guy for those of you wondering. What it's like to work with Tony -- he's the only guy that goes forward -- -- Over food morgue has -- you telling me this. That you had something that that brought you to that state to state Hillary Clinton is only traveled through briefly extra. The state of orgasm. What was living at it at a well those pant suits rarely make it -- I mean you know the I think you know monsters cough -- up you got to get past that and then that would be impossible for me but OK what you have to eat. Eight -- pink cakes egg nog pancake not like eggnog and I like pancakes. I think I'd like eggnog bank at Georgia got a I -- and I. How we went four launch Saturday. Necklace but you know programs are okay. In -- on the man he now paintings while that really looks good and in psyche not ignited. Custard. I love custard on your topic yeah between the pancakes and you get sprinkle cinnamon on it in -- just. July have a cigarette after a while back but your argument is well India and that added to leave the rest draft form but it was worth their apps all probable. I love eggnog of course the only time I really drink eggnog of the Christmas time right and you know who has. Excellent eggnog is Hoover vary in Niagara county. It comes and glass bottles they only make it on Thursday and you gotta get there when it comes out because as soon as it comes out people rush in and they buy and it's gone. So you have to do you have to be alerted to win a fresh batches being made but off it is so good of course it's not exactly health food. But you know how much of -- -- you -- a couple of glasses the year -- you probably get away with that. -- on with -- -- so yards so you're recommending the -- -- that I Oppenheimer recommending spaghetti -- with a sausage. And a couple of meatballs. She like this god. It's really good you know darkened -- from our right obamacare well okay I guess area back to work and earn enough money to be able. To afford the spaghetti arm. Obamacare is is a work in progress as you know it's been a disastrous roll out at first the they thought the problem was just in the in the web page like going there and trying to sign up for and they found out it's well beyond that it's even more than that. And people started you know remember we always say. People don't get involved until it affects them directly. If the how does that affect me Al Franken syndrome from Saturday Night Live. And now people are being affected directly because they've been getting these letters saying. We likely continue with the insurance policy you have we can't do it because the government doesn't approve of it so where canceling. And so you're out of an island how many. Five million and that was a couple of days ago it's probably more than that now five million cancellations went out now. Keep in mind when an insurance company does anything like bat. They don't just suddenly type up a letter or put a letter up on the computer and make five million copies of -- and there are all kinds of rules and regulations and explanations. And all kinds of things. And it took it took a long time it took three years to get the point. Where they were ready to see. That these policies weren't noncompliance despite despite the fact that 85% of people -- like them. It didn't matter to the government we know what's best for you even though -- bill so. That's the way it's going to be so they take three years to get this thing ready. And then they send out the letters and bats when it hit the fan right now let's see around here a 137000. People. In the eight counties in Western New York either have received -- -- -- received the notice. Saying as saying the same thing. So that's when people started to notice -- with a five million letters that went out. And that combination -- all my policies have been canceled I'd better try and sign up with a government and then you go on in that thing doesn't work either. So people -- very nervous about what if something happens. To you major health crisis. And you're not covered so that's always a major major concern so what happens -- so much political pressure. On the president that he finally -- and says yeah those policies that we said Sox. That we have better policies what you can't get to a -- well maybe we'll let him -- for another year. And so what they did is the president with no authority. -- remind the president does not have this authority and I'm sure it'll be tested in the Supreme Court. Suddenly says. But we will let it go another year I keep -- mind we've talked about the separation of powers in the three the tree branches the executive the legislative in the judicial. All right this is not up to the president to be able to do that. Once he signed it it became law and I want you to remember this this -- the president plays fast and loose. -- -- of the powers of the president actually has. Remember what we said until somebody challenges that it would go it would go as he'd like to go until it goes the Supreme Court. And they find out that he overstepped his bounds which is exactly what he's done with the as. He doesn't make. But law. -- the law. And that congress passed him the bill he signs it becomes -- law he doesn't have the authority to change it. But look what he's done look at is that track record. We have illegal immigration okay. The laws there of the laws of plane it is. Not going -- enforce a lot of this so that's the fact though changing the law. But that's just what he wants to do. Well what if he's saying we're going to give you another year and now the question is it's -- of the insurance companies who spent three years. Getting to this point where they were trying to obeyed the law that he signed the bill that he signed. Became law they spent three years trying to do it. And it's become a cluster that they Republicans -- it was going to be remember how many votes there war it was either 28 of 38 while most of numbers. On how many times they voted to deep on the house. To defund obamacare because they could see what was coming. And every time they've asked -- to defund it but it's never right never got anywhere. In in the senate and he said that he would obviously. Would. Veto it anyway if we got to his -- So all these times all these 28 of 38 votes that were taken they were right. It is a -- And now they have to go back and try and fix it so we come back I've got several questions. Regarding obamacare the first question is can't be fixed. -- -- -- -- And I don't think you can I think it's better start with a clean sheet of paper learn from what we've done so far that hadn't worked. And and put a better built together make it better law. This is not fixable as far as I'm concerned we'll take a break we'll be back -- more we're live at north -- mobile. Main street just these the transit in the William bill we -- also as we go global it doesn't get better than that. We live at -- -- -- main street east of transit way it was bill. And we have Olson's delicious pastry or -- by check it out check out all the global models to. I was driving on a week ago just before -- -- vacation they're terrific they have everything you would want and -- including the bells and whistles. And as ID as I mentioned if you wanna come by here and enjoy the party you're more than welcome to meanwhile we're talking about Obama -- can it be -- as the first question. I don't think it's fixable I really don't. I think that if if we had grown ups in Washington the way it would work is this. Look obviously let's write this thing off it was a cluster. And that's not going to work in these little patches here patches there mandate here band aid there you're talking about 16 of the economy. We can't afford to do it like that it's going to be done right. Yeah I can you imagine. If the if you're traveling by airplane. Okay can you imagine if the airplane mechanics. Of the same approach to your airplane. As Washington is taking toward Obama care a little patch here. A little patch there. A little tweak here not now you got to do right. You gotta start from the ground up and build it on a solid platform and that's where I think they should do I don't they -- it is fixable. My second question is what has the -- told you about our current government well. Let's put it this way. If it's only bad if you have any faith in the government. And you're still haven't you must be the mayor of Toronto. Because nobody no rational person is going to keep that -- Barack Obama and the people he surrounds himself with. -- in so far over their heads they can't see that off from there okay. From what I told you because it's at this stuff unfolds we're seeing more morbid coming true. I -- Barack Obama who used to be a college professor. And now is president of the United States I'm guessing that his real. Real dream one night is is to be with a bunch of other college professors and say you know. If one of -- was president. Can you imagine what we could do and run the country our way. Well one of them as president and he is Barack Obama and you see what's happening -- this now already his legacy is down the drain. And -- his but the next big thing he'd planned to do is probably dead in the water and that's the immigration reform stuff. So basically we've spent the last five years or so. They're going to swirling down the drain because we've got to college professor who would like to run it like a college project it doesn't work that way and health care is big example of it. And I'm asking. What do you think about the current government's handling of obamacare. Now's not a view like -- hit again. -- just you saw that Brian Higgins. He's still thinks all this is going to be fine this is Obama or. But boy he has that's -- as I mean he's an apologist remember when people went down to Washington. Two let let their feelings be known remember our Brian Higgins was. He was hiding in his office he wouldn't even come and meet the people or from his own district. And he he believed that he believes in it now please tell me why anybody should believing him it's another story. But should. Here's the big question and I'm going to probably disagree with Rush Limbaugh on -- For those of you think that everything -- believe we believe -- My third question is -- Republicans stand aside. And let Rome burned. Another words this thing is going to implode and is imploding. Of its own way. And who from what I heard rush. Talk about this issue he thinks this is not the time to go in and help him try and make it better. They want a bit. They rammed it through and lucky people they pride of there even the people -- bay bride said Tony. I said Ferrari. And Lauren fix is fear for all I I know I don't words I don't keywords. Commence with I said Ferrari and their shift but even even the people they -- like Mary lamb grew. Remember what he did and he gave -- Louisiana some big government deal in order to get her vote. Now she is trying to bail from that and it's just amazing. As to what it happened let's say you make sure got the right control -- there with a lovely Lauren fix fellow. I am shooting Time Warner Cable news quiet man to become Time Warner Cable news December. And I with -- -- -- in new pan America and I heard you were here. There is no way I'm going to be in the same building -- you -- -- well there's that the Ferrari. Right over there I don't know who it is I don't know with Mario. In my they are now. I think -- I think it's a classic -- are what -- -- the Pan American -- and -- -- -- -- back -- that I and you Boris they'll actually test -- like -- hybrid and executive at the -- test -- in Georgia couple weeks ago and I am reporting -- -- -- -- -- -- actually 6:25 tomorrow morning I -- in fact I've been -- schedule you for our show on Thursday -- -- -- very all like act which portions are coming out and and mania and Subaru and every brand has got the news that and -- pastor of new BMW 83 hybrid over I'm site. You know some -- they're finally getting some power under the hood movies hybrid and battery cars or whatever. And so they're making them performance that inevitable Leno -- at a -- and when you read my oh yeah that. Well I think a big concern -- at one. He got a problem -- -- -- you're on the road like the -- -- a part of that you're grounded -- and especially with battery cars we don't know that matters can be problematic one and we don't know what the future and where they're -- -- That's right -- -- Column of LA are rightly well think you're what -- what -- them below -- effects with the agent but he and there.

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