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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Republican Fundraiser Anthony Gioa- supports Brian Higgins

Republican Fundraiser Anthony Gioa- supports Brian Higgins

Nov 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Long time Republican. Fund raiser Tony -- a big name in Republican circles nationwide also locally former ambassador to Malta. A man who's had George Bush at his house for fundraisers a man who has had. Mitt Romney at his house for fundraisers he is host of hosting a huge fund raiser tomorrow. Ford Democrat Brian Higgins. It's angry a lot of conservatives there are some Republicans are out there that are on board others maybe not so much so I talked about it with joy out earlier this week. Tactically higher co hosting. Fund raiser for Ryan it's going to be a reception -- historical society at that thousand dollars person. And then those that can raise and or contribute any combination up 101000 dollars. We'll have them come it would be there are all this is in recognition of all the great things that. We think Brad has done for the community -- Patrick and I have been very involved with Roswell -- as -- as our entire family. And what we're just so impressed with how Bryant has worked so hard. For Roswell park and more importantly he understands the issues that they aren't well he isn't just somebody to add his name something. He -- down deeply into the the issue with respect to Roswell park there was some concern that there was some things it could happen it could possibly jeopardize Roswell and Bryant was all written. He was very proactive he brought in people from Washington the National Cancer Institute. So he understood the issue very very well this is quite the opposite it was right on top -- people are sick utility would agree that while it is I don't have to culminating in the ball. They understood. But -- anybody I think. They're Roswell park is the catalyst. To the medical campus and the medical campus which is in -- district right up against. Very rightly takes lot of credit for. About what sort of medical part of that that was related that -- catalyst I think that's the best economic development programs we have going -- Is this larger than or equivalent to some of the fundraisers broke -- in the past. Well no I wouldn't say that because some of the presidential fundraisers you could give a lot more bodies and obviously it had more hype with. The fact that they were presidential. What we have that. Members of that state senate to -- the ball will go for dinner their house that was -- you know that they were larger dollar bounced. But this is certainly as important to -- Patrick and I because we both feel very strongly that Bryant has been a real asset to the community if you look at. The two most important thing we have going forest to medical campus and the waterfront development finally. Both of those issues Brian just -- she he was used their -- the beginning. What it wasn't very popular he was almost like you've done QB but it Windmills but he knew how important work. And you know I didn't know right very well. Before. I got involved with Erica now our development corporation and -- -- -- -- running for office I was always supporting his opponent as. It was always -- -- Naples and Nancy was -- good family friend. And I had no outcry and we're gonna get along -- he couldn't have been more gracious we first. Started working together it was 2005. He was very nice she was just very easy to work would it help no grudge. He's not to sort of like I am -- it is just great and we developed a very different -- you know -- practiced. Pretty respectively enjoyed working with them. We're principle that we don't agree on national issues because she's Democrat Republican but -- the stuff that's. -- it's on the Western European equities at Western Europe accurately and I. -- very strong support equipment and it just doesn't mean if you look at the former Republican members of congress who wish. Supporting Brian Todd rattles the angle of the Jack Quinn and his militias something and many other Republicans are sure there's support so. And so what partisanship going out now in the country this kind of refreshing to see -- -- were dropping the partisanship here. Just focusing and gotten to an awful lot of good for western. In -- price of just anticipated my next question at a time of government shutdowns at a time when fights over Health Care Reform are tooth and nail. Is there a subtext here about cooperation. Well I guess -- -- it's -- in the back of our mind that. Would that be refreshing to show that they did you know we're not partisan when it -- -- this and it just shows -- the good guy is doing a good job. We -- support of their respective of the you know -- party because. First and foremost -- Americans. And we have to you know I think we sometimes forget that and you know I happen to be Republican -- -- would be a Democrat that's. Since a battle to the fact doable the American people with -- western new York and that's the important thing so that's the reason we're. Doing this and that we've gotten very good support for a aren't a lot of enthusiasm among a lot of Republicans -- assembly that we could sort out alone for not -- the -- and it would immediately fundraisers but there's a lot of support for all the good things -- -- just. At the same time though I think you you certainly have to realize that. It's an eye opener at least makes people raise an eyebrow now. I would hope so. I mean because everybody's focus on the issues -- not. Under the person's party because if you focus on issues that technical people more accountable. When this was first reported a critical Republican was in the Buffalo News. Quoted as saying that that the huge over does that come in to congressman Higgins who would perhaps be passed on to Democrats that you might not support as much as him. Is that a concern you have. No I have to look at Brian I mean you know money's always fungible certain. That's always an issue but -- -- this as a way to show. Our support for pride and about -- I'm being criticized that's okay. But now I just desperate people we keep in mind. If they've raised through given one quarter of what I've done that they've got a right to criticize otherwise you know I'm not at all sure. You've you've earned enough to -- that you can certainly get away with this for the sake of the regional. Yeah I just I don't -- and that you know for better or worse. And outlook I think is right as ethically and people who worked on this together global partners on this extra that he gives much credit as I do because he and I both were. -- upset of the do this simultaneously because. How how does this work does your invitation list go to previous Republican donors people who. Might not be inclined to donate to Bryant. What was obviously everybody's got their own list and this is a merger of all this that there are some Republicans as mine included this Democrat was exactly is that we're certainly encouraging Democrats to come -- What is -- this together we've done this in the past brother you know you know that's -- that. -- people who support the but it was just too much partisanship. And you know if -- western new Yorker and an American. What Brian has done in the short you know surely deserves support recognition. So it's not crazy to think that Republicans. Don't want only support the event by being on the committee but we'll actually show up and and give. We're open so I'll certainly ask and it. If this is groundbreaking. Is it is it something that you think. Will occur again you see Brian being very very very unique or is there may be the need or even the ability down the road to have. Less partisanship. Well it certainly didn't need to have let's partisanship or objectivity -- that we -- better government that way you know if you hold somebody accountable regardless of the party. You know so what -- -- a Democrat or Republican -- do the same party get a free pass. -- not necessarily. You know you held at the same standards. -- it would be nice of that happened -- but we were trying to you know -- national trend do and I think we just did this because Bryant is a great guy. Great children from Western New York in had to be recognized by the fact that we're Republicans doing so. It's good it's good you know. Opens some eyes are raised some eyebrows to say hey if these guys should do it is -- must be pretty good guy. That's all the better because that's true. And before I let you go describe a little bit of the glamour be it to. The setting -- the manual or the event itself what happens. How well I don't know we've certainly done this before you -- into earlier. It'll it'll be very nice cocktail reception at historical society and those coming nor did it will be at its Japanese shipped out good it'll it'll be a buffet dinner. And will be able to look at all of our you know all the probably that we have and are all most of which is for Republicans but that this that this that bipartisan event structured double take advantage. All right very good thanks much treat cancer. Thank you that's Republican fund raiser Tony -- a hosting a big Brian Higgins event for the Democrats tomorrow night.

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