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Weighing in on Paladino for Governor

Nov 17, 2013|

NYS GOP Chair Ed Cox, Erie GOP chair Nick Langworthy, soem callers, and Paladino with Fox's Neil Cavuto

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But I wanna do talk at least this first part about Carl Paladino for several weeks now he has been talking about a run for governor as conservative. In less Republican Party can get a really conservative candidate together. His run would probably move the Conservative Party up a notch on the ballot they would take over the Republican slot. At boards of elections if he ends up I'll fly out to pacing the Republicans of the ballot if they get more votes for governor the Republican. It's an idea first raised in August by the county conservative chair Ralph Hillary go. And then by the state chairman here's what Paladino said earlier this week on Fox Business news. I'm saying enough. Republicans and upstate new York and in the Long Island. Can't relate to the Republican Party in New York State where he's serious and you talk about running for governor what -- I'm -- conservative line if they don't straighten it out. And here's the reaction from nick -- where the Erie county Republican Party chair he is a close friend of Paladino is but not quite ready to mentioned his name. Without throwing another one in -- as an alternative to. Mean Karl is a dear friend I. I think Carl's message is is heard loud and clear you know certainly the people talked to around the state. Our our very. You know their -- -- wide open. On the understand -- means business you'd like to see some changes in the state Republican Party I think that the state Republican Party needs to look to the west. And look at how we get it done out here in Western New York. The people that we put forward in public office in the -- that we've been able to ramp up is a good example of how despite how dark blue the state is we can still get the job. If we run on the right messages in run candidates. You know I any -- messages that he will consider a run for governor if we don't. Put forward a be a candidate that's credible. -- I think there's a guy looking at this race this very credible and it says the newly reelected Westchester County executive rob Serena. -- to Reno is. You know he's a real conservative history knowing you know he's pro life anti gun control. Conservative he. Ran despite those issues being thrown in I'm in is Danny is an area a lot Lake Erie county where they're down 21 home. And it's the New York City suburbs so you know if it were more fortunate buffalo a lot of the Democrats are not you know liberal Obama Democrats are more. You know Jimmy Griffin Democrats and there there's there's a conservative mindset there. And and he was still able to do you know he's been reformer county government you know -- cell line on spending and in -- cut taxes. And he was still able to prevail despite you know he he represents in Westchester County. He has constituents including Hillary and Bill Clinton. Andrew Cuomo and and his girlfriend that the whole. Democratic state and literati who lives in Westchester County you know they were all working against and trying to funnel money. Into his opposition. -- history no I -- I've -- -- -- -- broken bread with them I I -- impressed with the record I hope he takes a strong look at this race I think he -- -- -- -- Now that's interesting when you ask nick playing with the about -- up Carl Paladino yes he talks about -- but then he spends. A lot of time mentoring rob asked Reno that's certainly instructive. Let's go to the phones we kick it off with Tony in buffalo. Hi Tony -- what do you think quick a quick survey here Paladino yay or -- for governor. No tell me wipe out so well I live impossible I love this city I love mr. reality you know. He's our only hope here. The school board were just billion dollar budget was strong money you know wave. Light trucks and trailers he's the only one that's -- -- from venture can actually run for governor. He -- to those that are probably leave the school board to thank him. There's he leaned -- fiscal quarter and definitely. Coalition goes. -- -- -- I don't I don't live and how it destroyed those people are awful. There are monsters those people what they have money to ridicule -- -- -- of her own devices what they're doing and hours to stand. In the end in ruin the lives of 30000. More kids. I need to looking. -- I didn't really I need to look it up I know obviously the campaigns there would be a practical matter. The idea of him not having time to be with the school board as much as he is. But I'm trying to think of the two -- seat it may well be that by the time he took office. If if we're talking about running the next this year last last time he -- declared -- biggest day so we'd be looking to -- A campaign at a -- spring. I think by the time he's gone now he'd be able slide in the government offices term would be up you're saying he needs to be -- longer term the school board anywhere right. This guy is our -- It's that I really you know I don't know weren't right no yeah but that first issue only -- that stratus edit stroke under anyway. People at this school board with just money Gergen Roland it'll be your -- -- -- possible. Tony I got a lot to get to I'm glad you called especially because I don't think your voice effort here on the program before thanks for Chiming in. Now let's -- move to someone who we have heard often from John and Rochester should Paladino run high. They gave -- definitely should run it in I don't think. I don't think it would hurt at school board president either I think he's he's a multitasking. Guys. Any if he -- -- -- which he will get conservative nut I would believe. I don't think you would have to give up. Are spent as much damage it did the last two iron off. But it mostly kept her in BP the well at this thing that I think is important here that the Republicans don't wake up. They are gonna lose the house or representatives. In 2014. And Harold recognizes that I believe and EST get the Republican trials in check because it. And it be accepting you know some of the conservatives in the country like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul -- let the people are really the only people they can say in this country. John a lot of what you just said is what -- was a talking about on Fox Business news with -- to -- Cavuto. After the break we're gonna play that interview for you give me a chance to hear that but first I wanna go back to August. State chairman and -- Republican chairman at cuts. He was on this program he was named dropping when this first came out we asked him about possible Paladino governor run. And as soon as we did that he he tried their hand and hard it was you listen to the way he sounds here it was pretty apparent. What he thinks of Karl because then he immediately tries to pivot and talk more about the school board. And more about other names hears that and then after the break we'll come back and we'll hear the actual interview Carl gave to. Fox Business news earlier this week first your state Republican chair at Cox. Yeah and I you know I was out that the Republicans. Party the chairman -- why we're pleased. Party picnic. And I spoke to roll -- -- on route to a long time almost and years. And you're. Hard it's really. That you cryptic things -- western new York and what he's doing now the school board. In in buffalo that really -- been shaken up I know Chris Jacobs what does -- -- it has been very involved there's two issues also as does the Republican Party generally out there. And the -- Over to western new York and the -- all of these holes and over over our. Did very people. It is really represent shall Republican parties about and I Conchita mr. cannon. You really couldn't see them again well if you didn't it didn't work out that well last time. The state level as a candidate personally. But the principles which he's been important. The energy and he's putting -- -- now were forming. The school system in buffalo. Stop and again that restrictive and other Republicans involvement. But -- is that this is the system help the less fortunate to bring. To make sure that. Everyone in this country everyone in buffalo has an equal opportunity. To succeed and to realize that their god -- challenge. That's what the Republican Party believe -- Now that in -- again was from a couple months back when enough Paladino first started being spoken of as a gubernatorial candidate on the conservative line. Interesting state chair at -- ask him about Paladino for governor yeah he'd be OK for governor put the boy he's great on the school board. And then all of a further down you think he could run yeah he really could. But but about the school board so it's clear I think if you read between those lines that at least at that point. The state party was not necessarily BI about aboard this idea. Of Paladino running as a conservative. May be hurting the Republican Party. Paladino says for his part the reason he would do this is to get the Republicans to be more conservative that's what he said on Fox Business news this past week. But this earlier this week really was the first time I think the Paladino. Addressed it in such outright terms he was also talking about the need for the Republican Party nationwide kinda. Toughen up and be a little more hardline that's where the interview begins let's start there. Mr. Paladino might be entertaining a run for governor again to bring home the point but that's something we'll get to crawl on that's at its trust isn't. It's trusted it's. It's doing the right thing. It's balancing somewhere. Getting health benefits for. Those who can't afford it with the harm you're doing to the middle class right now in taking their health benefits away. And -- providing all these lame excuses that there coverages and there him whatever. And force an insurance companies which brings up some for me something very important night in the sense in it this way. They they decided -- to put the business stuff offer year. And we'll does that mean that we're gonna get another surprise. -- all the southern a year from now we're gonna find out that the business policies I don't have the proper Obama coverage of their for a lot of them just a bit of a lot and -- don't dedicated to meet their requirements a lot of them went after reader. Sports they are poised to pay a lot more. -- Johnson was undersized and then encourage employers to drop their points. And two and enforce all these people all look great tech when that happens right after the mid term elections when Rebecca. You know it's one thing to DC even lied to the people. It's another thing for the press to buy into it and allow it to happen. And that's what we're seeing right now and that's what's most discussing about this but you don't even -- would you CNET and Republicans -- not -- time now. I just see I see a failure I look at a cruise and yet he resulting get name recognition but also -- -- -- Ted Cruz and he was but he was solid on the issue he saw it coming. He saw the -- bottom cared about doubles debacle coming together and no doubt also -- ruthlessness of this test. But he he he went out there and he stood tall for the people. And he said. There's something wrong here and we should be addressing you like someone like him a lot more than it is similar to Chris Christie flight line. I think Christie is. He's he's been moving the country in the wrong direction. Sort of like a Clinton OK he'll be whatever you want him to be on any given day I was thinking told style that you faced -- when you're running. Governor do you -- like bat I had I like and the style but I don't necessarily like the substance so you think he's -- -- rhino just a little out yankees' -- narcissistic and he and he thinks of himself and and his his future although he doesn't reveal that in that way. He tries to be -- with everybody. But I think I think inside that he's not the convicted. He doesn't have those convictions. The assumptions -- -- -- -- and if you describe result that went with various conservative Republicans feel that way I don't think it's gonna be a battle. I -- the solar boat don't worry because you threaten New York State much the same way that I'm threatening establishment. I'm saying enough. Republicans and upstate new York and in the Long Island. Can't relate to the Republican Party in New York State where he's serious and you're. Talk about running for governor what -- I'm the conservative line if they don't straighten out we have to get rid of the leaders of our of our New York State Legislature who have been selling out to the opposition to you know it works -- -- Tea Party argument -- -- a conservative lot which is an additional line of Republican mark. You divided Republican vote then it so for nothing -- JC well maybe it's time because if they're gonna lose anyway and try to go -- play all their fantasy games going into next year. Then we might as well give another party a chance to lead that that's that's my focus and if if that if that candidate can't win. Because he's gonna play the same -- final games -- good to go along come along type nonsense that keeps Albany alive and and well here well that and if we're not gonna confront those basic values and the basic. Albany syndrome OK and -- right now and break it. You are actually we're having all the fun right now we're we're telling people who want to play. Think. From Fox Business channel earlier this week Neil Cavuto Carl Paladino -- -- like on news radio 930 WB yen.