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11-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Nov 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bad music Thursday -- I've realized about bad music Thursday. Don't think we on bad music Thursday have done proper justice to share. All -- wells is around town to hear our special homage to shelter. On bad music Thursday. I curry we all -- -- in buffalo and we dollar very very proud of view and I know it's a cliche buffalo -- -- wells but that you are the -- you are the man. It is on nine minutes after four at WB EN. And -- here. Here's a start up with this topic because it generated a lot of comments on FaceBook believe me I -- laws on FaceBook -- 3 and 4 o'clock this morning. Don't ask well Larry told heading -- anyway. Tom when it comes. True not being a liberal Democrat. -- -- With the GOP. With the Republicans. Or do you line up we have the Tea Party. Who should better represented. We the people. The GOP establishment which I got a place at the folks. I'm done I'm done with the national republic. To national Republican establishment. I divorced. And I will not even pay them support I'm done with the Republican Party. And originally I thought the Tea Party it was going to be very short lives. I thought it was a flash in the pan and I have been proven wrong for once in my life. I was actually wrong about something it's the only time that it's ever happened in my entire existence on this planet. But I submit -- you that among those of us who cherish our constitution. Among those of us who cherish the bill of rights including the Second Amendment. I submit to you that the Tea Party gets it. The Republicans do not submit to you that the Tea Party will not roll over. Well president liar and fraud at the news rate in the country. And just allow him to keep on doing. Not gonna do that. In what I say rate in the country I'm talking about the one half of Obama not the black the black -- of Obama is awesome the white half I despise. -- Let's go too well who's next here's Tom in Lancaster thanks for calling it pays for holding Tom. You -- on WB EM with hourly AK eight English which. How about 72 years only voter and every single election I was eligible for. There is no way you're 72 you've got a great voice her. Thank you I have some of these -- And and and -- have recovered from heart -- but anyway Obama gave it to me just worrying about what he's doing this country but anyway I AM good friends with -- that's an intellectual Carl Paladino Mike Madigan gave DiPietro you're right. These are wonderful people. That love their country. And I have worked with -- Effect wrote note the united and dressed up in the -- stand -- -- worked at many events that they've had protests and things like that. I -- to the right of center but there are Republicans I would never. I pick and choose what wanna vote for I would never vote for a anybody like John McCain -- Lindsey Graham. Picked up that each human Lancaster just -- a few people that it wanted to vote for. And this is -- -- -- Well legal -- -- economy Conservative Party -- Lancaster Conservative Party individual state constantly. Indoors. Liberal Democrats for local offices it is a joke that the conservative -- they are no more conservative than Barack Obama is conservative. You know it is you're not suggesting sir that maybe be Conservative Party has been infiltrated by Liberal Democrats to dampen their effect on election -- He he asks rhetorically and sarcastically. Yes it's I would be surprised by the anyway that's the way it is and I -- in true that -- I think that duke the only. The the person Republican -- a person. Who you and I quote board sure powered that was indoors. In Lancaster by the conservatives who has the Bushehr power and I had some of these Democrats who were on the board as well are you in support -- Lebanese. He's a conservative candidate I mean you guys are conservative and they wouldn't answer me LB -- they are. They are only themselves. Well I think the party label thing you're. Is not as important to me -- local level as it is higher -- because. You know. Whether you're Democrat or Republican. And the people in charge locally are Republicans or Democrats there's going to be cronyism. Their cousins their Brothers in law they'll all be Jews into some kind of job for as long as the politicians in power -- jobs that's never gonna change but. There really isn't a Republican way to pick up garbage. Or a Democrat way to pick up garbage but when you start moving to the state level and particularly the federal level the less responsive and the more ideologically. Based are the people with -- you're gonna have to deal. And the Republican Party in its bill arms -- itself stomp like you're you also. Are just fed up with all of these steaming piles of lies and crap from the GOP. As slowly and this president is my children had -- dead if you ever seen anything like that the president is the most evil devious lying. President that I've ever seen in my lifetime. You know what it sounds hard but sometimes the truth hurts and that I believe is the truth. And at anytime anybody says that you know what the argument is going to be and I've made it clear that I love the black Obama I don't like the white part of are my friend and I'm glad you rejected an 8030930. Now there's something else along with this I really wanna mention. Now for those of us -- I will never be a Democrat and I will never be a liberal Democrat because I believe very strongly that your happiness in life. You fool me. Cool are responsible for your happiness in life. You are responsible for your success or failure in life you are responsible. -- you decide to go on disability or whether you decide to work through the pain and be employed in some cases look. And again. I am not a mean that nasty Weyrich I guess I am but I'm not a heartless individual. In what I see somebody who genuinely is laid up and unable to work and I know people like this my heart goes out and I do believe that we have a societal obligation to make sure that they are not wanting. Made not to make sure that they're driving cadillacs but to make sure they're not wanting. But the other side of the equation is when I go to two wegmans and I see people working with one arm. And I see another kid who I don't know if he's still work at a shop different hours now. But he was basically at one of those high -- cheers at the cash register I say to myself wait -- -- Why is it that these two guys go to work every time I'm here every time I'm there when they can probably go on disability. Why do so many other people choose to go one disability. Now I know that some -- you are genuinely unable to work I get it I understand that. But that I look at some people who believe may have greater physical liabilities than you'll ever know and somehow they find dignity in working. Even though it must be an enormous struggle for them even to get the work. Know myself I could probably go on disability if I was so inclined but why the hell -- -- Missed my chance to talk with you guys missed my chance to drag down the hourly traveling maybe even further. Poland and say here's on the out west side on WBBM. Damn that you're on the hello. I can hear me I am. And so you've been to my wegmans. Anyway I used to tell people in the ninety's. I'm so I'm a Republican because Republicans will get us where we don't wanna be a lot more slowly. Via. -- well well played. And I also wrote for the new person I think we'll do less. Bits of very solid principle -- and and politics. The -- they is here. But probably have a Republican threatening you know a lot of cross from the bottom of the -- -- government. He -- say terrorism as a big problem -- you know and that and the progressives. Which I've mentioned before. Overlap too. But I believe the progressives are in cooperation with the Democrats and collected by using the. -- it certainly it's it's obvious is now I mean it's that's like saying I think the sun might cause sunburn. The and building the regulatory state in the -- of government and almost five but you know like there are times on the Republican progressives. Will ball. It's thing was that the other side come up with and they and as the party you know 100%. They've they have shown up is is that as the opposition you know especially in this. Bunch of lefties hiding behind race at all. I -- I must must've missed that while. Right now. A without one. And okay -- -- certain where where our other public you'll see now the Republicans seem like they're trying to save Obama's -- and when they should let the whole damn thing implode. And listen attack -- on this one. I know I was very happy with what Limbaugh it's to say about it today. And but but. This is the problem is that the progressive Republican Party. -- want this so. And and -- you know bay and Clinton and all these reasonable voices were supposed to thanked. So are going to be trying to save. And the people who have. And integrity are going to be trying to get rid of that and you know it's -- the funny thing is that reform in politics always gets greeted with. With. They've become villains you know -- become. Reformers could marginalize -- society and. No sir see again -- with all due respect my friend you're wrong conservative. Reformers are marginalized and colonized liberal reformers are lie. And I just as great heroes. Well we'll get a chance to -- because you know like if skeptical activists. There're there're people on the left or marginalize and I respect them for us but the thing that thing is that there that you you've got. Real reform. -- dread to think of who on the left has been attacked like Sarah Palin who on the left but it. Check but it not attacked but they're kinda left you know. To their own devices allowed because you're not with the program that's that's okay. All wanna be happy to talk you further about this and I wanna get your thoughts but I have a hard brick which are just bumped up against -- my nose is now leading. And from channel two with whom shall I be speaking I do not see the name or Scott -- He bears enter the lions that once again. Scott what do we have coming up on a channel two WG RC TV and you lose. Well dobbs tonight at five we're gonna tell you what happened at that special hearing for Child Protective Services today after the deaths of several local children. Plus how long -- -- Ortiz is going to be behind bars for running over it no other team after a fight that began on Twitter. At a Western New York native under arrest by the feds and how much money he allegedly scammed from several. Huge NHL stars one of whom is still living here in Western New York. We'll also tell you what changes the president is proposing for the health care plan and -- head coach Doug erode. He turned the tables on reporters today that news conference you'll definitely. Wanna see this video and Tom finally have you heard about Google's new -- to. Does -- say 666. On that. Oh. Well that's shocking in and of itself -- I beg your pardon. I think Google is the great Satan yes. And there are they are large company they are everywhere but -- they are now creating a -- too. That they want and hope that all Americans will get in what it will do that no other -- to. Couldn't ever do. Yet -- tattoos mr. -- Yes I also and let's. I do not like needles any kind I don't like to get any I don't like. Flu shots and just frightened of them. You. But you're mad men while. You it's just a little -- Yeah. Yeah all right Scott I guess you really don't know Scott what are we gonna first vote usually my clothes -- -- lows. New house are -- violence are -- below us I think the next time you get something I can afford and will treat. Days it's very good there I was at the look at the Greek -- delicious. I enjoyed the chicken see the open chickens to block. Our would you also like admitted to him mere that Indian restaurants that. -- Ajax. Or whatever meticulous -- -- I'll take you or your wife there in fact you know when you're out of town beer critique your wife. You. She loves me doesn't -- that I don't she loves me this year not. I figured out. It's the mystery sort of like his -- she's not very large she's petite little thing. You don't deserve first got. Thank you. You know I love you god you know that it might not sound like it but you use or are awesome television anchor and I keep waiting to see you on the network UN Claudine Ewing. I expect to -- the network at some point you're let me down. Thank you but I married a western new Yorker and I love it here so I'm I'm so happy but this time you're the best man I appreciate it we'll see everybody's excited by the general to. I value what. Well I'll be watching and open listening I'll be watching thank you my friend watching our -- got Levin from jail to the class is man I really he is just an awesome human being on and off the year love. And he's in all seriousness that is like a big fan of the show long has been. And every time Scott goes home Scott has to listen to her desk can't upon what I have said that -- it and it. Sorry Scott but I'm in I'm in his head now. All right it is 424. At what's up cement shoes river. It is -- 425. Almost the news radio 930 WBD. -- joke favors master control Chelsea is your call screener. Am the worst got he'll never be on -- -- and warm and the the abuse he -- that -- it's just not -- he's in this guy can't even shoot back. All my mom used. Yeah its share mom. It topic under here and share alike. It's 433 at WB yet so I put a couple things don't hear. When it comes to opposition to the progressives AKA Communists. Collect advisors. Gun banners personal liberty haters people -- control every -- aspect your life. From what you eat a high pick Clinton yourself after you go to the bathroom my bank. Question. Where he'll line up with the GOP. Establishment. Or Whitney Tea Party TE eight taxed enough already. And by the way. -- just point something out here. That would say. What I say. That it ain't about me it's about the movement I mean. Those -- you remember when -- Steve -- that was here with scroll. Giving -- the scope 2013 media service award. Understand I'm not real big -- warts. But I did accept it in the name of and on behalf of everybody who's been involved in the fight for our Second Amendment. -- -- Carl Paladino. Sandy beach David -- And wind sheer power was reelected I actually looked at an award and I thought of all those people. And I said you know what. About the movement in -- about me. And you know all of us I mean I've had differences with Karl over the year but Carl -- a man. How many times -- the target Carl is a man we can we can get over things we get overflights. You know model a model we get over it's got a guy he has. Rus Thompson we get over differences we've had in the past I don't -- stuff my purse out sometimes it but I don't take. You know. We went people -- on your team. You know you gotta you gotta cut -- some slack. Did you gotta cut him some slack and I hope that they will cut me some slack. David Olivia sandy beach. Anybody who is. Taking stands against. NY safe and for liberty. You know we've got to make sure that we all recognize it's not about our individual egos. You know I get enough. Ego strokes in my life I don't. I don't need anymore I'm a very. Well I'm quiet but I'm a very up offer Arab League and an out of surprisingly quiet. But on -- this is what I perform this is but I performed with with meeting with passion because I mean what I said. But I get enough ego strokes in my life I don't it's not like I do this. That this it's a team effort is what I'm trying to say. No man is an island. No man is an island. We have to be better at advertised and shoot me an advertising your views. We have to be better at articulating her views in at the same time we're never going to agree on everything. Mean let me just give an example. The reason why people like markers not to. Is because he lied. He told everybody when he was running for the New York State Senate. That he was gonna vote against gay marriage when he gets at the New York State Senate. He changes his mind allegedly. -- have a problem with. I agree with his. And I know look some of my conservative friends can't stay in my view points on sex or sexual orientation. And they're entitled to their. But I really don't care who people love. Or how many people people love or whether there swingers work in the lifestyle. I really don't care it's immaterial to. It truly it's me call me and a moral even. And you may be right let's go to Dan on a WB. -- WB. What Joseph what do we need. You wanted to go back you know what all of under sir because I'll tell you why didn't go back the -- one. Because the name fell off the computer again so who is who is the name again. Sorry I. Wide one drop okay of our -- are still can't see any name on line one. There's if there's if what was -- the guy with whom I was -- before now all right sorry did I apologize for the for the quick start. But that's OK you've been saying that your wife for years what's under my answer. Well you know speaking of life there you reminded me when it talks in Lebanon something the unknown comics and the truck bears but I won't go on sort of. I don't think we will. You know chuck -- by the way -- -- -- CIA agent responsible for hips. All of those funny the other or if they'll have very very funny. Where he was the you know those are periods and played. Well we -- -- -- he simply put via the -- device that. Plot device in his and as unauthorized autobiography was. Really usually. And indirectly alluding of these periods where you know having to do with -- daughter. But. Don't wait too much about chuck -- who ran the go along and show. There it was a funny book and movie. It was really really not anyway. You the guy. It is -- guy I we you know would give as an example. I still really have enormous regard for George McGovern. The end it was a number of the parties man and you know in the and he did a lot of in terms of real real real real reform. -- George McGovern the Democrat who ran against Nixon in 1972. Chaotic any society that is gonna place of course but I mean dishonest paid because he wasn't the party's guy and -- -- one of the Bill Buckley will ultimately resolved Bill Buckley is -- big panel debates because. They were. You know that's for the good guys and they knew what. -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna interrupt you because I happen to think you're making isn't directly a great point. There was -- time in American history which could look at a Democrat and say you know what. I don't agree with them but I know he loves the United States I know she is an American -- as I've often said. As I've often said please don't anybody make the mistake of -- That everybody who stormed the beaches of Normandy or who took part in the Pacific theater or the European theater was a Republican or Democrat. Because it was a conglomeration of the very best of America your respective political viewpoints. They all love their country but somewhere along the way I'm afraid the left in this country decided that this nation need to be needed to be fundamentally be transformed. With hope and change. Always transformed all right -- like -- And so I'm one these new left started descending on democratic -- in the seventies big priority for them was to destroy Hubert Humphrey. And big big big priority and they were ruthless. Ruthless about remaining. Cold War liberals. Hanging around that they didn't want. I something work related coming amounts so I have to go thank you. -- well thank you very much for an intelligent conversation obviously you've been. Following politics for a long time -- Hubert Horatio Humphrey or as. Introduced that one of the Democrat inventions a long time ago by Jimmy Carter Hubert Horatio horn blower -- he said. Look at it on YouTube. I believe everything I see read or or -- on the Internet on WB album. Should act. -- every now and again it revert to German the ultimate romance language nothing like being spat upon with every hard civil. For 48 and is ready at 930 WBZ. And that and that let's get back to the calls did you say this was bill opt. Here is -- On WB Ian bill you were on -- I found this -- they'll have more bills I'm great discussions today I I concur with -- -- sentiments and -- this. I would side with the Tea Party I didn't realize that was the -- so that was informative. Taxed enough already it's reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party. The whole American revolution. Initially was the the stamp act and taxation without. Representation at all that. Yet and they're well hold out there were a number of other causes such as core ordering troops without consent of whole owners. And basically the tax collectors acting as if the people in the colonies were nothing but serves. Nothing but people who existed to do. To do nothing more that defeated the British government's -- way to -- like the United States and 23. Week. Yes and I'm sort honestly depict those same principles that we were -- aren't. And down grew up on forty riders so -- loving Ronald Reagan I was too young to vote for him. But. Since then I have had anybody that I -- I've been true that as president. But watching pit crew is filibuster. I was energized and it wipes. Good portion of it. Lives and their candidate. Really energized me and he was going to take -- stand for. Texans -- constituents. Or his beliefs and to stand. Virtually alone. I'm against C the establishment. -- He's energizing actually built a coalition these constitutional conservatives and libertarians. And those who agree and freedom. -- bat you know what I. I'd like to talk about that further because that sir is the ultimate question. And that is where I want to introduce a companion topic along with this one which is what do you think of the phrase conservative Terry in. Invented by a one on my FaceBook contributors Rachel wells don't go anywhere because I wanna get your thoughts on this and you -- -- in most intelligent man a man with whom I'm enjoying this course. I'll let -- get back to the calls on WBD. And there. And get back to bill so all. You said you said that the question that is at the core of where I'm coming from today and I think your brilliant for picking that up. In reading between the lines how do we build a coalition. Between. Those of us who are kind of like libertarian in -- way. But were also conservative in a way. Because as much as I'm a libertarian. I also know that we need a strong military because a strong military is the best. Guarantor. Of not. Being attacked your thoughts. While. You know I'm traditionally conservative myself that I realized that he becoming more libertarian. In that. You know my personal beliefs are traditional regarding marriage but. It's kinda hard and I don't think. Even going to be possible to foresee it and everyone. I'm so allowing for more personal liberty across the board. Within the framework of law and not harming anyone. So I think. I conservatives are gonna have to loosen up a little with the social things that that we eat. Vote against what we believe it but. That we allow -- freedom. And down. We can't beat finding the GOP anymore in my opinion that you support freedom works and other organizations. That are funding candidates like tankers in the and we saw it one -- -- supporting. Don't support the establishment anymore. The Republican Party because they're gonna give us Abdul. And -- McCain. Those kind of people are not gonna get us anywhere they're just term progress -- blatant liberal lite and so. Supporting the right candidate in tuning out the mainstream media. And -- -- with them with a grain of salt and -- to talk radio at the -- early show and the Internet the blaze. And other shows to some degree facts. And you know they don't have them that monopoly that they wanted to -- You know Walter Cronkite was the only -- guy around basically to racers street station I was a kid and that the three networks. But now we we have the freedom to listen. You know information to look for the information wherever it is and. And we have to wake people up how we get more people to buy into the American dream. But freedom and self reliance. And no less dependence. Well that is the question and and you know what here's the problem because every time somebody is used to OIP security. A piece -- -- -- the -- -- -- once you start taking candy away they think it's an anti. -- think is their god given right and they'll take to the streets like they did and that was like they've done in Portugal like he'd done in Paris because god forbid I think they want them to work a three hour week and they got upset. Yeah and exactly they're they're taking us at -- direction. And bank bankruptcies socialism has been shown to be a failure everywhere it is implemented and the American people that -- start waking up and and we're gonna have to join together with the coalition as Reagan built a coalition. Democrats. Blue collar people Republicans. In don't. That everybody is gonna be right wing down the line. Socially. And we have. Pushed her freedom and may yet see the -- and it's saying. And I think that's what we can do it. It's true. We had market you know what we have to market ourselves better we have to fight back. And the Democrats -- -- -- -- respected Democrats for their ability to propaganda eyes to demonize and to have people basically by a you'd go. Philosophies. That other people paperwork. Great calls or hope every other call is as good as -- today. -- all right thank you very much a great golf folksonomy guy that you guys you guys rock adultery. On 930 start -- 3180616. WBE. And which better represented you now 2013 which is America's hope. The GOP either Republican Party or that Tea Party. I'm done with the GOP at the national level I have no use for.

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