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11-14 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Nov 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well here we are. Once again. Like brutally enforced in the beach on news radio 930. Welcome on Thursday morning I was telling my wife this morning I think I finally understand. Where it what is what this is all about this whole talk radio thing I'm a fan of talk radio. But. I didn't really understand I didn't know what it would be like to be a hostess and I think many of Europe there were wondering maybe this -- -- maybe it's RB you know it releases. This is a barbershop. The barbershop. That's exactly what it's after so many years. Spending time sitting in the chair. And Gary's barbershop or -- -- kid. Hanging around. Listen and they're ready talk. You know we've sympathy go from. Well I think. The weather you know walking -- -- appears to give top off your boots and a Barber's is a pretty rough out there it is the politics ago as a sports today. Over an -- Gary's barbershop and others I'm sure it's hockey game -- talk about hockey. That's what did talk radio news. It's -- barbershop. Welcome to this would be if I had it to a daytime talk show on radio and called kudos Barbara -- and then when maybe I'd be your barber. When you come in we'll talk whether you know we'll talk. -- low. Will talk sports we'll talk politics. In our top target today. Politics are really took a backseat sabres on the news obviously but obamacare continues. To. To collapse. All around us. And very ethics and most folks there -- no I -- blogger it's called politics and why dot net. Every morning I wake up at zero dark thirty with my daughter the -- of course. Since she's teething and I'm old I wake up early and after I put her back to sleep we I go to workers sit there read everything on the unit that's right. I read seven point three billion articles. Every morning and I when -- kept basically boiled down to three or four. Of the news articles you need to read if you wanna know what's going on politics in Western New York in the stayed in New York. In the nation I picked the best ones and -- try to throw mop on politics and why dot net or winks on the left on the breaking com if you look at it. In this morning after reading -- today I read I read nine point two billion articles. On the Internet. And I became popular -- typically the most interesting story read -- piece in the Washington Post it might be in. You know. Politico. One of those national. Publications but today the best article read was in the Buffalo News in fact in the print version. Of the Buffalo News for those of you who have yet to discover a computer. The print version of the Buffalo -- played it on the are in the top spot upper left hand corner of the front page. It's a very interesting story the headline -- a GOP bash for cash to benefit. Higgins that's right. -- and Brian Higgins is being feted by the Republican Party leadership at a -- the official Republican Party that. The top Republican donors and part Topper from Republican fundraisers. In the area including. Perry Georgia who is well. And let's just say Tony George's is filthy rich and has been -- reliable. Republican fund raiser for many. Many years. I've been a fund -- that he's wrong and he throws a couple of fund -- And this time he's thrown one for a Democrat represented Brian Higgins. That's right represented Brian Higgins. Anthony and -- Georgia. Are hosting a fundraiser for Democrats. Congressional member. Now I can tell you. That's and terrible immediately and its downs it's on the globe and Republicans jumping ship and funding. But Democrat but ultimately it's. Higgins is different in a lot of ways. I actually got an invitation this boundaries -- and I'll tell you something. I didn't rejected out of hand I sometimes vote Democrat and Republican but I it's equivalent -- -- want. And I've donated through some Democrats. Actually don't need to some Democrats thinking that -- agreements -- Solid game. But I looked at an invitation came from from mutual friend of mine and and congressman Higgins whose. Clearly you know their -- -- Republicans to donate to this. This event which will probably be very nice. And I thought about it dessert or I've -- I gotta tell you very candidly I find. Brian Higgins although I despise his vote on obamacare you can thank the -- one of the people in the area you can think for skiers represented Higgins. But Alitalia. Just about every I don't like some of his thoughts on foreign policy although I agree with the monologue that. I'm not I'm not. An entitlement person I don't I don't think government is the answer he goes in many ways. But he has really done amazing things for this. For this area and retirees of -- -- after having worked in congress. I have very low expectations of congressmen and he blows them away if it actually if you compared to any congressman. If you took -- politics from a -- with a pretty active and effective -- And he's a nice I know he doesn't get around and get along well with Carl Paladino my former boss and I understand there's a lot of 100. They're actually related mere mention they have some issues that they think -- They will eventually -- hopefully -- he -- escort him. But -- Brian Higgins reaches across the aisle constantly. Constantly I mean in ways I mean frankly he reached across the island me. Had little -- -- him as registered voters -- So nobody knew that the ultimate power of talk radio. At times -- and I sat down and hand him a meal together. Arm I'm I'm fairly certain from I've heard that he does that almost all Republicans that talked to. The Buffalo News town services. Huge huge news in an era of divisive politics look at the Republican. Army. Against. You know I would laugh at that completely because it just shows now march the Buffalo -- really wants to. Promote this kind of an idea. On the front page top left -- they're also right. So. Right. -- -- lose a lot of my friends out there who who were random candidates against representative against you know. Other friends of minor literacy problems should be doing this mean it's true. But what uninteresting. What an interesting article front page top left Buffalo News. Republicans are raising probably five maybe six figures. For a present. When an interest in store. Well listen this is -- brutal again and then proceeded -- out and tool on top of through Friday it would wreck on Monday. And we'll be right back here on news radio 930 this is Michael. -- go in for a sandy beach on news radio 930 WBE and thank you for joining us. Very interesting day today area here on the -- to -- -- We've got representatives have to -- you know construction whose. In dog fight with the Erie Canal harbor development corporation to come on to discuss there on legal tussle. At 10 o'clock at 1030 are trying to get. And McClain were the chairman of the Republican Party commend the dust has settled. After the big wins. About ten days Election Day. And and ask him to read the tea leaves NC where Republican party's going after winning the legislature in at 11 AM 11 o'clock AM. The founder of Home Depot Bernie Marcus who -- a guy and gentleman I work with. -- Bernie is I asked -- to join us he's going to be on the air from 11 o'clock to 1130 Bernie is the co-founder of Home Depot a legend. In the business world. He think he's retired recently about 68 years ago worth about eight billion dollars giving away two billion. But rather uneasy a soft touch and columnist for half a million coming up -- He's an amazing guy and -- I really wanted to do some to buffalo offense and -- time working with him. He's really interest in -- in India gave up. A speech in Detroit Economic Club last month the first metres between the Detroit Economic Club since Detroit. Crumbled into bankruptcy. You'll like -- -- -- 11 o'clock Bernie Marcus will be with his wife via telephone from his mounts. In South Florida. Well OK so if they enjoy and looks like. Whole host of Republicans. Missed that Chris pleased that former congressman. Chris -- banned -- -- here. Even says in the Buffalo News that congressman. Chris Collins and told mr. Torre always fun with him for a reason Republican Party and frankly I'm answering for a Democrat. A lot of the money that they raise for. For Brian he could be used and four races outside of focusing on the problem. Challenging Sony Ericsson is free to build credibility and his power base among members. I don't need to read the money. He's been given. Very interesting stuff like I said Alitalia. I'd like the guy personally I don't like the vote he gave on. On obamacare think Obama cheers choking in this country. And he's one of the locals who could be blamed for this but I'd actually be should -- and what he thinks the fixes for care. But. How a lot of money being the one thing -- tea. I saw quotation. From the story that I think I just I just after -- and after. Mr. -- who I don't know personally attended some of his fundraisers in -- different Republican Huntsman understands perfectly -- He's getting criticism for raising money that will probably end up in the pockets of challenge of Democrats were trying to keep their seats and were challenged areas and he says. Are battling a prodigious fundraising who has raised money for anyone any apart easily. Mr. Torre's house is that is he is ground zero for Republican fundraising in Western Europe rushed him. On and here he says let any Republican put up the money to the level I have -- -- they can criticize me. I don't need to apologize to anyone from one or two to the party besides I'm an American first. We read that one part just another time. It's really let anyone Republican put up the money to low -- haven't been making Christmas. I really don't know what to think that quotations. Because that's. The fact -- the world media while. That I don't I don't know what to say about that. If you give as much money is our due to the Republican Party venue you can criticize me until then you cannot criticize. Wow. That's. That's quite a claim I think that. It's an interesting event I think he should be -- action. You know I'm not ruled out -- ruled out in my immediate and myself it's represented it is good guy and I know a lot of my friends in the Tea Party. Are gonna knock me around for that parliament former -- you know -- -- and -- disagree with and with. And what kind of like -- I'll listen we're at eagle threes -- -- thirty starter entering your cellphone. We're gonna talk a little bit politics -- local stuff in the next half hour. And then our first guest will be rules and to. I'm one of the things that really has struck me in and I -- I keep -- even on the morning news today there were. Their word. Vestiges of the argument. The Obama here is collapsing and another article put up on the breaking news section politics in Washington. Is this article from the hill that it was one of two very important insider commander of the week while actually -- weekly publications. -- published on Capitol Hill. On there at old dot com there's an article there that was published this morning there earlier ice and -- that -- Vulnerable Democrats vulnerable Democrats scramble. To keep their distance from Obama care. Really I I just and we talked about this yesterday but the group is growing you know these are most particularly vulnerable senators. Who were up for reelection Democrats senators in the going to be targeted by Republicans who really. Want to knock them out. And take control of the senate but they're proposing. That we allow we pass a law to amend. The affordable care. And allow people keep their. They're existing policies. People mean my families -- cancellations millions and as well. And that have we have we learned yesterday from. From a full disclosure -- over at the Medicare that that would be not a disaster. It would be chaos. Because you would be asking all of the insurance companies whose bad insurance companies you'd be asking all of those insurance companies to. All the work they did for three years preparing for this regular on new packages but it but it here to the limitations in the regulations. Of Obama care they've taken all this time -- disassembled all the systems that support the old. Insurance policies and clear -- -- assembled new systems to support the new policies. So they've already tossed pissed off now. It was you know I noticed the -- did not call a disaster she called it. Chaos. So if the Democrats have their way. And of course there's a whole host -- Republicans back to this has potential to orbit and make it from the negative effects. Obama care but if this happens what we are seeing right now these inconveniences these atrocities. Are disappointing. Notices that we get in the -- of the what do we do next discussions. With your wife and your husband. All of those things are going to be -- replaced with. Chaos. Absolute chaos so the fixed. Proposed by the Democrats -- probably supported by some Republicans many. Will turn obamacare on its year on its year. I just know I'm telling you I said this the -- -- first there was on the SAT again. -- Affordable Care Act is the beginning of the undoing of the Democrat party's. Dominance that they've gained through some whoa. Grinding. Support of four from the media and from there it's the end of the Democrats as you know. I'm telling you you don't believe me to stand obviously as you watch it in as it takes place. Michael -- and for sandy beach. On news radio 930 WB Ian we'll be right back if he's missed. You're hearing the voice of buffalo W. Call us now and even those 30 no injuries cell calls are free and start moving journey. And our toll free line is 1806169236. Welcome back. This is Michael Caputo in for a city -- -- is radeon 930 WP year. I guess welcome back to put those barber shop that's what I would call if I have this permanently if I was in here every gains by decent week every day between Michael. To put those barber shop could actually. That's exactly what we're doing here. Giving you trim while we're talking about things that actually matter. Sabres politics. The weather yes of course but the sabres -- now. It was interesting to actually be in the newsroom and newsroom weird it's worth the sabres -- ever. When this broke yesterday I mean I saw everything from. Some of the books of surprise and majors and players here faces I saw people smiling when they heard. That Pat LaFontaine was coming and but then the frowns oh my gosh there are five dollars on the resistant knees and you sit here and just kind of want -- living -- because nobody expected. I'm just the barber. That's right I'm just the barber. Nobody around here was going nuts and what a great interview this morning with John and Susan. I thought. Pat LaFontaine -- -- class. You know. I look -- tea. I grew up watching mineral mountain that big tree one of the big treat boys up there by the Buffalo Bills stadium. Sports were in our blood and I had a friend of mine whose father. I'll confess that I'm probably -- -- -- on -- past. His father was a generator three janitor at the memorial auditorium. I think we -- that's different now. Building operations music and he had the key that fit every single exterior door -- world and my friends and I. Would come up there and find it or the -- -- -- league and we go every single game every single game because it. And -- -- we have. I remember the proud. Duties of Buffalo Sabres I mean I can imagine you do -- if you have a bit of sabres in your soul. This was a very interesting move yesterday mean this is -- it was a blast from the past. But I think Chris here in studio was saying earlier. That this is you know pay if you got to make a move -- movement -- and to make the move to please the fans in brings in some guys. Who have some team pride in some connection team. And -- can do more than just move more proper or Parker on the your race. You if it's a good move and I think the fans are pretty through. -- words 8030930. Startling thirty. Gives crawl Lou were these are humans wouldn't be in this beach or as work on Tuesday. Of the -- who barber shop. -- listen. I got a when the sabres make moves like this in reaction to what you know is clearly very difficult. Very difficult season. And they make a move that is designed to please answer also improve the team. I'm OK with my wife I've been talked about embassy in Hartford -- -- one. Who keeps me up all night. And government -- would have to do that now I imagine. The games next couple days on games just real charge that can be fun. I had season tickets and plane and so on I'd I'd go this weekend. What degree would agree. I think it's in him and I think it's a meeting gets quality of threes -- -- Starr -- -- you tell us what you think I am when. I'll tell you it reminds me apart if anybody could remind me of the -- win. The sabres were good and we have more hope in the year from Buffalo Bill I'd I'd be happy and I think when pick and LaFontaine even. You know and dip and back him. That and bring him in a new coach -- notes and loans as coach. Former you know former coach who wanna. What was it with a name that that. Coach of the year trophy forget to. He then the jacare instruments and the wind and even though with short tenure. He's back and it feels good point if it. Well anyway here in Bob. -- you work we are suffering from some very serious serious political issues political problems mentioned earlier this week. Today. The county legislature. Is -- moving forward on playing their games with the water authorities are trying to report fast on. On the new Republican majority the Democrats before they're kicked out of the majority. Are taking their time to actually be removed some dates on and try and pretend that they -- They're there they're looking to the public forum new water authority commissioners when they've already chosen. They've asked you to put in your resume I noticed that another email went out asking for resonates for water authority commissioner here to -- That. You or just about as likely to become water commissioner. In your -- water authority to put me as you are to be the new coach. Of but you know coach from a coach of the Buffalo Sabres you if you're gonna put your -- together. And you're gonna put it into the water authority I recommend you photocopy just once and send it to the sabres because you have just as much chance as becoming. The new coach of the -- of the sabres as you do. To serve on the water authority. It's all politics -- Franzen and and if you're not upset about that I don't know what's wrong with -- on the people of your county have definitely. Definitely reject the Democrats assert your account legislature they knew what was at stake when they and when they cast there -- -- the Republicans in charge there. And we're support in Altay as a Republican Arnold what's the purpose but I would be upset about it if I was. Someone from Arafat if the Republicans would I would cinematic it's really cheating. It's cheating to -- them with a Democrat members of the -- that temporary and soon to be replaced Democrat majority in the -- can legislature. Are playing games with the people they're playing games they're voting. Are there I'm sorry they're moving them out of the the the players players you know that the pieces around on the chest were trying to make you think that your reservation you may have a chance to be water authority commissioners have no chance. It absolutely zero chance of becoming one authority commissioner. Zero. There's no question about it they've already decided who's going to be in their other insiders are people who they owe something to. And they're asking you -- you -- me because I don't give cover it -- give some congress they can do their political gains. -- Come back to buffalo was really excited to be here and I didn't know of course that the politics so rotten. This is Michael -- in four sandy beach on news radio 930 WBE. Okay here here you are Mikey M I am I'm Michael -- in forcing the beach on these -- 930 WP and welcome again. We have decided to call the show for the very temporary period on the -- going to be approved those barber shop because. We're gonna run this like she gonna continue to -- cut and -- to talk some politics and whether some issues. I think it's exactly exactly what we're doing are always respected -- All my life. Similar most intelligent people I ever met were Barber's. -- it when I lived in. In the Miami and went to a barber who I could not understand. I mean I speaks some Spanish he's Cuban. I don't know where Norwood congressman that was like I understood wants one so that's one every one word at -- ten but it was enough. I kept up with them. All right short on brain which was a very odd name for a Cuban -- again I think his parents were influenced by French film something. But that's where we -- they were at to put those barber shop in fact. I want him. We be -- That's right to have much of it right here for a shot. The bit off topped with a wood off the top. You know I I get -- I get very irritated -- -- Wind up. The powerful politicians. Spend their time messing with small people with smaller people. That I think most the time we're running around in the truck rental and the car -- Carl Paladino. With the -- very clear to me -- got into politics because he was sick and partly the the powerful folks -- -- round Joseph six pack and Joseph and Josephine six pack. And importantly we're going to be talking at 10 o'clock. With representatives from and a piece of construction. Who grumbled that it Everett all the documents seen the the depositions of key players from the Cuomo would minister region and this is the company's been around for. RO 37 years. That is getting them -- -- -- -- on the here it screwed getting screwed royally. And it's just that local buffalo company. That is being pushed around by big political players here in the Western New York area who report to and home. I'm sure Karl who's in the construction and so understand this completely. I can't content I don't understand why people get so. Wrapped up. In attacking smaller people I mean let's look for example. And it this fund -- that's going to be Hungary shortly. If you wanna see the most powerful people powerful. If you go to the -- the fund raiser just take him outside its 101000 books -- outside and see him choose. But you go to that fundraisers and those are people not only are they from are they rich and giving money. To support political leaders in the region which they are. They have every right to do and I think the issue. Are they also the kinds of people who don't give a hoot. About who sees who they're giving money to recruits if you're a Republican in your write checks Brian Higgins. You know that's among some Republicans that doesn't sit so -- so well at all. So. If you see the most rich in the most powerful people in buffalo. Just stand outside the boundaries of good to -- the jury house I'm sure that's coming up soon. And you'll see the most rich and the most powerful and among those people that you will see. There. I mean you may include some of them people that are involved in the lawsuit. With appease you construction. Your booking it to. Well Brian Higgins is one of the most powerful players. On the war front and at -- you construction is in a fight over. Our construction that's that's related to the Erie Canal harbor development corporation people there. They don't report to our. Through congressman Higgins and even in the slightest but he certainly has handed in what they're discussing every single day because and a -- -- in on the Erie Canal are over. Development. Issues are that closest to his heart. So. An office in two weeks -- the -- come down. Lot of us have pieces of the aren't talking about the past glory days of the sabres. That was it was sad to -- on come down. But it was also a sign that new things are happening in buffalo new things are happening for the sabres and they chose a local company to -- -- work. And PG construction became almost did. And the move forward and we're gonna hear from. Of the project manager one of the heads of the piece of construction. Congress and appease you about how what happened. They have since been removed from the project in a wave that I would think you know if we have bullying legislation out there and ought to include include. Small local companies. Should be protected from bullying. From Albany's. Agents who live here in buffalo and work here in buffalo. There's nothing worse in my opinion. And we listen. They are so many small companies are there today that are having a difficult time I mean we know from all the different. Measures that -- that New York State is the worst place in the country to do business in the very worst no. No question about it the worst place in the country to do business. And yet -- you know and build Andrew Cuomo's office in that we are open for business where business run lunch break and outbreaks in the seventies. New York is not open for business but we have small companies like to appease you construction my feet on the business of their family businesses have been here. For 405060. Years my family's been here for 83 years. And it is hard to make payroll because you're getting regulated to death by the by the state getting regulated to death. By the feds you're getting regulated to death by even you know of the locals. We tell yeah I mean I spent time. In Pennsylvania before I came on the year two weeks ago. And I saw the effects of the boom in -- and natural gas in the industry in canceling 232000. Jobs. Have been created -- that are dependent on natural gas industry. In Pennsylvania 232000. Jobs you -- drive through northern Pennsylvania and it is packed full of metal work and men and women. In trucks moving things around. They're abandoned medal there. They are doing work means 232000. Jobs you cross the border. In to New York it's no man's land. Because it's the worst place in the country to do business. And we can't actually come around and legalize something might -- -- natural gas production for the use of fracking. That would create jobs can imagine if if this create created -- -- 32000 jobs in Pennsylvania how many -- created in New York. I -- the industry says 45000 jobs directly involved in natural gas. And an average salary of between 1575000. Dollars 25000 jobs. We just created a new law of I'm -- and an amendment to our constitution that allows casinos in different repair regions. Of New York of course mountain -- that are -- we amended the constitution for just a handful of jobs a couple thousand jobs -- talk about 232000. Jobs. We can't get it done because we are over regulated. -- regularly and if anybody's regulated. It's the construction industry and where they can take the weeks. The dirt and it's actually partner up. In the year -- our development problem with a piece construction. They're so regulated and they're busy trying to of their employees and people there trying to make ends meet the time to meet payroll and what happens. They get the shaft in my opinion. From governor Cuomo's people not only is this the worst place in the country do business. We got to stick at home again. This is Michael -- imports sandy beach. On new 309 WW BM will be back right after this.

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