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Sabres Make Big Changes

Nov 14, 2013|

Steve Manson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve Manson is joining us this morning the WB in -- -- publisher of WNY hockey now dot com and Steve sadly there's going to be some new energy tomorrow night sabres game with the leafs. And were sorting through the front office shake up we have the pleasure meeting Pat LaFontaine into our studio just a few minutes ago he was here along with ten black. And boy everyone's smiling for a different change and then with the sabres organization. Well I you boy you've generated added you know earlier to our -- said that beat new energy in the building tomorrow night. You couldn't asserted any better because -- exactly what this whole -- boring we're looking at a winner -- The way everything was going people were very upset with the team yesterday I talked to all. Dollars in its sabre fans and now one -- more pleased with the mole this certainly just changes the whole atmosphere altogether. You know and we've talked to a Pat LaFontaine. This morning I hope you heard the interview I mean he sounded. He sounded so hide. On the Ted Nolan and -- Nolan has been named the interim coach and he's got to perform. But it it does sound as of LaFontaine and depending on how the new general manager -- would love to keep Ted Nolan around. Well there. Yeah I have the benefit of knowing Ted. Fifteen year for or get her into law -- -- all in available in the OHL I would with the Niagara Falls under and he was an obligation saint Marie great out. And -- -- -- that Niagara fall into battle every single Europe for the championship. And Ted Nolan. This team came prepared. To play every single night. And it was never any let up on this team. And you know it was okay you do love to hate and he just brought the intensity and -- -- court when he came to buffalo. Yeah he did it -- in here I was there that day he was hired as. The -- coat and a small room in the in the yard club opened it and it will -- the memorial auditorium. I was -- the date they let him goal I was and -- thrilled to be there today he. Bet because I couldn't think of a better guy to bring in right now in this situation. He Steve do you notice any similarities with this roster of young guys and the roster that Ted Nolan took two division title all those years ago. Again an -- this is exactly. What does -- came in Google for eighteen. It was underachieving. A team that with young. And it grateful and now we don't know a lot to break goaltenders as it is -- but he would -- extra effort and got Ryan Miller now. And I you don't want. If you gonna turnaround tomorrow night -- to turn around two weeks of course. But he's got to turn it around and he's -- it -- isn't one player and a roster is different and give 100%. In -- game. If he doesn't he's going to be sitting either at the end of the bankrupt and oppressed -- a plane in Rochester because you know it just isn't acceptable would add. You know it's one thing you can lose because you don't of the -- it's another thing you Lou because he didn't give the effort and that's what we've been seeing in this year's. -- many nights the sabres just didn't give the effort. -- -- Give any concerns that there might be just too many chiefs here two presidents and a GM. -- all because I think Pat LaFontaine. Is very very capable. Of being the top guy. In allowing his guy and he hired to do their job. Boy been a big advocate eagle on kind of guy he beat by and it got to wait let him do his job to do it got that you -- -- Could be doesn't got you you let them do it. And -- -- front -- and I I think he just. Perfect -- to bring in right now and it's a huge -- But you know what he's got aren't -- he's -- you know the people you know kind of guy you need to bring it here. And and I have all the confidence in the world that did the couple sabres went and -- what were quickly I've been very top military Google purple districts much. Allowing this situation to get to -- -- -- today. I want to say the man stepped up. And did the job yesterday and -- You know very very excited about everything. Hey Steve we're glad you could join us this morning thanks. Oh yeah here you senate eventually is that Steve Manson the publisher of WNY hockey now dot com.