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New Sabres Regime

Nov 14, 2013|

Pat LaFontaine & Ted Black

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome -- -- -- studio guests Pat LaFontaine in the Buffalo Sabres and you director of hockey operations also the president of the team to a black. -- -- You know couple years ago -- black was in here talking with us and I mean everything was rosy. And of course we all know things have gone downhill. No your here and you have got a smile on your -- is sort of like a couple of years. Smiling to come -- and I never lost my smile smile again you have to be very very excited because fans say that despite what's happened this season. -- -- -- The reset button and give everybody a chance well. I I I'm I'm extremely excited first off and I think question you're considered that some the most passionate. Hard working love their sports team fans are -- meet -- and and then knowledgeable they know. So. It as far as their support is going to be important in the fact that. To know that the leadership in the environments going in a certain direction and there's a commitment from the ownership group Tim in I mean -- Syrian. -- good who're just tremendous tremendous owners and I said earlier an old sports were fortunate to have them. And both -- black and I are very fortunate to be run and the business department and his and then in the hockey department on my -- and we'll do it together in -- thinking we get everybody on board and into the no one's going to be a great great coach in that locker room. I've known -- for a long time in this case as Terry Lewis and her owner about people. That's what we're going good people working together so I'm excited to be here are proud to be here that he history. Had a passionate I think it took a lot of buffalo with me over the years in -- and his bringing it back. Your -- welcome back to buffalo it's it's great to see -- You know and the question is for both of you really with both of you having the title of president are you equal this one report to the other house is working. Will. Where equal. The answer -- will report to each other. In in the literal sense of one path to know everything that's going on in my world path in. I'm gonna hope that every every step of the way that I can help him we both have our. Core responsibilities. But it only two intersecting circles there's going to be your listeners we must work together. And and we will pat has line. And divided that complete loyalty and and offer help -- -- time he needs. Vienna and I feel the same about Ted and I think the the two entities -- the business side in the and the hockey side they really do work hand in hand. -- really opportunities and in situations where the players and the need to support and there's going to be hockey operations that are going on that -- Might might be a tough at different times but the reality of it is who were all under one logo and that's -- -- As -- organization. One of the first things we got to do is get a new GM in place once that happens -- are going to be the differences between your new job as president of hockey operations. And the -- date job in new GM. Well I'm going to be heavily involved in assisting and an -- Really be -- in charge of that department putting pieces. The general manager. As role has changed over the years but he's a key key. Component to the success of the team he's going to be responsible for the scouting staffers. School for player movement. He's been responsible for working with the head coach and I think my -- most and most importantly some pictures from top to bottom we have the right people. Smartest people out there that we can find and will be working together and in and -- report -- -- Laguna we're quicker by. The decision to hires Ted Nolan as good interim coach who made the decision I will call I made that decision did you call a little Teddy. What was -- reaction. To your call because yesterday he looked like you kidney -- He. He was so excited he was on his way back from -- And I was able to catch him in your mainly over. And I asked him if he was in town and he he was scheduled teen center were scheduled to come to New York and they asked for help with some properly tickets and I just said to tennis at ten -- LT you know come New York piece of what you mean so we're coming down to show and see our son Jordan play the kings against Rangers. -- -- you -- that. And civilized -- and can -- be in Toronto's and they coach and Buffalo Sabres. There's applause and a he he he. Was in shock at first. And I have to say he got emotional news he was so excited because. -- -- to me sport in the sports world do you see your coach of the year and not coach a team next year. Circumstances. Unfortunately didn't. Allow him to come back which which I believe he should've had that opportunity sometimes politics come into the game but that was many years ago. And I think were -- stronger or better people from experiences. We -- we grow through adversity and and Ted Nolan is one thing you know about him as a person he's genuinely Israel. He's the real deal and the players will see that fans know and listen he can't forfeit fans they know the team they know. Male players we've got great fans passionate fans and I know there will be proud of our coach proud of the players and now will be continuing to put. People in place that will fade into our vision to our direction and we're gonna get to the direction wannabe. What is more important right now finding new GM or player evaluation. It's all important. So. Home I'll be meeting. And a variation in short order with some of those candidates and speaking in the interview and then. Evaluating them and at the same time will be. Looking at players but to what's what's really important now is that. As we made a directional change -- environment changed as far as this team we're doing that at present level presence of aka operational level. I wanted to make sure the player's career at that level. I know that the changes occurring in the isn't there isn't a great coach Stan for them to work with them to develop them. And -- Bridget Bridget together and you know take the news has agreed to come in and help. And this procedure would work the next general manager would have to be. Obviously has it as a huge decision on -- -- Ted on the coaching going forward but for now. He's the perfect guy in the right spot with the right team and and I made that decision. This is kind of brought -- can -- take a shot and it once we get the news Yemen place what's the next order of business. Well the next order businesses is one -- and we're doing it right now we're evaluating next steps. We wanna know who wants to be here it's one thing create an environment and creating. A cultural change if you wanna say or direction because we've made that change. It's another thing finding out what players wanna be a part of it. So will be evaluating the players and will be evaluating our staff and from top to bottom and most importantly -- get to know some people. Get to know the -- to get some of the players obviously because at the end of the day and my job is to make sure those players have everything they need to go. And do their jobs and will get the people to make sure they doing and will be evaluating those players that wanna be here and the talented kids in the news who's gonna. -- Available on the draft -- fit into our team. And I'm looking forward to. And and we're really fortunate pat comes at a time that you know next year going into the draft we've gotten to first rounder and 32 rounder and the year after that 32 rounder in the first rounder and it took its. It's an historic. Accumulation -- first and second round talents of for for pat to command and with his GM and his staff to put his imprint. Why and what we need to do. To migrate from. A selling mode to rebuilding mode is is -- really operation crossroads for the French. I took my grandson. To hood and he's nineteen years old is a hockey players on the college but his grandpa. -- -- I watched the players the sabres. Who said they don't look like they're trying to skate when they pants. They're just throwing the puck way. Uses it doesn't look like a real team effort. How close is he and his assessment. Well I think. I think -- there are very perceptive. They're smarter than you think having no hockey. I think when there might. They may not have that connection from top to bottom. That might be disconnect down below and because of that. And on everybody's on the same page at times. I think if you don't have a strong. Coroner strong group of people in the right position we're in right -- it's gonna show down on the ice level and obviously the success of the team. It's one thing to to lose games it's another thing and you lose them. What we're gonna do is make sure no attendees can do is is and I told the players have stated. This kind of coaches and motivating coat and -- -- and he players is to listen to them. Give mutual falcons. Give me energy and -- -- heat and everything you have you working your passion. And you know results will happen. And you develop and let -- -- you guys right now and and I understand what instantly -- Tuesday. Do we wish you luck and all the fans are willing to give everybody chants of thank -- for coming it was great to be here thank you Pat LaFontaine the new Buffalo Sabres. President of hockey operations and -- President Obama.

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