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11-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Nov 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is our -- on WB. And this this shallow hole has become kind of popular. Well the topic has become popular shows Sox but the topic is is definitely a little bit above mediocre. And it is not my complaint desk is open but I. I would like to add a new wrinkle like a forty year old Florida chick who spent too much time of their son. Who's faced looks like you're screwed him with a ours. I would like to expand it. By asking here is there's something which is made -- delirious really happy. No we in the media. We always are looking for stuff. Always looking for people to -- but if there's something does make you. August it's generally interesting to us I'd liked about it. Operate what may be happy. Number one. These service received last night at young's hard word to local business I'd rather do business with the local business. Tom -- in nice guy. And no I don't get any discounts for saying anything or what I wanna do is count percent. But I've found their customer service over the years to be outstanding. That's why I keep going back year. Who else who else who else there's somebody else will be a rock and a also I have received an email -- -- -- earlier but there. I just ran out of time my understanding from a listener issues. That giant may have a whole pot hole you know sometimes -- put a manhole cover and but it is hold really like every time you hit it. Your bones shake. And you'd think that your going to buy break yourself into spasm. My understanding is the town of Amherst DPW. Has repaired it. So now you can actually drive over it without losing your car and your entire family to the core of molten earth. Hot liquid manage -- so there's -- So. I wanna commander and and again I'm presuming my emailers by opposing. But. Again right I have to thank I mean again we do need some government workers. I'm a conservative area but you have to have some people in charge of making this stuff worked out. And can the crew chief at the village of williams' -- the PW. Quickly and for me there Linda Hurst and Richfield was in the town of Amber's jurisdiction. And he. The contacted the Amherst TPW. Yesterday and today. If my. -- pot hole at -- -- and Richfield. Is a lot now pot hole but the man hole cover that. Basically won't shatter your tires. You should notice that it's a lot easier to drive over now I hope so. Because a man that thing was pitch. All right it is I'm surprised it took so long for somebody to complain about it. It had to be of open. All right 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB EN question. What grind your gears what appears as you -- what is upsetting you today. Obamacare. Health care in general. Your husband your -- Your divorce. Lawyers the high cost of living and the fact that you haven't had a decent -- in how many years. By the way there's something on the Internet. And unfortunately folks. There is a ever has been for quite some time this Jihad against me by the left on the Internet. And one of the things is Bauerle gets raised belt Libya is fired. First of all it is true I did sign a new contract and my finances are always by business but obviously I do not work -- I'm sorry but. Miami desired commodity in the business a lot of people would love there. And that's got to be as it is the real thing. My contract had nothing to do. -- David Bell will be here not being withers because otherwise why would we have brought him out of the first place. It was David's choice to stay with his daytime employer and not return to -- at WBE. I'm disappointed and David. I think he's made the wrong decision I think he's going to rue the day. I think that this has been at three every he had basically what he wanted but he didn't want. And I've tried my best. And I just don't think he's gonna come back at this point. And I feel bad about it because I love David. And it's because I love David that I'm just so sad that I think he's make in this horrible mistake. But it's his life he has the limit I have to respect what he believes is best for himself and his family but I also know how badly he wanted to get -- talk radio. And you know it it makes me feel. Makes me feel like -- great talent will go unused. And that makes me feel -- And I mean I love David but at the same time I'm kind of disappointed. And I knew this would get back to say it was actually you on the -- now. I love the man deeply and I respect him so much but I think he's wasting his talents. Doing what he does and today. Instead it taken a chance. On this as a career because he could go although way in this career he's politics. And if that's bashing. Then I plea deal. You know I I consider him a very very dear friend and I love him very very much. But I just you know. Maybe I'm just being selfish because I wanna work. I've sent lobby as the -- -- And there's another French expression. -- But that doesn't work. All right let's -- get back to the calls on WB what pisses you off but also what is Beijing delirious we're happy unhappy that the sabres finally have gotten from under the thumb of Darcy were gear. Who had basically -- Mosul ownership over the years in the believing that he was the best thing since Scotty Bowman that happened a hockey. And he was he was I'm sorry but the man was a fraud. Our let's go to next caller here all this is my favorite subject here's Jim in spring bill on WB and Jim high. -- -- This is a good and well I can tell right now here's Gary in black -- on WB Ian hi. Good afternoon -- sir. Have a question or thought whatever happened back in the loop on all stores close and so on. -- do you really want the government telling private sector businesses when they may be open and when they may not be open. Yeah but I'm Rebecca -- I think it -- -- -- subsidies should all. -- some of the people a bit more every -- I guess there's this huge change so much over the years. Well it had nothing to do with family time it had everything to do with this BS morality that the government tried to enforce while they were basically bowling Americans and sending us off to Vietnam to die in a pin in awarded in wanna win. And yet. I'm sorry but -- the blue laws really. -- I'm glad we don't have the blue laws like the shop on Sundays. Judging from transit road on a Sunday I'm not alone. Yeah what does a lot to do with the almighty dollar. -- sure everything is but you know for as much as people like the bitch about the almighty dollar when you checked your 401K statement. You don't wanna be losing money you ought to be making money. It. So do you think of me but but I think that that these stories. I mean obviously gas stations. Have always open on Thanksgiving convenience stores some pharmacies have been open hospitals are open up Thanksgiving police that apartments are open on Thanksgiving. And so on and so forth but. Thanksgiving. In my opinion ought to be a day where you gather with your degenerate scum bag low life low rent family. And get drunk together and then given the violent domestic it should not involve. Breaking up the family. And then going to a mall to do shopping for things you can buy the next -- That's people's choice I respect people's choice and you know what if it doesn't make money they won't do it. It's like Christmas music no one of our radio stations I happen to think you're stupid for one of our radio stations to play Christmas music starting about October. I think it insults me. -- I'm saying that about my employer I think it's stupid but guess what the numbers the research and the bottom line says it works. -- Nine now. -- now. So -- anything else appears in the off anybody that is making happy other than your humble host who gives you a belly laugh every day. Obama like -- very happy. How nice. All cared but we did a show on this kind of stuff yesterday what is it about your wife that you know she is the one for you. Well when I met her wish kind of ironic about -- about twenty some years ago and she's very -- from Scotland. And she just a wonderful person and she's got strong integrity should just just wonderful. With the kids are dangerous you know controllable now what. Just a fantastic person. What my life are the best thing since sliced bread. Well or sliced -- anywhere. If you -- if you. How soon after her arrival from Scotland that did you meet the woman who become your wife and after how many dates did you know that she was going to be with view. Well let's see I met her after she wouldn't -- this issue went to a divorce and that without -- state. All she moved an extraordinary. I better have a couple -- -- not on the porch. And the next that it would you like a lot have a beer and golfer curriculum we did what to a place. Locally upon what it was a wedding going on in the back of the building all everybody in the Czech Republic into the front of the biography of rejection. Everywhere you had a good time and or after that it's always all -- I think probably about a year later after in cheek but every option for a situation like these and -- very -- yeah picture. Yes sure others are ringing endorsement. But -- you been married how long now. Now we've been very gosh since 2000 our -- 1991. You know I do the same thing I get my two thousands confused with the nineteen. And sir I want to congratulate you I mean that is you know you're gonna be going. 9101. Even had been you'll be going on the 25 anniversary soon enough. I well congratulations to -- -- and -- you impressed hurt by reciting any lines from that Beth written by Shakespeare which was set in Scotland. You know which reminds you of all the people that work. Are so important -- governor brought a lot of things to America lake folder and then all the most competitive people of all these. Inspectors came from. Did you watch Braveheart together. I'm sure some do not know. We watched in between -- And did she explain the many historical inaccuracies about William Wallace in that moving. I don't know but I wouldn't actually get out all cook a. All variety when you shall we three meet a game in thunder lightning or in Randy meant. When -- hurly -- needs done when the battles lost and one that will be the sentence and that. Where the place. Up popped the teeth. There to meet with Mac path. Fair is follow and follow this -- are around them thank you know at all right. Idea met some people from Scotland. My favorite place in Jamaica hedonism and I started reciting at the bar and they were so impressed that they quickly moved away from. Cooler by Johnson -- let's go to L on WBE and inject order. Ole Ole lot. All the -- you know what do you take a break. Sorry about that Joseph is they give me the evil I'd. The minute ago -- For. It bottled water. -- -- -- Like those reporters from Nicaragua what we see -- problem yeah okay you took Spanish great progress that bottled water. I don't know why it's just a little desire. In. You. I guess spirits. Of the west's. And I want you -- story again about how I just found that song stumbling around the F them violent landing upon some Canadian radio station. It is up 530 fire -- is ready at 930 WBE and that. And Darcy -- here no longer with the Buffalo Sabres Robert Ralston -- no longer with the Buffalo Sabres and I well I have as much as I do not like to see anybody lose a job. And I really well. I I do not take any joy or any pleasure in there. The sabres by doing what they did today -- step in the right direction. By bringing in Pat LaFontaine the sabres took a step in the right direction. And just push hole and I hope wishy -- or flip floppy about theirs. My initial reaction that Ted Nolan being named interim coach. Which basically. All my -- this team is gonna go back. The Ted Nolan era mean let's just dig up punched in black and Toto and put their bodies and African seat at the arena. You know low rent was due to important to put him behind the bench. After my initial reaction. In my father was pleading with me in spirit that I dig him up too but it's still to work. So anyway that was my first my first reaction. But you guys I have to tell you convinced. But I at least should be giving Ted Nolan a chance. And you know what. I'm gonna listen to you. It was under the take your advice for a change. Instead of dishing out my own dole full words of sorrow. Joseph please write that down is something neat I just said. But anyway. Might -- full words of sour you have. Convinced me. And what really if you think about it. And again this as you guys convincingly about Paris Ted Nolan knows the city he knows the culture the city. And he probably is where was the best guy available right now. And I don't dislike Ron Ross. As a person as a human being. But he was in way over his head archery -- brought -- men because he did not want to bring anybody and who knew the NHL. Because. Darcy wanted to be able to make sure that he kept that magic spell over -- Google look and black. And finally. Terry and I believe saw the emperor had Coke floats. I really believed -- and it's about time. And also over the years and I've said this before I apologize to Larry Quinn over the years. And I know that -- -- -- -- -- alumni event chastised me for that but folks Larry -- clearly wasn't the problem with the sabres. I think who is diversity. And I think I was unfair to Hillary quit over the years because. When he laughed when up Gould took over with a big paycheck of 5020 million dollars LL problem. Nothing changed. I mean nothing changed. And I gotta tell. You guys have convinced me to give Ted Nolan a chance. And I think that with Pat LaFontaine overseeing things. It's going to be better what concerns meego is the general manager's position. If they bring in some old alumni that they bring in Rick Dudley. If they bring in Craig Ramsay ominous say Jesus sorry -- forgive the blasphemy -- -- ominous -- jeepers. We got to get somebody in who really is a GM. Who really news. But. My showed today is my complaint desk it is open but I am doing it both ways. Yes I've gone both worries. Today. Not only your complaints. Not only the what's grinding your -- What are you. Happy about what makes you don't seriously happening is that what the sabres did. Is it something in politics. Is it something -- light that we all might interest. What's making it happen you don't have to be miserable on talk radio although it helps. So this crack actually. 8030 and I'm just kidding Joseph I don't give me that what we -- before. Dude I cannot understand when you speak at best. -- Thank you Joseph. He speaks very quickly and I hear very slowly. I have a -- -- -- her lips. And I told her -- and used it after the so what why in my you know if you're here well as you know. Certain frequencies. Our folks love GO. In every Friday we exchanged vows of -- -- -- you know but only on Fridays it's been a long running tradition on the buy -- show the Goebel ways Friday thing. Anyway. It is time to announce. My winner year. In the I hit my furnace 2013 contest. The winner I'm about to name has 93 minutes to call 6449875. What's your name is announced that if you do. You will win. A furnace super tune up from right -- heating and air conditioning value of 189 dollars general contest rules apply and qualify to win the grand prize for the I hate my -- 2013 contest -- amendment. Thirteen -- hybrid system furnace air conditioning system. Valued at 5145. Dollars and that person who needs to call right now. Is from Cheektowaga her name is Charlene -- Tom. Well see this could go on a number of ways Charlene. Rose -- -- in the rose savitch. All spell the name. In case I haven't done either of the deeper negotiations correctly. And basically growing up in buffalo you've got to require polish name pronunciation as a second language but sometimes it gets tricky. Our bowl Z as in zebra. WIC. Is in Charlie Z as Lindsay. So if you know shortly in the -- savitch from Cheektowaga she's got 93 minutes to call 644987. Fives are callers shortly in Europe call 6449875. And I'll spell that name one more time in case and just murdering the pronunciation. She -- my name everybody pronounces it correctly. Are all Z as in zebra. DW. IC. As in Charlie Z as in zebra from Cheektowaga. Block. Hope you -- call in and win that air conditioning via. And -- and it's super -- and are eligible for the grand prize surely in good luck to you. -- let's. It which I get to some calls your WB Ian here's Al Al your the radio hello. -- I'm. Why do everything. What's making me killer and so they had the news that my first grandchild will be born in. June of 2014. And I just. June of 2004. Team so we are talking about six seven months. Just about seven months and but tell us a little bit more about the people producing your spawn. It my daughter who got married. Last year. In July and they've been working trying to. Make me grandfather and my white grandmother. Alone current laws to say. In my case on the -- merit if you solve. Well I am so old. Happy to hear that and are you prepared for many a Friday and Saturday night watching the grandchild. So. Your daughter and your son in -- can have a we'll have a date night a little bit of a social time amidst the stresses and pressures of being first time parents. Yeah I'm I'm ready for direct income and have to play mighty. So on the most parents are there was an honor to. I've seen like for parents didn't have the other side to rely upon because they were no longer with us at the time. But. You know what I I must tell you an L you probably know this already you were older and wiser than I am sure but. The grandparents. Can have such an effect. On each child. And you can place such an important role in your grandchild life. And to this day you know my kids reflect very happily. On the time they spent with grandma. And grant park it was very important to me and backed the buffalo so my children had a chance to know. They're fraternal grandparents. And I must tell you you will leave an enduring. Indelible. Impact. On that young man or young young woman do you know yet what is going to be. No and -- yet. Probably in an extra. Three weeks. Well so are at the ultrasound -- they gonna have it. They already had an ultrasound. Nobody ever date. She's been under the care of the doctor Brad. He hasn't done the -- somber somber hammer any of that stuff yeah. But I just want to remember hell they even though the child is only two months in the -- it's not really a human being I just want you to remember that it's not really human being there is no human life that are. I'm being sarcastic because I don't leave. Because I. You know. As you know I believe human life begins at the moment of conception and I think this is just proof of that. Additional proof of that and I am not some religious not I'm not I'm just taking a scientific rational approach not that religious people all right. I hate being called. Religious freak because of my views on abortion when my views on abortion are the child must come first. I I sorry I didn't mean I didn't need to do an agenda finger -- very very happy for L about her grandma she thrilled to. Darcy she's thrilled they're. You know. Buying everything all -- incredible thing they're Cellini. We need now. -- Our store or the -- sure they're resilient. What was your Christmas -- third in the country did. Last weekend in -- suffered a baby are ready units. Well. Well you know lot. Oh. I am so happy for you've you've made my -- L and let me also give you a little bit of advice make sure that dead your son in law make sure that he is the one who puts the crib together. Because when I put the crib together. For the first child way back in Saint Louis then I knew who I was gonna be a debt. At the moment I completed put that crib together is like you know what I'm doing -- -- but I'm going to be a debt. And I was not thrilled when I found out that I was going to be a bad but I soon got into. Yeah it took me it took me a little bit as well but I've been to other it's -- it would have babies might first -- -- And her in particular are what you set about to -- current speakers. Current -- while my other were still alive you lose viewers just Knoll. -- and the like there was between the two and a. Iberia I hear you my daughter and my father were very very very close. They just had an enduring. Relationship my son was two years later as my dad health is that dad's health started to decline but. I'm just I'm very happy for -- and that thanks for giving us some good news today. But I have some good news. I just say 15% in my car insurance. All right I'm glad you called -- and who could who could forget this epic song. Ordinarily it. This song would blow to. Much. You were thinking the same. You know you were. But I don't know. -- The tragedy of this song is later on he talked basically about -- you're -- ahead. It scraped from your womb budget. You could just swept it from your light that's a euphemism for. I had a yeah. Yeah well. Folks I was not always. Like the way I am now when it comes to abortion. But I can tell you something. The first time. You see. The ultrasound. Of your own flesh and blood even at three or four months. It is mind blowing. And people like Nancy Pelosi. And Barack Obama. And Hillary Clinton. Are just plain. Evils. That they think that that is some kind of disposable. Meaningless blob. Of proto planets that's what I -- to think. They have no heart. They have no souls. They're just evil and I wish I could use the word it's an F bomb but there's a maternal thing in front of. Here's -- in Williams bill Amy what. -- -- -- I am really getting sick and tired of being made to feel -- -- throughout the country. A hole. People like me. People like me and disability. Generally and the severity. Okay. We. Don't go out and I don't feel entitled. Canadian entitlement thing like -- used. I'm hearing about it hear -- I genuinely need help. And who makes you okay first of all of us not too personal. If you wanna dialogue will be happy to talk with you that -- somebody talking in the background to you. OK okay and is your husband is your husband -- male. -- you got it -- with all due respect and you -- -- shut up -- is that annoys the hell -- -- me in in off the year and on the year when you're talking to somebody and somebody -- -- shut up in the background my father used to do that constantly with my mother and it used to bother me then and it bothers me now so. If if she doesn't if she doesn't one more time I'm gonna and the conversation okay. What is the nature of your disability. The nature of my disability is that I hurt my back it work. And I can't work right now. And my water on the year before that and he's autistic. A -- And people out I'm not political. But Republicans. Make you feel like your withdrawal -- the country. Richard pocketed political. How seriously it's your backed ruling. This well pretty. A lot. Well OK but what I mean what what happened was is that dramatic injury was a car accident was where interior. Work. And what did you do specifically. I would lifting a patient and my -- in game Al. The -- causing specifically what damage. My lower back and I am I gonna get in -- way into the. Gloria it's kind of it's kind of important because let me just say you know my dear -- -- on the -- July until after the news. But I -- you talking to a guy who since the age 26. Has had two crushed vertebrae and one that is badly fractured as well. And I. And not on disability. But I'm not judging you. And I'm not a Republican I think Republicans -- I think that tea parties were upset but hold on I'll talk you further just ahead on WB --

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