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11-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Nov 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ENS. Great land should be everything you did this to -- a land where a man has paid a -- she can live on. The land where we -- every time. -- -- seventeen miles is not walking distance of the land where meals are not purchased from a truck and then eaten in a different front. All right all right major points he's getting a literal sense since. That's okay. Each person listening. -- -- Listening to me -- -- you know. Old radio studio six locals aren't games on the dollar and I think he made -- -- of fun. Everybody tells the news radio 930000. Now everyone understands the WBE. Don't know a few grand. Kardashian couldn't play. So it's really nice. He's got something to tell you but we have was that. Bring -- may not breaking up. It's hard did you. Thanks really needs this behavior that you guys you're zero. Breaking up. Breaking up. Well its hourly on WB and and I have to admit I have not been following the Buffalo Sabres are closely this year because I believe if I have spent time. In my very limited time. I have available for entertainment I wanna be entertained -- I don't wanna sit they're like -- some kind of a stupor watching guys on the guys who were -- like current candidates do except Ryan Miller. Who has an equipment goaltending clinic and he's been the only bright spot. In a season that has been. She always marked by extreme but mediocrity by the way ignoring the will stay in Hollywood that's my advice but anyway. We have about many things are happening today in -- country too soon. In -- country and I don't even know where to begin so I guess we're just gonna begin at the beginning in case you that we're gonna do a whole -- -- don't worry about that. All worry about that because my complaint is open. My complaint desk is open. All of WBE. OK so it is open but. -- -- So why it area Michael IC what they've done -- I'll tell finally got my picture. At our page that have confused the I helped get this actually. Left the game like this. -- away -- -- they were -- yet so dark here has been fired. This all came to. -- and Darcy at Indy going together why they held the secret here is the economy. I have looked a lot I have nothing personal against RC -- illegal. But I don't think I've met them I don't. You know talk to them I'm just and like you are. Of this neighbors and probably less than and other does that matter. But anyway. This is a guy who unconvinced. Had ordered ships transfixed. With the fault that he was got to some. That he was some kind of genius and it just followed Thursday's planned. Everything was going to be okay and ownership group after ownership group bought into that Malarkey. Bought an apple -- And and you see the result today so I am absolutely and it's not like I'm happy that somebody got fired. If it just sounds mean and rule but. The city's unemployed. Luxuries get a nice nest egg upon which to settle but I'm glad he no longer is the big guys at the sabres organized -- However. Capital and I'm glad -- brought back a month. A month and by the way -- NC Lewis was area. I've heard speak very inspirational guy and that moreover he's only couple inches taller -- not so that makes him automatically -- -- Nothing like -- -- I was actually taller -- jock here. There's a name from the past sabres goaltender but anyway obstacle in jock -- -- -- fraud plain gold for the sabres we'd win. He said yeah quite separate so anyway it. Yeah facility. But. If you were very. But that no I've never understood the Knoll in the yulia in this town. Colon. Had a team. Network working because it was that. A bunch of -- Were the hardest working. Teams -- that -- an -- with. A -- tough guy back in the -- -- all. Our top guys out Jon Scott I think you wanna fight ones. I mean. Up on the -- Well almost always ends up on the ice smiling laughing. I don't think it's that good. On the other hand. Would have been an improvement over Austin and so deep over his head he reminded me of -- liar and fraud in chief Obama. This guy was not ready for this job. I don't think it's his fault. I think somewhere down the line Ralston is going to be the a decent NHL coach if that's what he wants to pursue. But this situation into which Ron Rolston was thrust was an impossible. Situation. Impossible. And you know what somewhat analogous me. -- will run. It's like when a radio person. This person because. Of the campus Petersburg my job was to -- -- turnaround. And I love the challenge. And I've done turnarounds -- -- before I'm done turnaround that's always work. Seriously on the kick returner. But. -- the Florida. Ice all the problems. At that station and work were systemic. And that they could not be overcome by one guy or two guys were two guys and one ship. And just please understand that the folks and I've said this before we get some unbelievable talent. At the radio station in Florida we had probably the world's worst morning show host which did not exactly give the show these station off to a great day. But then I took over nine to noon I was not as good as I am now I admit that. That we had a guy named. And then Nancy and Alan who would come to fit in as the -- of the sports. So what I'm trying to tell -- is the talent was there but yet you yet basically we were missing a goaltender the morning show host. And within about three months to take that job I knew it -- ago last. So why furiously. Furiously with calling your station in Saint Louis U but it caught on the dial during the wintertime cable acts. And after being up big pain in their -- they finally said if we hire and he'll stop calling. So they hired me. And it. Literally one week after I left the Florida station it changed formats. I do I know I just I knew what I felt that I smell that I've always been very good at anticipating stuff. So well. It was a sick when trying to get through your news it was a no win situation for nothing could -- been nothing could have -- that radio station nothing. And with the Buffalo Sabres -- Ralston went into a similar situation. -- He was basically when you're surrounded by sub mediocrity. There's only so much you can do. Especially when you're already in over your head you know sometimes -- good team can carry a sub mediocre coach until he catches up. But he didn't even have bat with which to work. And I'm glad that he'll have a chance to refine his skills somewhere else and maybe get another shot on the line somewhere as an NHL coach but for right now -- as you know -- said -- -- -- -- he was -- over his head it was obvious he was in ovaries. What else what else wells out -- I just that -- is gonna be the interim coach. And we'll see what happens I'm gonna keep -- Ole. Ole. Oh my gosh we just have another. All the folks we just have another alert here from the sabres organization. They have just exhumed punched him black and Tim Horton. They have just exhumed punch him black and -- important but important will be the defensive coach and punched a block and his wife bode well. They will be sitting in the arena in the same seats in which they used to sit at memorial auditorium they're not gonna move much but they're going to be sitting there. Wait wait wait Floyd Smith is also returning to the sabres organization. It's and if I knew Cory Martin better actor or Rick Barton joke in there too which Rick would have appreciated that I'm not sure -- story -- although he's got a pretty six at the humor. Anyway cores -- -- by the way and a frequent -- -- about my issue for whatever reason. But anyway I'm sorry but I I had to make a point this column I'm sorry I'm a native polonium. And I think one of the reasons I've always had a soft spot for Saint Louis where Pat LaFontaine was born. Is buffalo in Saint Louis are so similar. Insult anyways. Because Saint Louis also lives in the past when workers' -- -- this isn't about me folks this is I'm trying to relate this to buffalo and attitude here so please understand what I'm doing and not -- opening night. Like I -- but I'm simply applying things I've learned along the way to what happened today with the sabres organization. And Saint Louis when I was working there and it was in 199091. Of 899091. I forget but when I was there. And they wanted to rehire me by the way a few years back and -- almost took it listed and no kids are too. But anyway that's -- here and they're still anyway. The group of people -- -- Lewis that's the eighty years after the Saint Louis world's premier. Worst -- hole. No Tom we're at the world's. Eric nineteen and floor. I'm -- myself. Well. We have be an American -- shoot an eight. We even had a presidential assess and Asian and exposition it campaign for excitement. Buffalo is the center of the universe for about two weeks in September like you know. And you know -- -- past I think sometimes absurdly. You know the question is is Ted is Ted -- going to be a rusty old grain -- is Ted -- going to be a rust bucket freighter that we sent across the -- to be scrapped at the end of the year or is approved to be revitalized. -- of the five recharged -- -- success I don't know. But what I do know is he can't do any worse than Ralston so there's Matt. And I have no. Personal animus against Ted Nolan please understand that really don't. -- It's not it's it's it's really it's not personal it's just. I I know why his career in buffalo came to an abrupt end. I think everybody knows why his career in buffalo came to an abrupt end. It's like the worst kept secret in buffalo sports I'm not going to be as a market -- -- out loud to do and if you don't know what I'm talking about ask your kids they'll well. A bit of a zipper. And I can relate but anyway. I was -- always going to be honest and. IE just. Hoping successful. I want to be successful. But I'm just not sure that this is his kind of team. Seriously. But he can't be any worse -- Ralston. So all of got a bit of a no lose situation. If you think about it and finally the whole of Darcy were geared on sabres ownership. Has been broken by his termination by not. I mean -- Probably shouldn't thank the deity our creator for such a trivial thing in the general scheme of the universe but. Whichever forces were behind that I'm thankful because I think now this team and -- Pat LaFontaine. I will say this I'm thrilled that the sabres they Pat LaFontaine a part of the organization. As -- -- I don't think you can find a better quality guy then Pat LaFontaine. And he and he is respected. He will keep Ted Nolan in line. No doubt about that and and and frankly terrible -- older now he's wiser now. Probably on Viagra now. I'm just so you know you get to a certain point in life and certain things used to appeal to you just appeal to you anymore. You know we all get older and wiser -- not castigating mr. Nolan at all to -- and that you know men sometimes are men and sometimes we can be real pigs. Myself included I don't exclude myself that I never claimed they never claim the moral high ground. As every time anybody does that they always end up showing -- -- complete hypocrite there. But anyway. I must tell you. Overall I'm kinda happy. Except. I I just a -- to step back but no it was probably the best available guy up here. Right now I can't think of anybody -- could abroad and who would be better right now. Because about it all the really good guys there's no culture and they could've gone back they could abroad and Craig Ramsay. All I'm sorry but no no thank you as much as I respect Craig Ramsay and and Don Luce as people in the way they used to kill penalties for the Buffalo Sabres went back when they were like. The consummate penalty killers in the National Hockey League respect that greatly. I just didn't wanna see those guys back in the organization. But. I I do wish better days for the Buffalo Sabres and I'm sure that somewhere up here. Ian petroleum land in Hydro fracking land that Terri would -- let him find -- job for Darcy were geared. And for. Ron -- Let's put it this way if I quit if he -- -- Terry. If Terry -- go look you know I don't. I would put Darcy in charge of drilling the dry holes. I would put him in charge of drilling the dry holes that don't produce anything despite years of promising they will. Because. So -- there -- the job for Darcy somewhere and Hydro fracking land. Here my kitchen water catches fire doesn't matter may. Anyway now we are at 324. At that news radio 930 WB -- by the way by jury is still out on Hydro fracking please don't like that because I'm a conservative area that I automatically think. That's a good idea. Because I wanna see the science the real science -- it before -- -- area a determination I've seen. Apocryphal stories but I need to see the science on it and understand the science -- it before I come to area and overall conclusion just don't make assumptions about worry about anything because they refuse to be tied and bound by conventional thinking. George Carlin once said sure. You ought to teach your kid to read but more importantly -- -- -- teach your -- the question what they read. Difference between that I didn't learn that till I was. 49. 324. At WB and so good to be with you today my complaint desk is open. Up -- to. For all the missed a golden opportunity. The mayor of Toronto. Is clearly. A big Boozer so -- most guys in the NHL. Could you -- Bring it and -- forward to coach the Buffalo Sabres now back would have been a -- We got a. It was I. You know we now. For every bit 1970s ladies and gentlemen dot. The annual dot. -- -- And that it's happened that Wednesday a -- -- Now it really really wants it was. Everywhere on the radio at least on GR back end the old days after the news stations picked up admitted GR exclusive. But any that I suppose is that neither here nor there are so these -- my FaceBook posts on net Ted Nolan. And you know. I am not until invincible. I am not. Entrenched. If people bring up arguments that make me reconsider. Your position I'm willing to listen and -- them in my own mind. So let me give you my position. Until that first of all do we all agree that -- -- ago -- -- should have been on when Lindy was gone. They should have been on together. All right although it was fun to play that. It was fun to play that commercial -- When Lindy Ruff was sent packing and Darcy were -- was left behind. This is really nice. He's got something to tell you. But we have wasn't. Ready got. Re not. Breaking up if -- yeah. -- -- -- Really needs to pay you back here guys you're zero. 11 PM -- chocolate so anyway you know what. Here's the -- guys you guys are convincing me on my FaceBook. First of all the team. In terms of behind the bench couldn't get any worse. -- at least as HL experience Robert Ralston. Again -- with all due respect he would put in the situation for which he was not ready he was not prepared. And basically it was like -- and he's gone what are we do now what do we do now. And -- wanted to make sure that a yes man was put into place that's why Ron Rolston got the job because Darcy didn't want anybody who would dare speak up. To challenge is. So his Rasputin like hold it over the Romanov dynasty otherwise don't as the Google. Anti black you don't want anybody to challenge his brilliance as Darcy knew the way. So. There's Brett. But. It took all of the chants you you know you guys. That at least we should give Ted chants. All science. Seeing it is give and take the chance. Right that was Yoko Ono and John -- joint incredible psychic skills back in the early 1970s. In their bed Ian for appeasement toward that -- for -- things but. Are able will get the chance but this sabres team I'm just gonna warn you. Is in no way shape performs similar to the previous sabres team coached by Ted Nolan don't expect miracles. Do not expect miracles. And I must I have to commend the sabres are one thing it's very well it is not very often lately I've been able to do others try to speak Canadian for our Canadian audience -- because respect and hockey. -- -- the sabres full credit for bringing Pat LaFontaine into the organization. I really -- -- it's just a class act all the way. Pat LaFontaine is a -- love good person in buffalo sports if -- ever met pat you know that he is the real deal. You know that he is well he was a star. He was one of the great American hockey players and more importantly he was a man of tremendous character he was a man of tremendous resiliency. And he was a man. That I think one Buffalo's sports fans over. And as far as I'm concerned at least right now of course that's all subject to change depending on the outcome but Pat LaFontaine pretty much walks on water from. So with Pat LaFontaine. Keeping an eye on Ted Nolan. And -- Darcy were -- around convince management that his way it was the way to go. You know maybe this is a step forward you guys on FaceBook you're convincing I don't mean to be wishy washy. I my gut reaction was bring him back Ted Nolan is a mistake. But then you guys gotta put you raise some good arguments and one of the things you'll find about me if your new listeners the fact that. I am always willing to change or modify an opinion if presented with better arguments than my -- And I think you guys on FaceBook have made better argument than -- Although I did kind of enjoyed talking about a zooming punch him locked in propping -- up -- his old seat. I thought that was morbidly humorous. And I do -- morbid sense of humor and -- my -- -- pick me up and put -- -- TV Tom. Where that would be unfortunate -- not yet given another couple years. All right so anyway it is at 340. I talked to my father a lot if you ever notice that listening to show 348 and he's dead so. You know what it's really weird I always feel his presence around me or Roger sometimes I feel his presence around I always feel on the work that the most bizarre thing ever. I feel like he's in this room with -- sometimes I truly. Like he's just proud to be your work with me watching me on a daily basis make an ass of myself and demeaning to gambling -- -- Somehow I I take great soccer in the now. We're not -- Porsche. I think I proved when I worked with the great Bulldog but I know exactly Richard about sports. Except hockey. I'm fairly conversant on as I think you may grass although this year I've basically taking a leave of absence is right just to this new schedule. My. My on your brain is working just fine. That's all I'm in this -- -- I don't know what to do after 7 o'clock or wind go to sleep I just can't go home and watch TV a couple of hours and fall asleep at ten I can't operate there. So that's what a lot of nights watching gangster squad and vampires on Cinemax on demand a player that. Except last 2 in the morning I could not get around that gangster squad I was very upset. So. My complaint desk is open anything you wanna bitch about is fine by me. Here's the thing. HL's heads up when you screen. Its complaint -- day. And it doesn't have to be anything I brought up before but please I'm leaving it on your shoulders jealousy. -- experienced now you're not -- Ralston you have been doing this job and a daily basis for longer than -- Ralston was the coach of the team. So your job -- Your job is to make sure that anybody who calls it with a bitch and -- a grind your -- moment a peeing on the -- conflict moment. Your job is to make sure that IA and the audience will find it interesting it's about as close as I'll come open line. 803 thank you -- wonderful human being an American luxury. 803 on 930 start 93180616. WB EN what is pissing you off. You know I thought. In it was actually reached an original one for change. -- forward and Barack Obama's swapped jobs. This and folks that's a vital areas all of this up roar. About the mayor of Toronto because he smoked crack in admitted to buying illegal drugs. How many -- you have a -- guy. Joseph doesn't have a -- guy. Well it's it's -- I know some are very well off people who have -- guys. Sorry. They're not addicts. They don't do it every day but they've got -- guys. Illegal drugs. And got -- Good for them. I think -- is the best analgesic in the world given a choice between narcotics. Like oxy code own and pot I'd rather do pot. It's a much more effective painkiller in my opinion. Not that I never know from personal experience of course means but I hurt so. All this big to do about the mayor of Toronto smoking crack. Folks you don't know that our president regularly used Coke in college right some people say he even dealt Coke in college. And he is pictured smoking weed out of -- And there's a picture of Obama through my MySpace corporate. Smoking weed out of the ball with a picture of Idi Amin the dictator Africa in the background. Which I found offensive the parts. But they picture or eat yeah it bothered me. But I just I find society sometimes to be such a freaking joke. We elect the man to be president. Who basically you know snorted cocaine off hookers but it's. And I didn't say whether they're male or female -- -- so we've got a guy who did that. And smoked weed on a regular basis. And we've got another guy in Toronto clearly as a substance abuse issue and he's being vilified. Well Tom that was a long time ago with President Obama does it matter anymore. -- Still three on my -- opponent or will it take your phone calls are coming up my complaint desk is open and it doesn't have to be back open isn't sabres related -- I really wanted to was fortunate again. Because the dirty little secret about early in the Bulldog. Even though. When I left that show we had made the ratings. Very that we we did a great job with the ratings I have to be very frank with you. And we liked working together. You know why because we didn't make -- a sports you know we made it a locker room show. And there's nothing like perversion to start my day off right and we are very successful together and we enjoyed little skits we used to do poking fun and athletes. But I really I don't wanna live that life again we're. I have to spend more than a second thinking about Ryan Miller's they're grooming 8030530. Start -- Start 3180616. WB at the complaint does is open what is pressuring you off today. I don't song I can't stand here's what drives my years I go out. People play this on and I immediately think I have to come up with a monologue that's that -- -- has been the theme song for how many years but when they show. So Lola but that grinds my gears. -- again what pisses you off my complaint desk is open what is everybody's like perfect. Nothing -- this often sport last time everybody was upset obamacare. Driving the Christmas season -- everybody was extra was -- that and by the way -- Get yourself another job cricket is such a loser Scrooge with so right. By the way I hate to admit this last night but I dropped my nuts. I had my knots in my hands and they fell out because I couldn't be program. I was trying to put on a new garage door handle this is what I do at 10 o'clock at night. And I had electoral holes in the metal garage door and after right drill holes. Area with a handle. And I've got the -- -- the bolts kind of got the nuts. I could not handle my mind state kept slipping. My hands finally after about the fourth time might not fell on the ground as it's -- to -- tomorrow. It's that time of the year all right we're York hand stark the freeze and yet not. And I'm exaggerating or just saying nuts gratuitously to make it applicant twelve -- -- really. And -- -- cat is outside and she's looking ahead. This is really the attack yet she's looking at me like dude I know -- -- and stuff but. Let me show you how to do. She actually didn't show me how to do it so that's that number one -- my project this today I don't know how you guys who do construction in the winter and all these guys do up and we rooms in the wintertime. I kind of like an estimate but -- gonna be really really big in -- the best mystery but. I don't know how you guys who have to work outside in the wintertime actually keep your hands warm enough to be able to do the work. Because I couldn't. There's just no way and I'm not exactly some -- when it comes to cold weather. On. Up here -- born and raised here it would kind of felt cold was -- from Florida. And that's what's bad I felt poll but last night. My neighbors they had to listen to me talking to myself. And if you're tough on you guys you hear what I say about myself what I'm trying to do something like it's like I. I was just say okay boycott you're really brilliant you can memorize Shakespeare. You can memorize pretty much anything you read. And yet can't figure out how to do the garage door handball in that I would respond to myself all -- know. -- to quit it's just that might keep falling out of my. So a lot that'll be project one to finish today. I'm gonna get into -- I got a call the people -- overhead door. Because I know they do great work other sponsors like the supporters sponsors. But like anything else on the TV Lowber classy -- to. All right let's go to let kneel on a cell phone on WB Ian -- you were on an. I guess I won't -- I have a small complaint. Years ago -- set -- the Buick Open people's jobs. Or handicapped person and -- better or better and ready. I don't know I -- always have been under the impression that years ago the letter carriers of the veterans were given preference in that job but I've never heard that about the through which people. Look at you know accuses mr. they're all paper much and sort of like you know -- I got -- -- ninety more people playing with proper fogleman. I that are up in quite a few chapters and a book to get my ticket the. If you know what I hate to say this because it's gonna sound very on top like. But I kinda have a respect for the people who work in the tall boots because weather like this weather when it gets colder. To sit in a boot. And spent eight hours of your days breathing in the exhaust dealing with questions for directions dealing with all the you know. -- -- idiotic people can be sometimes. You know. I respect what they do I think that is the ultimate thankless job because you're collecting money from people were told that when the bonds were paid off the polls which whole way. All of the talk to your further -- -- right about the letter carriers formerly known as mailman in the old days to give preference to the veterans particularly the world were two guys. Or is that just an urban -- I'd like to know what is pissing you off today 80309 there.

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