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11-13 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Nov 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back big news of Saber -- big big big big news. I should shake things a bit. Yeah Michael go through here in four sandy beach on these radio 930 WB yen we've -- broken Weytman press -- a lot of news on the -- and it's going to be -- the days that. I have in. Mr. mutate and Janelle mark Casey from -- care. Diabetic care -- -- why you might filter through and attended. A seminar she was giving last week. Four people were confused by Obama it was packed house. In Aurora you know thank you for coming -- -- welcome to be. So much for history. Well you know there's a lot of questions out there. You know the people have. You know I'll tell you I was very confused and and we're -- we're gonna work we've invited our callers gallon April threes Germans are starting -- -- -- There are a lot of people out there that don't know what's going on they don't know what to do next and I was one of the few we've endorsed by the Obama cure all the and you know we've talked about the difference between companies and individuals we will wanted to talk about this half or maybe longer -- callers. Is the individual right now how are they different. Yeah absolutely -- there's actually a major difference between an individual on and a small business. An and I those folks out there that -- sole -- today. Meaning I -- my business I work for myself I have no employees. I'm in in terms of health care are not considered individuals. I speak give individuals a right speak the sole proprietor is. There is the same person right. So so it's different because you now are considered an individual and you now have to purchase insurance. A different way. On in the past a sole proprietor was able to get a group plan kind of like if you work for an organization that offer -- insurance that's a group -- rates. On an effective January that actually will and and they will be allowed to you and purchase individual plans. The good news is that there's a couple options for you know and I think that's really where the misconceptions immediate misunderstandings are. You're forced to go to -- change however the exchange is an option for you as an individual or sole proprietor -- this exchange is actually working. I -- does its New York State right now Nantucket and I -- had -- problems I'm near Steve is having some web -- problems but nothing like the federal government. It's a little clunky it's a little difficult to get through the magic -- however -- I'm however the good news is that there's a lot of folks a lot of companies Kennelly -- care that are out there to help you make sense that makes sense of the the the site makes sense of the plans make sense of the option. Well if you have any questions for -- -- from panic here please gives renewed it'll freezer and increase our 930 he got a cancellation letter give us call. Or if you just confused for example. I was very if you are limited -- with my newborn daughter she's one year old and and I was at the meeting of a friend of mine had told me that they -- grouping them together in order to get superior quality care and and save money I was kind of skeptical what you said in fact this is called. Child health plus yes absolutely looking explain that just as -- I actually can get a family plan. Outside of obamacare through Medicare that includes my children. More I might be able to just get something that I want for my wife and I and ensure my child separately through the exchange through the website and save some money that is -- Possible absolutely it's something that end and this is what I tell everybody I tell business owners I tell individuals I tell sole proprietors you there's a little homework that you have to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- that but we'll help you that forgiveness. And so so we have to figure out what is the most cost effective way to ensure your. On one of the rules associated with this lie is -- fourteen year old in the past people on May have -- Able to get a single plan -- Stanley. However one of the things that happen that's happening in January is there have to be four tears every and their called -- in the sheriff there single. There's employee plus spouse or or person plus spouse their -- deep the employee plus children and there's a true family doesn't four options. Because we've added in those two options the family plan does get a little more expensive and maybe you're used to having each future. So so child health plus will be available to. Met two families and their children via the exchange. On those plans are richer potentially on the potentially less expensive even if you're paying full price for those plans. So you on can pick up -- plan may be cheating spouse is a lot cheaper than picking up a family plan your children could get child health plus through the exchange. And a lesser cost with a more richer benefit. I'm in order to -- that the kids at the district just for for. For the sake of your I hate Obama care hate -- hate hate hate hate it. I hate everything about it but it's the law of the land and that's what we're talking about -- we're not talking about why you think obamacare. Is terrible. I wanna talk to people go to parliament and an apartment you know about what practical way you need to pursue your family's insurance. And that's we're going to be talking about for the next -- -- -- -- -- we have -- -- Chris. Chris who called in on a cellphone Chris you're on the air with Michael approved for sandy beach and we're here which you know. -- Khazei from panic here you have a policy cancellation question. Well Michael -- power to do it today thank you markers are doing well are you. I have a question for your get your. If it's the policies that are going to be changing effective January 1 or do prologue written into the affordable care. So they're for the policies were being changed and therefore they were not preempt operative. Why can't or white told -- didn't see insurance companies continue to offer those -- the individuals. Like. Maybe it differently why did they get to implement shortly and that's still offered -- I'll -- even no changes were made. Great question -- Greek -- -- -- you know -- -- question Chris I don't know. I mean to be honest with you -- don't work for carrier IIM. A your Angel agent and a broker on and and those are great questions and I'm sure that that it's for eons I'm in terms of the standard plans are certain essential benefits. That have to be covered in every single planned there's actuarial values I have to be covered that's why you hear the metal levels the platinum gold silver bronzes. The plans are fairly close there are some very subtle things that are different. For example anybody that had a generic drug car. That is not a ten essential benefit and that had to be changed to something that simple as part of your plan. What actually make your plan -- just continue right. So. It wasn't anything major at the smallest the four tiers it's that the smaller drug car that was really changed. Quite honestly I I think that all the plans are fairly standard and that there are some. Some minor pieces that are different but if you really sit and look at your plan. And you look at the plans are out there I guarantee you there's not going to be that much of a different. -- I -- I want -- to call an 8030930. We got to go to break here when you got any questions about obamacare how it practically applies to your family. This is Michael Caputo in studio and our standing in for sandy beach and back next week I'm joined here -- to know -- easier Medicare will be back. In just a moment. This is Michael climbing for sandy beach and wanna get right to it. We are here today in studio produced an original -- easier panic here who is an expert. On obamacare and what you need to do for your family and in some cases businesses. To get ready for the big deadline it's coming up and boy oh boy do we have some callers on the line. I'm gonna go directly to Mike of I don't want to Mike thanks for hanging on your on with Michael brewer and Janelle market easier than -- care. Oh yes thank you and in demoted to basic question the first but I will head. But the New York ratio dramas but she's the only employee cursor coverage -- can't live in January 1. Now we did go out there exchange for a for her and my kids and -- actually eligible for the Medicaid plan. So I guess we're just waiting. To hear back from New York State. And to you know he did pick the plan meanwhile are so. I'm always worried hopefully this process is done by December 15. Because that's -- -- -- -- before. You lose your coverage will be -- don't have coverage and. You don't have coverage on the coverage and on January while December 31 and begins on January 1. But that's really good news that is actually a a situation networked. So use the tool. Mean it was determined that that you were eligible for something different which really is the base for the exchange the online exchange. On and and I'm pretty confident. On that that will work now we are licensed. On to help you with that so if you do you have any issues or any questions or something does happen the last thing we want is for you not to have coverage. Pretty sure it's not gonna happen. But but don't hesitate to give us a call -- Medicare at 7166888161. And will be more than happy to help you we are -- -- to help you with each change. We L license to help you. With your plans off the change in -- so -- keep us posted on that and I'm pretty confident you'll be good. I I did have one other quick question it's and it's weird too because. Different noise from my wife and children not -- Medicare because I'm disabled. But what I noticed -- seniors in people on Medicare who aren't -- British came in and out of the woods -- actually paying higher premiums higher co payment. So it's -- it's it's it's it's kind of -- to meet the people that I need to dust cover doesn't want their trademark. And I'm not familiar the Medicare has not changed there's a Medicare Advantage plans through every carrier and and there are actually are zero premium options available. To folks on Medicare. Through all of the carrier's house out here in Western New York. I'm so it's really something to take a look at. But it is true but of course all the co payments to doctors visits are much more expensive. And didn't stand about it that you -- in a disparate and out I mean you're caught up. Yeah I mean -- listeners in one way or not you have to pay for some sort of health care in either their premium or you may have to pay a little higher co -- on. But but yeah absolutely there's definitely options out there for. A couple of people that -- Medicare don't have the option property exchanged and that what you're saying I. I tried to be honest you do but but but it'll push you back into the Medicare situation -- the exchanges to make sure that your in the right plan. So they're not gonna make you pick something that doesn't make sense because you saddened. 99% of the time and Medicare plan that you choose may be much richer plan on the better for your particular situation. Thank you very much for called -- I really appreciate your call Joseph in buffalo you're a small business owner. I -- Today very good -- thanks for calling them. Yeah I really do appreciate it taken a call and taken that kinda of about something like that it's very important. With small business owners don't know what we're trying to ensure my wife myself. I was on the -- the other day. With the people in New York as I used referred to him at helping new York and as we have in the past but. I was so confused. By the time I was -- and I didn't even know where to start out well we have. In the past we had like what they call catastrophic insurance. Right and all we want and I want to get the -- is my wife and myself would like catastrophic insurance we would high deductible. And if something happens -- -- god forbid were -- step forward looking for absolutely. I was talking to this guy and we were so confused I think you know I might just go without insurance -- I'm added I'm not legitimate at least 63 years old Ernie and I know what. But quote that we were getting from certain people with a 1000 not. Small business can't afford about about the can be. Absolutely not an end there are options for you trust me -- we can help you at Medicare please give us a college 688161. And will go through what your options are as a small business owner. We have every carrier in Western New York there's new carriers coming out there's really affordable plans out there there's catastrophic. Which which I would be considered the bronze level. And I know we've -- familiar with those metal levels. But there are options out there for you we -- make sure that you we -- into the right plan. Well to help about it and it was just called Medicare and debt problem today. Those are and you and I just like I might get something simple but we want to get something that'll work trusted we can now afford. Absolutely we will help you with that. Joseph thank you very much for column and you know I wanted to ask you. Janelle full disclosures and now. You know you -- you know in order to get where York and and to provide the advice you'd -- that you're giving. You have to go through some training and and special -- impeccable for Obama -- Yeah absolutely I'm not only are every employee at -- your license with New York State like accidentally helped everybody. Anybody speak there on two there is a fully licensed as a requirement. But in order to. Assist folks with disease shop which is in New York State exchange for small businesses. Or the individual exchange and everybody needs to know that there are two exchanges out there. You have to actually go through a nine hour course. In order to assist. On -- and it really. It buys so anybody can tell you how to get through web site I can navigate to re hearing about these navigator and navigator not necessarily license but not necessarily -- -- should be cautious navigators rolled most cases. Is to help you make sense of the change. If you go to QA licensed broker for example are quite frankly through carrier. On those folks are there to help it do you advise you on the correct plans for use your gambling your employees. We have a very large now -- who was well armed with knowledge today. Our she's gonna stick around after this break we've got some more callers hang an -- wanna be able to answer all your questions. Please call at 8030930. Are starting to be your cellphone with any questions about your health care of the deadlines come up. This is Michael through its studio which you know mark Casey. On WBN news radio and on the. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- -- ever -- -- -- -- 1806169236. Welcome back. This is Michael brutal in for sandy beach. On news radio 930 WB and we're talking Obama care. Obama care that soon going to be on one of those top one of those words keynesian television. There's nobody likes it I don't like it I don't like it at all. But ever really breaking news today or -- in him yesterday. I always read everything on the Internet all billion plus pages -- mall every morning and put up five or six articles for you. On politics and why dot net that's my website. -- blogger put him up there and if that we read those by articles you are fully and completely inform you pass any political science test with a -- what is going on in Western New York. New York in national politics article one talked about is the one on on Politico where Dianne Feinstein the senator. From California in -- from San Francisco. She has jumped the obamacare ship. Take a look at that link on politics and one dot net she's. -- supporting. The idea. Of all of us being able to keep our plans and -- you know corporate growth through that be able to keep our our our doctors. In Europe in keeping with what Obama had promised dozens and dozens of times I'm in the cut studio which you know -- you panic here. Tell me is there one word you can describe what would happen if they did indeed go back to the plant and let us keep our plans what's gonna happen that you. I think it's gonna be -- complete case I believe there will be chaos. I believe that every insurance carrier -- out. The nation -- and I can only speak for Western New York but has spent. Months and years developing passed on in changing things and redesigning. On hand and it's kind of putting the brakes on. After you hit the back of the car didn't. And it just. And so you know will week. As bankers brokers as as citizens. Of New York State. -- and as licensed brokers help everybody makes sense that if that happens every carrier. Work point four I seven to make it happen yes. But it will absolutely be -- nightmare and I believe. And it's gotten to the point where it's just too late this year. Well if if if you if you left up to the insurance industry and you told them they should have the new program to go back complaints from. Would that they would probably say absolutely not don't that we can't do that -- and it can raise costs because we have to go back to retool everything we know who would say yes to that kind of idea. A politician. And unfortunately. That's who went on this whole thing we have stand from Rochester on staying thanks for sticking around you have a question fortune now from -- care. Well yes I just I wanna get your opinion. Back in 2000 -- The Bush Administration eliminated category each with the -- the health care. Put restrictions then restored. Almost half a million I -- I would imagine parents because their income to. I think if we apply and also many that -- one great industry and health care coverage. Never even looked into the VA I belong to mediation system and its outstanding. -- suggested all of that and take a second look at the eight. I actually agree with you I mean you've you've -- now. I'm you deserve it in -- is gonna actually have family members that are also veterans and they take advantage of that. On it every day I'm so I absolutely recommend if you are able to do out there are rules associated with that obviously. On in there is some cost depending on how much you make. But that's something that you should all look into you and stand. Grandma. And right exactly but I you know I had full disclosure. And there is a cost if again depending on your -- -- is that there's a cost for everything. But but definitely take a look at because it's possible it's going to be batter than anything else that you can get. Stan thank you very much for your service. -- thank you for calling you know. Our number here is 8030930. That's 8030930. Anthony's reunited thirty WBE and or start at 930 on your cell -- -- We were talking about are at the briefing that you gave in the east -- for the east or chamber of commerce. You were saying that you know of course they're now talking about -- Bills politicians are getting cold feet and missing you mean do you keep Democrats who can restore the -- stand for election. But there are also was a move out their to do -- individual mandate. And that's confusing I mean that corporate and it has been delayed a year. It's now I think nine and swept in that the way and with the individual mandate their people that are in urging the president to delay that as well. Does that mean that our those of us who had our cancellation of letters that we won't be canceled. Now actually not on it doesn't delay in law. On it delays the potential paneling associated with not having coverage by January 1 so if they -- -- -- a -- if you -- individually -- only -- laying. The fine. Bright I believe it did there's a fine associated I'm sure everybody's aware of that that this year there is a fine of 1%. On it goes up to 2% of your household income in 2015. And 2016 it's 2.5 percent. However that is the one thing that if there is going to be a delay it would be a delay in that I'm not a dog not. The delay of having to pick up heat policy. That has the ten essential benefits on that are required. Right you know Alitalia. We've got a whole houseful collars and Anna and I wanna get to the -- of what we just don't know what tiger before the brakes on and ask you stick around for fifteen minutes. Had to talk to those -- but. In the meantime just before a break here tell me what's the one question you get more than any other. On and on Obama -- what's the one question. Don't want question is why did it happen and what can you do to change it with a -- and the answer is I don't know and nothing. And you know so so he hears that you don't say it again I know Michael you said it earlier. On it was his it was what we -- And and let's come out of this with a full house and make sense of at all. -- is coming out -- hookers so we have to stick together we have to make sense that we have to save money we have to pick the right plans and we have to make sure that -- protect. You're absolutely right in and -- our -- hold on because you know really wants to get your questions will get in a moment you know. You know I know you also can't speak your mind about what you think of all this we really appreciate your candor and what's actually possible that sometimes don't look at the communities and I. I have to live this is every day and -- and you know I love we love what we do really good at what we do -- we actually love our partners in our carriers in western new York and they've done a great job. On helping us with this but it does it's it's it's at its challenges to challenge every day. And the challenges. Is is the understanding. I'm in the way it was presented. Right that's 8030930. Here on news radio mine the -- give us a call it in a freezer at 930. Janelle will be answering your questions of calls from their -- Omar were gonna get -- in a moment this is -- took it on the sandy beach show. On news radio in my thirty WB EN this is my efforts and -- -- on news -- 930 our number is 8230930. Starting that in your cellphone. Where in the studio here with you know marking his competitors answering you questions. About obamacare and there have been some cars going on for quite -- as Americans are very confusing. Gary in Boston you got a question for Janelle. Yesterday all this to country goes single Payer like Obama originally served during campaigning you'd like to see -- constituents are -- -- Well individuals get a little. Bit the page you annually Ers are going to be hidden in taxes. That's actually really good question I'm not I can't really I'm speak on the single pay system because that's something that is not even in -- wheel house right now. We have to make sense of what's in front of us right now. And we have to make what we have work if that happens. Medicare will be one of the first folks. To be uneducated and be able to answer those questions but I don't see that happening in the in the near future. Which is good news because we have that we have to get through this straight now. But but if something like that does happen I'll. -- -- -- -- -- my experience I lived in in the former Soviet union for for several years end. In Russia that's systems in her system is wrapped in taxes right so we also have a call here from the deep rooted in Laporte David thank you calling. -- Thanks to put me out that your agent and by the -- good -- Macon what you got your work because. I'd say listen but as we promised her we begin -- politics -- she's so busy trying to keep up with the blizzard of change. It -- my question leads. I haven't heard this mentioned it is very like three months now and I wonder if it's true. You know I just say the the mandate for big business has been postponed until about -- fifteen right. Correct well I also -- moments ago. The twelve to 712. Billion dollars -- Obama talks. Out of the Medicare system to make the numbers look right to to show. Obamacare where the sun don't shine. That is also been postponed to the beginning at 2015. And the purposes that is so the old people in people on disability and Social Security. Won't see either you know every year when they get there -- big benefit amount -- like this year as possible up one point 5%. So it won't be used to land. And the amount they say they take out for Medicare is seen as a hundred. In the future you're -- might go down to 16100. In the if they take out will go from 100 to 500. And it -- is it true I mean I'm I don't make those numbers up but I don't think they're far fetched. Bet that this 712 billion. Has been postponed until 2050 to hide it from the November election next year -- people don't know about it. But David I've I don't know -- I know that you know business and I I frankly don't know -- but I'll tell you this true I believe I have heard it I can't. Unlike the big business you know postponement. And the individual mandate possible postponement but nobody ever mentions the 712 billion and Obama lied about. I will tell you this arm I will find out the answer and -- and I'll give it to you. If can you -- I give your telephone number to Chris or find the answer out give. And and you're earlier and I got your earlier caller. Given the number you. -- -- I'd like to get penalized all paid for that one way ticket to the socialist -- help you as his choice to do the math in my country. Massachusetts. Well -- -- thank you very much David I'll tell you what to know if that's the thing we were talking. Every state is different it is everything's different. It really as I mean the air. If we resent somebody up to Massachusetts. It means actually in New York actually every county. Every county is different every state is different you know I -- recommendation. -- wing wing when you're watching the news and they start talking about the Affordable Care Act outside of New York State walk away. Don't even listen don't even -- because it doesn't make any sense to you if you live in Erie county for example. If you live in Erie county they start talking about Monroe County where my home offices. It's not gonna make any sense to its all different which is why I recommend. He talked to experts that are in your area he makes sense of but don't don't listen to the hype don't listen anything that's going on. Worry about you your family and make the best decisions for your family yourself and your and your business and your and your employees if your business owner walk away. Let let's let's let's make sense of of what we have today. It's -- you know. RB Eddie Holland -- on the line with with the original murky as you care. The eighth. Your policies canceled out. I guess my poppy can't even when I wanna tell you where it it is the information I've seen fit in the latter. That the new -- is going to be offered are called these metal policies -- -- platinum gold silver that the public the minute with that crafts. And the goal would be like 8020 K against in the back nine and but there's a very small fine print the latter which they did not release -- says no. He's sure will not be paying disproportionately on each claim. It will be paying that portion. Over the course of the year we're all policyholders. And all clean. That that is absolutely correct. In other words I will never know -- my insurance is gonna pay 81 had a procedure needed to -- 515050. Even a -- 6040. Little bit confused now cause people. Well it's actually it's based on that plan as well also every plan has developed different -- -- talking about as the actuarial value of the overall cost of the plan. And every and every every medal level has several different plans to choose from. And every carrier there's one standard playing you have to have one standard plant are all built the same it was built off of Oxford. On every single carrier has to have an average -- level yeah -- within there there are eight plans associated with each level that are different. So it's about the overall actuarial value. But we think this would -- advertisers -- them he is dead I'm gonna viable planet 8020 and I expect like every other insurance that I've ever -- in my lifetime. If it's 8020 from the start when they have a claim it's gonna be 8020 -- this is not gonna happen. It depends on what type of plan. Error this is gonna allow the insurer to make a decision on each individual procedure. What they're gonna pay they don't -- 55 you know epiphany. The process is not changed. Pay -- hey -- that process that the process of the week -- a claim is paid just because there's metal levels by the carriers has not changed. The plan is the plan so if you have a gold plan through blue cross blue shield. Right now right now and it's it's it's it's eight and then there's really no goal plan to let's say you heavy co pay plan. That it that's a -- equated -- -- level and that's what it is it's going to be a co pay plan if you go platinum blue cross blue shield for example it's a true co pay plan. Just like he was years ago when we all had to go to the doctor we had a pay co pay the way they pay claims has not changed. Because of the law on its just the development and how the plan is is is created. -- -- -- level is about actuarial value of the overall costs throughout the year right what anybody actuarial actuarial value is is aid for example -- platinum plan is in 90% actuarial which means that you are only going to be responsible for 10% of your overall health care costs throughout the year. There is a maximum out of pocket. That is associated now come January with every plan whether it's co pay plan or whether it's a high deductible plan. -- you know we've really appreciate having you want -- you you managed to. Talk about things like this in kitchen table language I really appreciate you I don't -- dumbing it down because it's really dumb to start -- You're actually making it more intelligent more clear something that I can talk to my father across the table if you ever invites you for dinner. And and and I really -- I hope you'll come back in the future because they're going to be a lot of questions about this thank you very much. Ghastly things for everybody Simon give beneath your -- have any issue with the number one more time real quick the number with banning carry seven point 66888161. Well thank you very much -- is Michael Caputo in for sandy beach. -- three and thirty WB EMC tomorrow.

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