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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>11-13 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

11-13 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Nov 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes we're back Michael brutally enforced sandy beach here and he's reunited three -- and art tanning and qualifier for the I hate my furnace contest. Thomas Peters from Lancaster Thomas Peters from Lancaster -- call us back at 64490. -- every five. Within 93 minutes of being in this in your name being announced here you win you -- super tuneup. And to be entered in to win the right refers to an air conditioner valued at 5125. Dollars and your gonna need it. Thomas Peters from wing can't you 93 minutes this is Michael who again in four sandy beach news radio 930 WB yen. I am joined on the phone by Tom Stamberg -- Stamberg is the founder and former CEO. Of -- staples. He has a business career. That would that is just absolutely amazing it missed -- thank you for joining us from WB Ian here in buffalo. Thank in my. She'll listen that are objecting your known up front here. I know right now it's it's a shock given that it's actually beautiful with those noses you know it's not the way in buffalo not much of the snow really gets. -- discovered you know have a handle on entrepreneurship like nobody I've ever known before you EU we do you really. Aren't hit the mark with staples you created 50000 plus jobs and you did a great great work its star markets. Tell us a little bit about what inspires you was on the north. Well me. All times. Necessities -- convention. Yet not -- are mostly because I got art my job. And rookies -- change in the is something else to do. Didn't find great opportunities in the orchard view not from -- My partner at times when you can't. Really good deal of money -- -- -- -- -- were fine some business or people getting ripped off. In applied it -- efficiency principles and industry might be very successful. But it one in office products and her cup several decades at least it worked well. While we see it I know from your your bio that you when you first discovered this you know. Real opportunity use our people selling 23 dollar ballpoint pens and that just costs thirty cents wholesale -- thought -- This this could be profitable. It will -- again is the ability. It's kind offer merchandise at half price what people used to pay for it because of all the war Hulu friends. Being open long hours post just nine to five Monday through Friday. There's -- entrepreneurial society where people at home offices now and computers partners that would then we got to be affordable and almost appliance is created supplies nobody's it was a wonderful thing. Well I'll tell you are that was 1986 Q in your partners started staples and you know 25 years later. Are you moved on to. Highland capital partners you -- you're involved in many different out for her efforts but tell me. What do you think about the present day environment for entrepreneurship. Could you do what you did in 1986 today. Are you that question all time. -- what is -- here a couple of examples of how much harder is today. They did. Was nice start in mind you. I with Mike Dukakis governor of Massachusetts department and handicap for a unless. And increase -- surrounds music despite that it was easy and today. For example I think today is Obama here. In the -- -- aspects obamacare. Could actually retail business. Issues work hours and we had a lot of companies or take but part time. Law then. Are going to school. Will be full time job this or hours you know they want more than twenty hours -- In any case. That in -- they want to force an hour days twenty hours. -- -- Lot and bottle here. It used to be provided any sort of emergency health care plan that some of them so that someone didn't say it for a possible. That. Well look here outlawed that. Does this plan to keep but not really bright you don't know what she. -- on health -- old fart like me. Right. You're welcome. By the -- And you know what you need and so. That's why can't back you know -- what was prompts -- on top of that. Once employee get some tickets -- forty hours a week. You gotta absorb -- out of 101000 dollars worth of health insurance. So do the math on that -- 38 hours a week because fifty hours a year fifty weeks a year. That's 15100. Hours that he -- the day and hit it 38 hour. You're increasing my salary -- the cost of having more onboard. By six dollars an hour right so both of paying twelve on now can you repeat. What friends. That thirty hour we've gotten had or even when they came close to where you might -- authority but along there right undercut our. And frankly you know the business purposes you're better off having people work longer hours than normal -- what Luxembourg was more about customers. What oil. But you can't afford to do it consisted of obamacare. Now. And there's example after example and actually works in a course that people are right. I'm not yet people anxious. Yeah well. Added these young people don't. You know the ones do. The cost is gonna skyrocket. And somehow or another America's employers in that very act. And just the uncertainty -- hear about that in itself is crimping the economy and our customers' ability to build. And I -- -- around to sarbanes Oxley Dodd-Frank at a much you know stuff. Well week maybe will be able to do that -- after the break Natalia it sounds to me like obamacare is encouraging businesses to cut full time hours. To part time is that we are seeing. You'll hear -- from other CEOs as well. -- well you're you're also on several different boards are the big deal with the differently right I mean. One caught 11 company might be going one way welcome -- might be going there it's quite different from company company -- Well listen. Missed -- if you can stick around for a little bit. Our -- we've got to meet with the next fifteen minutes we've got some callers -- want to ask you questions but one last question before we go to the break. You know I I'm wondering you know that mr. -- and I work together. We do a lot of policy work on Washington issues and -- -- group called the job creators -- network. He tells for a second your co-founder can you tell us for a second job -- network. Yeah look what are my heroes of business is Bernie Marcus the one of the Coke bottle depot. And Burton recognized. How regulation. In America what stifling world. And we'll get in the worked up after the break and -- found this so called job creators alliance. -- now I don't want to entertain entrepreneur and former CEOs and guys from motel owners in an Iowa to Brett Anderson the former CEO but. Best buy that John -- -- see your local police and I've gotten all the together to try to speak up against regulation. And fought for Norse. To try to hopefully great environment. Like. The bill being proposed right now in the senate world body to be easy to evaluate always great regulations that are out there. And hopefully be integrated environment what brought. Well will get right to those issues are right after the break this is Michael Capuano on the air with Tom Stamberg the founder. Of staples talking about the challenges businesses -- today especially obamacare this is Michael -- went for sandy beach on news radio 930. WBZ. Am this is Michael -- your news radio 930 and -- sandy -- -- back Monday. I'm joined via telephone by Tom Stamberg who is the founder and former CEO of staples. Missed number we -- just talk about the impediments to business expansion and job creation. You were mentioning regulations in very particularly this is something that sounds quite frustrating. For you forever. Sort actually and you got in place -- -- you describe for the listeners -- you know what's our results he does. And why exactly course came after the great disaster WorldCom and. Some it and it Enron and so that particularly new regulations. Which -- -- -- -- was the notion that the pupil test was financial statements and just make sure they're right makes a lot of sense. But it actually became an accountant Richard. Because that put the whole bunch of regulations. And do more with the means computer passwords and secretary control systems work is frankly. -- -- I think crotchety but a lot of impact except the cost. The average emerging business about a million dollars a year. Now thank god for from the young guns and congress wouldn't -- -- jobs -- Which we exited the smaller companies but not too long before it can hit. Impact. Of sarbanes Oxley. Then add -- that Dodd-Frank and Dodd-Frank is an absolute nightmare. And yet but in this case it. In the equation is that in dot Franken mrs. Or the big believer in the fact that people would be accountable rights and more companies Romney. Chairman accountability in this -- big public companies where I am. Able -- regulations which -- if you. Somehow those groups will be well numbers solution bonus and so forgotten. About the way to claw that back from you. That makes a lot of sense and good policy in place public policy institute report. Right so if you relied on the reports you gotta give that money back for the company. Now take an example of underserved area and under Dodd-Frank the way it works let's see you bought -- systems guy. -- three years ago did a great job easier job. You earned your bonus but not -- years later it turns out without any knowledge or participation you're part. Because this vehicle was -- in the books you have an -- gotten bonus. I don't think he should go back to claw back. Income my god would actually not you do it. And would be prepared to. And -- -- it now paying out ranks as you go do that. The other example is. And I know in the article was that the they have it -- -- kind of crazy excesses on Wall Street -- Some of the bank were taken they created rules that say you had about ways. The weekly wages compensation policies -- where it's. -- enterprise has lost the financial system as a whole. Now the truth of the matter is companies involved would so -- products. Sell used cars. And so athletic where. You know what there -- danger of these financial system. Like Goldman's actions and that. But that's a matter you know 11 to one side is a government one side or the other business. So that one particular group it. Submitted a long one to regional job in the companies and how. Compensation policies didn't create risk at each and every level -- -- we've employed. So that I don't think this with the SEC guidelines. John Weaver. Patent nature of work is that by four page letter asking for explanations every single line. I'm like chaos and you're taxpayers dollars at work. What what they need that level of detail obviously. It's that's predictable. If you about -- department. And city. -- Or -- -- banks don't really have this kind of rest and don't harass every company in North America. Yes that's exactly what -- -- And the impact of the regulation actually you know -- and if the end of the day the Affordable Care Act obamacare is. Regulatory problems for businesses as well it really is regulation based. I was -- regulation based. And two and a regulations keep James. If they do and and where we -- hearing now that. There are many Democrats getting on board saying that there's -- -- -- a bill up there and Diane Feinstein announced yesterday. That they're gonna try to make sure that America's now keep their plans they don't have to give them up like the president promised that it is an economic collapse the entire concept of Obama care. And that what didn't even factor -- matters. What you need to have to make a plan like this works out to be kept worked with contrived. But do it if you want an optimist I hope this works. The way it works is you get everybody. Sign up for the plan. Including young healthy people. You now on 85845000. Dollar kind of policy that you got 15100 no policies. And so I can subsidize. Older folks like ourselves. So that we can have our our health care subsidized to make -- report system can afford us. Well -- -- now -- those people I forgot about that you electoral plan which skated out plan which has become a whole lot. And that's no longer -- last. I was told -- collapses or they'll find a whole lot in even more greater taxes and boy we have you mentioned the current tax increase obamacare. Portland this and they'll look at the end it. In terms of the extra surplus are -- income -- in this investment package based applies to virtually every -- -- you have. So they're -- duplicate tax is quite a bit they're produced not even more. Absolutely. Absolutely and in the end. I mean just from a businessman's perspective what you're one of America's titans of business you've been through Harvard undergrad Harvard Business School. Would anybody who made the mistakes made on this. Project on obamacare somebody who designed website the -- -- not -- world marketing department. And of course all of the cancellations coming and all the collapse is going on all around us. What would happen to the private sector individuals and conceived of this plan and tried to put in place would they haven't. Absolutely not. In the border partners didn't fire the board -- That -- try to Ireland needs it is un believable. Our president -- when the greatest public speakers. But it is. Every experience is a wonderful job. Which shall not -- -- -- -- -- nice guy but. You know some news blog would want it. Right absolutely and and they would get warnings for quite some time. You know -- it was discovered I really appreciate your time on this and know a lot of people a reference -- your perspective. As one of them are being businessmen in the nation thank you for taking the time today with a appreciate it. -- think there are now mrs. Michael Caputo. On four sandy beach city is off on vacation. You'll be back on Monday your beloved. Daily talk show -- from 912 will be back on Monday. But I mean for him for the time being. -- -- -- On news radio 930 WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and stuff are nine journey -- toll free line is 1806169236. Lots -- with its neighbors -- of what. Good things like Michael brutal in for sandy beach on newsreader in mind the WBZ and my main man Chris knows all about this stuff I can't tell yet. I'd love the sabres since I was a kid trying to keep up with the to keep up with what they do when they're in the tank is always confusing. An amazing thing I mean when they reach back into the there you know back in the history of the team and they find somebody that has a connection that usually works out. I think -- of -- strong improvement I've not made two of our game this year yet the wife of hockey hockey she's out of Eastern Europe of course they love hockey over there isn't something we share and affection for. Tell you that the press conference happening right now although it was funny to see the news broke him first. On Wikipedia. Wikipedia is -- the modern day press conference Chris what's going on over there and in sabres. Well there's just a bunch or reports at the moment but here's what it looks like sabres parting ways with Ralston. And G embarrass your gear they're gonna rehired Ted Nolan Pat LaFontaine will be the president of hockey operations this is no small it's a small move notices enormous. Bill -- -- evening is being reported from from many different outlets TS and was the first place I sought. The the organization before. Today. Yes it had presidents have black but -- black really wasn't in charge of hockey operations have like -- business things. -- your -- essentially ran hockey department so what you have an hour with LaFontaine is an actual guy. It heads up -- hockey department and of all the reports there were seeing are true his first moves are just completely cleaning out the GM and via the coach which. You know you can't argue that. It's not needed do at this point did the team is now performing very well that's putting it mildly they have four wins in twenty games three of their four victories have come and shoot outs and -- At home ice has been a disaster the fans are getting restless. And I think a lot of people in this town. Would be fine starting over and bottoming out rebuilding so long as -- -- the -- with the guys and about a charge for the last fifteen or so years right. Right and I'll tell you your -- we're gonna get more about this probably as your monitoring all the updates from Chris -- -- come back the thank you very much that update big day. In -- and very big day -- it sounds to emulated changed long overdue. But Australia we were talking about obamacare. I wanna go right to the phones. Because we have fill in Amherst to -- I think broken all records in my long two weeks. As he talks post you've been on hold for quite awhile they'll tell us what you think about Obama can. I'll obamacare is going to go out buying furniture and having that extra -- group is going. -- ago. -- -- Create your network. The problem. Well one look under the great article. In the Atlantic magazine that you cannot find out the Atlantic outcome. And don't -- that give you a brief excerpt because that not only affects the people who want to get -- The -- -- the people who don't have insurance. And out. It's sort here that need to top it. Our need be penalized for not signing up to let people. In the risk pool. And real -- if they have. Too many and other insurance company don't know that definitely. They want -- team on his own insurance company. That aren't lining up more of the news or he can't. You know customers -- consumers. And the problem with that is as we all know it. Somebody's got to pay for arsenic happening. You're gonna say. Insurance premiums go up there is no way around. Because that is the way the market. And you think of it and obamacare being beat and be -- And the the stock exchange you know being filled with Scott -- -- good or bad or whatever. And you hope you got to pick the right you want. And doubt what happened is there's so many don't know Pamela the stock exchange they get penalized by the SEC. Think that's gonna happen and then churned up. Well tell me again -- that can do it tells the title of this. Article on the Atlantic because that's -- -- -- work out something worth three. Oh yeah if you don't handle well. Www. Org and dot. I feel I'm sorry we're gonna have to jump to the sabres press conference we're going to be interrupt right now this is the Buffalo Sabres president.

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