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11-13 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Nov 13, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning. It's my crew and again for sandy beach yes it's me I'm back. On WT ENN news radio 930. 908. Is the time that you -- late for work. That's true. However you have that cup of coffee that you waiting in line for tech watched thankfully. Me be your boss will forgive you it's easy get really good. Knew he had two week long. Well here on the CBB should maybe get some interesting guests coming in. Is just. Confirming we have our Tom Stamberg who's the founder of staples we have several staples here. Western New York it's the office superstore in the office outfitters. He's a guy known will talk with him about how he started staples and whether he thinks he could hurt peoples in the present economic and he also -- talk about obamacare which is subject. On our 11 o'clock hour when John now mark Khazei from diabetic care. I think they call her for a full disclosure -- I went to a briefing that John now and her colleagues Aggies in east or for the chamber of commerce there. And she and I know a lot about obamacare in the -- too much effect. Wish I could forget all of -- but she answered questions that I didn't have the answer to because these are questions. But I have always neglected to ask -- always ask why. Have been focused on the politics of but frankly of this in the law and that we better get busy complying with. In fact she's coming in with practical. Answers how to -- -- my child what about this. Pre existing condition or to -- need to go to the the New York State website for this are for example all of you. Who were received -- cancellation notice from independent health like my wife and I did last week. You cannot get independent health on -- -- do it through. The New York State of health care website. You can touch came look at you can't even talk about it if you talk about independent how you were not logged into the New York State website you will be punished. That's absolutely true that's part of obamacare. It's actually a month -- today we some we have some very interest in news. Looks like senator Dianne Feinstein who is. A very nice -- but. She is via icon of the left. She is joining. The senator from Louisiana. Timberland. The woman the Democrat. Who is now in trouble because of obamacare she's joining -- bill calling for a the president and the administration. To allow. The anybody who has. Health insurance to keep their health insurance. Which of course goes strikes right at the heart of the funding mechanism. And the mode June. With the Affordable Care Act his signature legislation and the White House is opposed to the following -- -- and -- Measure of this measure will is not necessarily I don't know photo copy but it's. It's and fraternal twin. To our house representatives bill of the same ilk. Where perhaps. I will after all be able to keep our independent health policy that we were happy with the may be will be able to see the doctor we've been seeing. Because we like him. Maybe that will happen the boy oh boy. What do we do then. I'm canceled. And canceled invoking it offerings that we have not just from here but also from the web site from your website. And trying to figure about it that's the obvious confusing and that's why Janelle marquis is coming in to beating Nancy practical questions if you call up. During her time here and you go off on Obama care how much you love it how much -- it. I'll give you a little bit but we really wanted to practical questions for. -- yes today. We CD and we are at the funeral. Of blockbuster video. Tony you know like Chris reminiscing about this. Chris revealed that he on on on the morning news revealed that he doesn't even you never -- -- of -- probably never went into blockbuster. You're an online completely. But blockbuster was something nice to do regular raises anybody in my -- that it -- capture. All of that. But I tell Tony's story that it would I lived in Russia but to Russia from 19932000. I was there there was a an area of Moscow the city of Moscow. Weird they sold black market TV I'm sorry but there -- no dvds and black market CDs and black market. VHS tapes of all the movies that you have ever heard. -- card called a guard post garbled scope was set up in a boxing arena and outdoor boxing arena where they were longer boxing. It is. Fraudulent. Theft. And intellectual properties are is your right conceive you can get a videotape of a movie that just came as -- come out yet. That's how prevalent those futuristic three you could not see the end of the ocean of plastic in film it was as far as its. And I haven't been an interesting program for short time while I was in Moscow where you from Microsoft on the and what -- property theft problem and we organized the raid of garbled. With the militia. Weird they grabbed up all of content that was illegal. They dumped it in a big pile in the parking lot hue and -- and screams of all the thieves were trying to sell the stuff. And then we called him a huge. Steamroller and those rollers it's moved without the street if you know anything about former Soviet Union -- and you know. That they -- steam rollers were impressed. We brought that thing and we re kind of ramped up. And then we just rolled right over the huge mountain -- VHS tapes. In and a and CDs all ripped off and that's that's what that they need to do. Went in front of the -- blockbuster just beat Ohio VHS -- and bring in that Soviet steam -- and letter real practice man actual. Well maybe this is Michael -- to him for seeing the beach here -- Our new Israeli unite to be WB and gives call eight or threes or 930 or star 930 and your cellphone will be right back this is Michael -- mean. For sandy beach ease off on vacation or you'll hear him again on Monday. Hopefully next time we're here -- -- -- 930 WP and our gives -- it to a freezer remind thirties started turning yourself on to Beirut has been a lot of time on obamacare not just of the effect it's having on businesses. With Tom Stamberg founder of staples. But also are a practical. -- about a practical. -- today at 11 o'clock with our Janelle -- easy from -- care who it is. The wizard. Bennett -- I'm sorry the wizard -- obamacare she knows more. About obamacare she's forgotten more about him accurately and I will. And I'm a little. So she should be able to answer your questions very practical questions what are you doing with health -- in light of what's happening. Right now because they're pulling their health care rug. Right out from under. It's gone. The most important and most practical. Discussions at a family has all your long. Is health care certainly the insurance part what you're taking care of you really don't wanna have to think about again. But healthcare are your children you parents your mother from New York here all those things are primary. Motivations and guardian life and the Obama administration has blown it up. We have seemed to collars here. -- from Ontario. Obamacare you know you don't like Obama care very much room. Well it could totally locked out the way it's old obviously not socialize that it's and we know that. Americans are forced by product health insurance company like listen let's. It would companies are going dock port city airport. Picking up and their Canadian soccer portrayed here and established itself the state for fifteen years. -- back up here the brought in for a little you know little kids bloom. Absolutely. And and you know what you're doing it a little companies are picked up airports Aiken at the real companies that are loyal and showing them home. -- that happening in droves and you know truly believe that the and -- -- is very short and well I think it could happen renewal every month. All these people could be -- Is gonna get out and you know that's I think what can it's. Typical Republican it would be an impeachable offense. Our hearts aren't seeing. Optics. Is just the optics of an emergency room were on our health insurance are all I think anti Serb. At a -- emergency because it's so they can't apparently tradition that they don't need more there ought to be. I can't read the front door it catches the -- could be people a week it'll. That basically. On the streets there. Wonder. -- you don't mainstream media and let's say you know well there's some very good possibility because it's sitting president like a -- -- in history ever that a president on school like it's worth that. The American people personally that logic like that you know what can happen they'll -- a whole lot. About what -- Well I'm I'm I'm hoping the wrong I don't doubt that there is. Via I I don't doubt that there are certain the impetus for it -- I think everybody I'm certainly cam is known for civil discourse I'm hoping that civil discourse hold on here doesn't look like it doesn't mean sometimes the party. Pretty nasty but you're right this is the most severe administrative overreached I think. I certainly in the modern years modern era and and I think it's going to snapped back with a broken rubber band and and it's going to hurt the Democrat party fundamentally. What do you think about that. -- -- ought to take it can happen very quickly. I think you might be repeat Pete thank you very much for calling you gonna call him during 11 o'clock -- learn some more about. Coverages. But in addition to that dug in Hamburg Doug welcome to the -- -- show you're concerned about the speed of obamacare. Are certainly that headline article in the Buffalo News today that bears 40000 people enrolled so far 197000. People approved. And the head of the state proud programs we're on track things are going great. But by my estimate is going into the at least two to three million New Yorkers forget to sign up through this. And if you look at the numbers to date with maybe a month and a half ago. That means that less than 10% of the people have been approved only two to 3%. Have actually signed up in the for the month than with a month and I have to go on holidays. How in the world could they possibly consider this contract. Well you know it's interesting I think. Are in defense of the website are I think it's in in my opinion this is the best they can do this website but will give him later. I think that of New York website however is is fairly robust have you tried it Doug. Yes I try to sign up arm. And three weeks ago they said it would be two weeks before I get approval thing and it's three weeks now and I'm still waiting for. Yeah they're backed up on that as well but I tell you New York State is broad roads be wrong. The Obama and the federal mean. I tried to get. I think I've talked about yesterday we're weird network were hitting problems with uploading documents my wife is not from the United States you have to prove your immigration status. In order to participate in the program. So you know I'm uploading documents may be too large too and and you know frankly I give up because I just got to get on -- -- now. Doug -- what happens. If the web site doesn't catch up in the and we don't get critical mass they need what you think. Well I don't know I'm more concerned by the united the same problem I have two children were adopted from overseas -- Thought god bless you thank you out I just don't see how they can and you know I'd probably could say with only two to 3% the -- I was a project manager for many years they were talking twenty to 30% -- say we got issues. But two to 3% I mean what other gulf sixty to 70% ready right idea and I mean how can they possibly get there from here. I know I know an and the problem we have is that people don't even understand options so. There's going to be a independent health response have our decision me on December 6. On December 6 with whatever decision made in if you wanna do it via -- new York state health care web site. -- we have until late in December. But if we want to do with outside. And threw back and accurately the organizations that find health care. That we are market -- using for years because were known phenomenon I have accompaniment on employer company that we do. But you know its -- let me tell you Doug thank you very much for Carl and I hope to listen in to our 11 o'clock -- -- -- -- information I. Think he'd. John in buffalo. A year year not to you're not that upset about Obama -- Out of I want obamacare that most people will want to. Finally get working properly I mean obviously was designed to. Stop the constant I didn't. Medical costs to control costs and help the uninsured. In an -- but this whole you know. If you watch track smoother. And -- the right wing talking point people going around and about especially people like John Daly and the guy and you are stationed there. With the initial he'd be it is me. Going on and I am about how the president lied. I don't know it's about Carly doesn't always come down on the outside talking points come on. Welcome back popular kind of silly talk about how the president lied. And while you may -- he may have made seated at this point I think the reason he said you can keep your policy if you like it is. Because he is just that people would work or cooperative they got sick that they're open here and actually publish them. Did John let me -- -- the -- after the -- after the break you read a heartbreaker on the San. He -- show. You're hearing the voice of -- WDN. That call us now winning 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 -- toll free -- -- 10616. And 19036. I welcome back. Michael Pluto in force sandy beach again. Here on news radio 930 WB and we were talking about obamacare and I accidentally and didn't give John enough time. John who is calling from buffalo -- online. I apologize to cut you off you mean -- -- -- one of the folks if you folks call an opposing this. I'm sorry it in favor of this -- wanted to make sure ago that your your your your feelings heard you said. That that let me ask this John what do you think of senator -- -- Yeah yeah. Are just as good as politicians you respect her do you think that she's thoughtful person. I -- -- thing it's -- I know he's pretty liberal area. Have you do you know are are you familiar with senator Mary Landrieu of tomorrow. Louisiana she's been a leader in the senate on the issues. Hugh Hewitt because of the blue dog Democrats and Republicans because she's -- -- -- But -- from Arkansas -- it was someone who. -- since Louisiana before she would have made that reports that he got away with it goes. Well her district in the cell and Arkansas where Obama -- What about what about their Kay Hagan of North Carolina when you think of Kay Hagan. Don't really nobody embodies their southern Democrats say they have to deal with a major Republican base and they have to on the -- Republican to analyze issues. Right but they all voted for obamacare they all voted for obamacare they have been cheering for they've been. Me in delivering the right. The southerner when he's still had a lot of reluctance by trying to. Well but you know senator Dianne finds into mean. She's no southern M Democrats used UP from San Francisco for God's sake that's -- -- All I can where you're going with the plan to question that they're starting to. Think about the I. No they're not thinking about it they're endorsing bills that instruct the president to please allow people to keep the air. Are there. You're I'd -- I didn't know that you're an expert on whether or not my health care plan was fine. But in addition to that. Our president. Former President Bill Clinton I think your friend -- he said that the president needs to keep his promise. I I really always looked at Bill Clinton is really. -- do -- -- friendly type almost going Leo -- civic or maybe you're pushing a little to the right. I think. Though the big question in this country have been forced Seoul park to the right editor you're familiar called a liberal. Well I disagree with -- you're you're you're telling me that you now disagree with. Former President Bill Clinton who are liberal icon in San Francisco senator Dianne Feinstein you dispute -- land through and others from the south -- -- who were now. Asking the president to stand up and honor the promise that he gave. Oh yeah okay the premise he gave that people could. Keep their health and like like guys that I believe you said that because he when he said you could keep if you liked it. He just assumed people would like not being covered when they -- What did you think about George W. Bush. When he has a hold on hold on long -- my turn to speak what did you think of George W. Bush when he assumed that the CIA's information. On. And weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And he spoke arms and it was there what did you think that we found out they weren't there. I believe that -- really knew that one correcting. Don't Obama knew that the US is not on the Iraq War. He -- he. Took office he was people a reason to go. -- -- but in your opening of course you don't have a divine intervention any kind of -- -- omniscient view of what was in president w.'s head but you somehow know that the president of the United States right now you have some kind of secret view into his -- he actually didn't know that they couldn't keep even though he said this dozens of times. -- -- your gear changing my work like that he'd just assumed people would want to keep insurance that didn't cover them when they respect. He specifically said you could keep it if you like it. And I think he what he meant by that was you can have health insurance that you don't. It doesn't cover you when you needed like these policies that are being canceled out that you would prefer to have health insurance and actually covered. But -- -- the problem is John John let me let me just say something -- appreciate what you're saying I agree I have a lot of friends -- Alberto from -- wish he would rather have an individual mandate. I mean if -- -- socialite does have a lot of friends who agree from a dead. I'm I'm a minority in Michael. Right but at the same time John York and you're saying what he meant to say and get -- -- -- Republican president messed up. Okay well I mean a lot of it's worth six point beatle John I I appreciate your call back to it went in the future wanna I wanna talk with you. The park because and other policy. All right we've been limited to what I wanted to say look. I wanted I just what is it when that -- -- are you when he was running for reelection in 1940. Said I will not then you're gone into any foreign wars. Knowing that it was it was completely. Unlikely. Knowing that old war was about to start but -- isolationist sentiment in this country was so strong man. That he can actually said that the -- -- up fairly good present when -- it. I think in hindsight he was a man of the hour I mean. But at the same time your comparing. Global war and the extermination of certain races of of of of earthlings. With the need for Health Care Reform in America I don't see the comparison to talk listen please do call and in the future I don't wanna I don't wanna keep your -- too long. I've got a lot of different callers here. You know the problem the -- IC. An agent in people who were on apologetic. Liberals who were Obama apologists all the way down the line. Who were seen their left you know Diane finds -- And they -- seen their icons like Bill Clinton peel away from this president. I think that they're never gonna leave the -- the president definitely you know want. Because. He's match. He's actually magical there's no question he's magical he can wave his wand and change everything. He's a man -- man Diane in buffalo. Morning Michael I don't want to say that I am very disappointed and I'm Obama camp. I thought it was for the benefit everybody I don't think there's any difference in them now than what we had before -- And I think there'd come a lot of people. You know I'd -- the discipline -- -- if you paid paid paid but when you needed to know you don't get what you need. And we told you to the Nazis. But it didn't -- -- and -- television and at the time has. Yeah. The paper. Had it but not in the Japanese we don't know he didn't tax and probably depend. -- Well you know read Dick Cheney many say many say it was powered by more than just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he has had -- it exiting when he was in his thirties now I feel -- about it. Do you think Medicare that would really. No I. Write and obamacare would kill as well there's no question no option. I can't thank you for colony and I really preach it got to go to break here this is Michael Prudhoe. In four sandy beach on news radio 930 WB -- we've been talking about obamacare here we've had some people. Get right to you know. Out at the at 10 o'clock hour -- a friend of mine and who was the founder of staples. You have you've ever needed to. Copy paper office supplies you know exactly with steep losses. He created a company from nothing from nothing. And it now stable -- of 50000. People. He's no longer with staples but he has -- very astute on some really respect. And Tom Stamberg going to be on the phone with -- during the 10 o'clock hour -- -- he can. Again this is Michael -- in force him to be John newsreader at 930 WB Ian were talking. About Obama here with Linda from Cheektowaga and Ari on the line there. Yes I -- for holding on the I really appreciate claim credit that blow it on the topic you know. But it target -- -- -- I'm laughing matter. Top wind and nineteen terms. -- dean -- here. Why haven't seen -- John you wouldn't stay. County parent of theory and needed acne and when they hired. It purses are running this injury they partnered than that in the -- -- Came from the -- and how would change the plot about down. But -- Linda where you really stand on Obama I mean is is a bomb wouldn't. I guess not get the what do you think about the obamacare the health care when I mean it's -- it's -- -- the law of the land for a couple years. People have a right to know what it -- they're they're avoiding everything their their speed they're no good there eat. And -- how you insult angry I can finish the carpet while. No you can't drink coffee. Drink your coffee Linda please we don't know it was a morning. I know people here and I'll let him -- -- -- but he can't protect to me. Because I say it like it is and I say the -- they don't weren't they took this mean this does not accept people. Yeah you're right. It's so I. -- I couldn't steer it and act right. Oh I totally agree. Is this affecting your health coverage we have. A -- prosper you actually has that they're they're looking at a different -- solving there. Their problems but I'll tell you what every single provider out there is really under pressure. I know. People get to know they should now they are Iraq. That's true. -- well Linda thank you so much for Carl and and I remember. And we've not seen me and I -- -- as -- ma. This isn't paying me any new -- in. Well I understand you know I'll tell you when I. When I first moved on to add to western new Yorker I heard Tom Bauer les -- on the radio I knew I was home. He would practice. And why your beard from sandy on Monday thankfully. You know and it -- Now that's good we'll listen Linda I consider the WB and family loves you too thank you very much for calling it. -- -- Beer -- PDR angels itself from have been. I'm telling. People are waking now. Well I'll tell you I I thank you very much for -- and what Michelle. From -- you've been very generous with Tom thank you. I have been and I call. I just wanted to say that that caller we have a horrible thing Apollo Theater count all of these. That are being canceled that that really. No I mean we have heard of what would they were called platinum policy being canceled. Ryan and I hated that worst case scenario I have heard personally have a front and -- is that company. Again. Because the plan doesn't make you have maternity coverage when you. Don't really need maternity coverage and pediatric dental care coverage when you don't have any children. In another other words it doesn't comply with -- obamacare they lost a 141000. Dollar per year. Premium policy -- family. And are waiting in limbo just see what their company is going to jail. Well I'd bet the new lie and that what was the same job needs to wake up you know today the administration of continuing to apply. Well I'll take our -- we were paying 181000. Dollars a year for -- I don't know where there -- out there you go 181000 European and by the way. Very happy to pay it very had to -- because in the -- was keep us in good health. And I'll tell you our doctor Regis found recently released Santa we don't know if he's going to be supported under our new plan redeemed. Well and for all the people who haven't had the benefit of employment and think it's not going to touch you we know that that's why isn't gonna hurt you. Beginning in 2016. Everyone's gonna have to pay to access to the federal government on the value of their insurance. No question -- a lot and and there are a lot of companies out there Tom Stamberg from from 200 staples will talk about there -- a lot of companies out there. Who were deciding just a -- -- running into the end of the exchange between the just. It's it's cheaper. Well that flies. They're paying kind of behind the scenes according to reports the largest corporations are -- with a gonna bide their time wait a couple years. And then just stop offering it -- the benefit of employment and puts everybody into the Paul and when you have to pay for something that was pre. The what the benefit of employment now you've lowered your standard of living. And to me obamacare double play Nevada. Redistribution of -- But for the middle class that means we're going to make everyone -- -- a lower everybody's standard of living because now they're going to pay for something. They used to be about a -- -- climax and the other thing that bothers me about it is that it's a very the way it's being implemented as a very crop. It was just reported that there is -- Obama behind the scenes deal between the administration and -- labor. Paid paid 600 million dollars to some other labor unions stopped but the attacks that -- about the pay out both Cadillac. Insurance plan. How come all of us are getting -- people that I know that that's very corrupt and that all the waivers we also don't hear of all the companies. Including McDonald's another large employers. What Ben -- and waivers and don't have to provide health insurance at all. Well I I think at the last number I heard it was but it is like I have and I don't -- a lot that I heard 12100 for awhile but I think it. It's well past 12100 at bats with well well past 12100 -- right now they're also they're also looking to give me some of these waivers to municipalities in the government trying. The other problem is that the way it's being implemented is very crop. So it's due to me if they're going to write a La and I don't think anybody read the lines of that famous quote from Nancy Pelosi. You have to pass the first appeal it then that nobody Raddatz so now the mistakes that are that are playing out. The American people and there are all suffering through each and every one of those mistakes and one of the mistakes -- saying companies at -- air under don't have to even offer. Health care about the unemployment how many of both companies immediately pushed everybody off. Absolutely I mean in -- there there's a real trend for afoot right now. As we speak he's trying to -- for companies who were on the bubble who were not quite fifty full time equivalent employees. They're pushing employees who are full time in the part time. Right and they are under that the and that they can distraught but that's about it that much brick by about volcanoes jobs because that creates the part time labor force and -- all phones defenders maybe a company of like 48 employees who is doing very well credit and they decide not to stand. Well Michelle thank you very much for calling and I hope you'll stick around and listen for Tom Stamberg. Founder of staples. Mega company talk a little bit about this and other issues equipment we proceed beach.

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