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Digital Kills the Video Star

Nov 13, 2013|

"Cinema" Bob Stilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cinema Bob's still sincere he used to be known as. -- -- -- back regroup and look -- and Batman tonight says and -- -- get a movie video factory and got to go up there in the movie. All the other again. And go back. I'm Bob was the film wired for video factories back in the day when we used to watch movies and VCRs yeah. Yeah I. I used to think the video factory chain very successful we have like 35 stores at a -- started with just one. Small location on to -- avenue there we were eventually purchased by blockbuster. I used to think as we would stock the shelves in rent them out. There's really nothing quite like this where else do you think boy I'm gonna go to the store. And hope they have. It may not be the end you know of somebody want to go right Apocalypse Now they think what's my second choice -- it may not be there. So you go there maybe you don't get what you want it may -- you get something else but you take it home and watch it. Lets you watch it -- like if I go to the movies and see a movie I think it's kind of lousy credit for all. And I think it's lousy like I can just walk out of -- that boy. I didn't care for them moviegoing experience I never want to think about it again now when you rented a movie from the video store you watched a movie and hated it. Schlepped all the way back to the store to return you know what what else you have to do more so late fees are facial. And then wait and -- I just remembered I still copy of ghostbusters two and return to blockbusters that going to be a problem. You have to make sure that you re while all you gotta rewind be kinda real time we saw all the lottery wanders back in the day how many. What a movie like really took off. And everyone was coming and asking for how many of those movies did you stock. Of that of that of that title it it it -- I mean it really vary from store to store hadn't I hadn't. Doesn't possibly it it would vary with each particular film and the location as to how much business was at the location. How much immediate demand there was going to be for it and you had to try to figure out how long. It was going to be in demand because now used to the idea of if you go to the store buyer brand new movie it's probably 1520 box but can you -- The movies like hundred acres they were very expensive if we bought a copy of like. Aliens. In 1987. That was gonna cost us about sixty dollars a piece. So if you bite too many. And the rentals slow down. You're stuck with it you know -- you can try to sell it used but it's gonna be harder to cover your money so there is a definite. Sites there's also the question to in my mind I was buying is. What was the excitement of the moviegoing experience. Was -- a case of it being plot driven where yeah I've seen that story I know who did -- I know the mystery. I'm not really that anxious to see it again. Or was it something like. Top -- Beverly Hills cop or Rambo warrior like. That was just exciting yeah I wanna watch that again I liked the feeling of that movie so whether the will be was going to have repeat value for people also. -- so how do you watch movies in your favorite TV shows today. -- it really does very. Take walking -- my family came to Walking Dead. Late we we didn't really get started with it because maybe now it's. So huge success such -- -- show. Sold this summer we decided let's get on the Walking Dead -- -- Catch up with the three seasons we have instant so the whole family watched among Netflix together. And we flew through the three seasons and about a month you know whenever we get a chance we'd we'd watch an episode now the new season started. And we have to watch it week by week we have to wait till Sunday night. Meet personally -- Like the idea of getting it once a week I like the idea of waiting for it. Watching it and then having a week to think about it. What does it mean story wise talk about it with friends what you think Herschel meant when he sat down the Bible all upset it all just discuss all that sort of stuff. All whereas I found when we binge watch knows. You just kinda like -- you don't take as much time to really ponder that men and so and so wonder. With the advent of shows like house of cards and mortgages the new black on Netflix where they're putting out -- whole season it wants. That's a lot of material to go through very quickly I mean I would think it's going to be hard to keep up demand -- show because. Where is -- film season and -- season after carry you through eight months of viewing. Now. People can get that season and fly accurate and weekend that is very disposable. And it's the direction it's going and I think commercial advertisers somehow in the future and try to wiggle in here somewhere into the -- I don't know what the current with the big problem I mean Chris was talking earlier about how he watches does -- watch sports programs and start watching a little late. We do the same thing as well in our house if we're going to watch. You know let's say we're gonna watch Grey's Anatomy -- Thursday night and we're gonna watch Grey's Anatomy where to start watching at 9 o'clock. Will still watching at 910. And where we of the DVR already set so weakened his zip through the commercials. Every single time and we don't really see any of the commercials. Will just watch a little of something else rather than watching it live. And they've got to be just going crazy trying to figure out how they're going to battle that advertiser wise because the whole team it is. It is a case of a broadcast medium that is supported. Buying advertising and another war and gotten to the point where people are watching the ads that's an issue you -- Warner half. I should have or I should of wore my meant dreadlocks that I know that I look better in black and white and I do it collar. You know on bush at the door. Old -- you at -- yeah well you know what if for anyone who misses mantra black. And -- were a fan of those video factory commercials we've got a vintage commercial up at WB in that country to enjoy he -- -- and lock in his hand in black and white they spout. My pleasure cinema box -- here in studio this morning.