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Changing Ways We View TV & Movies

Nov 13, 2013|

Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More now on the way we're watching TV and watching movies the new way. Our guest on the WBM live on -- doctor Bob Thompson of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University head doctor Bob -- don't listen. The judging by your resistance and -- you told us about -- a long time ago. Judging by your resistance to sites like FaceBook. I would bet that your students Syracuse. Are light years ahead of the view in the new way the folks are watching movies and TV yes you know. Well they're not what you'd -- a median that I've been watching them it is so that I could start watching this stuff on my computer I did -- the difference between you watching movies on your laptop and doing FaceBook and -- if you have got. If you have meat from repeated the question is are students doing this yes I took a poll of the beginning of the semester. 120 might student. And over immediate. Out of a 120. Went home each night to replace it did not have a television. Which means they were doing. Almost exclusively either viewing of television and movies on. Their laptops or tablets and sometimes even their Smartphones that didn't mean they were watching a lot of TV because they were watching a lot of TB they were just watching it on now more about deflation. So this really explains the demise of blockbuster doesn't. Yeah I mean it is a little someone my age it's kind of nostalgia blockbusters used to be sort of -- you'd go down there or did he was available but. If you feel much better I mean for one thing you have to get the car and drive down their second lead the movie you want it would opted not. Either calm and then of course there was the inconvenience of having to drive back to return it -- the late fees that would accrue on your credit card if you didn't. Now the amount of movies and television if you just look at Netflix Hulu and Amazon law and that the consider all of the rest of the sources there's been an extraordinary. Amount of movies and television available. Whenever you wanted and now. A lot of people have the capability of looking their gut computers up to their big screen TV and so they don't even have to watch them a little lower screen anymore. Well what do you think what do you think TV stations. And the way they deliver their product to us and movie theaters are going to be ten years from now. Well movie theaters managed to survive that movie Peters stopped the television was going to completely kill them and of course the number of movies the average person proper week is never gonna try it. Used to beat. Up fourteen B but will be managed and I think movies will continue their. Pink screamed their social that's where the debut. -- speaking and so I don't think that will continue builder from threats there. Television right now most people still watch most television on an old fashioned TV screen but every indication. Even myself. In my behavior indicates that that is. That he's changing I would say in five years were still there have been networks there's still going to be releasing shows. The way they do now but if you -- to -- -- to predicted ten years I wouldn't even begin to think what it. Do you think the DVR will still be around. OP BR is really convenient the number of ways to expose the DVR itself. Go to way win one doesn't. Are things anymore when everything is available on the patient so you can get it that you wanted. The DVR becomes obsolete but that that's going to be a little while these transitions. This stuff is happening very fast but it's. It's not instantaneous. And as we said all these studies that wouldn't show that most people are still. Watching most of their TP. The old fashioned way 1020 years from now I think that's going to be very different. OK Bob thanks for joining us this morning always good to talk -- you. Are just anti about that -- traffic reporter Alan Harris he still. Is recording shows on a VCR. Around. I -- But -- -- Todd Palin thank doctor Bob Thompson with the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University.