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Sabres Break Through On Home Ice

Nov 13, 2013|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- is in studio with us this morning virtue by PNC's fancy New York's artisan cheese. Mike. Nice to see the sabres get a win at home last night. Well it's been since like forever and certainly make some offensive enjoyed him. The admitted feeling for quite awhile so. The they left last night with a smile on their fix. -- the sabres were outshot 45. To seventeen and Ryan Miller -- was sensational. You got the impression early -- that Miller was on top of his game how many out of the. Yep very early. I can tell very quickly -- just his body language it's in his body language it's was correct he was tracking the park for a well thought he was aggressive. But he was attacking the shooter. And and he did it on a consistent basis and as the game went on. I think that's just bill bill bill to the point that not only physical chemists are fielding that look at you just not going to beat me. I mean you know take another shot take as manager like I'm here tonight and remember my best and I feel good them in my group. And falsely take the next step how does that affect the team it's shooting a park. And it doesn't help them very much because they did they go into a negative type of posture in their thinking. Is apparent is quite as aggressive. It's far is thinking they can score. And I can put it here and you put it there and after awhile they just start shooting the park and hoping for the best. -- Cody had send memos and there -- the final game of the West Coast trip last night. -- and scored twice moles and it's who -- in a shootout goal how important was it for those sort of bounce back after -- -- Wells and. Pardon for their careers is important for their own you know self worth and dignity and everything else that goes along with -- being a professional athlete I mean if you're looked at as being up near the top of the packing orders at them. Anytime you're drifting down to the bottom here and I'm very comfortable. I could tell you if you get up to the top of the pecking order then you've got an awful lot of integrity in most cases tackles along with those type of players -- It even -- them little more. Then a lot of other players so they did respond. And they responded very well -- Cody went to the net like a -- she last night. The metaphorical I think the last four holes buffalo scored is simply from just driving the NAFTA and that's a good place to -- it to be certainly is around that net area. Well I'm Rick -- last night Mike called the game from ice level from the the benches in and a full helmet the shield. When you gonna start doing your segments. From available -- outlook that are put off for Brian Duff and write down their at all four of us Abiola disc -- But. The other that was brought a lot of fun for -- veto Mac closely it's a different look you see the players are extremely well you feel like you're you're more in the game. In a nice thing about going but during the game up prize that you. The game slows down for you. It looks like it suggests barely moving compared. If your rate down and ice levels salt but it's going to be harder. And now I'm not necessarily now now you know your players and you could see your numbers in. A lot of times and sure wreck caused by the just a body posture and body language or players skate he doesn't have to see their numbers you just know. You know the way a certain players use the waste gates and his style is how is body reacts under certain situations but. He is -- topping last night and that'd be no fun. And I think at this point is Kerr. He's just again I have it's -- made for that he probably had a room all kinds of -- last word -- post an album watch you know you have one guy went flying into the box and almost certain is that operates or was -- Perry went. -- protect them but he still got little prince. Well we were asking before one idea why robbery doesn't have. With sentiment may be because there's smoke there's fire there's no stick ticket every damage that had I mean they're just slightly as just. He's taken more shots in his career. As that he as a player and nobody could ever drop and -- don't make any player's gonna come over the boards and drama at this point in his career. I geezer is fighting back during those new helmet. Our Mike and I seen in this morning locating most economic -- we'll see you next week that's micro but I sabres analysts on MSG.