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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>11-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

11-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Nov 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WEE and now we interrupt this program to bring you a special message from the new. President of the world greetings unwashed masses I am now in total and absolute control as -- Rudolph I demand complete servitude and exactly three cookies before America. They have something to say to me pretty damn sore and have something to say and -- I am very basic just the one thing straight this is my show and it's a serious intellectual our discussion and -- wanna keep it that way it's life. I don't see what the problem is Thomas a wonderful man each local. How -- -- the best man Tom Bauerle. He's obviously some sort of Superman I just need to know if he has any shortcomings that'll make me feel better news radio 930 -- -- dvd and that's not -- voice. How -- and I love. Don't get after two hours alone but Michael kept all I hear my name as being your main. My all walk -- the competitor. For all papers and Alice on the Brady Bunch. Nor where a French -- costume. For anything less than 101000 dollars yesterday and now it. -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry. -- I like Michael but you got a rag on the new guys you know David Bellamy ever let me this kind of they either have this kind of masks all -- -- Ali Toledo. I have my housekeeper Karen Kevin here just a quick cleanup after computer. Two days anyway it's -- that you under his radio thirty WB the adamant I'm only half joking only half. Michael under awards here I'm gonna warn you right now if you ever leave your FaceBook or Twitter account open. In other words if you don't walk off of all your accounts and restart the computers. I am going to sabotage your life by going on Twitter and saying all kinds of things that you would never say. I will go on to your FaceBook and all my posts you would never post just made my point I did. The violence. Had developed yet. -- didn't log out under cycle under his FaceBook page I just typed -- I think Tom Bauerle is the greatest human being in the world that it didn't -- it but I really you know I know David and -- a close friend and that is that was pretty innocuous. Michael that wells or probably wouldn't be quite that innocuous as my crew knows exactly what I'm thinking a joke -- is -- master control. And Chelsea is your call -- and I am. Cambridge batted behind the microphone hourly yes -- about a week. Last week on it was Friday or Saturday -- I've posted. It through the cousin of the guy who is accused of leading the dog and shoot the dog -- -- Jo and Chelsea and people. Complained about the apology. Even had one lady to be hampered the page you said you'd just apologize to gin up a hate. Really. That's why I apologize. Seriously. Sell for well I don't like I'm ever gonna apologize for anything I do because I think that's the honestly I try to get a sincere. Heartfelt apology. And a crap for. So it's like oh my gosh what are people so angry about. In light that they can't mix up your understand the noble intent of an apology. Here and think about it and noble gentleman. And some of Olympic champions and kind of whatever. -- apologized. You know sometimes I throw my -- up and despair this species. Wait a minute that's a line from Tom Hanks in road to perdition. The big fat body guard who ended up in an unpleasant state in the basement of that nightclub slashed -- cat house. Anyway that I mentioned we have a lot bigger than this morning I mentioned we do up by the way if you watch the that National Geographic special killing a -- All. Am a -- G. What a steaming pile of feces that one's first at all. Well. I feel like you didn't do what I believe which is completely different than what that show show is about Oswald injured after. It was a hatchet job on Oswald from start to finish and ladies and gentlemen. I'm only gonna -- Davis wants. In my life I have known people. To. Work I don't like Lee Harvey Oswald. Except they work play and for the other side they were playing for hours side. And that's all I'm Denis Oswald. So typically. Eat up -- a CIA. Deep cover agent. Why let's put it this way why would be why would the Marines teach him Russian in the Marine Corps. There's nothing else did you know that the United States. Actively had. A false defector program. In the 1950s and sixties in other words to send Americans to Russia to get them to defects quote unquote. To gather information and intelligence about the Soviet Union did you know that. -- Oswald was one of those guys otherwise. As answer there's. Bob ball immediately arrested and charged with treason when he returned to the United States former marine tries to renounces citizenship talks crap about the US today. If he was a real defector he should've been arrested and charged with treason the minute he stepped off the boat instead. The State Department gave him a repatriation. Law. What does that tell you. -- all this that anything about what this guy really was vs the way he's been porch were. In the meeting. Lee Harvey Oswald an American hero a that he was the sacrificial lamb I think he was that -- in all of this and if you really want to know. What. Happened that day in Dallas. I don't know ever gonna know the full true. I really don't but. Folks if you ever seen the Oliver Stone movie after that was so much closer to the truth. -- National Geographic killing Kennedy. Bet it's like comparing night and day there really was a prostitute named rose surely. Who days before the assassination. Was felt -- wrote. By authorities and said they're gonna kill Kennedy they're gonna kill Kennedy. Why would a prostitute. With a shady past suddenly taken interest in geopolitics. Highly unusual. Highly unusual. Why is it without giving too much into detail here but here's a little known fact but -- sure -- Well this year with. In Lee Harvey Oswald papers. There was the number of a post office box. In. Dallas or New Orleans -- -- No it was in the world number of a post office box in New Orleans PO box whatever. Interestingly enough the guy Jim and I Jim Garrison beat the age of the world put on trial in the late sixties as a part of the conspiracy. Did you know he happened to have the same post office address. In here is -- Isn't that interesting. With the name leave them on. Isn't that interest open here's the problem that post office box that body could have. So -- -- why would Lee Oswald. And Clay Shaw both have the same non existent post office box in their respective papers answer me that. It makes no cents. I'm not saying the Clay Shaw the New Orleans businessman was a trigger puller in the assassination. But if you look at the people with whom Oswald was hanging out. In the summer of 1963. In New Orleans you'll find that he really was friends with David theory. A very rabid anti Communist. That wasn't fiction -- for a long time the Warren commission crowd tonight. Well Oswald government very little evidence that Oswald government very well about fifteen years ago what a picture comes out. A David Ferrer and Lee Oswald the civil air patrol -- up. Those guys were long long time friends people. And all witnesses saw them together at a restaurant called and -- -- -- right by camp in Lafayette street in or let's. Witnesses all of together dependable. -- The other folks I don't have time to get it all the nuances of it because frankly I would lose you on the radio. But all I can say is if you have an interest in the real Lee Harvey Oswald and the people with whom he was genuinely associating whip. There is if there is no there's been I have zero doubt. Zero doubt. And I have reason for saying this. And I'm gonna get into that because it would be ill advised. Zero doubt that mr. Oswald was a deep cover CIA agent. He was supposed to play the poor guy he was supposed to play the guy in sympathy with Castro. And as far as the Mexican embassy seen in National Geographic. Now I listened to Agassi I didn't see it on TV would you look at the pictures of Oswald supposedly going into the Cuban embassy in Mexico City. The guy the Warren commission identified him as Lee Harvey Oswald -- zero like Lee Harvey Oswald. He looked about as much like Lee Harvey Oswald is I look like OJ Simpson. That's how different the of the appearances. So while. The peace the National Geographic start killing Kennedy just. I I was absolutely nauseated and I do want to put some book recommendations on line. Well one of them is on the trail of the assassins. By Jim Garrison the former DA of New Orleans a lot of the information about to Oswald in New Orleans is in that book. You can also watch Oliver stone's JFK which granted there are some there is fiction in Oliver stone's JFK. For example when Jack Ruby stepped out of the crowd to kill Oswald he did not yell out. How long he didn't -- Okay so let's just get back clear that didn't happen he didn't yell Oswald before shot Oswald but when you look at the real footage. That genuine footage. Up Oswald walking out of the elevator and the door in the Dallas jail basement. He looks directly at Jack. For a second aux Jack Ruby and the high out of all of people you look at Jack wrote me. Because they know that's why it cat what are you doing here. Also. And I posted this on my FaceBook before. They've video. -- love field in Dallas. Shows Secret Service agents who were supposed to be mounted on the presidential limousine. Were waved off of that limousine. And what do they that this is at love field in Dallas before the motorcades start. And you can see with growing frustration. One of the agents shrugging his shoulders and then finally shaking his head in dismay at being called off the presidential car. Now why would they bet because they knew what was gonna happen. And they let -- that's why. It was. Folks the evidence. You're used to work -- -- the courtroom -- common sense evidence points to a massive conspiracy. And for those who think that all -- it was such a big conspiracy welcome people didn't talk well you know what a lot of people who could have talked. Interestingly enough -- conveniently. During the Warren commission -- hearings. And just before the Warren commission report was released one of them Oswald good -- in New Orleans the former FBI guy guy Bannister. In the late 1960s. There was also a wave of witnesses who died when Jim Garrison was trying Clay Shaw. And in the mid 1970s. The House Select Committee on Assassinations. Witnesses vanished witnesses like Sam Giancana. Was shot dead in his basement the Chicago mob guys. Witnesses like Johnny were selling. Vanished they found him and a drama in Biscayne Bay. And George to more and she'll you might not ever heard that name Jorge -- more and she'll. And absolutely George -- cordial with CIA. He was a very connected guy. In fact George Marshall and his wife has this habit of showing up in all these are Central American countries were suddenly there were it's against the government. Interesting coincidence with George to board -- all and George killed himself supposedly. Just as your reporter was coming over to his house to interview him about his knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald committed suicide. Supposedly. So convenient depths you talk about convenient death surrounding the clintons. The convenient -- surrounding Oswald in the investigation into the JFK assassination. Staggering. And just say you know I view this as a crime. And for those who have never listen to the show before I have to -- -- up. I have no great love for the Kennedys I fact I daresay I despise that whole motion of Camelot. I despise that whole notion of the Kennedys as. Excuse me the Kennedys as some kind of American royalty. I don't think that JFK it was that bad a president to be brutally honest with -- I think of all the Kennedys he. You know what PT 109 he served his country as did his older brother who died in the Second World War. JFK did I think a pretty good job. But one of the things that led to his eventual assassination. Is that when the Cuban rebels tried to retake. Cuba from Castro. BC IA and the military fought at JFK was gonna give the rebels' air support. Against Castro's forces guess what JFK. Said now all I'm not gonna send -- support. You think that that didn't has those guys off you don't you don't think that that didn't just -- Cubans off who were beaten and tortured and killed by Castro's people. You have no idea that the loans that let. And that ladies and gentlemen understood it to say this. You can believe or disbelieve me but all you need to know about the Harvey Oswald is look. -- his associates in New Orleans he was hanging out with a bunch of intelligent people ex FBI people. And he was made to be something he wasn't he we sheep dip. He was presented to the public as a hardcore Marxist. And again I ask the question. When he returns to the United States. Wide that our government. You and me well I was alive but why did our government give him a loan to get back to the United States when he won the couple number one. Number two the minute he stepped off the boat as these so called a factor why I was on the -- of the arrest of and charged with treason he told the Russians that he wouldn't make that privy to the secrets he had involving. The American it's. Not only that but. After Oswald's defection that's when Francis Gary Powers U2 got shot down over Russia. And Francis Gary Powers to his dying day -- believe that Oswald was a part of that giving him. Basically setting him up and -- Oswald. Gave the proper information to the Russians to be able to hit the -- to. So there's a lot more to this story than that crap on Nat -- Very disappointing but that's establishment view. That is the establishment view most of the major media tape because remember if it's Ronald Reagan had Iran Contra it to conspiracy if it's Richard Nixon and Watergate it's a conspiracy. If it's Lee Oswald and JFK it was just a lunatic acting alone. Whole black. And cut that off my chest thank you Lee Harvey Oswald I salute you sure as an American hero and it's a deep cover central intelligence agent who has been unfairly maligned by history and I only hope that some day. The truth comes out. That you were in fact a patriot. And you've got caught up in a web it up others make. I love. On every I've pileup that's on -- Tuesday in a lot. I always -- It's not how fast to play the guitar it's out tastefully you play the guitar and that's a very easy -- Chelsea even I complain right now. Chelsea even I can play that -- it's so easy but it's no effect of and it's not the quickness with which you hit the -- -- it is the usefulness with which you hit the notes at exactly the right time. Learned that young guitar players learn it and by the way sometimes your first solo. Is the best solo you are ever going to do. If you found that to be the case Chelsea when you play from the heart. Bet that's the best solo you come up with her you hurt your rhythm girl or -- girl. I your -- OK I'm a better rhythm that I am lead but the solos I've done have been pretty. Actually sent. All right I'm I'm so modest about it there. I -- truth be told I suck at guitar which is why I like slow and wasteful. Anyway I just made myself support what's wrong with that. All right now -- but leave the JFK assassination and it folks I just don't want -- that thousands of hours reading about it I've read the other side. Our red Posner I've read. I've seen National Geographic. And folks. I got to target the stories just don't add up. Now one of the things -- wanna do here is tell you that on my FaceBook page I posted a couple of things that I think you might but interest. I have posted the video reference. Of these Secret Service agents being waved off of the presidential motorcade just before it left love field in Dallas. And made its. Faithful and fateful drive through downtown Dallas may I point out. That Dallas Texas was hardly Kennedy country. Hardly Kennedy country. Now that's something that Nat geo got right it was hardly Kennedy cut our country Adlai Stevenson. With basically. Ultimate when he was in Dallas just weeks before ambassador to the United Nations. Now when you see this video you're gonna see exactly what I'm talking about. Look at the expression of disgust. Of these Secret Service agent as his boss in the car behind the presidential limousine stands up and tells them to get away from the presidential limo. That violates every protocol. Every protocol. And you can see the expression on the guy's face like -- as for whether or do audits of -- assassins have a clear shot obviously. Folks this is not brain surgery. Please keep in mind in my life I have known people -- would -- the end that line of work. And if you think that it's just relegated Ian Fleming novels you're wrong that stuff really happens in the real world. You gotta believe when you don't have to believe you can just say ample crap OK that's fine but I don't say stuff that'll mean. Now so watch that video and also -- give us. I gotta get this of other things but for some breeze of inspired by. Thought it. Two guys stand up properly Harvey Oswald to. Lee Harvey Oswald. Has been painted over the years says it's a dumb ass malcontents. Evil. America hitting it individual. I got put on my FaceBook page. A videotape. Of the very famous news conference done at midnight around midnight which would be in the 23 of November to your time zone. 1963. Now when you watch this video I'm gonna play the audio. But when you watch this video. When a reporter says you have been charged with killing the president. There is a look on Lee Harvey -- space which basically says holy crap I've been betrayed. Because earlier in the press conference Oswald says he wants someone. To come forward to provide him legal assistance. Folks what he was asking for. Reality. If I know how this works. What he was asking for in reality was for his CIA handlers to come forward to get commodities jam. And when the guy says you have been charged with killing the president. Oswald at that moment and you'll see it on his face realized he had been betrayed. By the people in whom he had great trust and for whom he had dedicated his life. But this is the audio of this parish -- 24 year old who was anything but stupid now. Before I play against the history of presidential assassin in the United States John will vote nineteen. To 1865. Six separate terror acts. Ever -- -- tyrants he took full responsibility for the assassination. At all. Charles -- killed James Garfield. I did at the save the party. Leon joy all gosh in 1901. Right here buffalo William Campbell I'd done my duty. Folks. Assassins take credit for what they do. Assassins. Do not. Say I didn't do it. It's just it goes against the typical political assassin. So let's listen to the news -- -- only fifteen seconds. Of Lee Harvey Oswald. Reporters were clamoring to see what you look like because there were rumors that Vick cops were beaten the crap out of. I really don't know what the wind situation on -- -- Where he's been. I don't know nothing more than that tiger where. Someone to come. It's given me I -- legal system. All right now been charges in fact nobody is set up and yet. So first thing I heard about was splendid newspaper reported in the whole. Back to me that question. You have been GlaxoSmithKline sir you have behind it. Okay. I'm what did you do right. And. -- please give me. When when told you have been charged watched the video on my FaceBook page Tom -- -- the show page. When they say you have been charged. He becomes instantly crestfallen. Because he had just ask somebody to come forward to give him assess that its. Like his CIA handlers. And the fact that they hadn't and that he'd already been charged with killing the president he know that he would be and setup. And when you watch the tape of Oswald walking in the Dallas. Police department basement. He obviously is looking directly -- Jack Ruby because he knew. Anyway folks. I can't do with the entire conspiracy show because it you know what I would lose -- I would -- Because it really issues. Complex and complicated. I've simply tried to bring out some of the facts. That Nat geo didn't cover because Nat geo bought into the Warren commission version of the assassination. And closer to the truth JFK by Oliver Stone and let me tell you something else. All due respect. You know how I know that Oliver Stone was closer to the truth. Because even before the movie. Was released while we still being made. I've never seen this before or since. The mass media went after Oliver Stone for daring to expose the conspiracy. Name one other movie. In the history of American -- The media tried to destroy and discredit while was still being may. Do your own research do your -- thank him. But. I started out as -- Warren commission. And ended up. Absolutely positively believing. That. Jim Garrison. Was spot on with a lot of stuff he says. If Jim Garrison and wasn't on the right trail -- the FBI bug his office. Anyway it is 34 Jim Garrison being the former DA of New Orleans. -- Interestingly enough he plays judge Warren in Oliver stone's JFK which I always thought -- as a ironic twisting of the night. All right it is 343 we'll get through today's show I could have -- Mellon not today but they're closer to the assassination anniversary. She was actually part of the garrison investigation. And she knows they held a lot more about this set them IE and by the way I'm kind of honored because -- Joan Malin. Did about a thousand radio interviews what are other book came out about the JFK assassination and if anybody she talked to guess who she thought was the best interviewer and the most knowledgeable that would be your humble host me. Because I -- It is 343. At WB EM we're gonna given us some other stuff today but I again folks as we approach the anniversary. The fiftieth anniversary of the murder of John Kennedy. They're just some things I want you to start thinking about now. And I hope I've covered them properly and I hope that what I've said has been easy to follow. And please don't believe me you have to do your own research and do your all analysis and your own thing. And one other thing I just wanna point out. Nobody. Out of the FBI's top sharpshooters. Could duplicate what Oswald supposedly -- nobody. In the CI nobody in the CIA was able to duplicate what Oswald supposedly good. And a former Mossad agent told me nobody in the most -- was able to duplicate what Oswald it. Jesse Ventura could not duplicate what Oswald it. He didn't do. OK no I'm not taking calls on JFK today I will I will do it later on in the month but that not today. Wanna have Joan Mellon. With me and EL LE and who knows a lot more about it than the night. AccuWeather CA is for a two day. We're gonna get some clouds. And according to a couple of ups no flat rates overnight blowout 26 cities this next one might -- That's their rights rights that. Tomorrow a couple of -- snow showers otherwise breezy and cold clouds and -- 38 and -- -- 38 degrees. Freezing mark. Freezing mark freezing Tom freezing Chelsea freezing everybody at news radio 930 WB EN. Things don't wanna get into today. Relationships. Yes. Relationships. I have been a bit. I'm put off. By some of the comments. On my FaceBook page. About. Shall we say. The tightly and Andy Reid case. Now first of all. I do believe mr. Reid's character has been assassinated. By the defense that's what the defense always tries to -- And to the Reid family. I'm sorry that you had to go through that are Trulia. If you will remember during the early part of the Alex Wright's case. The defense. Tried to make it seem as though Alex was some kind of -- troubled it. Drug addicted to. Problem child. And maybe just maybe -- lauded the die that night. So all. I remember doing a rant. About jeweled annuals. And asking -- Daniels. What it's like to live in a perfect forum. Where apparently nobody has ever had to seek counseling. Where nobody has ever smoked a joint or has had any kind of substance issues. You know what's at like eleven -- bagels were. Where everybody. You know basically pope's goal. And I noticed that that hot -- tactic was dropped. Very soon after I went into -- what's it like to be perfect jolt annuals grant. And I respect the role of the Defense Secretary I truly do I do not respect character assassination. Of the victim. Because neither Alex rice or mark Reid could defend themselves because they were dead. And I'm sorry that the Reid family had to endure that. I don't think mr. Reid. You know. -- I think he did. I don't think that he did. That he acted in a way that was as the defense. Portrayed him but that's the defense's job to slander. The victim almost like a victim deserved it. And there is something else. Bad. Really it irks me. And I don't know what to do about it. But. Eric -- I apologize. People on my FaceBook page not everybody. Not everybody. But some. Sun. Of the people. Have. Basically called tightly and Eddie's wife Mary. All kinds of names. None of them flattering non of them complimentary. You know she's been called that just about all. She's been called oh who was the wife -- you're riot hit tight. -- On the tip of my -- probably not a good way to say that -- You're right of the hit -- wife who was with King David. Now I'm gonna get a billion responses now. But anyway they've compared her to pick -- figures from from the Bible figures from history. I'm -- submit to you. A proposition. Would you let your -- and now I'm -- submit. To you proposition. Nobody. Leaves. A truly happy marriage. By definition it's impossible. Nobody. Leaves unhappy. Marriage. Furthermore. Nobody -- raids. From a happy marriage. By definition if it's happening you will -- -- If you're happy you will not be tempted to leave because it is happy. Now don't go anywhere. Because we're gonna get -- this -- coming up I think that's a very important topic because it's important under the cover on WB.

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