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11-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Nov 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah it is our lay on news radio 930 WB ENN that. And now we -- with you Monday and it is veterans' day. And by the justice or you know -- -- working Christmas Eve and I plan on working the day after Thanksgiving. -- with you other holidays. -- I can't guarantee you'll think it's okay. But I I have never taken a sick that well aren't once in my life many years ago I took a sick day. That was actually a mental health -- many years ago. At. All the sick -- abuse this year has been legitimate with doctors' notes to back it up this has been a tough year. And you know every now again you go through peaks and valleys and this has been a -- year in many respects -- and the good on the good side of things. On the side of things. I have lost forty pounds and kept that often. I. Feel like for but -- So others that. Better to record it then to feel good about our veterans -- this -- show about you not me to show about you. And again I know that it's veterans day. But I also and I mentioned this earlier I do want to extend -- I really don't think we have via an intelligence. Agents day but believe it or not folks there is a time not that long ago. When we had that CIA people. In that deep cover situations. Covert operators. Maybe sometimes people with fronts ever. And they actually regarded. Al-Qaeda as the -- a -- regarded enemies of us call as the enemy. And they put their lives on the line for us. Living in the land that -- at a news. And now all unfortunately. Too many people in this line of work regard the Tea Party as enemies. People on the right as enemies. But I just want to that -- a personal thank you. To the men and women. Who were the good guys and who are the good guys. In the Central Intelligence Agency believe it or not there are many of them and there were more of them. Not that long ago for your service to the country. And it's a service about which you know we can't talk. Can't name you and wouldn't name you and I just -- again. Express. My profound gratitude. And of course the gratitude of all of my listeners. For what you did. Before the American people became the enemy of the president. So thank you very much. Now. I promised you some more audio. Of Michael. -- you know the father of -- Eckerd unit did you get the note about putting it in mono because Joseph because one of our. Whenever account executives who has one of those fancy HD radios HD 212 point five says the audio is only coming out of one channel on HD. So you can put it into mono that'd be great. If not we probably -- by people listening and HD. So I don't know what that area I'm not familiar enough with the board to give you instructions. But before while -- get that'll set. I -- can I put up a link to the remainder of the audio -- there are about three clips that are quite extensive. That you're gonna wanna listen to. And let's go to. I'm sorry folks that you know. For a guy who did not serve IE. I -- just for so profoundly grateful to those of you who did. And some if you didn't want answer some -- you were drafted you know wanna go it was the last thing you wanted to do what you did it anyway. You did it anyway. And you major contribution to this country my dad was one of view and he even afford draft riots my dad was one of view. Going to Korea the last thing you wanted to do at that point in his life he did his duty and then he came back call. And they kept wanting to promote him and he turned on the promotions because he did not want an army career. In my dad was not a wimpy was not a coward he just did not like the -- and I got to be again and -- consider and say he was a flag waving army veteran because he wasn't. He loved his country. But he results he also hated politicians. And he hated what he thought were phony wars. Editor at war in it to win it you're not in it just to hit the 38 parallel and then give up. Or sign an armistice or temporary peace tree. Armistice. Let's -- who I've dug in Akron before we get that audio and a dog welcomed the WBE and thank you so much for call. -- -- Trip to but I got tripped in the Marine Corps Ortiz and that's what lies. Just. But anyway hello parents silence -- an expert. -- mr. Earl. That are. -- I am calling. And got spun aluminum like my yards 37. Law. And it -- that might of people that we. -- that we became. And I cannot believe I -- -- market options the flag. All because it's shall pay. -- -- -- -- -- When you -- for ruptured well in the triangle. Server and this problem out there. And -- in one piece. I cannot believe that you would ever or something that your parents earlier uncle. Almost like it. And so what you agree or if you -- so grateful. What is wrong on they don't care about anything anymore. You know law. Let me let me just offer -- defense of some of those people there are people who die without close relatives. And every police believe it or not every day in this country family lines and so it might just be a situation of uncle Fred who lived alone his entire life died without any immediate close survivors and better. Really wasn't anybody to you know take up the gauntlet of his history if you -- Now -- got on the other side that I I local to the story of the incredible. Serendipity that went into this or perhaps. At the movement of god that. But I actually have my great. Great grandfather's civil war diary from 1864. Absolutely it's a put it up online by the way for free. And -- anybody can use it as long as you credit me it's his name is octave Bruce cell octave spelled like musical thing. Bruce -- is in baseball are you. S as in Sam all and anybody can download for free it's on the New York State military archives and and Jordan is not. Some interesting things in there and I apologize for interrupting sir tell us about Vietnam. Well it was not my place and actually what you -- Georgia in an election sobbing I feel sorry for the kids well they're now. In the sand -- -- behind treaties. I think they got a real problem and then and they are going to backdoor draft keep ship the government shipped about chip that. And I do what -- Obama mean -- I'm -- disable that they'll ever be achieved some of these -- sort of you know a certain extent. What. I give Ramallah -- a world. -- -- But like get a newspaper that -- says that he wouldn't ask grandchild the quote today you have that article what moves apostles -- give me. And but the thing is that I'm glad you brought that part about local birds. -- Yeah -- remember -- MI -- quiet in my. All all my -- -- memory of the people. Well they came from or be represented Q&A. Memory all matches but mainly in Vietnam veteran I -- part at all. Well sir actually in my dining room table right now I have a flag. Folded exactly as you described in military fashion and according to protocol. From my father's casket and I am trying to find a place that will frame it and wanna put a little montage together in honor of my father's a service in Korea. And don't put that in my office. -- -- Who can sort of reward praying for the triangle. No I'm looking for something that would be. I'm always looking for would especially after fifty -- but. Believe me and yet only about it is just that a semi it would be nice at this point but. What I was gonna say is I wanna put together a a collage. And I'll I just it's gonna have to be accustomed job the place I used ago went out of business and they were really really nice people but. It's tough to do business in New York State so. That's gonna go in my office so I just wanted to know that there are some of us who treasure those. Tokens of service to the country despite the fact that he didn't wanna be in the army. But at our identity. Well we appreciate. All of it and what you want and so serve as a wake. -- I was I was a little boy when Vietnam was going on May ask which years you served. -- that threat at 65. Sixties. My goodness so in -- US CS and servers couldn't keep the -- -- -- understood. Well sir on. I just wanna thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all of my listeners liberal conservative. Republican Democrat everybody who values what you did. I want to thank you very very much and I'm sure that if all of those folks who talked you they would also thank you. And I know that you don't think of yourself as a hero I know you don't think yourself is any big deal but. I do and so today. Well. I appreciate all the good at all the other Olympic team that was also. Understood Doug thank you so much. Well I -- and I got to tell you're talking with people about their experiences -- has really been my honor and I don't. You know folks don't ever. In other -- phonies in the media. I get sick of myself. I assure you that. This is absolutely positively. 110%. Sincere. When I say these things I'm not trying to -- tell I'm not trying to win favor with false flattery I genuinely feel these things in my heart. And in my brain. And I am genuinely grateful. For everything our veterans have done because without you veterans. You can just imagine. Under the under which circumstances we would be living today. And again folks I don't care if it matters not to me where -- you were in combat or whether you played a supporting role. You serve and that's the important thing you served. You played a role. In the chain of command somewhere. There's that task that you did in uniform. And I for one appreciated. Greatly. And I truly do. Truly do. And what it sounds like I'm about to lose it got to trust me that it PS that's -- -- really really feel you have no idea. And I don't you know I'd see here's the thing I don't put two on a pedestal. The reason why. I get that way is because they realize that your flesh and blood. You are muscle and send you your heart and soul you -- emotion. And rationality. You are human beings and you did. And I'm really grateful for that. Let's go to traffic here right now mr. Allen Harris. Still -- generally want to through rain from -- Waldman. That got through 33 back to Cleveland drive still slow on the ramp. Opportunity east and at the disabled vehicle there will run Neal shoulder on the ramp. And went back about Sheridan now is a slow down on the -- in the east getting at a downtown we're still seeing an awful lot of traffic. 190 north heading up the peace reached when many accident that disabled vehicle last check. On the right lane past that's he's written 190. A north and you know downtown -- and -- -- -- -- command -- Eleanor instantly calling. And I must -- the entire forecast in the interest of brevity. Basically all you need to know about tonight is there's a chance with the cold front and the wind coming in that the temperatures won't drop down about 29 degrees and you know what that means that means that with the priest at. There may be black -- Especially on bridges and overpasses which -- insulating effect of the ground around them so please use caution. On nothing worse than hitting an -- Pacman well. I suppose being -- probe by aliens would be probably worse. But nothing worse driving ban. Black -- Let's go to true. Let's go to John in Grand Island on WB and John. You'll get up the speaker phone please I respect -- but I can't tolerate that kind of on. Could hear on the radio okay well -- years old. -- playground. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And ago. There might -- this plane coming -- about probably aren't we -- it would be 200 feet wide and little minor parties tribal land on the place but -- do. The boat mystery bird. Street over the the chimneys and -- her back down to double. And later found out that his mother on -- As mothers. Him only know when your home Steve is. And you this story on human well. -- Over book. Is a mystery long. Ago afterwards. You can do it very and where do. Those immigrants. I love the story up until the point where the chimneys were broken because that wasn't I mean that just wasn't nice that was dangerous. Well it cracked the program that now OK well John that's very interesting thank you very much to a let's go to Matt in black Tawana on WB and hello Matt. -- me you might grow. John Wayne and -- would -- Mike Boller also increase server the fifth Marines. Another kid I'd look at closet -- -- that will sit there. And there to -- for a look back in the wall one night to order try in my out of time at all opt opt to Mike -- years. And I just always category -- purple -- I'm way out. Vote up eighty tree I'm not what the parents silent and not the day at the what even a little break around out of there in my life. I know it's a little cult or people are making them better is it because to me it was an honor it was. I feel like that in the country for let the serve. Especially the marine corps of spiritual about the military in the best foreigners in my life. You know -- outs but the channels excuse Bill Martin. That probably Mike -- on and they're designing these pictures taken up mileage pirates. And it its toll bench in this country and it make it -- were to Baghdad. We have every kid broke and it -- through political frame of mind that anti military. Where this country going to be in like ten years and that's right he had and it's scary because. If you don't have guys that my country are kids that love this country and his partner had. We're gonna serve. Dude it's and it. Dude where this country is right now and were I see it heading. I'm afraid bet to our country has a shelf life probably not more than twenty to thirty years before it all goes down the should the the toilet. You know I have got a lot from the Philippines and see what several order now breaks my heart because I know. Both peoples kids had nothing I know a lot of time to American military that we're buying these huge shoes that I know I did they had not -- back -- and there about a kid to a -- -- people know how lucky we are in this country. Thanks to better and they. Well also I might -- thanks to capitalism and free enterprise. And I wanna thank you for serving I'm gonna (%expletive) you off by saying that that and I'm glad you regarded as an honor it is my honor to speak with you thank you very much. 626 at WBE and just ahead a recounting by a guy who was the year of the invasion at Omaha -- Each -- turned to a trusted choice agencies for your insurance needs. 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Honoring those who served our country and brutality you know make another bid for the governor's mansion and I'm Tom look at those stories coming up but first a final -- -- -- and -- together every camera tower of the -- -- Tom they haven't changed much and while now we've just got a lot of very busy traffic and the main line of the -- Going from a Walden back through the 33 Cleveland drive that's a westbound eastbound also. Extremely busy at this point stood at their problem on the ramp from the nine DO westbound ramp up to ninety he's disabled vehicles over on the left shoulder is that gonna slow and I'm back too much -- on the 290. All right now we're also looking at continued heavy traffic coming out of downtown. From about one Niagara street up to the peace bridge -- on the peace bridge. In the disabled vehicle on the right -- so those are major problems at the moment also votes in general these slippery so be careful out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks -- Well it has mostly cloudy skies tonight rain changing to snow this evening in the southern tier. Right now we've got some white rain 39 degrees in buffalo feels like thirty. It's 631 here is what's happening right now black -- a possibility as temperatures take a dip below the freezing mark overnight. The rain will change this now where is rob -- also increased the threat up unexpectedly slippery roads. Veterans being honored here and around the country today at the VA medical center in buffalo it was clear to those. Veterans no one -- respect them as much as our fellow veterans. A short keeping this country straight as -- -- -- can. I don't I'll lose their lawyers for. Actually. A reason businesses and everything you've got a date and keep -- country -- you can. And they stick their neck out just to help keep his name and then they lose their life. And one of the nation's -- veterans were singled proper recognition on this veterans day at 107 year old Richard Overton was among the veterans gathered in Arlington national cemetery. As President Obama paid tribute to service members. Obama said Overton was one American veteran living proud Armstrong in the -- he helped keep three. He ran for governor in 2010 now Carl Paladino is thinking about running again. In an interview with the Associated Press he said he's willing to take on Cuomo went when he fourteen as a Conservative Party candidate. But Paladino says he could support a Republican candidate if he or she is fiscally and economically conservative enough. The exclusive W the innocuous the forecast mostly -- tonight winds gradually subsiding in colder with rain ending up a couple of snow showers. Rain changing to snow this evening and accumulating one -- George's in the southern tier. Watch for slippery spots on bridges and overpasses or 27 mostly cloudy tomorrow with a couple -- windy and cold or a high of 35. Right now we've got light rain in buffalo 39 degrees it feels like thirty -- before and I'll become a WBE an insider. Get breaking news traffic and weather -- emails from WB and sign up at WB EN dot com. I'm Tom -- do is ready -- 9:30 AM WB. Year to year safety beach weekdays nine till live on that news radio 9:30 AM WBE and. It's in my. And I this. Just -- June and and I. And I. 634. At -- ready at 930 WB EN is Veteran's Day 2013. As we remember all those who served our country. The phone number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB the and before we take calls. Anymore calls. In honor of our veterans now wanna go back to World War II. And some. Absolutely amazing audio which has been provided to me by one of my coworkers at better come buffalo -- -- you know. His father Michael. Which in the 299. Engineer battalion company today. The first. Company of its kind on the beach at all ball law. 1944. And here. He describes. As somebody who with his own eyes saw the invasion as it on -- He describes. Exactly. What he's. Lot of firepower and don't really did that come -- us. I that's seen bodies like this they -- they show. Coastal flooding has shown. Our bodies. Tuesday. And the guys in the -- vote yes at all. That was Hulu would listen. You know and and I saw enough I don't know a time when I saw it can and you -- excellence. I saw that all of -- -- a problem like this. Those. That is then does someone who didn't. No but I. As I saw and that's a -- while. And. I do right. And then then also and they said OK well I don't know enough we'll we'll we'll. We'll look. -- -- The two of them bumped from the old country we dug in and out of to have wrong. I don't know push shuffle. And in the rifle had all I was of the I 100. Golf software when you -- went underwater. Available again. -- do -- deep and I'll. I plan on the far right for a moment. My my. Plus golf course. Activated you know look at it does for the -- The -- didn't. Look laughable to fix it. -- -- -- -- And the way to impose deep flexible on the upside down and wanna -- enough. That's I was walking off and doing they'll enough to top. The slope and advance the goals -- to -- where -- The cemetery is given that it. You better go and and a couple things. Anyway they. So we're definitely -- and. That that we and I guess. -- it was a -- -- And who's going nuts Vanilla some -- and -- and the others and especially got a little resistance. -- How -- solve the small business. Yeah and then and then they had entered and golf club and -- and then they had done the canister on. Let's -- to now. It was a false false and I. It was usually exist. You know the guys are relaxing into. Then -- to a. And they. -- And is interrupted you could stop and at this point and we'll go back to where we dropped off he he he lost his rifle. And I don't know. I just I keep going back to the parallels between what Michael anchored the -- -- is saying in this interview and unfortunately the interview word. Didn't -- a real good job with his own voice as opposed to move the microphone back and forth. Seeking it may be -- questions but it's really immaterial as opposed. But remember the scene in Saving Private Ryan where they asked. Where where his BAR what were his Browning automatic rifle ones. And bad guys says Rodman says. Bitch tried to drag -- to the bottom of the channel. So we lost. And Horvath says -- replacement so we did a meet and -- -- ever real guy from buffalo Michael record you know. Who went through the same thing lost his rightful in the channel. I mean these guys. They're trying to they're trying to get on the beach with enemy fighter. Coming so close to them and hitting some of them the Germans had an incredibly. Awesome field fired a tick guys off and they're trying to scramble under the each with all this equipment. It's amazing any of them got it. But let's pick it up well with Michael -- you know describing his experiences. On. June 6 1944. -- That night did that traces a line in there always -- I didn't. And panic on the other day and also played good. Those lousy deal worth -- The best -- shaken like crazy things -- -- And I go ahead of flooding that killed colosio in the fox only innocent in my late field. That's so there's gonna come down. I don't wanna get relatives of some of -- in the off. But then the next day yes that's that is similar to have elements will see what I came in I want to stay. -- -- On the -- payment. And on the ramp. So hopefully next we'll see -- LCI yeah saw that. They currently guys Lou for those who eventually I feel. -- -- -- -- -- -- The thing on Londonderry couple says. The throw was too thin -- -- Place. Beautiful. So so why who have both. I diet and then you -- -- little visibly weary. Of the people on the. The grave and who. There. I think -- If you can really feel -- because people look at that that the cumulative effect on good. That is Michael -- the note describing. Being fair. A part of 1944. From Buffalo, New York he made it home and I eight. I really don't have the words to describe. What we old just heard for the first time together. Put a lake to the audio. So you can listen to yourself there's three different cuts believe all of them -- -- and you can listen to them at your leisure. At my FaceBook page certainly go to FaceBook you wanna find my show page Tom dot hourly. And you can like it if you'd like and UK and -- my last labor easily just remember they showed 24 Jack Bauer. BA EU ER. BA EU ER Bauer I'm sure you know somebody named Bauer everybody does just at the L eat it yet and that is my name hourly. And one more I wanna play. And I'm grateful to -- -- you know percent envy this audio. Which is just. It's been spellbinding. Spellbinding. To listen to somebody describe what that they was like who actually was there is an eyewitness. Nothing like eyewitness history. But this is another recording not the one I've played a lot but this is a different recording. Of our Richard -- Sony from buffalo. Also reminds -- of Saving Private Ryan. Member and that scene where I think it was driver -- says -- all -- he's come debate. And I -- I can say that I'm an honorary pies on sort of develops that with me. Gina Browning. Very Italian by the way. Heard. Grandfather died. In the sinking of the SS we pulled his name was Richard -- Sony and he was from buffalo. Yes I guess. No other nationalities. Thirst for days but Richards and Sony died in the sinking of the SS Leopold -- on Christmas Eve of 1944. Months after deed. And. His passing. After saving. Four or five crew members. Richard says Sony Buffalo, New York. Lost his own life. To hypothermia and exhaustion. They never found his body there is no great. But a little bit about. The enduring legacy of Richardson and so. Which you might not know if you haven't listened to this program before. And I am really not a replies on. But what you don't know is. That. His daughter Richardson and Sony's daughter. You know or today as JoAnne brown everybody knows JoAnne Browning Fred Fred Browning -- and -- everybody knows. The brown X. And Jo -- daughter is Gina Browning from the SP. Sierra. A woman. Yeah so anyway. No I'm not going there but. All I can say folks. Is World War II is still. Very very very very very very very much a part. Of G in his life. And her mom's life. JoAnne Browning never knew her debt. Her mom never -- again. The only man in her life. Was Richard -- Sony nobody else could ever measure up. To the kind of man he was. She never ever ever went out and today. And -- to this day. Laments the fact. That she never knew. Her maternal grandfather. Never knew. The kind of man he was never had a chance to meet him. Never had a chance to be held in his arms were cuddled by her grandfather. Ever. And when I talk about World War II still being a part. Of people's lives today that's exactly what I'm talking. And this is Richard sands Sony of buffalo a man who gave his life. In 1944. Our government -- -- thing that song that best interest to -- I want. Okay hacking it and it. I mean you. I don't know I don't look. And very quick recording and I apologize for being so short and Joey can we just run the other one since say that while it was got a short of one that we played before but there. People are spellbound by these recordings and I must admit I'm spellbound to. And I know you've heard this before but folks I don't think anything brings World War II. And those long ago veterans to life more than actually hearing their voices. And this is one of the last recordings. Richardson and Sony made before he gave the ultimate sacrifice. For all of us. It and it kind of mixed up down here. Make records though I didn't make -- -- you broke out there. But I'm gonna keep work out. I mean. That's -- -- weeks coming up. Village by the -- ammunition. Record boats. And then. We've trained and. The time goes by in this. It goes I can talk yeah. And watched them. They'd just come out beautiful. I don't wonder where. Are aware that they've become so beautiful. Just take care of yourself and -- -- hope that. I'm fine I'll be home. And -- packages every time here than just. Documents -- legends from copier fax business technologies presents. Another business nightmare. After seeing your presentation the prospect request a hard copy leave behind unfortunately in the print version looks like it was colorless magic markers. He won only the long lasting impression but not the kind that never gets you back in the door. This solution. Document telling agents. 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Judge Judy come into about Judge Judy at 72 of -- have been at 730 only on fox. Schedules nationwide RB Clinton is back full. For a limited time get the RPI. Always wanted at the lowest prices -- the home starting at 379 and. Plus won't look good. -- MSNBC -- 250 dollar gift card. -- -- Don't miss -- Nationwide are. Complete details offers expire at 113013. And yeah yeah. And later I I apologize. I just am not gonna have time to take it anymore phone calls and I hope you'll understand. That. I. I have to tell you that I did not realize because I I really I did not pre screen via Eckerd you know audio. I did not realize how gripping it was going to be how riveting. It would -- And once we started playing it I just could not find it in myself cut it short at all. The audio we played the first audio we played talking about having to move the obstacles off the beach. And all I can think again forgive me but Saving Private Ryan to combat engineer told captain Miller Tom -- to give his guys who Wear those obstacles because he had -- -- He was one of those guys. And then the second audio talking about the invasion. And the guys he knew who did not make your whole. It was absolutely. Breathtaking and put a link directly to go to you can listen to the entire thing. On my FaceBook page Tom dot hour. Ladies and gentlemen I cannot even begin thank you. For all of your phone calls today and all of your support on the show and I cannot believe. Well I cannot thank. The veterans who called -- And families who called -- and IA. And so grateful to all of you for your service to this country. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the years you spent in defense. Of our country. Why turn to a trusted choice agencies for your insurance needs. Because I trusted choice insurance agency is an independent advocate that works for your interest. For anyone company. 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Hundreds of businesses and buffalo have made the switch to blue rock energy the local natural gas and electric providers that puts you wind power like -- Samuel the owner of maximum tanning facilities in buffalo and I've been accustomed to reference at least five years now it myself from -- -- great -- -- for everything they do have literally save thousands of dollars every year then of course you wanna raise and then three months later. Objective criticism they've had any problems at all. -- -- For the hallway and also call 1800 number with the -- -- one belt nationals are still supplies you. And just -- financial electricity from Iraq. Hi I'm Phil van horn president and CEO of -- rock energy the official electricity supplier of the Buffalo Bills joined the -- 151000 other customers who switch to blue rock energy. Remember to vote for the bills player of the week powered by Barack energy after each game stop think switch and say. Barack energy find us on FaceBook or visit Barack energy dot com. You can go into business with two or more employees health care benefit package is about to get a lot more complicated. Explore your roster with the Hennessy group. With a fifty plus years of combined benefits of experience. The Baltimore based this week we'll help you develop an attractive and affordable benefits plan that will -- your current employees and attract new ones. Understand your options with the Tennessee through. Just good to be HI NG dot com XP HIG dot com the -- group for everybody benefits. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our chasers are all -- we are not changing the formula for perfect garden. Craig's list we're hoping this day. When businesses of Campbell it's all about the -- -- chasers all news tonight.

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