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11-12 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Nov 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. Michael -- and for sandy beach until Friday he's back. News radio 930 WB ENCV show our number here is 8030930. Or start 930 on your cellphone. I'm joined in studio. By a local author Mason Winfield whose newest book is apparent normal almanac of Western New York. A bulk of ghostly list now I have to tell the audience -- I mean I am Mason's friend -- Your standard -- for sandy beach you gotta go with which now. Mazen is someone I know from East -- He's no matter where you see him no matter how you seen him he will be writing. Or at the very least reading Mason welcome to WP ENN -- morning like thank you probably don't Mason you know you review for your real expert on all things Superman you -- very much on western new York and and I I thank you you know what you duke fascinating you know I'm I remember when my daughter at the time I think she was nine she met you and and that she cited again about ten days later and she said oh it's the -- guy. -- I I looked at -- and I said there's -- goes what you're doing and in fact if you're you're skeptical about the stuff that you write about -- you come added. Without that you know of the of the the the kind of perspective on the true believer in -- -- problems. Yeah well. The paranormal is very broad field there's a lot of different subjects. In I've got more sympathy for some than others but yeah I tried to I try to be skeptical but you know a skeptic means that you don't have your mind made up. Before he said he evidence it doesn't mean you never believe right right now. Uptight and -- I told you this through and Arabs and -- lived in the boy who lived in the right cross that back decrepit myself awesome. Some spooky things around there and I ever since I was you know. It is sixteen there. That mean we believe in the you know comment I'm may be skeptical but some people I think the series. Well first of all I have to get the laptop out interview you the next time icu around town. But that that's my favorite kind of the story is when you view you get them the ideal eyewitness who say something like. In audibly and the stuff. I don't believe any of it at all but you know I just wish I you can explain to me what happened that one time. Knew what my -- dislike that doesn't doesn't believe -- but he's got these miraculous. Experiences from this house he had a bunch of his buddies lived in when they were in college it's just. You know I'm I'm convinced that. Psychic phenomena including ghosts which are apparitions. I'm convinced that anyone would be able to -- ghost if you're looking in the right direction. At the time one of them shows up you're gonna see it I firmly believe that and I believe that because of the the number of multiple witness. Incidents there are in the in the spectrum and and among people I interview. Well you are numbered years -- 8030930. Starting to get on your cellphone -- is going to be here through 1130. If you have a story. The kind of spooky or something you want an expert to address about the supernatural Western New York. -- equality -- threes are -- -- -- the right I'm very interesting I've read your book I read one of your book she published many in and and I find it very compelling that you were New York research. A revealed a lot of our native American angles of the spirituality into this supernatural in Western New York. Oh absolutely. You know when I started to research from my first book I mean in 1995. As a start and it's almost twenty years ago but. I and my understanding of the subject this is way beyond that might put them you know just just the way I process things and and analyze the -- I discovered from almost the beginning. That there was a special category of of stories and reports coming in concerning. The native American material which are very much in the New -- what people. Of the six nations on -- -- And -- this material was completely different. From what you'd get and haunted house in south buffalo war right you know whatever it it which had its own. Mark it was it was unmistakable. And you you could very often tell. Where an incident that happened I mean not not specifically where but you can tell that it. That it was settled a site that have been powerful for the native Americans. By the type of supernatural -- the whites were reporting right you could you know you you can almost tell. Even the ethnicity of the stranger like if you talk him on the phone -- -- who they are. And the they're telling you what kind of phenomena they're getting knew you had to do adultery you know Whitman a native that go well not really. We where you live right now although it's also where do you see this stuff and -- you find out while. It's it's it fits into a pattern that is inexplicable. Yet you know the -- that the Rolling Hills asylum and he sure if I'm frank from clearance as a Q were you hear talk about the Rolling Hills silent on what's on -- talk with him on here. Well I'm I'm kinda curious if you heard any. And it any of these stories about it it's it's a place that I like to lot check out -- cajun. I live in -- -- county and I just curious as -- Experiences or anything that he can relate to about. About their particular building. Up hang up it was -- here probably about the year. Thank you very much for calling for a Rolling Hills -- -- thanks frank well. Rolling Hills is a -- you know it's it's been famous for being haunted for. Five to ten years. It's an old. Can work how's it was in Genesee County. Yeah it's in east Bethany some. If I were to put the top five ghost hunting sites. You know places where you can go and give him some money and run around in the dark. Rolling Hills would definitely be up there real. Oh sure from it's it's kind of like a Disneyland for ghost writers you know than -- they opened up and you can run around. Take a lot of pictures and whatever and many people who undergo this experience believe that they're getting. You know on a high percentage of a high density of SPS -- spokesperson -- miles -- the end you know I would have to say yes I I believe that Rolling Hills probably is wanted. I don't believe that any building is haunted every night right. I just don't believe that the -- come when you call. That said. Com there are a lot of people who believe that they're having very powerful experiences at Rolling Hills and I've been there a couple times -- I gave a lecture there probably. It's five years ago five -- Sometime in the in the in the 2000 gave election there and I. Usually when I give a talk at a place like that. I try to do some really basic instruction. I mean I'm not there to confirm. There are spiritual beliefs and I'm not there to refute them. And there to explain to them that there is a discipline. That studies this season and wanna see this stuff the technical term might be psychic phenomena. Psychic phenomena means spooky stuff. Presumably come from human mind -- spirit. So if you have. Of vision and extra sensory prophecy you know if you -- ghost if an object spontaneously flies across the room. Com if you forecast the fall of dice if you have a premonition that one of your relatives about to get onto a boat that sank. These are aspects of psychic phenomena they -- The very interest in -- tea our number is 8030930. Startling thirty. I love listening to reading your work in -- -- to work. A Mason Winfield is going to be with us in the next fifteen minutes if you were have a question have a story -- -- it gives call 8030930. This is Michael -- Prudhoe. In force sandy beach on news radio 930 WB. Artist is Michael good to enforcing any region until Friday -- and back on Monday news radio 930 WB Ian today on the sandy beach show. We have -- in Winfield who is the author of several different books the library that I really toward channels of the western orbit. Your newest and a paranormal almanac of Western New York a book of lists. You are. Not the of these less tell us how many were telling me there's some very interesting take on things would be -- -- Well you probably are often there are familiar with the David Letterman top ten analysts. Like put together a book very lighthearted of maybe sixty topped analysts' of supernatural material you know. Top ten women and white ghosts of the Genesee valley you know top ten little girl ghosts of the southern tier. Top ten little boy ghosts north of the ninety you know just whacko categories. Top ten bigfoot sightings before the Internet top ten bigfoot sightings after the Internet. Com that's interest because it gives you the Internet has really changed everything for what you do it's changed. Everything we're. As someone who who wrote his first book before the Internet was really a serious tool. I mean you but when I was working on shadows starting in 1995 but when you had to drive to historical society. Head into the east dusty archives go through folders of all kinds of different material. You had you couldn't communicate with people within -- with the email lady had a column and make sure they were there when you were there and it really was that the process of research was very different. Today we're in sort of the cut -- era right for the Internet era has male authors out of a lot of people who never would have an -- in the old days I mean. They use the term very loosely now I think they've been like we said before we talk off the year there are no more editors anymore. Well I'm sure there's somebody from and it's not like it was in the old days right you don't yet. You don't get a veteran editor who's really top literary scholar who. Is gonna put a lot of time in it and and really. Help you. Write your book -- tell me I mean. From from your perspective what's story that you and you've come across thousands of documenting hundreds and hundreds. What's story rings true ways to use western work supernatural. Oh -- That's a topic that's what I'd like casting a quarterback is a best. Ask -- having some of the best passes they -- were caught early ethically I mean it's it's a it's a technique of throwing a ball maybe their receivers -- when he should his anger but that was a good pass. Well there isn't any single. Any single story I ID them -- It would be wrong to say that I believe every story I -- adult but it would be wrong -- I don't believe any. And Nam I've sort of got. I know what to expect but -- so many thousands of interviews with people. And I I know the way Paris psychology thinks and I know what to expect. When I get the story and about 99%. Of the stories people tell me. Faded to a recognizable pattern. And when somebody tells his story that's really wacky really out there. That's I mean I really know the pattern well enough to be able to say to myself you know I think this person making it up. But a story that comes to mind. I'm doing a five minutes sure OK okay. There's an old quote it's one of my favorites and I don't have it exactly right now but but it's a quote that goes something like this. When your subject. Is really. Obscure. You know if you're talking about a really wacky subject. He's got a theory about it the real test of the theory. Is not. Challenging for more evidence when they know that the evidence is there are the real test of the theory is how many things does it explain. How many things does it pull together into shape. And that's pretty much the way I work with supernatural. Paranormal material. And an awful lot of the native American materials you require the six nations a lot of their stuff but it it rings very true. -- about this about eight years ago was Halloween morning and I had just been on a couple of programs. One of my assistants and part is she goes -- calls and says look we just had a call on business -- from a woman you've really got to talk this woman it's just fascinating story so I talked. -- -- She believes she's in a very powerful Waterhouse and the phenomenon she's describing. Are not typical poltergeist. Haunted house what's -- talking here. Well operations that were very challenging. Scary forms and that type of an operation issue's described and they're not normal ghosts you know I mean -- -- we look like people or animals. Or vehicles you know but right look like natural things they don't look like monsters. It's -- describing these terrible demonic operations. And I agents at one point and said this isn't this is at the white story. He said are you guys he has native Americans -- nominal owner and she told me what village in that -- and I think you'll. What villages and again -- -- are you on the reservation she goes oh yeah it'll. What he's doing the reservation if you're you're like people and well no idea you know we're married. Daughter of -- -- chief -- he was letting it slip on his property in. He passed away recently in Minnesota. So in other -- as a bunch of people living on the reservation and really get very little connection there. And I said -- OK why do you think your cottages are we just got some stuff for the house you know like one. And she goes -- we noticeable artifacts ago I don't know -- -- are I don't know how did you get them because well and grandfather died we can win over there and I said -- man you know if if you've got artifacts there. Com why for slowing economy and polite guy with a laptop right -- afraid he got Mo -- going on anything I'm gonna do about it. And you know they really want me to come out and cast the spell and drive of the game just yet I guess they used to people doing it on TV right. Well I'm not so sure it works quite like that in reality but anyway -- even said to him look if you got things that belonged in the nation. Writer wrong. You've got to go to the elders and make your peace with that. You don't you don't come to -- in don't don't go authorization can stay on it. She does well and on site I know I'm sure he -- -- powerful elders know copyright out go fight -- two goes -- who thinks doing it they'll watch the she thought she's being first because she wouldn't give these objects back to be honest with you completely honest -- you -- I do hear a number of stories like that and there are very consistent stories tonight I even said what kind of -- affectionately you know the man asks why. False face masks. -- -- get rid of those things go to the elders -- -- back. Very powerful on their -- my lord they are powerful. I I am not a superstitious person but there's Sony people in if you believe that there are. That there is power to these these masks particularly if they're old ones that have never been used in the ceremony. And I just told -- look you've got to call the elders immediately and give them masks back do anything they want. And then -- over the -- stop it and she didn't take my advice she started reaching around other white -- people. And she actually talked a friend of mine. In going out there and I couldn't believe that and -- that this was a hot button case and a personal fewer. It's very flattering if you are under cultists to get called into native American case but. Bob don't touch it right you don't belong there if that's a reservation you stay off you go there when you get permission you know. So I knew was that a hot button case but a friend of mine can blundered into it he got in trouble. Well listen Mason Winfield. Makes you could just stick around for a couple more minutes after the -- of course the party you like of course that's micro computer here in for sandy beach. Will be back right after this news break on news radio 930 WB yet. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. -- here we are. Michael -- in for sandy beach here on news radio. 930 W yeah. I promise you won't have to put up with much more Grateful Dead on WB I am I'm done on Friday. But Mimi and I made him agree they let me paint -- music -- I wanted to and Tony has been very good. Finding all these songs trying just to me he's threw me a couple of times. But I mean studio right now Michael -- and for sandy beach with fellow Mason Winfield Mason we you and I were talking off the year. You know I had a run him in the Red Cross which is a beautiful arts and crafts hotel in east world where we both. When I was a boy we do you know my father and I lived in the -- croft in the teleport back then it was Rami. By the week hotel means. -- windows and they didn't even need to. The window jams -- we were there for it was a 77 there was an awful awful awful play very well ventilated and oh yeah absolutely birds -- three year year and the -- that it's a gorgeous place nebulous we're Meyer I've worked -- -- I was only sixteen network of -- restaurant on on main street cleaning up the place tonight. I learned how to smoke cigarettes and I -- -- when I would wake up in the -- million in the and -- I'd go wandering round because it was only -- bar with the place. And people were always -- packs of cigarettes around and -- you find -- at the waitress station at 3 o'clock in the morning sixteen years or of course singer. Whose case. So I got up when I walk around my trying to find one of those left behind packs of cigarettes. I'm I'm left the hotel part and when into the restaurant part right now lobby there's a whole bunch of beautiful Rick -- which. Morse cheers and all those things they had a rate even though the place was Randy through Google lobbied and the legacy. And I walked through -- and it was coming through and I looked over to left the -- that woman sitting in torture looking out the window and and I regret I have realistic it's 3:30 in the morning I -- runner up seconds. Later term came back. If she was wrong. And I saw her two or three more times and older went and very old she was had to be in her seventies. Wearing -- I couldn't tell which -- which is are we see it when it was one of those mortgage cheers. An average was there. I -- our I think twice and maybe three times and she -- it was it was something that really creeped me because there's nobody there is no woman that age living in the hotel. And there's certainly no one that was you know mark you know younger that was trying to pretend the -- -- now. The crop to -- Yeah it probably is. You know I I don't know if if any -- story is ever true. But I I think Ian is it's certainly got some energy and there's there's nothing dangerous you know there's nothing -- It's it's a serious it's beautiful but. I never heard. About that apparition. But its interest in each of founder seated in the same chair yes there absolutely cause sometimes. Classic old pieces of furniture. Do seem to have their on. I'm not kidding really all we and a I mean at least -- it exists in in the lore and legend. Com there happens to be. How swing we. We feature on our Allentown ghost -- it's on Allen street. And the guys who used to live there were antique collectors and they had this one Mingus and cheer. From a -- Italy. Probably five or 600 years old. He ended up people at parties would report seeing someone's sitting in that chair. Always in the chair and end this person would have very olde time clothing. Well I'll -- -- that's what the government talk about we've got a few warm -- These goats watch you do these they're not there are really historic walks I've in my family and we've join you for one of these were beating them all over the region. It's a little bit about these walks -- people can -- obviously this spring and summer. Yeah always it's it's pretty much of of -- walking season to actually summer fall we don't do that in the spring we do a lot of private events you know. But. You know it's it's fundamentally it's a tour into our history -- we really want people to we don't. Promised people that they're going to see ghost. I Wear my running shoes just in case we do -- But I don't tell them they're gonna see it -- I tell them they're going to learn something new to saint. About the subject of ghosts. About the supernatural folklore that's been reported in the town -- village were walking through they will also learn something about its history and it's very interactive I really encourage people ask. Questions about anything that's -- related to the subject. And so far so -- spent quite a ride that you actually do them out of outside of Western New York yeah -- -- oh yeah yeah we have a tour in lions' New York. And that's that's in Wayne county prison it's about twenty miles east of Rochester we've got one answer to the springs. Which is near Albany hand we -- we had a winning candidate for a long time week. Media ran out of tour guides last season so we so that down but I think we're gonna revive it for the coming year excellent. You know I was also I read your blog into Meese and went through common yet agreed. Kind of the salute two. And older from my believe that your quote triumph. Yeah he's among that you got a lot well the air -- is -- the six nations he was a -- -- -- sky at the -- on the senate reservation yeah I was the guy he. Wouldn't say we -- like best buddies. But he he was. He was a real culture keeper for his his folk and he was very kind of taught me a few things. It's interesting how you know we all look at history through different ones I can teach history from a political perspective from -- campaign perspective what was happening and -- it was -- And I I regard your writing and things that you do in the -- that you do. As history through your land purely endure lands being super natural and we are just so rich and -- This is the -- over area can you tell what's that we Western New York the burnt. Over here well actually it's a -- nickname for western -- market starter on the early 18100 takeover of the burned over district. Because there were so many religious cults communities in revivals. Going on here. That it was presumed that if any human soul here was capable of beating. Incensed by the fire of inspiration. They were already toast. If there was nobody left that can catch the fire because there weren't that many cults and communities here. You know you should remember Mike that the two most successful young religions in the world spiritualism the church of Mormon. Both started in Western New York now threaten and that's just the tip of the expert. It really is in and I'll tell you when when I read. The shadows of the western world it's really great stories that come from. That the Seneca nation and error from the severe punishment senate tribe and things throughout their -- This burned over district mean we don't. There's nothing we won't believe round here I mean we have a legacy of police just about it. You also will we vote for the same politicians every year so we. You know -- Ain't gonna change very well Mason until you tell people what where to look you up and how to get a -- view and have a website Mason Winfield dot com. And my company potted history ghost walks as our website on its history ghost walks dot com. Thank you very that was Mason Winfield local author and expert on the super natural especially when it comes to Western New York history. I'm Michael Capuano I mean for sandy beach it was -- on vacation until Friday a promise you'll have him back on Monday I'm not holding him hostage he's just having some fun. This is news radio 930 WB and will be back commitment I guess and this is not the last now we're -- -- this year I think I'm really upset about this -- important notice. Regarding your current health insurance plan. Your current plan will be discontinued effective December 31 -- -- thirteen. It is important to note that this change is due to the regulations created under the Affordable Care Act. Moving for all health plans nationwide must provide our course set. Of comprehensive benefits called essential health benefits. All insurance carriers are rolling out new product portfolio is beginning on January 1 when he fourteen that meet the AC requirements. And will provide the mandatory essential benefits you'll need to taken action to -- corporate between fourteen. If you do not take action you will be with Al coverage. Without coverage and I am going to be without coverage. I don't know the answer to any. Of these practical questions I am right I had a few mean answered. Last week -- -- very good part of that letter that expert -- did not read was announcing the town hall meeting in the east or. For the members of the east or chamber of commerce. Hosted by -- care on the folks who I get my health insurance through. And they were really Smart really Smart. They had more knowledge about the middle of the Affordable Care Act then I could and any one person could ever of the debate. They're licensed to teach people about -- they've gone through the classes that are necessary to help people understand. The Affordable Care Act and -- they get the updates in Maine they said in our meeting in the in the in roar. They said they get those updates on a regular basis daily we're we're. They can tell you exactly what's happening with the Affordable Care Act today but don't hold on to tomorrow. They also told me that if they delayed the individual mandate apart that -- you get health insurance unless. Or if you don't you're gonna get fine you're getting -- -- -- money for your paycheck. The answer I think it's just tell me that if he questions about this obamacare and things of that sort. Don't forget to be solicit and tomorrow at 11 o'clock when the folks -- secure will be -- answers your questions. I found. That. I mentioned earlier that my daughter will it will remain a half to shove her off into a pool of some sort with the excuse. The key people -- And that way you'll be able to save two to 300 dollars instead of having on the scene program. As the rest him now separating for children the one and two children in this line. Like very much Carol from west Seneca -- cancellations. Quite yet and that I kept on calling all the monetary on the front -- and oh you mean no one -- I -- candidate. Senator Joseph the pop all all they don't in the OR. They wouldn't comment about opening. Or in the world and I had seen it is both -- Or you're why are out. There I can't hit it better -- And all while. Working out but. Most people are our local pop and I all the on -- on line are -- -- all what we need to do it all every one that ordinance. I'll build the brand of college -- marks a black and -- I have -- act out for the I have on number. Well -- what you go ahead and share that phone number one that. -- -- I'll tell you senator Gillibrand was one of the people that brought us the Affordable Care Act and senator Schumer the same. Both of those you can thank him very much for your cancellation as they call them transition illnesses. And it quit doing it. Isn't that the -- -- -- Information. Oh. -- -- And -- at. All. Right there's at -- -- Virginia with this there deductibles. Outrageous. I mean they have deductibles set down some of these programs at 101000 dollars plus -- them they're still charge you for monthly. Fees for your health -- you're never gonna see -- means somebody -- halfway healthy is never gonna get a benefit of their insurance -- just gonna pay cash. And there. -- it in there. On the telephone. Forced now. -- do you know and broke up telephone number 85 or her nine Batman and. That's 8549725. Call. Senator Gillibrand and let her know which you think of the affordable care. -- knocking on her door which isn't it mark and bill. Money at it in England and quite a lot of and mr. Schumer is only four X. 4111. That's an 84641114. Senators Schumer Carol thank you very much I wish you walk. Are you should make sure you stick around on -- tomorrow on the 11 o'clock when the folks from bankers would be your -- I'm I'm back -- I got a ton of questions you are I'm sure you don't -- your questions answered and. Now and that that part and I turn 65. And July of next year -- bought Medicare. Seven month window I opted to elect. Her Schumer brilliant. Employees. Located -- -- fine. The F I know and go without insurance. Am not pay a fine I had insurance. Your I don't have insurance -- any line. Carol thank you very much for calling we appreciate. And Q you know that's the thing I have a friend of mine who has. Preexisting condition one of -- a quick series this year. He just like me in so many of of people is sole proprietor -- on employee company he's a consultant. Am -- he lives in North Carolina he got he cancellation letter they canceled his insurance immediate. Immediately the kind of maturity it was catastrophic insurance because his malady was so serious that it qualifying for. Coverage under -- extra operative. So he now pass to go without insurance. Until January 1 in the hopes that the Obama care exchange. Will be able to deal will be able to help him with the situation and this gentleman he needs regular. -- affair. Regular. Medical care and he has -- -- from now until January 1 hoping that he does have an attack or something. And hoping that his children and his wife don't have them and armament medical issues he's going without without. Until the first of January and then ill after Google get something from -- website actually maturity to. There are millions of people like him getting letters like -- millions. Millions and that strikes at the heart of every American families. Angst. Health care. Now miss them when the president said he was fixed after he -- fixed costs. Health care cost too much they're gonna do things to rein in the cost those greedy insurance companies. Everything costs more now. I'm audit what you spinal canal to. With him to its books I don't know I mean New York State actually were on his battle office overstate because our. Our medical. Insurance system here and western union in New York State we sold sober it was the worst in the nation thank you. The first Governor Cuomo -- obamacare actually may have fixed it. Michigan nor has it broken clock is right twice today as a second state there probably -- well. Well I was -- did a great day thank you very much this is Michael Capuano in four sandy beach. On these radio 9930. WB in come in a mixer tomorrow 11 o'clock. Whim we'll be talking about kitchen table facts of Obama care.

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