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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>11-12 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

11-12 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Nov 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome back and this is Michael from doing force sandy beach. Today news radio 930 WB EN we just talked to Roger Stone me off the roof. The new book on of the JFK assassination who've been around December 5 and sixth -- interest in theory that LBJ actually. Organized for JFK to be assassinated. I read the book premature believe it appears some very interest and stuff in there. Of course wins against one year old Brendan. It's been part of the folk or mightily from the viewers on shore. In our 10 am qualifier for the I hate my furnace contest is mark -- news. From -- mark crews from alma mark if you call back at 6449875. Within 93 minutes of being announced you win a first tuneup -- super tuna. And you're entered in to win the right furnace and air conditioner. Valued at 5125. Dollars that is not small potatoes. And that is a furnace and not just an air conditioner mark crews from -- call 6449875. Again 93 minutes to be a winner. And that some amendment to. Visit to weaken up in this weather today Alitalia. This news I hear about Carl running for governor again I mean it's been building and building on the and we we have to get Ralph Reed in here this week details about it IC. What he's trying to do here and really tell. I don't think there's really somebody out there that can beat Andrew Cuomo this is the bluest states. -- pretty close -- problems were governor's race. We thought we had a ten weeks Tuesday. We put together opposition research -- in -- I don't care who we are there -- some in the past it's gonna. Gonna meet cute to -- in running for office will be difficult you know somebody like Andrew Cuomo who has been. Very active and have lived very big life and we figured your stuff there as well and we bounced off. And we would follow that information all the way down of the whole -- Alice in Wonderland and we give all the way to the end and we aired behind this door is going to be that smoking gun the proof that he did it. And you opened the door and it's smells like Lysol. Clearly -- got there. Or some people out there and clean place at bats at least what I can we came away with absolutely no. Nothing on Andrew crumbles past. Of course that's just between the -- -- -- but more importantly. I think we're in all right I run politics and white dot net it's a political blog. Politics and why dot net in one of things I do every morning -- couldn't read every political blogger and political newspaper appeared focused on Western New York. And I put in the left hand column breaking column. News -- but I think everybody can use if you just wondering 45 articles about politics in the morning and you'll know everything you'd need need to know about Western New York in your politics. The politics and -- netbook and debris and -- and one of the things I found was a story that I missed yesterday. In Buffalo News. The headline the regrets in your voters delivered a rebuke to Cuomo it's a very important article right and not just because it's written by the -- Folks at the Buffalo News who have. More. You know Mora. Talent and more. Experience in the political arena is Robert McCarthy I'm currently Tom precious -- There are real problems in Western New York for. Andrew Cuomo are real problems not to mean that you'll be defeated I don't see it would have to defeating them but the fact that. The review the -- angrily and you're kind of Republicans gain in the legislature here. Even though registered Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly two little -- That's a big review of the governor is he's the leader of the party in the state. Of course. -- share power of the incumbent Republican chair he was being attacked from all sides he actually bashed the governor is gonna control from January all the way through Election Day. And he warned. More than 50% in a three way race. That's a review of the governor's safe to -- have. Republicans we elected. You know down which toppled county county executive a clerk in a legislature majority in Chicago where where were Democrats had high hopes. And they haven't enrollment edge there is -- and there's a review and in addition to that the governor was behind fully invested in the news. Issue number one on the ballot. The casinos. He thinks is going to be huge economic blown. In the states. It's ridiculous but all eight Western New York counties plus fifteen other counties. And Manhattan believe and Manhattan it did not pass it was defeated it was absolutely rejected the governor's signature. Are the number one thing that he cared about on that ballot of all the people candidates running on one side he cared about the other side. And that was. The casino referendum he wanted to pass and it want it it it lost in Western Europe lost in your -- he's got problems is that lead him being defeated no -- -- -- -- -- It attempts this thing that -- tried to do. Because it's it's a fact -- -- -- was absolutely right if Carl ran for governor on the conservative line he would get more than 50000 votes and number you need. In -- governor's election for party to remain on the back to mean official party. The Conservative Party would. Would basically. Remain on the ballot in perpetuity and he would certainly give more of 2000 more than that though there so much problem there's only things going wrong for. Governor Cuomo in the work in the Western New York human. Even some more into the fifteenth. There are some things went wrong right now that the that Karl could in fact on the conservative line. Not the Republicans -- second place he absolutely could do and you look at what's happening and -- in the election last week. With the Erie county legislature with the sheriff. With the -- -- county and with the casino referendum it is not to look any further mad if -- Carl Paladino that tells you right there. The you can accomplish what you wanna do and that is not what he considers to be the rhinos -- Republicans in -- only. Out of the leadership in the sent. In the assembly. I mean if he would up end of the Republican Party and change it forever in some ways we may see ago by the way. Of the -- bird in the year it's almost there now were completely factual. There's nothing that we do that that it really has an impact on Wednesday. What if you look at that are on the Buffalo News yesterday in Western Europe rebuking Cuomo you've seen the path for -- to achieve exactly he wants exactly what he wants to achieve. He's like his ideas of reform the Republican Party or get rid of how about that. This is Michael brutal in for sandy beach on news radio 930 WBE and be back after these messages. Well I'll tell yeah. Now that I read in the weather every half hour on the quarter -- what Harvard is. Always calls me weatherman she asked this morning what's the weather is what's -- like today and -- epitomize the outside massive snow. So highly -- Ford now she thinks I'm going to be. The next WB Ian whether I think I got too big shoes to fill here. This is Michael Wood in for sandy beach on these review ninth at WEB yen. In the next hour level -- have Mason Winfield who is local author and a specialist in all things super natural Mason. Is -- -- from east worries. Ubiquitous there probably one of the most prolific writers are government. I used constantly. -- -- He's got some very interesting stories are so angry book he's published -- -- right to be very entertaining. I -- some wind field will be on. At 11 o'clock today. Telling us about supernatural western new York and -- -- calls. Again our number here is 8030930. Star and I'm thirty cellphone. Com this is a very interesting day Natalia. I think it's. The idea of Carl Paladino running for governor and that down swing in. Obama as our readings. And -- implosion of obamacare. Are a perfect storm I think it has the potential for perfect storm. You know but you saw what happened to. -- and Virginia governor's race last week and the Democrat. Clinton and devotee. Name called off it was way it used 1012 points and in and out. Every thought it was a done deal in fact of the people I work with that don't work with Republican Party. Basically written him off of the human masse from money in the -- to the end to the two elections in May turn down the coast but certainly every four in. And then all of a sudden as soon as people were able to take their eyes off of Ted Cruz which took awhile. We were able to see the implosion of a Obama -- not just on the web site but the millions and millions of letters like the one right here like fine. That says we are now canceled canceled on December 31 week no longer have a policy that doctor that we want. All those things happening at once and here we have Carl Paladino. Looking around looking at the landscape and saying you know. Maybe I can't win for governor but certainly I can change things forever you know. Even more so this year. Then then. And in the needed and we we -- -- -- in -- 2010 I think the one thing -- I've received very important one I think. We'll have all the news driver's. Seat. Got a text from. Rus Thompson Ross who's operating guy he says they have not ran at a suburban yet which is. That's. Reminds me of 2010 we put 30000 miles on mistress -- Ian Ross and Carl. So if they ever read the suburban -- is still not in it's not official matter what Fox News says. The matter what the new says on the hour -- was not then he doesn't have a suburban yet. When that happens look out anyway. We have you know he's that's hard to say what's what's what's going forward on the on the Republican side -- produced. There's no one closer to power politically. At least in the Republican Party thinks venom -- nickel angrily and if declining worthy parent and the party that he had. Loses its number two spot on the ballot to the Conservative Party which would calls. Idea is honest you know terrible things happen of the Republican Party completely lose all the patronage jobs that. And it the board of elections it affects everything. Everything that happens in every county everything goes topsy term. Are basically walks up to the Republican table grabs on the end of it and just flips it over. And so he's got friends in the report -- very close friends who will lose a lot here and so he's got a very difficult decision to me. I'll tell you what if if you gave Carl an opportunity to two and throw a table over and change something. He'd do that before he'd sit down meal. I'll -- -- absolutely what that's why you see him doing what he's doing. At the school board I'm -- Ford -- smack them with before every meeting. Those are great I mean he actually I mean we talked about it -- -- Deco who is no different meanings. Allen and a lot of liberal bloggers out there. Think Carl's doing great things at the -- border and so at the school work there still kind of feel like the injuries now that one city's. They're all behind him 100% that they like what he's doing because you bring order to -- Transparency. Of -- always said when he was on the governors -- trail he was always think when you sign shine in the white on the rats they run away. And -- -- in the interest of school for being with -- spotlight any sign it and it every couch and every corner and it's you know. They're scurry in and and things are happening now we'll see if -- agenda gets put in place that. Honest to god he's really do when it's quite good things there and I think. I'm not sure bogus report seen done. But I'll -- a lot of people don't feel we've moved -- -- -- of culpability prime marks. I'm willing to bet a lot of what our our -- sit and -- him at the school boards and you know what maybe this is what we need. A lot of people this and maybe Carl Paladino running on the conservative -- what we need to wonder what you think. Which gives carloads 8030930. Starr ninth -- do you think -- -- would answer for governor on the consider what is it will rip. The Republicans are brand new orifice I can guarantee it there's no way around. It will turn the Republican Party upside down now Carl has been talked about -- Albany upside down for quite awhile maybe the way you start. Is by turning over the Republican for idol and I've been Republican it was for many many years. I don't you know -- although I've been involved a lot of Republican primaries don't like when -- when Republican finds Republican. And this will be a -- battle a brutal battle for the ages. Remember we drove around and -- state for months and months and we couldn't get in the audience in front of Republicans. If we tried Karl Karl was writing it was a writer as. He was trying to run for governor and on the Republican candidate Republicans when he talked to so we went past. Russian. The Tea Party leaders put together something on the lines of seven the -- her 88 different meetings with -- with Tea Party groups. We ended up meeting with over hundreds of Tea Party groups Wednesday. During that race Carl didn't come in as the darling of Republican Party sort of any what does that tell you. That Carl Paladino won't do it because he doesn't -- hurt the Republican Party they haven't done anything for him. They certainly have responded to any of his schedule in any criticism down here we are some things have gone on Republican majority of the New York State Senate. Are unconscionable. The fact that they just rolled over on multiple issues and won't even let the New York State backed the bills out they're designed repeals it back. We let them on. We let them come to route to the table. You know I've got one minute here and I see Jane from buffalo on the line. Jane. -- -- sandy -- Do you. ROJ yes good morning -- calling Q. -- my viewpoint article my professional you and I Carl Paladino on. I and I've got. And past history and educational administration or. And I -- -- thirty years ago offer until maybe our usual. Everything Carl Paladino does. I'm at school board in show. Perfect it's like he's got our Ph.D. in an administration -- man is. An administrator heart administrator I mean you know if -- can make it out -- Republican ticket I'm very -- good spot. If you could make it I think he lit. He would really help forge this -- had physical series how that is all. Well -- want to stick around till after the break -- -- couple questions if he got the time please stick around okay. All right great. Jane yeah I've thanks opera called them as newsreader in -- the WB yen. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030. No injuries cell calls are free and start at 930 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Anyway. I yes thank you Tony this is Mike you know on -- 930 WB EM I mean for sandy beach. Who's off on vacation through Friday he'll be back the next Monday -- really haven't -- standing informants. It's some everybody should experience. Are speaking of an experience Jane thank you for hanging on that during our our whole time here. You said you've got some experience in the education arena what Carl's doing is right on the right on the right on the line. He is this man as actual election he understands. There. As likely like an expert -- understand the limitations. The young. Young child to understand. They're potential. We understand. I administrative educational if you haven't taken the educational. Programs are -- in the curriculum. What could be argued that the answer from an administrative. In order a level is getting on these -- how to apply the program. -- -- -- -- Do you motivate them to want to live a life and be contributing members that the ID RE PC is. People I mean I am everything dark and full practice and I mean I I contracts because -- When -- education advocates. Your or your undergraduate program it whatever subject you're gonna teach and you take you're teaching methodology programs you know that's like eighteen hours -- after. At the undergraduate hotline at 33 hours and then of course -- okay. I had my managers to them without a lot of action. And I Israel offered actually that administration at the undergraduate level where I tell you I know what I know I know I don't. And Carl Paladino I don't know either studied what he's doing. But believe me how he conceptualize is probably a quiet that need -- who. Put our something. Tangible debt. That each shall. Opting -- doesn't do a tejada doesn't like I happen know anybody who works round knows. He has sits behind this desk in this quiet office on the quarter of the squirt. In on the right hand corner of his desk is 82 and a half foot tall pile of paper. And it never gets any smaller. Because people keep putting things on their if he pulls things and it's. I'd say two thirds of -- about education and that was before he ran for governor were really got him interested in politics was the failure -- buffalo schools. So he breeds more about education than anybody on that school board I guarantee you that I guarantee -- What is left out is grasping his application -- ability to apply. And it'll -- -- as the executive and he will you know bring forth the idea. -- -- these people that are so all. -- -- to what they're supposed to do look. If you -- teaching and of course it's your resilient -- obviously each student would have to listen to them because they'd bail out they didn't. They wouldn't learn that they didn't like it means -- in the future -- I'm very impressed. And you know to feel like -- -- -- to. Administrative perhaps to get a large organization like the public school system. All these different schools -- -- different curriculum you know to see our affiliate in in many many areas as well some of the are brighter spot. And to apply that knowledge from where he's standing. Now Beck attacked with a ministry -- doctor or edit the recently and ten years in the election in need to be you know like high school principal center to -- -- And still want SAT run for governor. Even though not a Republican. What I'd seen him do what dish. -- -- -- -- -- I'm extremely impressed when you take into consideration all the book knowledge. That this -- should ask anybody you have to do what he is doing actually. Thank you very much calling you know it's it is interesting and I think that there are people out there -- agree with you I think Sally. And can moral thank you gentlemen Sally in -- where you said you would support well. Absolutely. I have better Republican I don't know I pilot. Goldwater Republican -- and Republicans. Ever since I've been a little discouraged about. A lot of the rhino Republicans. But. If and I am Ali bulletin date -- public and pick up for the most pat I have voted Republican. And I can't his prime and I line. My husband and I am I have since since passed the way back. We can't his -- and I live in the last time he kept the weight and I want to make sure that they keep guns again now can't get there again. And I don't care what -- he -- -- He's he's our band. Well I think -- I think he feels that look too I think he does because. This is not easy stuff and he's opening himself up to -- Criticism and it just walls off his back but he he wouldn't be doing it for his ego that's for sure -- he takes such a beating. In public in Sally thank you for calling you know. I really appreciate your call I was just to his welcome like FaceBook and Suzanne Maloney. Who's one of my friends on FaceBook -- -- posted a picture. That Templeton landing when -- team -- riding up on my tugboat. After going across the canal ending his trip in buffalo. As a beautiful black and white photo room agreed for it or it's brought me in my fine thank you very much and thank you. With brought brings to mind the fact that I am not on my boat right now even -- supposed to be on my boat. Sandy beach got his vacation I came and enormous and it with him at the last minute. I'm supposed beyond my -- brought that same boat took our. I was was taken all the way down to of Miami instead and put the crew want to do it couldn't wait to cold. And I wanted to check in with captain will captain will your take in my eight tugboat. There Paladino who expressed. Self and where are you right now. I could bother him good morning. That aren't up. The extracurricular. There. Are you know it sounds like we got a bad connection there I'm gonna call you backlog related well to stuff. You've got just a couple of bars but anyway we'll check back -- him this morning I was. Really interested. To read also in the in the new users have there's also one problem it's. After our next fifteen minutes so. The Washington Post announcing that Chris Christie can beat Hillary Clinton. Media through the media is out there -- seen Chris Christie can win and with that feels like when it how do people -- Not on this -- not normally believing the mainstream media what do you think of that Chris Christie government of the this is Michael brewing for sandy beach on news radio 930 WB yen the right captain will you on the -- now. I go to -- -- you can't what's the temperature. All of -- North Carolina that year. South of Cape Fear all right that's I know that area while we -- my wife and I brought the vote up to buffalo are actually up to New York in the across the you're in your account buffalo with a to buffalo with current leader. What's the temperature there and. Temperature is about. -- forty love it. Well we got some snow here today I -- a little -- on board I saw a very testing video on the mirror balls FaceBook page what happened this morning. And yet we begin at all we have for breakfast. Yeah absolutely -- -- you know they love the Jerry Garcia republic why -- they sure. I surely swimmer on the voter related. I know they they arrive and are now -- for. At least fifteen -- Yes it was like five or six -- -- on the FaceBook page for them Arab on the just would dance and in front of the boat that was really happens once in awhile. Yet beautiful art you know Michael a lot about about that and I noticed on the chart. -- Brett wherever he alligator river it would -- -- -- document -- exclamation point. Really close together what went without warning manners. No no that's actually two exclamation points and put in little circle on the chart that you use in saying when I used to come -- Tacoma. Yeah that was you know corporate by the alligator river there. But yeah I know that I know that -- -- in fact. And that made all right you know -- -- on our honeymoon my wife and I when her owner Wayne north from the mayor of all coming up to buffalo. And everything alligator river all day that day I'm -- my grandmother's tomatoes it was incredible stuff from scratch there was coconut -- All day long my wife my new bride it was -- kind of relaxing in the back sunning yourself it was a beautiful and he beautiful day. I'm made this Austin as the sun -- we dropped anchor right there by the alligator river and you know -- put little table up on the top deck with -- a couple of tears and a red and white checked tablecloth and Tony we have some music for that to. Yes indeed -- alligator river. I remember it well -- -- well I remember it well. Well I'd you know that it is quieter it. And you. There was it was in the sauce was good to will -- be careful with my baby them Arab -- that's captain will with they hit me rabbi taking my vote. Down to Miami while I'm sitting in for sandy beach sand I hope you're enjoying yourself because I could use a little time with those. But those dolphins today thank you captain. -- Yes yes yes the alligator river an alligator river well. That's 11 heck of a trip anybody who's in the boat. Owners and boating and know a lot of people in buffalo in the building. That trip all the way down the East Coast is just something you'll you get to see more Americans than. And in a car for certain that your real in my -- we you know. That's a little personal water craft -- target trawler looks just like pop vote. The only made about fifty in my gas lines from the 1980s. -- -- -- -- -- -- It goes slow nine miles an hour at top speed if we went over Niagara Falls and the wind was behind this we do nine miles per hour. Down falls at that speed you see a lot of Americans remember. Traveling along the coast in having a wonderful time with my phone. It's something I would recommend everybody do if you ever get a chance and you can do it in a row boat can do in the sailboat he can do in the tugboat and just -- it floats. Point itself. -- While I thank -- is baloney for Clinton that picture on my FaceBook your minds we have some very interesting times and Carl Paladino for government once before. And -- we took that vote across Erie Canal to get heated he did that vote not just my -- he hates although he doesn't like the water. And of course duke the girl has. The same disposition comes to votes doesn't. 8030930. -- is -- number into the studio start 930. Is the the number from your cellphone which is free of charge. You know one of the things that I've written about on belong politics and -- And talk a little bit here here. Is what's going on India. The county legislature. Right now in the calculus which was taken over Republicans they won the majority in January could be sworn in technical. The Erie county legislature. -- with that comes a certain amount of appointments are for new officers and a win win when someone's term and an appointment because these are the kind of legislatures involved in re appointing appointing new ones many different offices right now. However the Democrats who lost. Not just didn't -- banked. On the way out the door the kind of legislatures determine that they're going to go ahead and and control the water authority. For a couple more years so want sitting water authority commissioner. Fran worked very good. You only have a couple of years left I'm not it was a short time left on his it is. Authority appointment he wants to extend a little bit so he's actually they've won our authority member when commissioner has quit. Kind gentleman in -- for Bryant didn't like it it's too political. And so for waffling is going to jump into. And O'Brien sloth. Vacating his onslaught in the living a slot open there which will then be currently. Reappointed by the Democrats the Democrats will control water of the or an all Patrick is there which is really -- Our county legislature. Is playing ball. Dirty ball. Disgusting all their -- making. Political decisions. Changing the time line. In a way that is absolutely unfair tactics initially did it in order to nominate as a commissioner. -- Linehan. Who is the county cheer for the Democrats for many many years still power -- Democrat party here and you know. Wanted to be a member of the Erie county water authority and he would wind up to do it. And then the public heard about it and he backed out. But. Public heard about actually from the -- beach last week and from politics and a network April. I'm -- -- wanted to be county water theory should have been blocked public opinion. But they're still going forward with the county legislature are going for the gonna find someone else besides me and because for them it doesn't matter if it's the boss. Or someone who reports to the boss they want to control the water authority even though the Republicans have won the right to make those nominations. It's absolutely disgusting politics at its worst it's cynical in fact I called on my blog cynical -- hubris. This is stupid small town politics arrogance I've never seen it in a more bold. Fashion and the fact is what's going on so long -- in Erie county so long. That the county -- county legislature doesn't it feel like it's wrong. It is going for their vote for these. For these smooth moves is little manipulation by the bosses in the Democrat party in order to. -- the effect of the Republican former accountant on the county legislature and on on the water authority. The people of Erie county voted for the Republicans for police you Democrats. In the legislature. They've voted for Republicans for a reason. One of the reasons. I would submit. Is that the Republicans would never do anything like this if they did by the way I would stand up. And scream as loud and scream right now the Democrats in the county legislature you know who you are you have decided to manipulate the system and steal away. The mandate that the people have delivered here recount. Of the people that -- -- that I don't know. News radio 930 WBE NN. This is Michael -- for sandy beach will be back shortly. With Mason Winfield. On spiritual Western New York.

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