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11-12 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Nov 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes Syria are. Back again. It's Michael brewing for sandy beach on news radio 930 WB the end. On our first snowy day in buffalo this is the day I was just telling Susan I really love this game buffalo. That's the great Tuesday when you wake up. First know you get up a little bit early UT your brush our infrastructure -- you started up in the -- In cases when it's not little ice on the wings should go inside to give them a cup of coffee. You sit around to warm up a little bit detox your daughter and your. Your right to give him a kiss goodbye to watch your cards all cleaned off you go out there the roads are a little tough let me tell you something. -- East -- this morning we have three and a half inches of snow. Maybe four I mean we it was you know it was nice to get a nice -- we live right on Hamlin park it was gorgeous -- looks greens. And you know we going to end drivers will slow down a little pact be you know this is buffalo we don't really weren't afraid of driving in snow. Remember when I lived in Washington DC they had a half an inch and almost all the schools closed and had another and so the next day. And the whole city shut down the buffalo we just have. You know -- car with say we have the colonies to deal with this. And Natalia and Carl Paladino is certainly in the news isn't he goes and if. Fox and part fox -- and particularly -- him on some months some -- Fox News. Already was on. Neil Cavuto yesterday. And all but declared his candidacy on the conservative -- for governor of New York how interesting is that that. That. It is interest. As someone who participated in the last run around. Back to really got my attention on what -- is about to do on the conservative line -- mean change politics as we know it. In New York certainly on the right of the spectrum. Are in perpetuity for ever and ever amen and some people would say that's a long overdue. And I was very interesting to sit and talk with them -- with -- this morning we were talking about. Obamacare as they call it and isolate calling it obamacare until Obama told me to liberty like that it's opt. Via the Affordable Care Act is coming apart the scenes as some people say and the big news pages that. That the president is now down to 41%. Approval rating 41% approval rating. Tonight is Republican as I -- down all the weak -- rock -- I'll tell -- 41% is nothing. Nothing. The president will come back from that was just a giggle. It's historic. You know I I think it you have sky's falling that's actually not strong at all I mean I think the problem -- that the president plans. Is it obamacare is not gonna get any better and 41% he's going to be wish him for 41%. -- or your house soon you know the collapse of liberal democratic presidency. Takes. There's a lot longer because he's propped up by the media especially newspapers like New York Times who always defending. Acting as his spokesman. And you know things are coming apart at the seams and Obama care I mean that's forget about our foreign policy that we haven't seen this kind of our broken foreign policy since Jimmy Carter we haven't seen the economy. Like this since Jimmy Carter -- we have we have had -- -- there are fewer people participating in the workforce today Obama percent level. Then as ever since Jimmy Carter we are in Jimmy Carter and we are in Carter Middle East right now. But the real problem for the president is that all that -- the news media can prop him up they can make excuses for. -- -- they can make excuses for other foreign policy blunders that make -- look like fools. Syria comes tomorrow and they can make excuses for the economy from Garcia exits in the George W Bush's fault for the longest time. Stopped doing that. But they can't make excuses for something that is falling apart so absurdly. As in the affordable care I mean my friends. Were referenced -- -- I think I'm a little bit or off the -- -- on this but I keep -- very busy I'm up to my elbows and Obama here all day long because the the company is that it worked for advise on the topic this is coming departed the scene -- much difference. And this you know whole. Affordable Care Act. Legacy will be it's -- it's it this is the first administrative over reach. Of American liberal class of the American progressive class as the first major. Administrative overreach that we've seen in the modern era. And they are going to be punished at the polls punished at the polls. Mark my words the Democrats are going to lose the United States senate and it's going to be because of obamacare they almost lost. The Virginia governor's race last week because of Obama care bat almost backed out of what animals are we from him last week. Because Obama -- respond let me tell you something I'm not happy about this I am very upset. Personally. Because I'm opening right now in front view. You can't seat because bureau on the radio and the growth of revelations. From -- and the Republicans. Your current plan will be discontinued effective December 31 one to thirteen is important note that this changes don't of the regulations created under the Affordable Care Act this comes from obamacare. And in particular independent panel. My wife myself want one -- will be -- we are going to be with out. Without insurance -- insurance on December 31 and we have to make our mind up right before December 6 when he thirteen. Where we're going to be insured. Let me tell you what I wanna say about this I can't say because with this show. I I have to keep clean. I am not happy about this but I I was very I'm very lucky that are unserved by. The benefits advocate called competitors these folks -- especially. Full disclosure -- This is a good group where I want to have our. Presentation in the game last week four on behalf east -- -- great stuff. Lot of very practical answers to your very pressing questions are going to be on the show tomorrow at 11 o'clock I want to be prepared for that. If you're not prepared for obamacare and I'm telling you what I looked at me all day long I'm not a prepared for a I have no clue what's gonna happen -- after December 6 after January 1 I have no clue. But if you have questions we -- ready with them. On Wednesday at 11 o'clock when we have the specialists from manicures and take your questions on obamacare you're really important questions like. Is your child your baby is my one year old gonna have insurance impact you know what in New York they're treated differently and how they're treated a -- don't I found out. And we'll talk about that we come back this is Michael Caputo in force sandy beach on news radio 930. WB EAM. This is micro -- in four sandy beach on news radio 930 WB yen. Our telephone number in case you have forgotten is 8030938. -- threes -- -- third -- 930 free on -- so. Off on. -- tell you we were talking a few minutes ago just about Obama care affordable care not. It should be signed by the president of the United States it's interesting that as soon as the weather started coming out and they're coming out all over the place. They're everywhere millions of these on American mailboxes in the have arrived in the -- And immediately the White House and all my friends who apparently give the talking points memo. The White House put out that these are actually no I think it was in the house somebody who's speaking for house of these transition offices. These aren't cancellation their transition these kinds of things happen all the time in the insurance industry they're just you know not in them. In the fires -- the complete and whole policy change of the Affordable Care -- in this politicized is just the transition us. No it's not mean. I'm -- damaged in the insurance business arm Marc Crawford talk about it but I know from growing up three generations in insurance that. Never have millions. Of policyholders receive. Cancellation notices all one time and be told what we told here. Good luck you're on your -- Never happened in the insurance industry before I don't care who you war. You can't tell me this is a transition notices is absolutely unique. In it is eight. An anchor but wait there's going to sing. The entire Democrat party is he the senate switch hands. Receive deeper gains in the house represented news. Hand if you think you are -- -- if president Barack Obama is having a tough time now. We -- after fourteen elections the last two years of his administration were going to locally. We're going to be Jimmy Carter will wake -- general Patton. It's gonna be an amazing time in 030930. Start 930. On your cellphone. I don't care what anybody says about from which we needed Health Care Reform. I'm I really don't care. I -- right now I am so angry I'm so upset because we liked our. Our policy. Reviews and we just had a baby but we'd like. Our doctor we just found our doctor I'm not sure he's going to be involved in and and the the plans that we have offered I mean if I wanna get back on independent health I don't have to -- even offer it. In about how does not available to me through. Anything bought the online exchange which I know you argue but I've been trying to go through the New York State. Health care exchange it's a heck of lot better than -- obamacare she must admit that's difficult. But all my gosh we we can't get through. We're we're we're trying my wife is not for United States we met when I was working over in the former Soviet Union and now we have to upload immigration documents is part of our health care. Course and don't ask -- to do that math but somehow or another if we can't. Immigration documents for access health care. So we have to try and upload those documents it doesn't work but the work we're not equal to do. I've tried many times however you know we really are hurting you know I'm not I must admit I'm still waiting through what might. Provider Medicare's premium looking at five and six pages of I mean I know they're trying to do a good job explain in this stuff but it is Greek to mean. Right right. On a good -- -- health care insurance it's the board of this this news this is a mass at 10803. 0930 years are 930 year on your cell phone. I'm I'm very interest in what the folks have been accurate to say tomorrow Angela Park here promising to beat shall. -- I I've got to tell you I've aren't I'm rain I just -- -- about this because it drives me crazy that the government is now making me I something that is not as good as some. That they've made me give up I don't like that. But what -- -- is that's law. And it's not going away now they may delay the individual mandate lately delayed the corporate mandate. That means they're not gonna find you at all means that you still have to change your church -- still have to dig him to be exchanged many of us do. You still have to go through all the inconvenience and you know by the -- the change that we don't like when it comes with fundamental like our health care. You're gonna lose your doctor anyway you're going to lose your policy anyway. They're just not gonna find you take money from your paycheck which they can do to. Is being iris. -- yes that was the political sides of the but the practical sides of this -- Our our vary in their their hearts to wade through like I said my wife and water. Does not allow us to sleep she's -- we're not -- them. But. We yeah we don't know we're gonna do for her insurance in fact the New York State offers you your weekend weekend. By paying extra money. Keep keep her on our on our family plan but New York to actually offers. A plan that groups all infants or children together in one. One -- or one planned I think it's helping New York to find out what went out from the folks who were manicured tomorrow. Are they could to get the -- of the children all in one pool and the the coverage is actually. I'm looking at it on paper it looked pretty good and if you if you. Abandon your child to this. Child only insurance. Program that is part of in New York State's our system. Are you actually saved -- box if we wanna ensure our family together as one unit with one. Insurance policy covering won the set of doctors. We were -- anymore. I don't understand logical that at all. But anyway the idea of Medicare is that these folks archivists apparently answered an idea about it. Mr. -- prison bomb it down for 4% that's not happening tomorrow 11 o'clock they're gonna tell you. What the change means to you and on you -- kitchen table and what you need to think about and where you need to do in order to be sure that you were prepared. For the onslaught in the attack on our personal liberties that we call Obama care. That's tomorrow at 11 o'clock. Of these specialists from -- care. I'll tell -- that the president is down 41% right now. He's headed southward. We have not seen the worst of obamacare one thing that I've discovered. I worked for. CEO named Brad Anderson CEO of best buy. And are you discovered that. Everyone you know something like 70%. Of America's corporations 78%. America's corporations. Our non employer corporations corporations have one employee like my corporation consultant in the I have corporation -- one person. 78%. Supplement line. Are those are that's 3% Americans register businesses. Every single one of those business owners. I cancellation notice that matter where they live no matter what state they're in they all got a cancellation I'm happy. Everywhere and always in that group of people not Nasser -- but in the -- Those -- America's armed and war America's off the north are taken it in the hind quarters. From Obama care. It's an awful thought punish the ones who were creating jobs punished. Well this is Michael put in force sandy beach on WBN news radio 930 coming up next. To have Roger Stone author of the new book that accuses. LBJ. Of whacking JFK. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WD EA and call us now an 8030930. -- calls are free and start doing dirty -- or toll free line is 1806169236. Tony's kind of place dump the the talk show host here and gotten -- it again but -- Welcome back to the WB ENN news radio 930 this is Michael -- In four sandy beach who is off on me well deserved vacation. We're. Were both in advice here for an interview. With Roger Stone Roger. Is the author by the -- you know full disclosure Roger is my Big Brother first of all I mean he's the one and introduced new politics. I have him blame I've known him since I first got to the university of buffalo. When I was his driver. And in my twenties. In later on Roger you and I were to give a lot of. Local campaigns -- you have always been interested. In the John F. Kennedy assassination -- remember sit and listen to you go one on and on about this for 25 years and you finally put it all into a book. The you've called the man who killed Kennedy. The case against LBJ Rodger welcome. Mike it's great to be regular look I'm delighted to hear that you can't -- -- well. If it's only temporary as you know this political game we are employed in the that you seemed to have found a new calling here. And your cats and a lot of flak for you say. That the person behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy was Lyndon Baines Johnson as vice president you make that case pretty strong in this book. Yes it a Latin saying it did those Italian American audience understand it goes. Cooley Potisk checklist except. And -- in the Darren Kitchen table English that says want. I mean. The person who derives the greatest benefit from the crime is likely the ones who -- that is. -- LBJ was the one that stood to gain most. No question and and union dire predicament because. He had two major scandals are you baker scandal that we saw that he's able. Baker he's the secretary of the senate and got in fact the guys delivered supplies and -- And Billy -- species -- flamboyant -- con man. Who Johnson has gotten several multimillion dollar. -- to a federal contracts boring east -- Johnson. So Johnson is staring at not just being built -- court to -- Evelyn Lincoln that presidents. Personal secretary writes that. -- good night before he left for Dallas people are you that we're trying they would be but it would not -- Johnson. Well we've heard about that you know and and and and Johnson really had he had iron fist on Texas -- need to do anything you -- Well he did but more importantly he's lucky jail you know -- You know popular prosecute him he noted Robert Kennedy -- That full dossier had giants into the kind of like people. And that they've got nine full time investigative reporter -- life magazine on the ground in exchange. And they're digging shows and guns and -- domestic 25 million dollar fortune in real. The salary Sunday school teacher. You know congressman senator or -- -- able. -- view we we we we've -- a 150 a 150 million dollars today real. -- -- uptight that we we've heard so many theories and or something on 140 books. Al this year because it's the fiftieth. Anniversary. Of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and everybody out there at the tape. I don't know who killed John can I. I think that there's a possible case that it's -- Jim it's certainly been proven Roger. Corrective. There was not a single shooter and a whole thing off -- -- Let's take this into parts of the bill Warren commission as you know critical between the -- and select committee. Under my friend senator Richard striker subcommittee in the church committee by and let march proved it. Lee Harvey at all -- long ties to ID. Now at least two CIA officials Victor march at the robber probably come forward to confirm that he restrained by the agency. -- -- sector program. The yeah we know that day he was seen by into the bitchy aren't. In the meeting with David at least Phillips in the lobby of Texas -- office building. So he's clearly been learned by this CIA George -- and -- disease and where Lisa. Close friend George Bush and CIA he. Errand -- So we unit so that falls apart and we also now know that bowl ruby and low paid format for the FBI which like -- -- to tie -- up with the bulk. FBI does -- Tree initiated investigation. Truly. Pretty well. We are we are -- acted alone known Communists came close. And basically geared toward completion to. Whoever gave the girl says to -- so it's certainly fighting the bullet. Based partnership -- games Jakob -- -- the meaning of the curb that they have bullet hit the curb. This small piece of concrete bounces up and refugees street Easter -- Well today now we have to account for that ball -- which is why the government -- is ridiculous single bullet here. Right. Well you know Roger the one thing that I found really compelling about your book is that. You were very close with Richard Nixon and you're in your book you say that Richard Nixon says that it was indeed all LBJ that had cake. He certainly he certainly did we're not saying those words you add it to me giants. Well. Want to be president of the difference was I was it would be killed four. -- -- me in -- and I also know that he knew Jack Ruby. And -- Jack will be specifically is it Johnson he recalled that in 1947. It's request of Murray shot or what it is guy. And brought him Jack Ruby in saint Johns has just picked this guy up injured reform committee got extra payroll money they'd like to put your mind. They're putting. I work in the congress as you did Mike Lowell worked on the house side I looked in the senate side in the outside member often do those kind of currency for other members. Lots no -- you know this thinking it gets an indexing came to the house to seeing the year. Right. Well we know the book is the man who killed Kennedy in the case against LBJ I'm on line with -- Roger Stone the author. The legendary political consultant he's gonna stick around the next fifteen minutes. -- -- questions don't forget the calls at 8030930. Start 930 here on news radio 930 WBA and the sandy beach show will be right back. And Michael compliments for sandy beach. On news radio 930 WB and our number here is 8030930. Star. 930 from your cell phone. We are on the phone with our Roger Stone the noted political. -- commentator strategist and also. Now the author of a new book the man who killed Kennedy the case against LBJ -- ours is checked it out on Amazon. You're doing some pretty brisk working on Amazon looks like -- Europe there in the break ins on the political books to. Yeah it's it's it's moving out -- fine when I do programs like if it it is increase should. More coverage you can get the New York Times election posted. You know the lame -- -- days -- north spoke in the -- around which is unfortunate and what is different in my book that is. I don't -- by the Kennedy. Most of that -- -- -- majority virtually all of -- and how. Now in the wake of the fifties universe. -- I like -- in -- to balance -- idea like yeah admired Jack Kennedy like there. Pastor. Wright apparently. And but at the same time they were not seeing in anyway. OBG -- Egypt and I think was abusing. In. Richard good graces of doctor Max feel good in Russia. Position of the day who injecting Maryland and well -- actress others rejecting Jackie and Jack he would. With a mixture of vitamins and steroids in the most importantly mostly intact. So present high. Lectured. So I don't regard -- as -- I think they you know they've brought a certain style and elegance. And and without question JFK inspired the nation. I like -- tax cutting policies like he made it on the economy in all honesty to. Very important means supply -- but -- -- time. You know most of the program is stalled in congress but civil rights. They're in the foreign policy is up again. If that means he's not really clear. He has to reclaim Bartlett goes he was the story yet -- -- -- -- not. Because we're in the Cuban policy has been -- -- in the inability to assassinate Castro. -- figure students Cuban missile crisis is our -- in my book. -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- four years later that we gave strategically placed in the air missiles US -- right in Turks. Which basically change the balance of power in Europe at a time when we're in the depths of the cold so. They made it cynical I think we lost more than they did because there's no onsite inspections in which and whose deal. We -- evidence whatsoever missiles that relaxed -- so I think. Khrushchev and snicker at snookered ten. Well you know you almost -- that you know the 1980s and all of these movies extolling the hero that call fireworks. Well you also -- -- -- degree Qaeda mean everybody's. Mafia did at the mad about. About his brother cracking down on his attorney general for Iraq right now -- -- the mafia dated. I'm sorry that the the Cuban RX files that it is their man that he let them die on on on the on the beach in the Bay of Pigs. And then that's the CIA hook there of the CIA was very angry about that operation because it was supposed to work in -- fail. But your point here your premise here is that. LBJ -- all these negative in all these people were angry and willing to do something about getting rid of Kennedy he says all of that he stitch it all together and he's the guy behind the hit on on JFK that's your premise right. The yes my my premises rejected taking desperate in December -- get the to stop sending. So he and it's not hard for him to look it is traditional allies see that they all featured feature. CIA. The bad things in -- in the military for the Cuban missile crisis. And be. The -- because the double cross. Bob works are you working with because they have joined to get on the assassination plans are Castro. Which was secretly approved by Richard Nixon vice president. We can offer of a very unique perspective here in the man who killed Kennedy case against -- BJ EC on. Amazon. This is your first -- I know you've been want to breed books you've been talk about political -- for for awhile. You actually. Are coming to buffalo to the to have to present this book -- Yeah. I am. I'm going to be there actually 2 days. I am on December CNET. In the evening 63830. AM at the Wyndham garden Amherst. 4 AM book parties at my good friend. My good friends Carl Paladino had -- Why were pretty and others are our host informing -- separately I was list. I will speak briefly and I will take questions and then. The following evening Friday December 6 at 6:30 -- talking leaves bookstore buffalo. Some of my Democrat homeboy. And transit to the left of the Specter of yet try as many. I think you can disagree without being disagreeable. So I'll see my many friends in in buffalo and that swing. I do not treat my east. Are you -- it's great appeared in eleven just don't Wear your Speedo tell you what you know you're the one who introduced me Carl Paladino. Cents. Of the game went on to manage his his run for the governor -- -- you know. And you were very close to us and we -- mean you you talked to -- time during the he's still -- What do you think if his. -- is a pro forma session be on fox business for he sounds like he's going to be -- on the conservative point for governor. Yeah and he really has issues royals the the water here shall be brilliant move. I'd like law and -- party chairman because -- pitchers in the getting to vote city teachers are no questions are as are -- human those 50000 votes in western. You're alone. Secondarily. Our role he. You know these higher on the line Republicans. As well as being our critic. Well. But anyway you look at our could drive the conservatives is that -- And mr. -- Reno who. Confine himself marginalized. It was going to have somebody -- -- the vote well we don't you keep. She TV Republican appears to me about it. Mr. to Reno running in theory here is that. Has to be Cuomo. Which got removed and run for president. Actually -- would be well in a time when it. Well you heard the rumors that Ed Cox might think the worst thing I've ever heard well we just heard rumors talks. Yeah like this count and mean in all honesty -- connection manner and the most election than ever meet that action tattooed on my back. Start by this is New York is close to agent Richard Nixon's son in law. Not a positive going election. You know I think you'd better suited to be boombox and the and is like for good friends. And you know. Actions -- area. If your ethnicity program that's Roger -- ladies and gentlemen he's here all week in fact easier December 5 and six don't know you'll see advertisements. Likened his appearances there nurseries and take -- for pages and all the inquiries media here. That's my friend Roger Stone the author of the man who killed Kennedy the case against LBJ available on released last week. Thanks Roger for coming on -- it's a very interesting book with some very interesting tales. My name is Michael -- I am here for sandy beach on news radio 930 WBM. See in a minute.

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