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Thought on Obamacare Issues

Nov 12, 2013|

Michael Caputo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been talking all morning about obamacare. And the problems of rolling out via the president's website health care -- up. We're joined in studio this morning by Michael Capuano political strategists from politics and -- dot net. Hey Michael you've been filling in for sandy beach and he would have a lot of topics Obama cares is coming up this morning there will be. About Obama care of this morning. It received following them collapsing all around us. From there are people who were supporters of the of the of the law who say it's just symptoms of the beginning of of a new program it's not I think there's an argument that says this is the beginning and the end. -- don't. Are you among those who think that the Obama administration is being too optimistic by saying that these problems will be fixed by November 30. Well I believe the Obama administration is doing the only thing it can do. Because of admitting failure at this point is not part of its DNA they don't do that. We would we can expect nothing more from this White House and it'll be -- in thirty days. Most of technical experts return to the website itself will not be -- in thirty days. And the cancellations will keep rolling out to millions of Americans who wanted to keep their policies. Even though liberal commentator Alan Combs who we talked with an earlier this morning admitted that if this thing isn't fixed line. November 30 the president could be in trouble. Well I heard that and viewing name for it first parent homes. Says this and this website is not a problem at all it's not a big deal he ignores the fact that the website is just a symptom. We're looking and more fundamental issues in the cancellations of millions of Americans as a whole entire class of Americans that are without health insurance. And it's never happened. In this up let's say that this Obama care package does collapse. In the end and they extended or delay it give people more time. All these cancellations won't that be nullified he'll still have their insurance. You know every day people who -- in this industry you're getting updates from the RO from the relevant government agencies as to how the rules are shaping of this could change overnight if they immediately. The the individual mandate as they say that means. If you don't. Give health care coverage they find. Okay and that's the that's what they'll delayed justifying you'll still have to go out there and get to new health -- which. You'll still have to go out there and paying more for less. You just don't get whacked with a fine that's what's gonna happen next -- delete. -- it went Aussie talking about this morning well you know I'm really intrigued by -- Carl Paladino always stirs it up when he goes -- new York and talks on Fox News at this time he really stirred the pot. Because he sounded like he was a candidate for governor will be talk a little bit about that we also have our Roger Stone who's the author -- -- Who. -- says that Arab RO BJ killed JFK and also -- some Winfield about supernatural Western New York. Sergio most is moved in hadn't done that Sergio Rodriguez and you talk -- them last week and you asked them. Don't -- the Republican Party. You wouldn't think he's gonna do you can say that while there's a lot of down under -- -- over that bridge so speaker under that bridge a lot of a lot of of the horses out of the -- I mean Sergio has done and said things that the Republicans are upset about the Republicans have done things and said things -- -- that -- him upset and restitution can come together -- -- get over themselves so to speak to mean that the recently. I think Sergio is bound to lead our our I do think that he has opportunities not just from the local. But in the state or in the national party feast days that he does leave the Republican Party where -- ago which party would choose you know I think a person like Sergio would probably go to the independence party I don't know Wallace of -- -- good friend of mine but. It's his views are not Democrats they are not democratic at all. I don't think that he's on the Conservative Party because they also are ignored him during this race and in candor and your endorsement to me. Good stuff Michael will be listening this morning thanks on the court. Michael -- is in for sandy beach political strategist from politics and -- dot net.