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President's Status Taking Hit From Health Care?

Nov 12, 2013|

Alan Colmes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about obamacare not with liberal commentator Alan Combs is on the WB in line behind a long long time no talk. Well what do you think will this obamacare -- have a happy ending what do you think. Yes I do you know people inflating a problem with the web site to the policy itself when their Medicare plan the came out -- during the Bush Administration there was a web site problem muted here which Democrats have been supported the first place -- around sank. It's a failure failure failure. Clearly was not ruled out properly the Obama administration has been bad on messaging they've been a terrible job explain what it is to people and it's too complicated that's -- Among those who are against obamacare. Are those who want the left like me who would have liked a single Payer system something much more simple. But certainly -- -- we used to have. And I think what you get in on the glitches. Let's not forget that maybe three to 5% of the population of those who were. Other losers in this. And the president and -- we -- -- percent of people keep what they've already had. And most people the other -- of that 20% left those people actually benefiting. The president should have been clear when he -- you can keep your plan. If the insurance companies don't change -- but unfortunately but he did say is that insurance companies changed plans all the time every year -- discipline. Now pay when a strategist James Carville joked that the president should take a telkom the mayor of Toronto's crack pipe anyway. Was that's someone of an admission that the president kind of failed on this one. And I think it was a funny line I think I think what they were saying it was that the mayor of Toronto's numbers have gone up what he admitted that he. Did correct it didn't hurt his approval rating with what cargo was saying it was a present a part of the same thing that would -- his approval rating probably make -- go up. We'll have any idea why the president's approval rating is lower than the mayor of Toronto's -- Ford's. Well I dated this president has a very ardent strong and organized. Group of people against them I think some of its racism. There -- number of people never like this president and people like Mitch McConnell on the senators have my only political goal is to get a medical office. He is -- is facing incredible opposition from an opposition party. That may not be as ardent as the opposition in Canada. -- -- -- -- very optimistic about the whole thing but let me just ask you this and honestly wonder if after November 30 this thing is not fixed. I think it's a bigger problem for the president if they giving in and they think is going to be fixed by the -- got a much bigger problem. A mature would have given that date because we all know what you do you deal with contractors of any kind particularly IT contractors. Things are often not done on time it's a concern. I know that congress was trying to get to the bottom of this but in the end will the ultimate blame if there is blame. -- with the president. -- I think so if indeed in the long term. It doesn't work -- look we heard some of the same things years ago. About Medicare and Medicaid. There was a big change during Medicaid Medicare but Lyndon Johnson did it years and years and years ago and people were saying this is socialism and government take over this isn't even that. You know Sarah Palin they -- this -- socialism to map glorious sanitation. Socialism this by the government take over this is insurance industry regulation. And it's and the government's not running -- -- what Obama wanted to do was to have a private. Insurer rather republic insurer run by the government to compete with private insurers let's not forget. That -- in the states that are participating like our state here in New York. Where there are many exchanges. And people have options that is really the free market at work and as Governor Cuomo sent. People actually reductions and in their premiums and New York State. Allen always great to chat with the we're grateful thanks for joining us. Liberal commentator -- column.