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Obamacare Salvageable?

Nov 12, 2013|

Dr. Bruce Bryski

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Susan just mentioned the rocky rollout for obamacare -- this program be salvaged. Our guest on the WB and live line doctor Bruce Bruschi a professor of communications -- the SUNY buffalo state college however -- Mario. -- what do you think cannot be salvaged. Dude do you think maybe they should delay this thing postpone it what your hunch. Well I know a lot of Democrats want to delay it you know just to get some of these kinks out with the web site if nothing else I mean this is just bad. PR nothing else. And you know if you know that the problem is that we all know that the president has a pretty healthy ego. And I suspect that he's not gonna wanna admit that they you know major mistakes were made but John this is just awful. Well what do you see happening here going going forward. I think the Democrats put enough pressure on the president that they will delayed this and I think it would be the right thing to do. Because there's too much confusion right now. I think the damage has been -- those -- an idealist let's face it the president's. As you've been saying all morning the president ratings are way down -- not that it really bothers him that much is much is the the Democrats who are going to be running in mid term. It you say it probably doesn't bother him that's got to bother him. What you think. -- and in that sense John -- H heard bother them because he you know anything that affects his. His job performance in the way people see him I get a better go back to this the eagle at daddy's got but a quick frankly I didn't have to run again. And you know he's already. Done his apologies and -- still seemed to be stuck in mud but I suspect that it's the that the Democrats in his party that. Are more concerned the president right now. You know he's taking I mean you and annoy you read the papers and you listen to the radio you watch TVP is taking nothing but a beating. Over allegedly lying to the public whether he actually lied. Or whether he misled the public or whether he really didn't know for sure. He's certainly taking a beating. It's can't wait -- you see if he's -- -- -- -- better and ultimately get no well you know the buck stops here so I think that either way the president is. Between a rock and a hard place -- you know he's created ratings are just plummeting right now I will never. I can never imagine that the president would have expected this in any way shape -- -- He don't add Bruce ears just for a New Jersey where Chris Christie had a solid win in his -- race for governor last week so a lot of talk there about. Chris Christie in 2016. There really isn't Susan this is the amazing thing I had a chance to go to a number of social. You know the parties and stuff like that and I talked to people in the early twenties into their sixties. Democrats and Republicans they love this guy. Did defected he embraced so Bob a wind when they had the the problem with the flooding in the storms are they like that and you know there's this guy -- -- this guy can transfer what he's doing in new security. Into the national forum he's going to be a very formidable candidate if he wants to run. What do think the chances are about. Chris Christie Hillary Clinton matchup. It would be a dream I was -- -- -- -- about this earlier this morning it would be would be such an incredible race because. Of of their personalities. And you know -- would just be an interesting race whether or not that's gonna ever happen is its way to relieve to speculate. Always great to talk with you a doctor Bruce thank you for joining us here. Doctor Bruce -- me professor of communications at SUNY buffalo state college.

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