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11-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Nov 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. Don't feel like what we've seen so far and I know we're gonna enjoy the rest and after it's over we say you and I head out back have a game cash. Talk about the trouble even happened at school and white girls are so interesting all of us and. OK and I thought the real and the guy just job must be the other guy he's lines millions of good. Retired from this local. Listen to this there -- -- -- car -- are poorer. I'm not only because I'm not afraid of a challenge news radio 930 relief now we can get home and catch the Emmy for best documentary and and I hear there's one on -- you can dvd and looks like the good lord descended the compass I'm sure. Hey forget about the Buffalo Bills don't worry about the Buffalo Bills because we still have to say -- own. I'd give my eyes he says be sabres have become the Cleveland barons of the NHL at Cleveland this. I do you know why are the Cleveland barons it spreads the field eliciting a -- I remember you scoring your final hat trick of your career against the Cleveland parents and -- thirteen three Buffalo Sabres win. Yeah right now credits say. Aren't. You Fred. Of course we remember of course -- -- any sabres fan worth his or her salt remembers -- stand here. Anyway right right now all of his teammates are saying eight or -- Of course I -- -- is they're all some trivia show right here on WB yet. Joke -- behind the scenes at master control in what appears to be a bagel. Although I can't tell although he's bitten into the shape of a gun which means immediate an account suspension. And Chelsea is your calls -- on WB -- and I can tell it's cold in the next room because she still has her -- coat on. Meanwhile I -- just sitting here and -- all comfort and glory. So I don't know how many of you took my advice on Friday and saw the movie a captain Phillips. I don't -- One of the last things I said before I got -- the year on Friday when we're broadcasting live from a mighty taco. Is that. Since the weather wasn't going to be all right great. If you were looking for something to do inside I would definitely recommend that movie. Had a chance this weekend and I told joked looking forward to seeing in this two -- checking out twelve years a -- Twelve years a -- And I must tell you. This is a movie see this as a classic example of a movie. That could it have been a great it could it have been a four star who. However I can only give it three out of four stars it was gripping. It was incredibly well acted every actor in this movie should and could win an Academy Award that's how good it was in terms of the act. -- problem of what this movie is the well quite frankly it's with Steve -- Because he was the director. And here's the problem with the movie in a nutshell. They lingered far. Too long. In aid to many scenes and that it did that at all to the message instead of doing cut aways or dissolves. They let the camera linger and I was there saying OK okay Maxine Maxine next and it just would never happen. So that was agreed this blunder in the movie. And that was made by the director not by the actors in the airport that's why it's not getting four stars for me. Because if I as a layman notice that okay how come they're showing these two guys staring at each other for ten seconds or what seemed like an eternity is that it does go to the next to the point was made don't stretch. All I do -- that got four hours to fill. So anyway that's why it's getting three out of four stars but in a nutshell for those who think it's going to be another I got into a FaceBook in a gentlemanly way. With somebody thinks I get the feeling that he believes it's just hate Whitey movie it's not a hate way to -- -- hates slavery movie. Because the way it resolves all gonna say is that it results in a wonderful way. And I sought at the eastern hills dips in theaters and I would say the crowd was like half white half black. And there was not one person at the end of that movie that was not. I think profoundly moved by what they had Jesse. It's a terrific move. And I would love to be able to give it four stars I just can't. Because of the director lingering too long on certain scenes they could cut probably good ten to fifteen minutes out of the movie had they not chosen judges linger and linger and linger and linger like all light touch. Please give me the next and already. So out anyway twelve years a slave the story of a Solomon Northrop. Who was basically a free man who is kidnapped and -- south and sold into slavery. And that kind of stuff really did happen -- Beck went and somebody's at the top mighty -- it's time. And I'm not. I understand why some people would think this way you know we got to let that go we -- just step forget about that -- I don't believe that. Because. In my opinion. The American civil war was the single most important event in our country's history other than its founding. Up to that point. The second biggest thing America. Is president fraud. But that's happening right now so it's hardly history and currently movie were but via a civil war folks if if you want to understand. Well you know the metaphor in this movie is incredible. Because I'm watching the will be in my heart is like so much with this Solomon Northrop. Everybody's -- ones he's the perfect protagonist. Gentlemen educated Smart. And I mean it's a talented musician. And there -- points in the movie especially toward the end where. Let me just say the law showed itself to be as Dickens said wise and it's. And I I just kept going back to and why safe. And the cops who insist that because it's the law it has to be enforced there just is back. As the people in the south who refused to recognize. Negro testimony. Back in the 1850s. That whatever this will be took place. And up until via the civil war. And if you don't understand. How and why we got into the civil war and the repercussions. Thereof it is impossible for you to understand the role and power and increasing monstrosity. Of the federal government. You you can't possibly begin to understand American history without a thorough understanding of the civil war and the people and the events. That came together to cause it to happen. And it is I I would definitely if we're taking a class in the civil war right now I definitely see that movie anyway I've probably gone on too much about it because it's again it's a three star out of -- will be to meet all of the because of the directorate that he made some bad editing decisions -- -- the movie out wait too long. But in any event the acting is. The acting is unbelievable. Every actor from from the stars. To the people in the background. You could not ask for a better will be if you appreciate great act. And I do even if -- all a bunch economy lips although. Angelina Jolie who is married to Brad Pitt by the -- Brad. Which you plays -- all walk. I'm sick and tired of Brad Pitt trying to look like me there is only one Tom Bauerle Brad Pitt you just don't cut it. However. I do give you kudos for at least being married to Angelina Jolie a woman who has her own gun range somewhere in France. So at least Angelina Jolie is dealt with guns. From players who's also down on other things to hand but anyway she. So there's that but anyway Brad -- please just because I grow my hair long does not mean you have to grow your hair long. I'm just I just because I have a goatee does not mean you have to have a goatee please read that -- -- own style. You'll never be as good looking -- -- Ever in a million years. I'm just. I mean that's not that's -- brag about GO that's that's maybe that's. Anyway word peace. All right 317 at WBZ. And twelve years of slaves is the movie I'm talking about. And I've never seen as many people at -- dips and eastern hills movie is I've seen prevent -- Usually you go to groups and eastern hills and its flights. Are. The entire theaters MP -- we said. This time it was a little bit more challenging yes are ready to. Are getting into up to the meat of the show today well before do. Before I do let people talk about twelve here's a slight if they do put on -- I talk to them the first half hour before I get into my. Veterans day -- show no. All right well it's it's gonna say if somebody wanted to have somebody felt the need to get into it that's that that's fine because I'd like to -- maybe when other people have to say but. I suppose if I was really -- at the top of my game I would be talking about captain Phillips which result last weekend which was a four out of four -- It watched because there was not one wasted second. In that movie I don't well not a wasted minute maybe a couple of seconds here -- there but there it was a concise slipping fast paced movie without unnecessary. Let's just linger on this team for about ten more seconds of two guys staring at each other. Which I just did not understand. -- that I kind of threw me. But you thank you can do better making a movie. You know what probably not but a little bit of training and I've given a damn good shot. -- go to compliment you on the phone number out I haven't even said anything yet were calling and apparently. So all the other thing is on this beautiful Monday we have in Western New York the other thing is I know that I have some breaking news review -- it involves. Entertainment. Ladies and gentlemen all but. Now these rumors have happened before. Joseph I guess that up. So I think knowing me knowing you are actually you know Waterloo is going to be a better yet he's got to get -- the Waterloo because. There are rumors down I know this is got to be true because I sought on the Drudge Report. And a Matt Drudge breaks a lot of news -- being sarcastic there there is there are actually a series of reports. Bet. Bob once again. Is mulling a reunion. For the fortieth anniversary. Of Waterloo. The fortieth anniversary of this at all. You are and in case you're saying it we've heard this all before yeah -- hampered at all for and I got up there with with with people like -- the chance that I -- company work anywhere near buffalo well maybe Toronto may be New York City. But I wouldn't hold my breath for buffalo -- by ABBA and I got to play it through they'll probably charge about a million dollars a ticket which is what these people usually do. You know once -- like like the Eagles. Who hate capitalism of course in -- -- development of land yet they are the ultimate corporation the Eagles. Yes Don Felder. But anyway. You know what as much as I love ABBA did paid 500 dollars for a ticket is today -- they screw. Remember where the Ringo Starr beat boys dilemma I found myself that I was doing the at the morning show. Geez I wanna see Ringo Starr but I also wanna see the Beach Boys that I found out how much money it would cost for decent beach sports ticket I said it's that. You know what. I just listen to record I'll I'll I'll get the dvd and maybe that's probably with opera but anyway. Let's you know Carl Paladino would like to fund by -- addiction Bennett -- changes. How vital interest in news politically. Are Carl Paladino may not be out of politics. And bit. We will see we will see what happens now with that situation. I know nothing more. Band -- nothing more than that. I suppose I could tax Karl but to I'm I'm not going to not right now. I wanna get into. I wanna get into some serious stuff to. And it if stuff that I really have to bared down in order to do. And I don't know that I'm gonna have the time right now to give in to my full scale monologue. On America's veterans. If you are veteran. Please understand that this long haired it. Free thinking conservative Terry and freak. Admires you. And respect you. And most importantly thank you. For what you did. For me. I did not Wear the uniform. Of the United States that's not to say that. In some small way I haven't served my country. But. I think that. Those of you who were drafted as my dad was. By the way my father hated the army called that a budget -- you know what. My father was also free -- by the way but here's a lot tougher that I am. I would not been a good soldier. I would not pass the physical because apparently my wife had a heart -- the came on and off. And then of course that turned into something else which was far more serious. So if you know what I got a place up and the fact that I discovered this heart issue about a year ago now. Really helped -- really helped me understand a lot about -- -- relief failings in life. If it really did I and I know that some might take that as a metaphor. But the idea. I did not Wear the uniform. My dad did he's the only buy hourly in the United States -- directly in my family tree who served in the American armed forces. My grandfather was four F because he legitimately had flat feet. My great grandfather. Was an immigrant from Germany who was too old for World War I although he did serve in the German imperial army act in Germany. I didn't do the United States -- a lot of good. On my -- side. Pretty much a long history of people serving in the military. I'm just mentioning this just say you know that. My family if not your humble host. You know we have wore the uniform of the United States my great great grandfather -- -- civil war. Fifty of New York engineers. And the third Missouri he served. Pretty much the duration of the civil war. His son frank Russo served doctor frank Purcell was a major in the Spanish American war. Which was a very short lives war he also was in charge of World War I draft boards in buffalo is one of the guys in charge that. He is on the my grandfather. Was in the United States navy during the during the first world war I don't think we had anybody in the second world -- directly -- are related. And I think from thereon out. I can't think of anybody off the top might have been you know there was a yeah a long history. Of that. India. On my mother's side. But I wanna get into my monologue and show some appreciation and I want -- stories as well to it because without your stories that shows a sock and I know that. You have stories I know that for many of view it's just at the -- Folks its not a day. Totally off it today were I think our veterans our combat veterans and anybody who's ever worn the uniform of this country -- that. Even if it was a missile base in the -- -- Even if it was hole. Even if his career at Fort Leonard -- You were and are important to us today veterans. 8030930. Start on 3180616. WB. Didn't. Wouldn't yeah. Okay. IS remembered at -- song. Diana were navy who apparently a thing for navy guys and that winner guy went away with. The navy she mr. Seaman. It is 333 news radio 930. WB the end. Well what I mean if you think about it whether they are in the Marines the merchant Marines the navy. Whether they -- in the army the air force the Coast Guard. I hope I haven't left anybody out somebody's gonna say for. Anyway I can't you know we we forget about be merchant marine as well. And the merchant marine was a vital part of World War II. And there's a guy in World War II I think his name was Kaiser. Don't hold me to bet I'll have to look at a but there was a guy who was famous for building liberty ships had basically these things were could these. These things were were put together literally in many cases in a week or a story in a month. Which if you know anything about shipbuilding. News on a freaking believable. And without those liberty ships our troops. And the people freed Europe would have been screwed. And a lot of those merchant marine seamen lost their lives on the high seas in the North Atlantic on the way too particularly and went. Because of German U boats submarines. And one of the problems is that there really weren't enough American escorts. Two I don't think in Las Vegas. -- work enough American escort by naval ships to provide them the proper protection against that the German submarines. And many of those fine men lost their lives because of torpedo attacks by the Germans the Germans did not want. The supplies of the allies to reach Europe for obvious reasons. So. I wanted to step -- some note to the merchant marine in World War II those guys -- dangerous thankless job. Of course we have thankless jobs to some extent that he you know and I guess I was thinking about this over the weekend when somebody says I -- thankless job. Remember the last time anybody said to Joseph beaver -- thank you for doing your job Joseph thanks for doing your job. -- thankless jobs I mean -- thank you comes every two weeks or every week or every month. They direct deposit to your checking account but so are. Anyway these guys and -- -- to short sell the contribution of the merchant Marines but they are little appreciated part. About world war two and a very few people. Very few people remember our merchant marine unless you are the survivor -- or one of the original man. In the merchant marine I think there may have been women on the ships as well serving a largely is -- but I again could be mistaken. Now. Excuse the time is 336. That's what I would do little. Off the -- Armitage. To our veterans. And some things and need to get off my chest that I hope will resonate. With you. I was born in 1962. And as I started to reach the age were you got to watch the news along with mom and dad. I kept hearing about this place called Vietnam. And I remember my parents talking in hushed tones. About my older brother Dick. And great concern. That he would be drafted. Now I gotta put this in proper perspective. My father served in Korea and I have to be brutally honest with -- he hated the army. He just he couldn't stay in the army couldn't wait to get out they kept wanting to promote it he said no. Packet they want at the promoter turned it no I don't wanna be promote it I'm just gonna do my time to -- tiger. He couldn't stay in the army he didn't wanna see my brother get drafted into the army. He's coming -- as there were heeded my father did not have a good experience in the arm. And don't get me wrong my -- was in -- top. You know basically -- you know but eight body and was in great shape -- -- at -- and sorry -- and started yet anyway. But he he just did not like the -- so well. As. Graduated myself from a high school. The military. Even if I had been physically able to serve in all honesty. I didn't know at the time but I had no interest in pursuing a military career or do and hitch is in any of the armed forces I kinda knew what I wanted to do that one of the pursue that goal. There was no draft. When I was eighteen years -- I did my duty on my eighteenth birthday sign up for the draft registered for the draft but it was never obviously called upon. Two two engaged in a military career that being said. My respect. For those of you who did. I must admit is both lists and almost borders on battery issue. Because some if you are born soldiers on the view are born fighters some of you are just born tough. Some of you were born Navy SEALs so -- you are born to be planned best lines CIA deep cover operatives and by the way I know it's veterans day for our armed forces. But I hope that I have some deep cover CIA people listening were either serving now. Or who had served in the past I want to thank you for your service back in the day when the enemy was either swallow fascist terrorism where the Cold War and -- the American people. Thank you for what you do and thank you for what you have done. Wink wink. It is 339. At WB EN now. Today I want to pay homage to those who have served. In our military. Because it is Veteran's Day and a note to the media it's not veterans day it's veterans day. It is that your Wren is day three syllables not bet trends date two syllables there are three syllables in veterans day. So I just IBC -- to pronounce it correctly. I know that it may be a fine point but I have to tell you there are a lot of veterans who get really really upset when somebody says hey happy veterans day. Because it's veterans day. So I wanted to point that out and out to be a grammatical stickler but believe me I get complaint emails when somebody -- pronounces. Getting back to you and your experiences or a family members experiences. Ladies and gentlemen I have raised this point before. And I'm going to raise it again. Because it is very very important to me on WBE and that we do others. There are so many people. So many people. Who walk around even today. In 2013. Whose lives. Were here redeemable Lee and -- police guard. By World War II. You know and you -- old world war documentary with sir Laurence Olivier. Their raiding. You know would you watch Saving Private Ryan and band of Brothers. And it just seems like ancient history it seems like so long ago might as well be Russell Crowe in gladiator. It wasn't. Folks. Please try to understand something an ominous start crying here I don't watch. There are people walking around today with -- you interface. Whose lives it's a little. Bear the scars. Of the Second World War. Still. And I've told the story about. My husband very famous buffalo broadcaster died twenty years ago. In 1993. He went down in a helicopter. In the Niagara river along with -- -- along with his pilot. Mike Grossman never knew his dad that well -- alive. Because his dad was killed fighting for the United States in World War II I didn't know that until Mike shared it with majors before he -- is a better effect. Jim Brown from the SP CA her mother never knew her father. Because. He died. In the sinking of the Leopold -- In 1944. Little known story of America's World War II effort. And he was able to save four or five guys before he Richardson and Sony a buffalo. Surrendered his life to the Colbert hypothermia waters. Of the ocean in December. So. You see JoAnne -- around -- a lot of people mower which you might not know always she never knew were debt. Because he died in the Second World War Gina. Never -- -- grandfather. Yet she has a picture of her grandfather actually a couple of pictures of her grandfather. And one of her pieces of furniture displayed very very prominently. And these are just two examples of people I know. Whose lives were. Well actually. One person I knew because he's no longer witness and then two people were living I know. Whose lives were marked and touched and scarred by the Second World War and they're still here in 2013. I'm sure that listening to my voice right now we have survivors of the German concentration camps in May be. God willing some survivors of the German death camps. There were concentration camps there were death camps they were there were work camps the death camps. It's a miracle anybody serve order. The concentration camps much more common survival. The work camps much more common survival until you're no longer had use for the Nazis and then they chipped it to adapt here. And we may have survivors still today. And you know what I've noticed something about holocaust survivors a lot of them. Do not wanna talk about it at all. They have I don't wanna say they put it behind them. But if they were to allow themselves. To give way to the grief and suffering they endured in their younger years. I don't think they could have made any progress in life I truly do not. All right folks I need to break. If this is resonating at all with few and I -- -- -- Tell me about the veteran in your family even if it is yourself. Because I my dad was a better. He. Obviously. Is a big part of who I am today. And even though he could not stand the -- If you think -- I don't respect my dad for having served. You're wrong I have a great deal of respect. For my father for having served in Korea. He was absolutely positively combat zone. I have my suspicions as to what he was really doing. Over there. But I do know that he turned down a whole bunch of promotions. Just because he wanted to get the hell hole. We're 8030930. Start I'm thirty on the cell phone. 180616. WBE and tell me -- the veteran in your family helped shape you and if you are that veteran please call. Any World War II veterans who were still -- us or their windows. I would love to know your story. Any merchant Marines. Hero. I'd love to hear your story and we're not just talking about World War II here folks we're talking about every. Combat situation. Any military situation in which even at a base for goodness. In which your family was involved. I would love to know more about that person. I you have no idea how important this is to me. Now when you look at me -- me on the street is this long haired hippie like fellow and it's always very gratifying to me. When I can walk up to a guy in uniform and reach out my hand and say thank you very much for serving because first of all I think they look at me and they make assumptions. And the assumption is wrong unless they know me. Are -- they recognized me from FaceBook or something I've never not once. Not once have I ever been dealt we have. With anything else but absolute gratitude. For simply expressing my thank you an appreciation. For what they have done for me. And you and all of bonus. Veterans I love you. Like like you guys are I know you never call yourself this you guys are heroes to me. Even if it was two years at Fort Leonard Wood I don't hear. You served you need guys at Fort Leonard Wood to make sure the other guys are ready to go over there. And I remember what Bob current. The former he's he's no longer -- but we might have some relatives about current listening he would end every column. With just some simple words say a prayer for our guys over -- And I do. Once again as we. As we get to. As we approach the end of the hour. I will be playing a recording or series of recordings that people just for whatever reason can't seem to get enough. Now I have been encouraging people since the last time I played the recordings to send me CD's of the recordings you have. From World War II of your ancestors. Your dad grandfather great grandfather. Making a recording descend back -- nobody bit. On. Which kind of surprises. Nobody -- so basically. At the risk of being overly repetitive. You're gonna hear from that same guy again. Richardson Sony who lost his life. In the Second World War. Believe me I would love to have -- more recordings because as I've often said a lot more guys gave their lives in World War II that Richardson and Sony. But nobody -- your record so I apologize but without your help I can do. I can't just go into your basement and find your family tree stuff and whip it out otherwise that's known as the breaking entering burglary and a -- In a few other things to. I would do -- let's go to Vincent a cell phone vents on WB and hello. -- I don't it's very. Or I'm almost for a Specter. There. -- Appreciate it well there are very you know in the media today. So well I -- great thank you. Well vets thank you and I hope you can tell by my voice that there it's not empty that it is full of passion and sincerity because -- genuinely years. Bids at -- to tell us about your service or would you rather not like I don't twenty years and Hillary. What it worked for. Well. There are I'm an actor. -- already twice like -- I don't look at fort puke on import all. Your hair. Well the data at the and it it was enough. Shattering -- very well. But you know what it's that's the best thing to me it doesn't mean you don't have to be ought he Murphy. To be respected. You did twenty years defending people like me. And our ability my ability to speak. My mind everybody else's ability to speak. Their mind defending our constitution. In -- due -- did more to defend our constitution that Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama combines. A lot of thank you very much -- I appreciate it. Already 803 all thirty start at 3180616. WBE and and back again ladies and gentlemen. Believe me a would love. To get CDs. The recordings your ancestors made and sent back home during World War II or Korea I put up call many times I put up the call on my FaceBook page is just that nobody responded. Which makes me believe that a lot of these recordings over time just got thrown in the trash may be some of them could not be heard because they were -- taken care. But I happen to have at least one well I have one. And I'll sure with you just ahead on WB EN it is veterans' day 2013. Thank you veterans and families.

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