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What's Next for Sergio Rodriguez?

Nov 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Of course one of the big races that got a lot of discussion even before the voting was what Republican Sergio Rodriguez challenging buffalo mayor Byron brown. Mayor brown as expected won with about 70% of the -- some of the analysis of their says when you look at it although. When you look at the amount of support that Sergio got from the party. Basically non when you look at the fact that the registrations in the city of buffalo are almost 821 in favor of Democrats. There are some folks out there that can say while Sergio really did well with 30% of the vote. And -- a lot of the rest of that analysis goes on to say. He's he did so well that it would be ashamed if you just disappeared he's got to do something else what is next for Sergio. If you look on FaceBook you see a lot of that cropping up and social media people asking me what is next for Sergio. So I thought my back let's bring in Sergio Sergio Rodriguez is here on the line thanks for joining us sir. Thank you. I've read that you kind of took some time off to do some some binge videos just watching TV -- Watching TV and -- watching Netflix and and now that you've had a chance to rest a little bit. You're ready to begin to route to evaluate things where you -- in that process what is next for Sergio. Well not -- we're asking and I also want to remind folks out there that they have -- me corporate they've sold to those who served in the Marine -- have people aren't they agree. I knew you'd say. Yeah at our end up well not right now -- saying I'm what I eat. I have taken illegal -- and so far as non profit organization as one of which I'm the president. And so I'm looking forward to re engaging again with that community. Helping low income seniors also working with the boy scouts of America. And also at some aren't so by the buffalo veterans' treatment courts so. I'm very much looking forward to continuing my service in the community that top priority number one. Libya. But does that include eventually and I am I here we just said. But eventually doesn't include running for public office. Well you know. That's only if something bad I aspired to do and nearly act set out -- -- for mayor because of that I'm looking now. You know my dream is to -- Buffalo and oh with 101000 people out there in the city of buffalo felt that this same way. And -- I'm going to move. -- study that was the second serves you your phone cut out your dream is to what. Author and among my dream meant to -- percent of people above below and 101000 people out -- -- felt the same way. All very much looking forward to exploring possibilities. And terms about public service. Would that mean an eventual run for and what City Council state office what. You're not that remains to these. -- -- I'm actually need a lot of campaign strategy team on those tapes so goal over that question many other questions so that. -- -- I'm up and make decisions unilaterally. I'm my own. I really do like to get feedback from people and and making sure that we're all moving together if we decide to move forward in that direction that would -- at recipes. During the campaign you certainly couldn't say you were going to lose. But now that the campaigns over I can. I think we can put that went on the table were you surprised or pleased by how much you lost about how much you didn't lose. Is as 30% good for you is what I'm saying. -- -- -- also -- I expected to win and was opened the way and I analysts aren't -- you know a lot of people out there in my family you know. An impossible thing to accomplish Barack fell apart from that and that the same time. -- have a little time to be compressed but that the situation look at the numbers and how we did better then the last. Kevin -- -- in 2005. And he's spent 600000. Dollars to only get 27%. Of the ball. I additionally. The Maynard spent about -- -- somebody on the east 68 dollars or both whereas I've spanned. Three dollars to earn every vote that I got so you know -- figure it out and does so it. You know maybe one more money it would of helped get a message out there more put overall we're not. You know we're not unhappy with the results we we did better than -- but we hope we're hoping to win it. And to keep on pushing the issues that he pushed during the campaign. Do you think you need. An office do you think you need to run or could you maybe just develop a bully pulpit on your own somehow. -- -- -- against Matt was very who should be elected into office to push and -- among the issues that have. Talked about during the campaign and fact that I have every intention of ensuring that. That boys from about 101000 people out there -- -- felt glad that the passage rather than it. -- -- The idea I and that's okay that's still here you. As we. That's okay as we close -- gimme gimme some percentages of the 5050 that he'll run again 6040. Handicap the odds of -- running again. I would probably -- closer to 6040 then 5050. All right fair enough for a -- to that well being in touch some time on the road thanks. Thank you thank you. That's at. By now that's Sergio Rodriguez happy birthday by the way you said that at the top and I'm sure we'll get into that with Patrick -- talking about the veterans' issues next. Today is the anniversary of the Marine Corps -- founded. And then naturally he get two Marines in the room they're gonna say happy birthday to these two other on this day. Jeff Kelly still here for a voice Jeff you heard what he said. There yes and this doesn't sound like he's ruling it out 6040 sounds like yes to me how I thought yeah. And again and and you know opportunities will prevent the present themselves -- he ran for. Common council but -- council once before as a Republican and therefore it is the -- use instant -- feels good against an incumbent. But it that you know there's word that maybe Niagara mr. councilmen -- through there might not. Might not seek reelection when time comes up and where to Sergio -- He was some -- industry that's where he ran before but now his name recognition is huge to get 101000 votes. Divide that -- nine and that's -- 11100 votes and you know you can get elected to -- accounts -- -- thousand votes and it's about. Kinda like with Carl Paladino when he ran for governor statewide well gee it didn't work for when -- when you pared down the park district in the school board. It's a little easier and a smaller districts it to have success. Sure him immunity may feel like a step back but not really it's a step forward -- you know if if what he wants to use is interpublic. Office -- wants to represent people. He wants to provide of the perhaps of balance on the common council you know it's -- that route that would be a good option for him. And it almost goes without saying but you follow the council close that I do. Niagara district Hispanic. It's it's got a significant Hispanic population that would play a role that certainly would all right good stuff Jeff Kelly thanks for stopping by my pleasure.

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