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Updating OP, Hamburg and Tona. Recounts

Nov 10, 2013|

with Erie Co. Elections Comm. Ralph Mohr

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I wanna talk about some of the other races that are still as of yet. On resolve. Specifically and there are a couple of them but specifically we have to look at the Orchard Park supervisor's race and the town of Hamburg supervisor's race. Ralph Moore is here now on the line with us he's the Erie county elections commissioner on the Republican side of things Ralph thanks for joining us. -- in the morning do we have to have a recount or at least to -- canvas of sorts and in these two places let's start with Orchard Park. Well as a normal course of business here county board of elections street campuses every election. And then every jurisdiction regardless how close it is so we won't be going through our normal process. And both tortured Turkey and -- Hamburg as well as the other been hostilities in terms of these races. In orchard park at last look pat -- the Republican was up against the Democrat incumbent Janice -- Russo. But is his margin equal to or less than the amount of the absentees that are out there. Well in HK. Where we get close races the merchant who works of -- seat belts which are out there what we did as -- election night we saw that there were a number of races that we're going to be close at a local level. And so we stayed until about 2 in the morning -- fact all of the numbers with the chips. That are out of the backup of the voting machines so the numbers that are reflected on the board of elections. A web site are acrid air as far as machines. -- -- However it. In addition to she'd tell you have absentee ballots military ballots those doubts that still. Can arrive at the board of elections provided that they were voted the day before the election -- mark the date for the election. And the the Orchard Park it or so over a hundred. Absentee ballots which we received -- ready yet again. And the Hamburg there -- several hundred absentee belts which we've received he had. And ambition of those -- belts we also have doubts where people. Bottom at a polling place on Election Day put their match here either because person was who was in the whole book. They moved into the jurisdiction. Quoted correctly at their new polling place but their name wasn't in the books so they would shell out -- provision or of yesterday that there ought. And we would then receive those spec that the board of elections all play them -- -- those -- aliens well. I know in the past I've heard you and and -- toward your democratic counterpart both say. Traditionally. The absentees and break the same way is that the general election if somebody had a huge. Ground swell. Absentees are not necessarily you know overcome that I think. That's correct it and it's rare when he's here it's cheap -- street an affidavit doubts that chased. Overturn an election then usually the person who's leading. Unless there's an error at the turn of the transcription of the results on election night. I generally they maintain those leads because the break Campbell's -- very generally the same way as they -- in the general election that's why it was important. For the board of elections on election night to go forward barracks. Those types of machine counts. Yeah and actually -- night we did starting some entry in the states where these inspectors -- in the number rock. Or they have so when they were -- into the system they were under our law but we think we've car at all those the types of mistakes on election night. So really what we're taught -- about now ears pure numbers of uncounted ballots. Over comment. The differences in these races. Traditionally that's that I'm like. And I noticed primarily it's happened that the margins are such that you know you're gonna look at that obviously in Hamburg you know look at Orchard Park. Either other races I'm missing are those the two primarily where there's the chance at least that you do this and something could change. Well those the two that is great in the most notoriety. The City Council race in the city of child Wanda. Where there's a one vote difference currently. Of the voting machines and certainly we have somewhere in the neighborhood of about thirty to forty apps and she belts are ready and him. Plus whatever affidavit ballots. It -- -- that would certainly has the ability charge. -- -- Because with the general election real -- thirteen days for. Military belts to arrive at the board of elections -- to board -- elections to Eric and he has done traditionally. This to wait to only received all the belts and that tanker disposed before we speak in the starting. Of accounting of other reasons for them because of we counted now and we received the ballot. Later which would be terribly we don't open it up that you'd be able would determine how that person blog about the change in the numbers wait list I encourage closest. So we really won't -- -- -- -- ballots counted belts and so -- from its -- The one step process side goes we take certainly -- close races first. And we would expect to complete those -- them two or three days after. So you're talking some sort of results at least in large part in Hamburg. Nearer around the twentieth give or take. That's correct. And we would. Try to meet the deadline those sort of sat in the entire election results for every race because this isn't just to recount of Orchard -- -- Hamburg we go through as we -- that the beginning. Every single race that there has to. Verify the belts. He would have been great citizen postage -- mail them and that's absentee ballot. Pretty camps there but David Bell would be assured we do travel we do have absolute total and we sort of let the results -- the -- the -- All right very good Ralph thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you that's Erie county elections commissioner Ralph more.

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