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Analyzing NJ Gov. Chris Christie's Win

Nov 10, 2013|

with Rutger's pollster David Redlawsk

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's launch and all the politics discussion now though with David -- lost he's a professor of political science. An editor of the magazine political psychology at Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey he's someone who's been polling and watching and very closely. Aware of everything that goes on in the Chris Christie raised here of course won over Barbara morneau this past week. Read a doctorate -- thanks for being here. Good morning thanks for having me in the polls leading up to this and in what you saw. Actually on election. How much of a template now does Chris Christie have for national campaign. Well you know it -- you have to kind of think about the national side -- two parts because. There is the Republican primary process to identify who's going to be the Republican president to candidate and then there's the general election. Chris Christie's campaign here in New Jersey this year with very much focused on the idea that he's the guy who can reach across the -- That he gets democratic support that he gets minorities support. That he should be seen as a Republican who can win. That. Potentially good message when it comes to a general election. It may not be as good -- message when it comes to actually winning the Republican nomination. Is the New Jersey electorate different enough. From the nation that there are issues there. Well it is Indian a couple of ways one thing is generally is New Jersey as a somewhat more liberal state that most of the country it's. Other than governor Christie's. Winning this state house. Democrats followed legal control the legislature that did not change despite Christie's use twin. And -- that he party. Factories -- security is not as strong hesitancy -- A number of other states especially number of states where nomination process plays out early on. How much triangular aiding did he do during the campaign was Chris Christie just Chris Christie or where there are moments where he tried to portray himself. As maybe the conservative that could win the primary but then translate and take the general to. Yeah he's he's done a little bit of that he'd make clear that he is conservative on a number of issues practically a number of social issues he's. Anti abortion he he fought same sex marriage into what could be fought anymore. But at the same time. The Tea Party conservatives don't completely trust the guy and that's spoke mostly on image it's mostly his. Willingness to reach out for example to President Obama after hurricane sandy hit. It's important recognized with with Governor -- that before hurricanes and the well he was doing perfectly okay in New Jersey practically for Republicans he wasn't. It you know standout position back the month before -- hit in. What we're pulling in September 2012. We ask voters banned should Governor Christie be reelected or is it time for someone new and 44% of New Jersey voters wanted to reelect him. But 47% wanted someone that. And then seeing Andy -- and the confluence of the the disaster. And Chris Christie's own personality his own kind of image -- -- tell it like it is kind of died. Really came together and and he'll build the image that he's worked with over the last year. I remember the C pac convention in Washington earlier with all the conservatives there and their straw poll certainly it was -- Marco Rubio and I think Ted Cruz. They even when they announce those voting results from the podium. They kind of mocked and t.'s Chris Christie a little bit saying. Well he's he might be that the one that the media wants but he's he's not a true conservative do you have any polling data on how he fares with conservatives. -- generally and again what -- interest in here and in futures he has. Prior to the -- he. He actually did not do was well among Tea Party. Prefer supporters he did not do was well among the strongest conservatives in this state over dog a lot of them. As -- diddle with more mainstream Republicans I think prior to the Indy because post Indy -- ratings are still high it kind of losses over any. Differences. He's even got he'll have to have Democrats with a positive impression of movement. It looks like probably thirty some percent of them voted for him. So. If you hard I think a look at New Jersey and the unique situation post's standing. And draw a lot of conclusions about how he will play in a Republican primary I think it's tough. I spent decade in Iowa and observing the Iowa Caucuses pretty closely and and the issue there is that the the tough guy being the in your face kind of thing doesn't play that well in the midwest. So you add that plus the the political uncertainty that is that the is that strong right. Which really controls the process in Iowa. Doesn't really trust him I I don't know. On the other hand. He could have the same path that Romney or even McCain had which was the hardcore conservatives knock each other out. None of this really sounds new I I am thinking the bottom line here is. That Tuesday for him changed nothing basically is what you're saying in my right. Yeah I mean from his standpoint what did do is let him say hey look. You know I've I've been reaching across and it paid off you know like got 30% of the Democrats like got nearly half of Latino voters. But again it's hard to see if that read you -- means anything when it comes to a national stage now again though. Chris Christie has been the ability to get national attention in the media pay attention on were talking today. You know the guy isn't going the way he's going to make a pretty strong push. All right very good thanks for your time this morning. You're welcome very much and that doctor thank you this doctor David rely ski professor of political science at Rutgers in new brunt of New Jersey.


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