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What's next for Dems - Artvoice's Geoff Kelly

Nov 10, 2013|

talk of the Erie County Legislature and what Tuesday means for Dem, Chair Jeremy Zellner

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We are talking about the elections today. One of the other things that we certainly have to look at is what the heck happened in the Erie county legislature that you had races there. Where may be the Democrats thought they were going to win a couple races the Republicans thought they were going to win a couple. The way it broke down now the GOP or at least a GOP led coalition. Has the majority coming up in January for the first time in some thirty odd years. Jeff Kelly is here from our voice justified thanks for coming on and it's a pleasure zones. Legislature. In Republican hands more or less I -- we have to we have that little qualifier on their because there are two people. That caucus with Republicans although they aren't officially Republicans when Dixon and -- -- led by jewelry as conservative Olympics is an independent rather than every time we say it's saying Republican led coalition. I'm just gonna say the Republican majority -- think we can say it is a -- just. -- because after all there was a eight. Democrat led Republican coalition a little -- obviously -- and arcane idiotic that it that it gets so complicated the the the bizarre alliance with the form but what does this. Quotation marks Republican majority mean for mark upon terms what does it mean for your Democratic Party -- -- somewhere. Well for -- let's let's start with Jamie zone there. The most immediate impact is he's going to be out of a job and he loses his day job as legislature chief of staff the his chief of staff of the time makes a living he -- his predecessor as chairman -- -- -- -- the salary for the job. Salary from the party from the -- yet to do the job and and -- says he wasn't gonna do that who's gonna hold onto his patronage position them there is a great deal of controversy about a lot of people who opposed his candidacy for cheers and he can't do that that you're you're gonna put yourself in a terrible position through line. The patronage. Of the very the very elected officials you have to decide whether it's sport so. But he's an American do and and and it's not going to be a problem in the second and -- But now of course he's in a pickle because. He is gonna lose that job in January you'll be very difficult for him after. The terrible might Democrats have a Tuesday to go back -- the -- say they have opinion now. I I did so while I deserve a salary now that's right look what I did. I think you can make the case and I've heard several people say that not only did he lose some races but it might be because he really. Didn't necessarily pick good candidates if you agree. Yeah I mean I think the candidates who were not great I think I mean this is a problem Democratic Party has generally improve and the Republican -- some degree as well not as big a degree that. The it's very difficult now to attract people to bomb to become candidates for political office anyway because politics here couldn't get pretty filthy. You know who wants to expose themselves their family to that's her mr. -- that's in the sort of attacks. The students the sort of you know whispers in the mailers and and all this and so I think it's tricky so that set however. Yeah I'm in just look at the candidates forward democratic controlled for I'm sorry you're kind of shows that the Democrats expect. The having gone with with tax problems granted they were in the past I think the Republicans. Made -- with that. Trying to portray it as -- current problems sure and in many ways having gone from a political standpoint was the best of the candidates has chosen for the office recently. Because of his name recognition -- and but previous but he replacements look -- skewed it turns out didn't even want to run. And she was running. And before that David shanks who filled the vacancy him and could not hold on to the office when he ran against them in the special election so it's. You know that they've been picking -- fairly for candidates and I think when they've backed -- when they -- good candidates. They're not backing them very well -- notes and have enough money -- people. Earlier this week Germany's -- addressed that on Buffalo's early news with John and Susan here's what he said when he was asked a little bit about the candidate choices the idea that. While maybe Democrats had some folks with too many skeletons are at least problems that couldn't be overcome on the ballot box. And I we recruited a great candidates. For controller to begin -- A woman of the CPA it was a controller in the private sector. And she ended up pulling out of the race of the with a lot of -- week to go to petition process so we get the move quickly and we think Kevin was a good choice in that time period. And you know Kevin admits his deficiencies but. Here's a great name -- worked awfully. You agree. Well have and it certainly worked hard but he didn't have much support and norm maybe if you seek it you know do what he told me at one point it was that he. He was fully capable of his own campaign went. The democratic headquarters could offer him the couldn't really offer much in the way of fundraising and doctor and not doing very well Republicans. He had his own organizations that they have great days so that's. You know that that's the extent of the that he felt he really got or needed and that's all he said he needed right talk. Now let's real quickly we we have -- breaking open of the legislature on the other side let's -- quickly talk about what this means for zone -- as party chair. He was asked about that whether he thinks there are folks out there that would call for his removal and here's what he said. We've worked very hard and put the resources in place for all of that's how the candidates throughout the county and we we believe we did very well last night throughout the county in the columns. And I've had enough of a positive reaction from my county chairs and committee minutes throughout the county. Another weren't -- enough people stacked up against me to oust me. -- well. He he may feel that any certainly out of reach for some sort of victory on Tuesday night and it's true that the Democrats made some gains and -- and -- the most notably in time the city of tunnel Wanda. Where Rick Davis repeated defeated longtime Republican incumbent. Ron problems and sure in an amber town councils of the did well of course the of these supervisor race is hanging in the balance there right right and if that actually turns for the Democrat that would be used for that would be huge. How and and also by the way would be a credit to -- -- -- four candidate for. State senate who's intimately involved in love this -- -- OK yes he's been I think he's he's owed some credit. The somewhere I think there's there's a lot what I'm hearing there's a lot of talk from both sides in people who are supporters of -- that -- the party has sit down. And take a long look at itself maybe there's going to be some sort of Council of Elders who figures out. How the party needs to move forward and then that may include. Some sort of leadership change I will say this zone is going to be without -- job in January. He sort of right to be bought out. You know he's he's -- he's got his term lasts into next fall but he made you know he may be that if he can be settled somewhere comfortably. And maybe they'll find some compromise. Chair or. And and is that the water authority where is that. The water authority. Mike Capuano is reporting that perhaps. A rumor that perhaps -- land somewhere in tunnel on this administration. It's possible to. All right surrogate on the other side we promised would get the legislature were this is one of those. What that Dolly Parton said five pounds of or ten pounds of flour and a five pound -- it's one of those mornings we're gonna squeeze in the legislature and actually promised Jeff Kelly is here from our voice it's hard line on WB and it's hard line on news radio 930 WBBM just didn't know we are talking about the elections Tuesday. By the way coming up after the news at the top the hour we will touch base with. Mayoral candidate former mayoral candidate is -- now Sergio Rodriguez the Republican that did not win against Byron brown. Admiral was saying before the election -- Sergio now it seems like a lot of folks are saying what's next for Sergio so we're going to ask him that question. But let's get back into it with Jeff Kelly from our -- Jeff let's talk a little bit about the Erie county legislature. Does their flip to this majority led coalition now. Really mean significant things from our own parents. You know it's hard to say it's it's as you know the -- -- -- budget that is. What about 90% mandated you know there's only about 10% of the -- that you get to play around with. Though so there's some wiggle room for Republicans to impose their their policy news. On the way that little piece of the is to. I can't imagine that it's gonna change too much polish courses has been governing in a pretty you know conservative fashion anyway. The silver lining that he and other Democrats made -- see in this is the same one that. That we often -- -- -- conservative you don't mean ideologically conservative you mean I'm not willing take a lot of risk yet precisely so -- you know and I think if if we were not playing political games of the Republicans and Democrats -- together what he's done. They find very little argument about just a little bit here and there. But the one thing that pong cars made takeaways silver lining is that you know as a foil. Where he where he fails to now -- his own. Agenda is the Obama -- -- -- and -- and then to promote theories oh. It's always been said that Andrew Cuomo prefers. A Republican led state senate because accuse someone to blame now and someone to say I'm working with the other side. When shareware -- it when that's appropriate doses of that. You know I don't I don't think it's going. It's gonna handicap on cars too much and they gave them on -- convenient excuse. Real briefly and we'll take a break for news in the moment when one side loses they always say well it was tactics it was the campaign. When one side wins they always say what was our message. Republicans are saying the -- in the legislature will be in their hands is because they had a better message. On the things that -- -- cars week and they say they were better on taxes and spending. -- better or address that. You know there may be there may be something to that it's it. Republicans are really disciplined about the masses of about lowering taxes and cutting spending cutting cutting cutting and it's a very sort of it's an easy message to stick to. The Democrats always have. Have a lot more to say and that's that's that's can be difficult in the campaign you know all right.