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11-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Nov 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The world. Yeah I mean about the city missions they can mean you can't have a -- without cool whip. Jodi have a form I've got the years of Soviet army times today okay great because earlier we were talking with -- -- recent -- from the city mission and if you mentioned pop. In immediately I thought a fat guy go ahead -- Sometimes those can ever be used. Sure food and have some of that -- quit. What is it. Comment upon without cool -- Cool quit quit -- mean cool whip. Yeah cool whip cool whip to quit. Cool whip you quit you say in a weird way of putting so much emphasis on the H told about this thing it -- quit you -- cool -- on high tide did split with who quipped so whip whip. -- -- -- -- -- -- Cool whip -- quit the cool whip to -- you're really. Cricket -- the -- we're live at the mighty -- on walnut avenue across from some big ball that is that went up all the gallery. Anyway we are here. And that we're collecting donations for the buffalo city mission specifically turkeys they wanna have 3000. Turkeys. If possible by the end of today is a tall order but we can do it and I don't wanna thank everybody who so far has graciously. Donated out of the goodness of their hearts. Many individuals have stopped by they didn't do it for glory. Many groups have stopped -- they didn't do for glory but I'll do it anyway I'll -- glory anyway. And -- mighty taco got a whole thing started by a donating 100. Turkeys. And we've had other big donations along the way but really this is going to be a a situation where individuals. Take part. -- here at my taco on -- avenue in the Cheektowaga you can also give cash you can give -- give checks. Applicable to buffalo city mission. And the truck is right. But the truck is right outside it says buffalo city mission on it and the people with the Red Hat standing around -- are fully authorized to be collection agents. The gentleman wearing the Fedora with the sunglasses the skinny mustache in the black coat and suit he is not an authorized collector. And he says they're flipping -- nickel and -- -- to pick which is just bizarre. Anyway let's get back to John in Niagara Falls there isn't really -- like them. There's John on WBE and we're talking about. -- being attacked by cat because you interrupted amorous adventures and you know I -- you. If you we're going to engage in any act of violence against the cap and you said the cat moved. -- -- Well you you're sitting. I don't -- after what I said yesterday about her being in my basement wearing let wearing leather that that remains an open question. That moment I mean you know saw that thing happened there what I'm just so good at it and you know these sit there -- how brain typical bird yeah. I mean it's just ordered the city at my card to. You know thinking about it now I would never animal that that all support we can -- a -- spot if you you know it will take -- -- -- to fight at that point you know just you know it's -- Mean I'd be on the other encounters actually. Are also because doctor he'd be on the ground in countries. Anyway John. I. -- I I understand that but you didn't follow through and I thank you very much for the call. You know it is so nice to be your mighty taco and it ought not to the mighty -- story because -- this is. With really where does that just think about this the other day and Wenger reminded me of I have a big fan of the chicken -- yeah I know what's he do but I have one of a big fan of the chicken with the heat time. That mighty -- And what I like about them use. I just I find them to be comfort food and so delicious. So anyway. Drove through the drive and the mighty -- That your -- This one year old. Ordered four. Of my favorite foods. For your home. And I notice and that there are not forward. -- in the -- in the back there are too chicken fajitas. And not think to myself okay. This is not the end of the world I still have to to complete history but somewhere along the lines there are two that I didn't yet. So I sat down and wrote a very friendly. Email to mighty taco. And I said hey guys -- you know trying to -- putts here but the view. Kind of shorted him a couple of the heaters and they wrote back immediately. And said mister Bauerle we've reviewed the surveillance tape and in fact you were given your full order. Now we have a mystery. Were the -- is kidnapped by aliens on the one mile drive from mighty taco in my house highly unlikely. Because it's very difficult Italy probe of the heat. I'm sure could be done but I wouldn't wanna try. So I'm thinking about all the logical explanations for like maybe ghostly. Perhaps bigfoot stopped by a red light I just missed out on big -- These are all the logical explanations through which I'm going to just to try to figure out exactly how the two for heat is litmus. Then I had a flash of rationality which doesn't often happen. And I opened the passenger doer of my G and blah -- there are the missing by heaters. Now I am feeling like one of those people who got caught trying to scam somebody and it really wasn't believe me I can certainly afford a repeat or Q. And I'm -- but I'm I'm feeling so guilty and so bad. Right so. I sent a letter or an email to mighty taco seeing guys you are right I found the -- -- is they were in between the passenger seat in the passenger door and it must've slipped out of the bag. Win IE made it faster or. Well believe it or not they were nice enough to send me an email back saying mister Bauerle. We're going to send you something I'm like oh no please don't please don't please don't. So I open my mailbox in their. IE. Would have lost out on have they not given me my full order. And I'm thinking of myself here I -- ethical dilemma. So what I did -- to show my good faith with the mighty taco. Is. I just a -- a letter and I -- what they had given me and I sent it back to them not out of this respect that out of respect saying I just wouldn't feel right if I got what I. I got it paid for. You gave me what I paid for in -- the take free food you know please donated to a charity -- something. But that's the kind of people they are here mighty -- and I am honored to be yet. Well affect -- very honored to be sitting here at the mighty taco because they really are -- company of integrity in and so. This is a great buffalo business were commissioner. All right let's get the Mike in Amherst on WP EM hello Mike. Okay. I just related a story on my dog locker. Like you might not care that much yeah. But I -- dark -- it to the NCAA. Especially if they ought. And involve bat not a lot. -- can't bring while vacationing doubted that lord out. I would doubt for a morning walk and golf or bad. Are utterly. Where they -- I thought up spot vacant a look at her read. -- call police at Q and while -- -- court yeah. I bet -- we are out there are a lot because that dog what they're now. Quote there are a lot. And what the big buy out here here that they all were partly to dog him oral. I made up the clock is that -- coach -- echo laden eight grant him an array of -- -- but -- other jobs that it -- you know bad at all any -- to -- backward. In their dog. It. How that the longer. I would have done -- dot bodily injury for the first time I'd like to an. And although what we did it go out didn't say to that job. -- only getting at here his thing and everything like there and then that I was stalled right. And I went to want to look at it there has got to watch out. They had by illegal activity around that make sure that the dog cart. -- big statement this dog that there were. And that morale it's been held on one that it would not provoke. Well you know what my -- nobody I don't look. I don't think anybody with any rationality or half a brain would do it. Would insult to chastise you for defending her own body against the dog that clearly was intent on causing you harm and especially there. When people say he's the friendliest dog in the world. Usually assume that the blog is the canine version Charles -- it's. -- couldn't pay -- out there that -- that. But it all started when you added Bob. Point back yet -- great program. I forgot the lady. Are out there and -- job. Advocating. -- a -- object and it did just that -- -- -- get -- Or sir I got. And I don't experience that who. You know I don't know what is the -- it's gonna do -- owner is that it different reputation and I couldn't have been or any other than I think I. On my body it. But the -- -- I didn't shoot well there are respected her and everything but I there you I would do it -- what they're expanding it. What I wish I hope you aren't. Now I hope she called back -- -- -- his but if you know what I've seen victims of vicious dog attacks. And it is just one bite in one place I mean it is we're talking about severe laceration puncture wounds. They were talking about all my sister. Mike I gotta go I'm I'm I'm thankful that you survived the dog attack and I'm glad you called and -- Our men have a good week in 03 Oakland thirty startling 3180616. WBE and let. Now let's go to Mary Alice that -- front channel who Mary Alice what -- yeah. I'm less -- but that's so delicately right out of the meteorologist handbook. Well you know Tom tolls at the other station way back when used at his whether word of the day and -- -- -- Detroit flight ever -- you know. Are you I can think of a few others I'd like to use but I FCC might frown upon that. Probably probably OK let me play was going on in our world today at first about you've been talking about it -- -- unity trial closing arguments were today. They allowed cameras in the courtroom that we got left edge from the prosecution and the defense we'll share that with -- So you're human interest -- lions -- and do my well being added to a -- care and the White House says you're gonna love it. Enter your -- punch line right there also there are more powerful allegations being made and that bizarre. And it fell bullying case in Miami will play with those are. Also for a holiday shoppers who can't wait -- the starting gun go off the top and Black Friday secrets it was hairy deal. Also on the top -- roll we're gonna be box the top ten at which he meant. And then heartwarming story to finish it out. A local boy who thanks a local doctor and just between this way we'll have that Korea channel -- -- five by 36. At eleven tonight. Hopefully you're still -- The last time some of these -- change. Like that -- weapons which the right Mary Ellis will Clarkson -- K app -- channel so it is -- hourly on W. Be the end that back during normal talk radio is that -- pretending like actually hear about -- Cotchery groin. It is well Dominique she doesn't care about my -- why should I cared about his. It is four yeah that's for 23 I guess -- really have time to go to another call let me just tell it where we are and delegate -- calls via phone number by the -- 8030930. You might wanna hold until about 430 before you start calling -- that way you know that on hold. 8030930. Starlet thirty cell phone 180616. WBE and have you ever been attacked not attacked army play. Like your -- or sometimes that -- for your ankles his mind as if you think she's the great conference in the plains of Africa. Because that's what she -- to me she's like Brad -- National Geographic yet. The other side of her personality she's classic 100% American black cat. I just that that can't I -- lucked out when I found her at -- park ten years ago she just the perfect that proper play. Just the proper amount of us mark. And and over hyper abundant super abundance of love. Law but have you ever been attacked by a pet in what would you do we will do it might be -- it can't suddenly attacked me. On WB Ian. In. You. Topics that I apologize to those hold I was not expecting such a quick decision in the tightly in any trial but that in fact that is what happened in fact that when Tom Puckett said. A verdict has been reached but -- at the Joseph beamer guilty because the old axiomatic that a legal thing is the shorter the jury deliberates the greater the chance. Being found it. Guilty now that's not always true. The clay thought trial for example in New Orleans. -- quick deliberation and not guilty. So anyway tightly about ethnic activity has been found guilty of by killing Keith Reid. And this certainly has -- mania media assorted and hole after the affair. And the tragedy relief for both families. Now the guy a tightly that he was estranged from his wife at that time. Now -- You can make a proposal judgments about the actions of mrs. tightly in -- -- mr. Reid but. That's a long time to drive. To kill some. And the jury has found that in -- Guilty it will be interest thing in -- Brian has aroused deep broke this story -- -- use it anywhere else attack of the committee's been found guilty in that killing that. You know when you when you go from Virginia. In two southern Western New York. And commit. A murder. There were so -- he exits. He could take -- there were so many different ways to resolve the situation. You know I'm sure he felt betrayed I'm sure he felt hurt. Who has in life who has. Me if every guy or every woman. Who caught his or her spouse -- similar situation reacting that way. We would have probably. There. Probably every billion a year murder rate especially with FaceBook and Twitter and all the social media and all the web sites. So. Are you surprised. I'm not surprised that it was bound that it was found guilty. I think that he was obviously did it. It was obvious why he did it he had the means he had the motive he had the opportunity and he did. You know the situation like that. Where a marriage or relationship. Use. Just not recoverable. I hate to say this because it opens on you but then again that's ever stop me. There there comes time when you've just got to say no we're done this is a toxic relationship and work. And life my friends is far too short to be Mary is somebody to when you do not wish to be merry. And I know that. You know some of the more conservative parts of my audience the the the moral majority conservatives I love you. But we have via we have a difference of opinion on suspects. Because -- I just I'm sorry but I've seen too many people in my life. That have leave a sure -- or sure if you prefer and they go through this life. Living one way. And then living another way on the side and then living another way in their own mind. And eventually that is gonna destroy you. Probably more than they divorce on under even the most cruel circumstances. So I think about this guy driving all those miles in all the chances -- hit turnaround and he did you know this was -- This was premeditated in my opinion. He came here to do what he wanted to do otherwise -- brought. So. Otherwise why would the -- white have warned mr. -- that -- was on the way. Mean she was clearly. Fearful that mr. -- -- that he was capable of such an active. Violence or revenge now you know the the old thing is. You know that they used to call it. Wherever that I don't remember but the the jittery I was at the -- law trial but we're talking like turn of the century last century we're this guy killed. This architect named Stanford white. In New York City the guy who designed that it does work actually. And it you know why he killed -- well first of all fall was a multimillionaire. Crazy purse. And he found out that this fall guy. Had their current that this this Stanford white. And the head and the fear. -- to -- with his bride the beautiful Evelyn Nesbit who still even after all the here's a look at pictures ever and I see what she was hot. And it mr. -- Decided that he was going to take revenge. That he would get a take revenge. If you wanna get in the picture dude come behind it to herself the ability for my sunglasses that. My beady little Asian eyes we'll get -- into a self example that you have a picture to. So anyway. Here's -- -- time. I'm doing listener outreach to come out okay all right. All right get -- yet so anyway. His rich millionaire guy kill the architect of Madison Square Garden because he claimed the architect. Of Madison Square Garden. And had after years ago with his beautiful now wife Evelyn has ever famous crime in America and and the world actually. And I think some experts actually testified. That it was part of the American psyche and totally justifiable in American society at that time. We're if you find out that somebody had -- your wife that you are entitled to kill that person. I think they called it like. Delusion number I get a look at typical but I know we call I know we call traffic and we're gonna check another look at traffic about nine minutes from right now. This -- -- hourly I'm news radio 930 WB yet again the breaking news is Anthony tightly and Eddie has reported first by our Brian has aroused he. Brian Anthony tightly and -- has been found guilty. In the murder of -- Reid does the verdict surprise you I'm not surprised in the least is this the right verdict I think it is. Was it a circumstantial case -- -- it was a circumstantial case for the most part but there was also some pretty solid evidence you know how did. How did the blood end up. With that people are eating yours so I got -- got -- let's just say that they were very there there was some physical evidence that. Added to the circumstantial evidence. And that's all I wanna say and folks and are going to be is -- not dramatic but -- can be used detailed as they would because I'm sitting here looking to people eating and I don't -- the meals and give me some. Give me some credit for that okay. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBE. And the lesson to be learned here is make sure you were -- all your texts emails and anything else on WBE. Where -- hourly on the news radio 930 WB and broadcasting live from mighty taco on Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. Across from the gallery -- and we're collecting turkeys for the buffalo city mission for the Thanksgiving Iraq. And that we have a goal of 3000. Turkeys mighty taco got a started they're bright and early this morning with a donation of 100 turkeys. I walked through the door and they said there's another Turkey but then I quickly realized that they were joking and then the joke just kind of fell flat. We're here at mighty taco Walden avenue Cheektowaga. And I know you're kind of busy Friday wanna get to weaken under way and if you don't -- have a Turkey handy you can always stop by and making cash or check donation. We have truck outside clearly marked buffalo city mission. And the truck driver can't be missed he's wearing a Red Hat and that we have station personnel there and you can you can trust that. Anybody by that the city mission truck -- and 803 on -- thirty is the phone number on WB -- question -- question days. Were you expecting a guilty verdict in the tightly in any trial this is the this is the one with a guy drove from Virginia. Because he found out that well inspect estranged his wife. Was having an affair with that he read you know the school superintendent guy. And drove all the way from Virginia. And killed mr. reach. And I mentioned the Hillary flaw trial before and have a term for which I was looking was that dementia America -- That was that the insanity plea -- and -- insanity plea taken to new levels and that. -- attorneys. Because -- -- you'll be architect of Madison Square Garden Stanford white. Liked and -- attorneys argue that he suffered from dementia Americana. Which was loosely defined as they believe an unwritten law that a man who believed that his wife was. Doodle and somebody else I have the right to kill that guy. And of course with laws millions he got off. Shock -- Let's go to -- on line one -- how well. How are you. -- -- Then you know from you connect all circumstantial. -- together -- really well actually I was -- after the -- Find him guilty. It looked a little -- around as it was read fairly church devastated about it when he's certainly it is just at. And we got -- papers in jail for a little while one other thing as cheap owner that was an -- charity what happened should stick. If there was -- recount. All I think you're referring perhaps to the course of the trial in the verdict here. Yeah water or to engage in as a candidate in all the what you know you know that had -- say it. Well -- but you know what if that theory held it would be more evident in to talk -- cloudy with a lesser population -- everybody's not just one step away from everybody else but a step away from everybody else. -- -- is dom from the get obviously what you're you're on the news -- are pitchers got a lot more isolation can lead at all. Yeah you connected apps in the the question mind if I was on the jury just black -- Yeah but it turned around any kind you know. Now I have an interest in question Korea. What if what if the circumstances -- been slightly different what if what if mr. -- -- Had walked in on his wife in what grunt they'd elect though with mr. -- and it shot mystery. And Jason Amherst where pre election same thing happened to our real estate agent the early mid ninety's. I know I you know what I can think of three or four cases like that around the same area and era and I'd rather not name names and go back there and open up but old loans. -- -- oh yeah it -- unjustified because it just that a lot air carriers. No relationship or that this couple. Well you're you're you're right. And frankly if if somebody is gonna look folks if somebody's gonna screw around the -- -- -- I don't know any better way to say if somebody is gonna screw around they're gonna screw. And you either have to understand that your spouse -- who whomever is like that and accept it. Or decide that -- that is no longer were never is going to be the person for you. And just move on. Yeah I think that alimony or is probably much up his spot in the attorney yeah you better believe it felt -- believe it. All right -- I'm glad you called. It up with a -- but he definitely. I'll certainly try thank you very much and folks if I seem not as -- idea and just a bit. Laid back in describing some of the elements of the trial. It is because. I see people eating. And I really don't -- -- meals because we're here mighty taco broadcasting live from inside. And I don't want to quite go in everything that I would like to go in too because of the -- pink -- he of people -- chowing down. And I don't wanna beat the guy who. Who -- dinner for. You know says the guy who brought -- blackened and -- during the general -- -- it is for 55. At news radio 9:30 AM. Am 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start on thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBE and did the jury come to the right decision. In the case against Anthony tightly and -- in the murder of Keith -- this is the guy who found emails between his wife. And -- three actually thought what email I believe. And I've decided that that mr. Reid would have to pay for having the affair with mr. tightly and Eddie's wife. And again you know. There there are so many different ways to handle a situation. Like that. And that people have so many different takes and how they go into a marriage and how they lead their lives and he's got to be in sync. On that front and if you're not if it's going to be a lost cause. And then sometimes you know what. Sometimes when he relationship turned sour. Where what do relationship no longer works for -- I think that sometimes people actually over -- try to submarine the relationship so it can finally does come to an end. Mean that's just -- take observing human nature. And the cultural anthropologist in that respect. Did the jury come to the right decision in -- in any case that the verdict surprise you it does not surprise me in the least. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB.

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