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11-7 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Nov 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here we are again. This is Michael -- forcing -- Off on vacation. He's reunited thirty WB and give us call at 8030930. Or start I'm -- your cellphone that's free. So use your -- so it's free. Are we are here with a stiff arm behind the Erie county comptroller thanks for come to think you're having like he bind nine to one free discount at the access is that he's here in the in house speaker a lot of -- love it that's very. But you know -- you you really. Have shocked. The conventional wisdom around town where it first -- -- get elected in the Obama's head wind and then getting elected your first full term. And -- Russian your opponent in an accounting of its majority Democrats. Well we're the first Republican to win countywide. Last year in a presidential year election year since 1972. I think the messaging is simple and our mission to protect taxpayers. And hold politicians accountable I think that transcends transcends party politics. I mean everybody. Really enjoys having an independent watchdog that -- whether you're Republican or Democrat and that's what I try to bring to the office I told folks. I'm not the Republican comptroller and other democratic controller on the people's controller I think it's important basically my constituency is taxpayers and not politicians. Well you know and and what we -- chief I'm a confession to the audience you don't know me I'm Michael who I am a Republican and I'm just right of getting its content so. -- you know -- -- not gonna get. On you know balanced opinion here. You're gonna get -- -- -- when we went to. But what happened for the republic. -- it was relieved me it was an historic election. I called the people's mandate and again this this historic election is more about people. On and the tax payers the people's mandate rather than a political one I think the people spoke loud and we -- an election night they want. Lower taxes they want lower spending and they want an independent watchdog. And the office of comptroller I think the people spoke loud and clear and it was historic. A Republican legislature in a Republican. County comptroller. Holding the county executive accountable well I I tried to get to cheer near state Republican chairman Cox called yesterday and try to get him to admit. That the Erie county Republican Party is the most successful Republican Party. Under his watch I can't find it where it's more successful proof was in the putting I mean last year people thought we were in knots. Running account I want I want you paint it in a countywide -- campaign. In an Obama presidential years seventy plus percent turnout and we said you know one we've got a great message were disciplined and we're gonna where at 04. And now we have the full support -- -- -- a lot of credit to a McClain were the air chairman. And very supportive our candidates and I'm blessed and fortunate that we're victorious. I think adding that at the greatest job in the world I get to go to work every day I if I fight for the little guy and a hammer politicians. Yeah -- job in the world. It became with revered deeper. You know what they -- of one thing we spoke about it before. We came on the years also we have to give credit where credit is due and that's Chris Graham who. Was my predecessor on WG -- the two sides he followed you when you left W -- the two sides to go into politics. Chris' you know he had a rough year before that before last year. They lost the he was. County executive Chris Collins chief of staff and he ran his race lost that reelection to achieve -- step and he thought it was going to be inside here for awhile but he actually the next year he won he ran your race you and saw my head wind. And successfully he ran Chris -- race for congress. Successfully -- and during an Obama election year. Any ran which -- one I believe it was senator Lisa who was involved and senator resigning yet all the senators on its which is very hard. Chris grant relief and its depth and copy if when it comes to politicians and and as strategist he's right up there. I always say Harry Truman is my favorite president and he always says you different politics gated dog. It and so I am getting a dog I promise me very Euro would get a -- so we're we're getting a poppy this week but. What I most value about it and we're talking about Chris Graham is his friendship. I know win or lose I'd highly value hand. Is -- good man good human being and a good friend. And down he he he is Ron brilliant campaigns discipline campaigns. Over the past few years and now I'm proud mostly not just his night. You know political consultant and as my friend. Well you know. I bring that up not just because I was trying to get if we want to Chris Chris grant you launch but all of a dollar billion deal went to answer it but. I bring that up because the problems you know what we succeeded in doing. -- succeed in doing. -- we have people are saying we can't do on national and and that's what I wanna talk about in the next segment. I mean. First of all and I wanna ask the sports of the basic we aren't communicating well as far as creek like Chris grant that know how to communicate they win races and terrible -- wins. And and majority democratic areas and what the Republican Party needs to do on a national level. Is win races and terrible head wins in majority Democrat areas so we know we can communicate we wanted to be counting. But what was the message that we communicated with so resident. To a majority Democrat area. It transcends politics. I think you become a True Blue collar families some of polish and Ukrainian immigrants they taught me a lot about the value of the dollar. And basically it's it's so simple that families at home are doing more with less in government should do the same and I think it goes. Across to Republicans and Democrats across the political spectrum. That I think folks just want responsible leadership. And just -- but they're doing with the with their budgets at home. Government shouldn't spend more than what they have I should be responsible the people it's that simple it it really is so simple. Now and it really resonated with people this year we told folks at the races -- controller look we need a watchdog and that goes back to offer its Kaminsky Nancy Naples. In to his credit. Mark Poland yeah sure absolutely he held the previous county executive accountable good. That's -- people want from their controller and so it's exactly who we talked about on the campaign trail our values are one of being an independent watchdog. Standing up for taxpayers. And holding politicians accountable it's what I've done for the past year it's what I'm going to do when I plan on doing for the next four years. I I talked and Nicklaus whose wife -- we have headquarters sneak out early that your. And I said -- -- -- -- Albany and she looked at me like I had three heads. She clearly has more fond of living in buffalo but here's the thing. -- liberty what he's done and what the guys like Chris grant have done you know if we could photocopy that. And move that Albany if we could photocopy of that move that's Washington there would be one heck of Republican Party in the next couple years. We'll think about it we're down a 140010. Nothing. Before an election even begins in Erie county in we've been successful across the board. And so I think -- absolutely right I think it's its aid in the chairman is set and a regular basis. It's finding -- finding the right candidates yes but. Our message wins and an -- it's a message that transcends political parties and and I think we're the ones that basically stand up for taxpayers. And -- politicians in power accountable just make sure that were responsible. With spending text out. Let's listen mrs. -- ready I'll help you pack. I promise. -- -- and nick is probably program areas but -- -- under was reunited thirty WB and we're gonna go to a quick break but. We have a Stephane -- the county comptroller here take your calls. Pat hold on will be getting accurate this industry and at WW -- call is 80309. Hitters are third 930. On your cellphone thank you very much will be back at the moment well read here in studio with us the bomb Ohio Lou. Have been elected to his first full term as your county comptroller. In a 21 Democrat accounting and a remarkable race. But we were talking yesterday you mention that you heard this just for a signed off yesterday I read this bit from my website politics and -- dot net. Where commissioner Christopher O'Brien received seen leaving for an 11:30 AM meeting. With Erie county democratic chairman Germany's -- with an envelope in his hand. Many believe that O'Brien intended to resign his post -- commissioner of the water authority insiders speculate. That O'Brien is leaving to create a spot for current water authority commissioner. Fran Portland Portland led -- traps unsuccessful bid becoming Erie county legislator and his authority term. And next year during the reign of the newly elected Republican legislature majority. They're not expected to reappoint him. If O'Brien resigns worth Lincoln abandon his position serve the remainder of Bryant's term. Which ends in 26 team now that was confirmed what we see here is the first fallout of the Republican takeover. Of the legislature and you're telling me when -- went just a few moments ago. But in fact it's happening right now in the legislature there -- -- chicanery right now. But it's our understanding that they suspended in two this afternoon's agenda for 2 o'clock meeting now moving the process forward on replacing. On the departing person from the water authority they're gonna set a time when they're gonna collect Reza Mays when there's going to be public. Hearings and interviews from my perspective is -- independent watchdog is controller. Mean I'm less concerned with the inside baseball political nonsense. I saw the best person possible. For their position not someone who does knows how to turn on a faucet or who is a political party boss. I -- the question can be asked point blank. Two of the leaders in the legislature. Is is nothing more than just. Political shenanigans pulling a bait and switch to placate a political party boss it's that simple -- you know watch. If that's the case -- just be honest about it just a short we're trying to pull protector political party boss so what's the point of collecting resonates and what's the point of having. Open hearings. Supposedly for interviews to. Sellers in a hurry right and he's in a hurry because only a few meetings left. Of the lame duck Democrat legislature and he's trying to pull this little -- switcheroo. Thing so that is how -- a framework Lincoln served longer because -- would not be reported problems. Brandt nice guy by the -- very good right here much so and and O'Brien who's leaving is not being forced out to do this O'Brien wants out he doesn't like being on the boards. It if this is nothing more than just eighty political bait and switch to protect the party boss that's wrong and if it is just come out and say it right. Why I have this charade of collecting Reza amazed for position why I have a charade of having hearings in actual interviews just be honest about it I think. -- our friends in the legislature should. The honest and forthright if that question. Is asked my concern is you know watches have someone whose experience and to have someone who wants to put taxpayers first that's my only concern here. Well you know Bryant could throw Brian -- as qualified guy a friend were please call for a guy Chris for O'Brien to point in the week but. What what really bothers me is that this that the Korea game that the airplane because any moment now we're gonna lose control of this thing in this is -- owner who I know everybody knows might highlight Germany's owners could go right. He's you know he's he's -- these little fast ones and and this is politics at its worst -- my opinion and what the listeners can do right now. If they wanna do some America's right now the legislators. Are whispering behind their hands talking about what's really going on here because. None of us would know about it and in fact we did find out about it in the missing and he -- -- put it out yesterday just before -- what you can do right now. Call your collier county legislator called let's say what are you doing with this water authority switcheroo. Are you participating. In this little political game called -- just ask him maybe they'll think twice about it right. That's exactly what people should do I would highly encourage people to call on the Erie county legislature downtown and they can speak and either representatives and say. We don't want some kind of -- political nonsense that people are so sick entire. Of basically political deals. Exactly like yes and I think get transcends politics Republicans are sick of it Democrats are sick of it so I would strongly encouraged. People to contact the Erie county legislature right now pick up the phone give them a call. And asked point blank is as nothing more than a political bait and switch to protect a political party boss. Or are they genuinely concerned about finding the right qualified person for the Erie county water authority which is -- a bottomless patronage pit. Period. That's coming for comptroller who's seen a few -- in his. At one. Otherwise the one thing that bothers me is that the the Republicans won fair and square and some hard fought races but they won fair and square they took over the legislature. And now they have appointments that are in line that they are there now they are now going to have the majority to do those appointments. And the Democratic Party is turning around trying to switch things around and move things around and switch deadlines right by moving a guy on the move and a guy and he's already there. When the switcheroo thing so that they can deny the Republicans -- rightful appointment. And and you know what I would strongly encourage folks if they have a patent the number for the legislature is 8587. 500. 8587500. They can call right now and again. It iffy at this is nothing more than than political gains which people are sick in tired of then just come out and say yeah we're trying to protect a political party boss and give him a longer. Term at the water authority that's fine. Why I have the charade of collecting -- -- and having public -- -- actually collecting grizzlies pretending that they're reading the guy and and it's it's my understanding that this is going to be an issue at 2 o'clock -- the legislature session this afternoon that they're gonna set. The timeframe and timetable for collecting rice the maize and and having public hearings that the fix is in. Just -- of people about it I run people would have more respect. That they -- say yep we're gonna protect the political party boss were to go through the motions this is what we're doing if you don't like it tough. You know we have a fellow -- again I'm assume just because the name's pat. That male or female. So I do is write a fellow with -- on the line for quite some time you wanted to talk about the reasons why the Republican Party had some wins. It took it. What you guys just sent its its impact that the case that you guys object to the politics in the shenanigans -- and I think I challenged the comptroller. Can develop. Our standards and guidelines by which appointment should be -- at the water authority succeed if -- weren't truly the best candidates. This -- on the water stored and then -- as controller has the authority in the power and shouldn't have so. Well to develop. Protocol by which these people can even be at or that they have to be yours that there had been no more than opt out of turn on the water. But no controller Robert government and I. Don't believe people. So I'd like fingers are spot at first but then and I'd also like to point out. You don't -- Put up in your balloon. When you're not are not ascribe a single bit of the Republican victory effective strength there and seepage and systematically. Torn down the Democratic Party your -- -- no -- mr. Bible which you really think that the college idiot. -- -- -- was -- were they. Do you really think they're allowing big -- shouldn't it be candidate who won the primary. There are selector -- were found in Europe were. Pat we if you want to question answered -- gotta go -- to directly to Stephon thank you for calling. -- the positives we only got the thirty seconds. Know from -- we are not a policy entity making position this controller we monitor and report the county executive's management of the budget. And I have launch initiative called -- Tony works we're gonna put every single -- civil service exam every single job opportunity. A cross county government. -- building water authority ECC the library. One simple web sites that everybody has access so that people get their jobs based on what they know not who they now I've done. I I know and and and I think pat has a very good point and the fact is everybody sick of politics pats on the team might be Democrat that's -- -- everybody's -- if -- were all sick of it and right now in your ear can legislature they are doing it. So give them a call and tell them to stop that. This news really unite the WB -- -- thank you for coming and taking calls I know you're real busy. I've really appreciated heading to heading to Tony's hair styling and Seneca street as we speak at my lunch break. And get -- -- I don't presume my thirty next up. The Democrat bad girl Christie and Zurich. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 80309. Series cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. I love your music towards them. Are you back on his radio by thirty WB yen on the sandy beach show sandy is I think. On the beach right now I'm sitting inform him until the end of next week my name is Michael -- I am a native. Western new Yorker all the -- spent little time out of town. When I got back here after like this 7776. Campaigns -- and -- Carl Paladino for governor campaign -- 77 campaign. And I'll tell you I have seen some stuff during campaigns I have. And you know since my mentors Roger Stone who I would bet on the here. Roger Stone is considered. What they call him the prince of darkness he was in charge. Richard Nixon's dirty tricks. I've seen a few I've. I've pulled a few and people accuse me around town here being a pretty negative campaigner. I just believe that. Politics is a game that is not played in short pants. In if you come out for the game in short pants you can go back to the locker room and grow some skin. Or get out. And -- win now. I one of the things that happened recently is I joined a WG years he. There Sunday showed two sides. Which is have been political analysis show on the Republican on one side and on the opposite from me. Is Christine Missouri who has a long career in television and shoes. Really hopefully teaching me how to Duke Ellington came in the about his new medium as anybody could be. And I was kind of Washington while we're on a we were on a break I think that we had two Sundays in a row with a goal for some other god forsaken sport. It's not football I don't view we think we should ever be. Preempted. But while I was out of Washington I was here and that Christy Missouri was. Was in the news. She had a started a political action committee of sorts. That was challenging of the Democrat party's. Not nominees in the primary. And things just went down from -- went down and they just went down. So I thought since I got a microphone in front of me I'm gonna invite my friend and cohort. Christy -- work on with me she's going to be with -- taken calls until noon. But Christie you -- -- bad about. Two sides right. Oh yeah we're back not and yes they cry baby's. A I did take us down when they didn't take this out you know I've got to say. The general manager of W jeers EG and -- are really is a compassionate person because. General managers I've worked with across the country would have never done. What occurred he said you know liked. -- you know people are kind of -- at let's just go on hiatus for the election. Never -- I didn't -- thing wrong because I haven't. And you know not only growing up in politics. But just growing up in life. Sometimes reality gets ugly -- -- and I loved some of the terms elected officials were calling me some of the political bloggers. Very interesting stuff. Now that the tables are turned and my microphones back bright early interesting to see what's said. I'm wearing body armor I babysit my next -- I got to believe that some of those Democrats who were supporters of the -- -- are not very good shots. And one might be hit me so I don't know -- the interesting thing is. All is fair in politics and some of the names I was giving you know we run -- disclaimer -- show. On whether it was you or your previous votes co host here fill in guest stiff on -- hi -- -- Chris grant. We all worked in politics. We all work on campaigns that's the disclaimer. It says when it gives my resume -- an operative. So for people to be. Aghast that I was working on campaigns baloney. Ticket in your ear right back. I had Washington kindness and it saying that they want. And how dare I put out negative campaigns and you know here's the thing cry babies. Doesn't. I let somebody take the first -- And then I come out punching right so while everybody was complaining about me and my iPad in these negative mailers and that you know we had outsourced. Only in response to the -- that are already coming to candidates that had come forward all the way dating back until March. And let me make mention. My father was a public servant my father's -- I'm in this Erie county legislature. In fact with the former chair land Linehan and so I know all the games and the factions have always been there. And to make mention about the Republican Party they are also -- you guys just doing a little bit more quietly. Right right. Well you know. Because people know -- and I wanna encourage its people call and we're gonna go to break here for five minutes from that number is 8030930. Starr ninth -- Michael who -- In for sandy beach and -- the WB Union City with Christine resort. Who caused quite a stir during the primary season and thereafter. By starting a packed with summer for allies in those allies -- what. But people sometimes Steve pigeon who introduced me to my wife and -- and and frank Max. Who's -- who's an officer in the Democrat party. Somehow or another they feel that the three view or well -- of the three horsemen of the apocalypse or something which. Look at I was somebody that's bucking this system and Democrats is my it's my right Dem or Republican whenever -- I don't wanna be dictated to by any of the -- let's just say that whether it's a Conservative Party independence party what are your blank. It's my rights. As a citizen of these United States of America your relatives came in you know off the boat as did nine. My father bought -- fought in Vietnam for me to have that right right sell for me to be called a dead Democrat. Again blow it out your -- because my father served diligently as did other relatives of mine as public servants in elected office. And let me -- yeah I'm out on the streets. Getting petitions going door to door making phone calls and if dad isn't a good Democrat or good voter. I don't know what it on your actually -- in and -- -- messenger because I'm calling people out right whether its -- laying already. Jeremy is only lend money hand Ralph -- regal frank -- remember that whole big Coppola to -- Lou. Guess why. The other thing I think is it's because I'm a lady and this is a good old boys club for so long well guess what barker ruse. I am here to stay and I act on the hair. That's right and she's going to be Willis for the next fifteen minutes for callers. -- I don't know. If anybody out there consider themselves one of those people she called crybaby I would encourage you call 80930. I'd love to hear that. And also I just wanted to make sure that you knew. -- ebitda as a Republican I have to tell you that when they call you a bad Democrat I just consider that. A redundancy. I Democrat. I thought I was gonna implode locking into these offices here because it is so Republican Powell come on now I thought you know -- -- -- you if you haven't caught fire yet and so -- Wanted to break your folks are please give us a ring at 8030930. With Christie my Zurich from WG -- the two sides. We'll be back in just a few minutes. Before we get back to. Democrat bad girl crystal is a local Democrat bad girl Christmas or I'd been called much -- I've recently added a and we have -- from -- more on the line glad you're you're wanted to talk with the legislature aquae. -- Very good Glenn thanks for calling it's -- and thank you for waiting. Beyond well in the earlier segment you're up about stuff kinda hides things going on in the what to what troop afternoon with the water court appointments. And -- kind of what I hear you guys all talk about your reds great and everything are trying to. I kind of get the impression that you type of normal people out of being able and should hear that. Well. You know I have been accused of not letting ethics get in the way when I hit it has happened. Arm and I do you have to admire. The -- nature of it. But I don't like it in its on its face would Republicans be doing that right now. Absolutely yeah I think I'd be screaming it -- so yes so glad it got me -- out. Indeed the issue of like inaudible every election. Ever -- thirty years ago and it might be aliens quote friends all want for the first time not only will it. As the local stop what the authorities football with what's going -- watch. I've never had more close friends and family walk away from the last election indictment should not work that people -- -- every single aren't there to -- up. The last -- in this week. They are alone of people that -- the whole people label every aren't even minor crime here. -- people would only vote but you don't want outward I mean these are people probably don't put up by regularly anymore called out. And so -- that back and yank your guys and you know you know what I you know -- Dixon flop that -- it and in at the end of movies that get in -- as a triple you'll all across the but it ought to be a voter in a competent the -- And and pretty serious talk about -- -- -- you know what at what point on the afternoon you guys are acquitted on Iran someday. Now but they -- -- well I glad I agree with you and you know to that point I am just a voter also sell. I -- had this political action committee that party bosses have called illegal. There's nothing illegal about what I did. I just didn't want a goal and told the company lined so to speak like did you hear about all this re read the news while it's was happen. I'm agree. And what was the name of the pack. The Western New York progressive caucus you'll be hearing a lot -- Western New York progressive caucus yes so again I hate I work by Western New York you know and we have the numbers might end -- -- voter turnout was horrible. Absolutely horrible 'cause I think people are just fed up with everything. And their voice doesn't matter soul as insiders plan so to speak Michael myself. If we can't get. Party individuals it administrators. To talk logically. With thoughts. And you have to take matters into your own hands and unfortunately you know. It there was a lot of bait and switch going on this last go -- for share. There was an and there are some mistakes made and can recruit on the Democrats think we are a little bit. Some news on some problems that we didn't expect quite a show I've not I've got a tiny -- I think you've got your right. I do take some pride in some of the tricks that I pulled in my career like him. I could -- hosts show them I can tell you about the midget that I hired that small little person -- hired. And in. Russia -- all of a candidate around with a helium balloon. He followed him around for weeks. Until one day he didn't he showed up and -- helium blue balloon had broken. And there politician he was going around standing up the days of front you said you know the little guy -- Jumbo loan where's your Maloney started screaming and ranting and raving and he lost the race because some pork guy did apparently. Doesn't like balloons. Put some things we've done I think in politics have. Have been. Probably unsavory. I I get that on guilty. But I don't work in politics anymore I don't work for communities that work for companies were interest in policy decisions. With its pilots a is a -- -- and adults it's just a different -- -- it I'm not worked for candidates. -- and a well I did it again do you think that this is that we can ever have politics without that kind of a problem. Educator. I don't know I mean you know the big in big when it look at Canadian model. There something about that obviously they got kind of -- -- -- single got more -- with a lot background and in the and they don't -- about belated blog about it I mean it orchard at epilogue super sport like sculptor -- that you just kind of know what go again. I remember when I was young indeed try to be what the metric from like overnight. We vacillated about a fourteen year but I'm still wouldn't do and so there's there's so much of the optics and go back important -- not -- ever got on. -- When you had a look at that voter you know that voter to drop the yen in all that. Again what you guys are some of the things about kind of the background in the information stop and at the background and Hillary would in a way I admire on the other hand boy seeking a poll because. But it that print and hamburger voting anymore -- what you're getting what a lot of -- voters and and that should -- watered down. Glad you're calling here very often. I I find you have a very refreshing. Take and take it. And and a very pragmatically as well because look. I I do get a kick out of some of this stuff I have to admit I don't like what's going on right now to date in the eerie kind of legislature I don't like it. -- but you're right I mean Republicans might be doing the same thing if there's absolutely. Summer. Not a I was chief of staff they wouldn't do. We have to reflex backhand previous Connie executives and some of the shenanigans they did and they had an. Now I understand okay -- No listen Glenn thank you very much for calling we really appreciate your perspective. In -- Kristi we've got a couple of minutes left I am I've missed. Hank you know mixed view on two sides were open not this Sunday with Max writes. And did they meet -- ago extra special. -- did it because he cut a lot -- lot kind of energy I have them practice day pro Western New York progressive caucus yes there yet if that's that's gonna have to lecture class and we're splashing on the scene where -- to a global. You are quote certain. I mean again you know. The group of individuals they're like minded individuals that said you know what enough enough and too -- points. You know one of my. Colleagues that was getting bashed is Jack O'Donnell who was removed from his seat earlier this year to have mr. O'Brien taking it. Only to say OK enough enough come on now. Well my understanding is O'Brien just doesn't like. He doesn't enjoy it. He because of all the negatives that come with being a part of the water -- I believe he's an attorney correct and yeah any -- thinks you know I've understood from second and third and that he doesn't like the way it reflects on his. On his on himself on his business. What you know there are a lot of attorneys that are throwing on bonds at me. Using some pretty questionable. Words or froze so to speak. With regard to might pack and a group of individuals that you know I am affiliated list. And again our staff we take it. All across the state we were representing a woman named lovely Warren who now is the new mayor of Rochester. And it's a wait to have some kind of compromise of upstate new York and the Rochester buffalo region so we have a of loud and proud voice when we go to Albany. Well real quick. You're being investigated. Yeah we've only got a few -- house of what's going on an investigation. It's taxpayer dollars being -- really for sure. You heard it here first on the sandy beach here that's Christie reserved the Democrat bad girl Christie reserve. Had a great time today there was reform this is news radio 930 WB yet you know these guys work so hard sandy. And how many guys I realize now that this ain't easy but it sure is fun. We'll see you tomorrow mine is Michael good to enforce sandy beach. On news radio 930. WPE. End.

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