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Twitter IPO For Sale

Nov 7, 2013|

Glenn Wiggle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Reopen the WB a live line now to talk about the Twitter IPO today -- the initial public offering of that unbelievably. Popular. Social website -- way to lose our guest is with the financial guys LLC Glenn good morning thanks for joining us. You were doing good twitters IPO today Glenn Susan and I we were to buck. If we could buy some Twitter stock today could we are we allowed. You can wanna start to trade and so and that there's nothing like yeah. That the IPO value IPOs is as of very. I'd offer and so they're only doing about seventy million -- -- -- Vs FaceBook who issued about 421 million shares so don't even some of the larger institutional firms like the fidelity but then there's the world. They may not even getting some the idea -- -- -- exactly IPO price so it's it's not a huge huge operate like some of the others that we've seen so it's very difficult not impossible. It is impossible. For the average investor to get an IPO price on the you know at that -- should start to share. -- you can't help but compare it to FaceBook. But should week. Well I think a lot of differences here and I think he shouldn't some degree yes but I think a lot of differences here number one. Twitter is is debuting new York -- change not the NASDAQ. -- had a lot of issues and if you recall FaceBook had a lot of questions surrounding their financials before the IPO went -- VIP it did happen. It was a debacle of -- -- shares that weren't getting allocated properly they had icing delays and into the start trading until later in the gay literature really started in a -- and thirty. You know Twitter will probably start to actually trade some time I would say -- between 11 o'clock this morning it'll take some time. For them to matchup all the -- the -- what. But I technical much much less than FaceBook Twitter the smaller company to. So you know FaceBook competitor is the much sort of firm. You know at the time of the operating almost four billion dollars in revenue -- Billy -- and profit. -- is a much smaller company with about 500 -- -- a quarter 134 million dollars in revenue in the last fall launched and it actually have a -- so. You know you're looking at a company that's losing money -- a couple of that was making but having said that I think will actually fare much better -- was until today and in the future. But it does this so sort of defy common sense Glenn. I mean American investors. I mean pouring money into a company that's losing money. I think the idea is that all startup companies will will be it will lose money for the first several years of their operation and you know what Twitter is doing is they're putting a lot of money back -- -- quote you know they're they're growing hiring new people to going into new markets kind of looking for new Internet revenue. -- people turboprop pretty quickly so I wouldn't be overly concerned about that. I think the difference here with Twitter is the fact that because it's only a seven million dollar offering will probably have more outreach you know secondary -- in maybe in February. Maybe wanted to go to bank can get more shares out there but didn't have a lot of the institute actions that are gonna walk by this stops that the crucial and -- there. Other books and and the positions stated publicly reported get a -- so. I think he gonna have a lot of demand coming in from larger firms that are are probably gonna push the stock price -- the open. How much is anybody's guess you know could be used -- a couple 2345. Dollars a could be at that point dollars. But she opened -- but there's a lot of money that's gonna be chase spot and that has I think a lot of the -- the push it higher unlike FaceBook that put out so many shares. And of course they're rich -- quite substantially -- -- -- -- -- right people the IPO the 38 dollars a share which a lot of people thought was you know kind of ridiculous. Now Twitter to raise their price but they've been talking in the twenty to 25 calories can read the police six. It's you know it's not a crazy increased and so I think -- scare up near as many investors FaceBook social. England we have learned a lot from you thank you. Are. Heavy drilling do you. Feel like happy happy. A little wiggle with a financial. And a Twitter begins trading on the next -- exchange under the ticker symbol TWT. Are.

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