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11-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I came real close to putting some pictures up on my FaceBook page of my 2006 excursion and American steamship companies that McCarthy. I've got to calculus a look out captain Phillips a month or watch in lake you're hot. There will later on I I was just having fun waiting for some results become men for which I was waiting. It is eight minutes after five at news radio 930 WB yen so. I believe our president is a social path. And it dawned on me and it's been creeping into my consciousness now. For a few months but it finally came to a head. Which I popped immediately but it was awesome but it finally came to ahead. And it. We look you know we got to do a show on that at some point I would if I can ever pull that off. It's like something that everybody says grosses about the deep inside he can't wait for that next big black head anyway so. I'll be scouring my back later but anyway it. When Obama. Earlier this week. Yesterday day before. When he actually had the delusion. And that's all I can call it a delusion. That he never said. -- -- it help you go plan. My plan prepared for for earth about 25. Years. He denied saying there. He's trying to rewrite history. This my friends. Is classic. Social ethic behavior. And there are a number of criteria. Barack Obama meets. Where I can call him a social path with -- And what logic. This list. It -- information comes from the social pet -- And you might be interested in knowing that. The medical community. The medical community says that about 4% of American adults are social nets. Like Obama does that company. But to -- news talking about a president. States but I don't use it. Without reason a share of the reasons just ahead right now. It's. It's one of my idea. It's a luxury folks that they believe me I would be very frugal life my couch is eighteen years old. It has enough DNA you can start entire civilizations and distant planets. I. Just need little ego stroked with the automobile you know my little -- -- bounced into the world. Yeah exactly what you think now. What makes a socio -- according to the book the social outlet store here are ten signs for spotting a -- And let's see how many of these. Probably apply it to Barack Obama number one. Socio paths are charming. Social paths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people wanna be around. They have glow about them. That attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sixty people are social graph but watch out for over the top. Sexual appetites. And weird to fed issues. Our biggest Brock and I share something there. A running list that Barack Obama. Clearly meets that criteria. We're criteria. To that one research program to. Socio paths are more spontaneous. And in tents and other people. They tend to do bizarre sometimes erratic things that most regular people would not do. -- unbound by normal social contract their behavior often seems irrational or extremely. Risky. I'm gonna say that's a yes so that's to -- make sure we market down is number two. A guy who takes his wife but Air Force One to New York City for dinner. That is clearly spontaneous. And it is bizarre especially when we run the kind -- national debt we run. Number three. Socio paths are incapable. Of feeling shame. Guilt or remorse their brains simply lacked the circuitry to process such emotions this allows them to be -- people. -- -- -- -- Their brains allow them to be -- people threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it's seriously harms others. Take a pay bill this is why you'll find many very successful social paths in high levels of government in any nation. So let's make that three socio ethnic tendencies were Barack Obama. Social paths in -- outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of asserted. But when they describe -- Q&A storytelling format. For some reason. It sounds believable. At the time. Number four so that's four for Barack Obama on the social pap test. Socio paths seek to dominate others and win. At all costs they hate to lose any argument or fight and will. Viciously. Defend their web of lies even to the point of logical absurdity. -- plan -- big -- insurance companies. So up that's but. So far sociopath tendencies for your president number six sociopath tend to be highly intelligent. But they use their brain power to deceive others. Rather than empowered them -- high IQ often makes them dangerous. That is why many of the best known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were social events. Well I think Barack Obama columns you. They get away from the guy so that's number six. On the East -- up at the scale. Number seven socio paths are incapable of law. And are entirely self serving they -- love or compassion. In order to get what they want. But they don't actually. -- goal love. In the way you or I do. I don't have enough information about what in his about love to come to a conclusion. So so far six out of seven marketing activists say that meets the criteria. Where the criteria. Let's all social paths speak politically. They -- master word Smiths. Able to deliver a running stream of consciousness monologue that is both intriguing. And hypnotic. They are experts storytellers and even oats. This would now will be seven out of eight on the Scioscia with the scale for Barack Obama. Socio -- never apologize. They are never wrong they never feel guilt they can never apologize even if proof. It's shown that they were wrong it will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack. -- So -- That's what we're that's eight out of nine. And most frightening. Most frightening. The socio -- ability. Socio -- are delusional. And literally believe. That what they say today becomes. Because they say that it becomes truth. Merely because they say it. Charles Manson. Famous for saying I've never killed anyone I don't need to kill anyone I think I haven't here's -- it was temple. I don't need to live in this physical world. So -- -- joke. I don't think there's much to argue about -- Nine out of ten characteristics of a sociopath. Are easily demonstrable. In Barack Obama. So I don't use the word lightly I use it with reason. This man is. Delusional. He cannot admit to making a mistake. We inherited the worst economy and desperate. Republican control. He can't -- like he can't take responsibility toward working in the White House for five years. Is long gone. And yet he still is the boogie man to -- they turn. Whenever something does not go your way. So I put the link -- up how to spot these social graph. On my FaceBook page and what I'm gonna do is put it up as a separate. Entity so it'll be easier the fine for you guys. But it's pretty scary how well and much of Barack Obama I see in the definition of a socio. It's eight weeks hearing how much social efforts you -- -- it is coming up don't -- Joseph. Don't laugh but is he realizing that you can make better decisions and realize your own frailties and witnesses that the different. So I thought that was pretty interest. Is there. And what you look at all of the lies. From Barack Obama and all of the truths from Obama. -- what's really frightening to me people and I mentioned this every day but. The fact that Obama. And his administration. Are hiding witnesses. To -- -- -- four Americans died. Speaks volumes. About this man. Senators and congressmen. Cannot even get access to the witnesses. Ben Ghazi. Why is that. Because Obama and his cronies have something to hide that's why. The most transparent administration in history ball loan. This is the most secretive authoritarian. Regime in history. Although FDR comes close put the Japanese internment camps. Maybe that'll be next. This man is you know folks I called him for what he was as did sandy beach. As did Rush Limbaugh as did Sean Hannity. In fact as did everybody but John -- I called him for what he was during the first campaign. I -- you. He was a sheep in wolf's clothing. No I didn't I told you use a sheep in wolf's clothing -- quality was a wolf in -- actually. He. He will lie. He will do anything to advance his political agenda I mean this is -- -- -- rules for radical stuff. And I just can't see how you can read up on socio paths. And not understand that this man is clearly socio path. He lie is and what's scary is I think he believes his own mythology. You know he's built up this cult. And I think he actually believes. That he is all that. And that's a scary combination. And by the way the purge in the military continues. He's taken out military leaders who would refuse to fire on American citizens that does not augur well for the future. And. Am I scared. I'm very concerned about this country's future because I don't think it has much. And of you agree or disagree -- that. Well we'll get back into a more stuff coming up I told you every day I tell you every day we always have a lot to cover on WB and its hourly thank you for making it part of your drive home I appreciate it. If you got. What -- went. -- They've put about 100%. That. -- -- -- -- Helicopter. Bush's fault anyway. Bob Graham would not -- that these. Theater's ability of but you're right. -- present to pick out. And a -- -- races. I about 530. Or at that news radio 930 WB MAI I don't. How many guys were listening on park side doing the protest against people. Doing their best NASCAR on parks. But I'm sure I have the radio on some of the radio on so what if you are at a protest in park side. Would you please call -- more information about what the tipping point ones. What was the tipping point something -- You know everybody has their last straw. So -- parks right now you're outside to get itself on its star 930. Start 930. And the land line number is 8030930. And the tool for number -- giving your chances are you don't need. 803 all of my birdies on numbers and star 930. I wanna hear people were protesting people speeding on park site in buffalo in that area right by the zoo. I want to tell me a little bit more about it how many people you got hopefully some crowd noise in the background. I want you to take advantage of this opportunity for some free airtime. And if you're if you wanna do it here's the thing you got to do within the next couple of minutes because of that other stuff without. Excuse. Me one -- Here's a movie never been made today you got to -- ago. All right I'm -- make your day a little happier because if you are as sick as I think. You'll think back the blazing saddles. The wild west. And it didn't show up as. You and me while I witnessed how the I got -- as I said you watched that movie -- never in a million years could be made today despite being an American film classic just like all the family could never be made. It never would pass the test. Okay last call for anybody parks are taking part that protest right now Caldwell. -- Were too well with you about park side. Wait parks I'd probably let them lives. Out of Obama people. Maybe they're not -- may be reached its final -- decade old. Bomb you know three don't like thirty is the phone numbers start at thirty odd day park side you get 45 seconds why -- protesting. What's gonna. Doctor Patrick talk your friends I'm thirty seconds. And it nobody wants to talk and hear your protests. I think about all the attention you give me you can you can wave signs until the cows come home. And you'll not get as much publicity as you will from one brief appearance with mister Bauerle on the radio. And you're squandering it you're wasting my magnanimity. You're wasting my civic mindedness and my commitment to social justice started the social justice purchase in Iraq. Via by the way any time you hear the words social justice. -- to hear those words. Run because. It's just the budget correct. Social justice is a translation for. Old white men should all be executed that's what it really means fundamentally. Are we have to be -- I thought -- Yeah. A capital wait for the person parks that were gonna give him some of the things but I need more people park side. I mean I don't need elected to show a lot of or anything gonna try to figure out what's going why it happened this protest and park side. Because if you are in motorist who gets off the 33. 198 rather. Sometimes you don't have to park side and people get upset our stride Walter in park side Walter are you taking part of the protesters. Well if you've driven faster parts that -- you wouldn't be. Articulate or all right what you live she is deliver on park side and I presume you live around parks -- In west. What is the problem. Well I don't like they are a police report. Producing adult liver -- -- you're you're you're not helping me here they give me your take on this protest. That went well. All right any of you who live on park side. Never call me again. All right let's get back to the right wing BS that. President Obama. -- a couple of things about our beloved dear leader. Number one. Which one word. Would you use. To describe -- President Obama. You have to keep -- -- In fact you can actually do a sentence if you want. But it's got to be a sentence with punch. Mean I'd prefer that it be one word but if you simply can't contain yourself the one word how do you describe. Ago Heidi you described in a sentence or less president Barack Obama. Number two. In light of his series and history of lies. And hiding his own past. And hiding the Ben -- witnesses and lies about his health care plan. What should the theme song be for Barack Obama. What should it be hail to the chief I don't think he's deserving of what should the theme song for Barack Obama will be. I love the guy wanted us to get -- -- right wing utopia and that's exactly what -- And the other thing is. How so far as. Old -- like here affected. You. I know a few quite a few people on my FaceBook page even my personal effort brokerage. Which who -- have gotten their cancellation wheelers. They no longer will have health care effective such and such date. So that's it will do now. And I'm sorry if you're one of the decent people of parks I. You've got to live around all the liberal Gucci bags but there you know will welcome Ian Williams will. Joseph that upsets me. Tried to help people. Tried. It will be good guy and what what you're from trouble quickly get a good abused. You bolt you know it makes me feel like I never helped anybody as long as ever again. I'm somewhat lack the most about the whole thing and a breakdown in two years. May need some Valium. I don't know. We think dollar -- we do in the show on -- -- -- -- And enjoy 67 while we have it because overnight will be down into the forties and then tomorrow the best we're gonna do is going to be. In the forties. Or 67 at WB -- let's get the calls are right now and it. Here is Mike in and on Grand Island Mike what do you have for me. Well. Mr. Obama is so -- -- -- -- That's his mouth is moving in the always slide. -- -- are the old joke that just as effective. Very the bottom. The I keep trying to -- of and so on it and the only thing academic. But changes. -- follow the law and I want. That and let them vote that vote -- record amount. And Obama hears it hit -- yet. -- -- you are remote retired -- Or can that affect you in anyway shape reform. You know aren't welcome so -- that for you. Right but -- what I really don't understand. All these people. Are. You know. Realizing what all this happening. Why are you calling -- democratic representative. And say you know what. This remote sure you'd supported that I guarantee you you'll repeal. -- you're never gonna go like that yet. Well because is not true. Brian Higgins could be captured on videotape pitch forking -- babies and throwing them into flames and he would still win reelection in that the district. I understand that -- You know if it's up to the people. Go forward them to American borrowers to do so. Is it's not in a lot. It's not gonna help because that is a district that Brian Higgins can have as long as it wants an ideal example I used is not. It is not an exaggeration. I don't -- it -- -- it sir your your phone get your fall is kind of crap -- -- -- ago. And again we show that -- the exact moment. We go to a caller somebody else decides to call for guys probably talked to anybody albeit with all the amenities on my show. Everybody wants to call. It here is John in Western New York John have you been bones her. Yeah it just. Quick. -- -- today received the -- open enrollment letter. I work for meter IST break your question your area and in suburban did exceed the heated there reported reasons Hawaii. My premiums were going up was because of of archer courtesy -- part while Eric what state but. So I. Issue which we lower plane and so mighty. Cost did. You know in all markets or electric. -- dollars a week for under ten dollars per pay period. Very nice so instead of all icy -- the game here so instead of that is gonna -- you're gonna say event. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He today pretty sick in -- which I have ads for and it worked for companies for the year. Golf. It would exactly right so I went with a larger plane and the which now my premiums be worried about the same but of course might. Out of pocket expenditures. And what have you batter or not -- -- you're getting much operates. For. The scene there. Cost is that what -- rented out or. Get the scene coverage in case. Further deterrent to -- report that Wednesday. Race and gender of a wealthy people and I've got to do our best to make sure that the forty million uninsured Americans have their health care and you have to make some sacrifices. A lot of work. -- so John I won one final question and be honest I'm not gonna ride your did you vote for this sort this a social graph. Well I I've I've read it tonight that I -- Yeah and that in and again I wanted to stated it stated -- in the verbiage of my opener clause under that it was you know. It was partially be due to the Affordable Care Act which was kinda surprised that they put that in light. Well but -- Well I mean they want you know that it's not what they're doing it's the restrictions and regulations placed on them by an onerous law that was passed without anybody and knowing what was -- it. I'm kind of surprised Obama even knew about the affordable care.

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