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11-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Day now. I get to hear a -- for police chief Larry figured in the on the Buffalo News now -- the officer who did the analyzing apparatus that was officer -- month. I remember the name. But anyway the the bad news is -- -- with a -- for police is one of these. Department's role is to enforce the law whether it is popular or not guys. If it's it's on the books in -- we see -- we have to do something about it. Here's my quandary I'm gonna have to were accused myself from saying anything bad about chief Barry maggert. And you can call me and maybe of the coward. But I know what he went through in the trailer park on transit road. And I know that when it was time to be a hero when it was time to put his life on the line for other officers he did it. And we're talking about a story that's ten years ago but I remember. And I have to recuse myself from saying anything bad about Larry -- And it's just I have a soft spot in my heart for him because I know what he went through I know the trauma he went through. As did the other guys who got shot by that psychopath. -- Ali. So I hope you'll forgive me if I don't ride the police chief -- -- in -- were too much. I just may be I should recuse myself because the fact of the matter is I just. I have way too much personal respect for him from his actions in the canal a shooting in that trailer park in transit road and I know that I. You know I I know that I should -- for Kate the two but but I can't. If it it would be too difficult for me to just -- a 180 on the man. Because this guy you know was not summed -- you know typical stereotypical and usually -- stereotypical. Cops around you know eaten doughnuts and drive and you know look at replaced as -- few hours on duty. Not that that's ever happened in the history police work but anyway. I hope you'll forgive me for not -- the -- but if you if you look at his history you'll see why I have a hard time doing it. I mean he basically went through a combat situation. And save the life of another officer so I can't. Again called inconsistent and maybe and you know what I am being inconsistent. This is a case for my emotions have taken over by rationality. But I hope you understand why. And yes I feel like Ambien hypocrite but. I just I have too much of a strong bond in a feeling of affection for this man to go after -- -- -- it. Maybe I'm not a phony I don't look for it in you know I can understand of people thought that was. But if you look at what happened to him with that shooting. You'll understand why. I do think it would be in very bad taste to go after the and by the way Tim Howard was also gear trooper Gary Cabrera -- partner I think it was the all the of -- old shooting were Gary ended up dead and Howard was mayor at his side. With -- of -- goal of the look that up. Am I believe we have our friend from channel to now calling to tell us what's going -- them with whom I have the honor of speaking today Biggio. Got eleven hardly an honor Scott let's go -- silent -- -- -- use this evening. A lot so much we've survived another election night. Well I speak for yourself I was up -- -- we'll wait watch and all personal. And that's was favorite -- of the year. Well Mike I look again you can't -- election that I got in the business I love it. Well. Well yes but I don't mind not working at. Because -- -- get to -- -- my arson just go in front of the Internet TV in the radio and it is rather multi multi level platform election coverage. That's like yes the and then we all wonder why every broadcasters. Are obese and dies at fifty. You -- also he's got that I hit a nerve. You're not. God you're you're fit you're your your -- that I'm fit I mean. I mean here we have the best looking man. Who -- -- -- -- of the best looking man in buffalo radio and the best looking in buffalo TV talking you know side by side so there's something about that what's what's going on on the news and -- it. Second but it what's in the news tonight at 5 o'clock we're gonna ever going to report. On the spending within the Buffalo's school district we've really look at the numbers and won national education groups says that we. Are among the worst in the country when it comes to wasteful spending will crunch the numbers so there -- when you hear them. Shocked shocked I -- There's gambling going out of this establishment rub up the usual suspects. I don't also very soon the trial of -- demand allegedly pro western new York and murdered the school's superintendent could be in the hands of the jury. Very very soon. -- following last night's election results were gonna speak to the mayor of Niagara Falls city is looking forward to that much needed cooperation that he thinks will help. Get things done -- there. Scott did you guys volume of iron by any chance. Is it that idea that -- student he's an iron or steam. This ought to check his collar and I'm also we have another one of our terrific on those stories Pete Galvin. A real pro real veteran need to access to the first theater in the US -- time and believe it or not it was right here in buffalo. Did you know that I did not lifelong Western New York. Well -- but this is if it's just delicate -- I can -- it. Now that yelled as if he has the story -- -- by thirtieth and are unknown stories he does a great job with those but it all begins tonight at five and we get. A lot of other stuff but how about that you'd be game last Saturday you peoples which. -- -- Actually shot I was totally consumed with the election coverage. I want had to play in the background those guys are good scary good so. Hopefully they'll get that I really good bowl this year. Well I hopes -- -- because after all it is mine at all mater are you these were all cool people once doctors FYI. And well. Yes. There's more to that but anyway. Scott always a pleasure and that really next time the omelets on me -- my close to use my clothes -- be -- All right skeptic crazy but he. All right Scott Levin from -- channel 21 of the very few media people that I actually would hang out with. He's a man of integrity and honor you really developed. As opposed to me I'm like -- like his for real -- look -- -- Anti Scott now. Anyway. It's 460 at WB. And the and I just wanna do a double -- that well I can do get off the Euro hold up the show because. You know what I wanna apologize yesterday because and -- -- brought this to my attention and I I enjoy the constructive criticism and what what Tim said was that. When I was trying to forward pictures to the news room yesterday and I was having a problem doing it and talking at the same time that it was kind of distracting to you guys the listeners. And you know what he's absolutely right. And I apologize for that and I won't do that against that -- I'm gonna do is just give you the news room number or were emailed directly when -- happenings you can send the pictures there. Very constructive criticism well given well taken and that won't happen again round. Yes it is well for one thing I can't stand the self. That -- Joseph Bieber uses what we even need so GO your body needs its natural oil so we got a problem with pimples or any thing. And you know what. You wouldn't be -- to each other. Just real quick is there anything more awesome than squeezing exits were black kids come. You know that you would never publicly admit that I think is the coolest thing ever I really do and funny story. I once had a girlfriend. Hard to believe I once had a girlfriend. And ahead is it on my back it was driving me absolutely crazy and I couldn't get it and I said would you mind I mean I know this is gross and she put up this. Unlike got any -- that's -- thing you expect that that. Coach upstairs -- -- she comes back upstairs. And that's I realized. She was getting too. That only afterwards did she admit -- love Robert dribbles. So even if she says now. I'm sorry that might be or gross. But the black dads are the best. But you know speaking of body stuff. That's something nobody ever talks about on the radio. There's a different topic we have class and dignity -- idle idle. But speaking of body -- the one bad thing about having aired on my shoulders I often get this in my ears. I realized over the weekend. That I haven't even looked at my years for those judging -- walrus like -- here's the poke out. I looked on Saturday night ladies and gentlemen I kid you not I had one that was at least five inches long. Five inches long hiding under my year. You wanna talk about appealing to -- old. Being the old man. With a forest in his ears yeah and monetary -- You are in nineteen minutes after four at WB ENN. Folks if there's so much to get into and your thoughts on the election yesterday. That would be 1 and I am absolutely thrilled that were won reelection this year but Erie county and it was a landslide. Folks not only. That you could argue that. And if the numbers have been different you might make the argument that well if and Dobson had split the vote against. It would a lot. Howard wouldn't want. Not cents if you add up all of the challengers. And Tim Howard still beat both combined there's one reason one main reason that happen that's because -- -- opposition and why say. And the worst thing we can -- now. Is give up the worst thing we can do which -- well -- over here I need you to do right now. You need to make sure that all of your right wing lunatic. Corn on the tractor drive and how bill and gathering chicken eating former DC brands. All register to vote and then go and vote. And I use those expressions because that's the way the people in New York City regard both of us were west of the Hudson world to -- seats. You've got to make sure everybody your family registers to vote. You've got to make sure like minded people registered about the LAPD as voter registration drives out the -- We need to be old voter registration drive. And we need to show up at the polls because guess what there are more gun owners in New York State and there are people who voted for in -- last time. We need to get this site go out of office. These kids. All right let's. I'm gonna get to that list of social -- traits. Because you'll understand why I have no problem referring to our president up to your president as. He's a social net. Let's go to on the west side and my man what is up. Oh man I'll play. It was it's written it really is far reaching and Nancy what who what this does does that mean -- DN. You know people trivialize ultimately it's about -- him in self defense because. This is. Of basic political rights and democracy. And always has been and it's getting chipped away. They had all over the the democratic world and the words so we're we're. You know we're looking at this we're looking at growing authoritarian system. And I'm sorry. And and one. Dobson. And his patriots that is going to be going after illegal guns he's going to be going it was meant. You know he's not saying that he meant that is going to be going after new wholly illegal guns because nobody has had a priority. Going after -- weapons which were already illegal armed. And and that's and that's been going on -- since I started following -- in the eighties. You know and you'd you don't -- of a priority given to the cops -- like -- By their political communal masters. Go after street weapons they don't do it because -- and given the orders and then. Because so it'll basically political leadership doesn't -- -- the priority is what you wanna. Are all out of if you have something else to say be -- to -- -- but to come up against the hard break that hurt I just bump up against it. And all and read. McCain Palin. -- bombers do the admin. You can't -- -- -- -- Orderly you know it is -- hourly news radio 930 WB EM -- for archery the greatest rock frontman and ever. In the history of popular music and is queen ban it. And you know it's it's interesting because if you listen closely cuisine. Really thrived on the background vocals. And I saw some a few months back who didn't to a -- Freddie Mercury but the band had no background vocals that ball. -- -- -- But it doing a plane without backup locals would be election -- O'Connor not doing the emperor's new floats. Should it O'Connor I don't know if you're listening but I have a thing for you. Well I everything I I really do I know that you put on some weight that's OK. Just haven't we all. But. Somewhere in there I know that there is a very very very. Sweetly somewhere and others okay. Which is listening. I think I still never -- so no I'm not looking for free tickets I don't do free tickets isn't. Okay let's get back -- dam on the WB and so and we're talking about and like safe and don't continue. Imagine the conversation going in Albany last night. When the Erie county election results came through because Andrew Cuomo's got to be thinking to himself well. All one needs. County that is to one panic. All in favor of our public and who opposes. Lies. Because all. Oh. No one -- with an assault rifle -- It's that we'll have. -- -- His ball club. Connie you wanna talk about erectile insertion of barbed wire and I think that's pretty much out Cuomo must've felt last night. Hey you know when you do your -- and it's actually -- listening for the real at all. Recording. Because my limitations that bad. -- on these things it's hard to get that call off the -- the guy actually has. He's he's not I'm sorry but when you listen to him speak that is the ranting of somebody who has a screw loose. Hello -- yeah I have a I have an imitation of my own that I wouldn't even try to do on the radio because that's the -- level. But the the other guy is that the assistant that they I believed to -- any of them like you have to be out there and it deserves thorough going -- -- Is it over there wannabe. Tyrants in the end and that is why they keep seizing control of the news in and creating new powers -- -- Bloomberg doesn't care about the sizable he cares about new powers you know the judge all of it and have the authority of our society won't -- -- One it's could accumulate no authority and that there. And the and then gun control is part of in this scenario where where we're up to -- saying all. That legally own weapons of any site burned are not even. A factor in -- statistics but there are always talk about the urgent need to restrict them in all and end the restrictions are always. -- -- The legitimate. End up in the end and then they end there and that after. Street weapons and they than ever -- -- -- that's what you know I mean Bloomberg makes them all -- governments make some token. You know he's got cops -- -- looking for a few weapons it is not a Porsche you know and nobody is going epic pushed. Against -- weapons you know and and like assesses the eighties I started following was common issue. No it's it's been that way. No idea. I agree and I I just don't know how -- to emphasize. That -- and I I try to bring this up every time I did it show on -- -- prior to election and since this this is bogus law. It would consider a law. I consider -- power grab and an assault on our rights I've tried to make it very very clear. That it's about our constitution. It's not so much about guns it's about our so called rights. And these rights that we had which are clearly delineated. In our bill of rights the first ten amendments to the constitution. Are sacrosanct and is one of our callers said yesterday inviolable. These rights are the building blocks of American liberty. And any law that goes against these rights is automatically. Unconstitutional. And it did anybody notice. Innocent little you know off. -- -- Did anyone notice when when no one they were the first year and they were closing down our dealerships. They weren't closing down one there were. Following on their faces they were closing don't want it turned out there were Republican contributors. And and I mean in the major media didn't make much of it -- the conservative media talked about it but not you know not pearl was. Or actually have not really notice that. To be brutally honest with you but I will take your word for it because you agree with me and so many other things and I would never be -- somebody who agrees with me and everything else. -- are the man. A -- thank you for calling. -- and you said this consulate. -- I I mean we're in trouble there's no question about it we're in big big trouble -- even little you know games here and there the of this structure. You know America's being America's being dismantled I mean it's America's made up of legal and and and economic. Principles and that's where it's being dismantled -- so I mean in all that we are in big trouble that's I mean you know. I hate to say it. But that's that's so that's -- fair. I believe that we are in deep trouble and if the current demographic trends continue America will be make no mistake about it a second and then a Third World country and in my view if the current trends continue America will be very limited pool of very limited lifespan thank you very much for the calls or whatever -- with the headphones that are just went through me like a knife going through. Warm butter. We're warm knife through butter. Worked some butter analogy. Just mentioning -- you just gain a hundred pounds of certitude that the folks let's find out about traffic -- the man who. Here is mark. Can you tell that was like five years old during the 1960s. And some of these songs made an impact on me. All right here is mark and that north I don't want to tell -- Yeah I am not talking about the state picture those seniors shall. We keep talking about repeal -- sick but. Culture listeners realize that -- we've already lost a country is if we go we get there PO PO they react. -- we went we went -- constitution. And that's all we're -- we've already lost. Well. It is a victory. In against the ever advancing tide of tyranny. I would counted as one victory and you know it's surge you know how hard our market. We already -- on -- we already want sort of revolutionary war and so now we've we've lost ground. And so even if regain the ground equitably game where we're still back to square one. Well I'll tell you what we've games we've awakened the people to an ever increasing and ever heightening wave of tyranny that is sweeping America. And I don't want to -- -- the more people we wake up about the sacrosanct nature of the bill of rights in the constitution the better I mean it's not gonna be the ultimate victory I agree with you absolutely. But I I I totally agree that we've become a Third World nation we are already sold all the jobs overseas the lowest bidder and now rose art attitudes to -- -- rights then. You have to wonder if you -- years from now. Once once you laws become precedents. Were ever gonna go back. Well -- around trouble. Sir I -- you you get it I don't know anything else to say but that. I believe if current trends continue we will not be a country give it 2030 years and you're gonna see an America to which Barack Obama brought fundamental change and the change is gonna be something like gap. Old. Something like Zimbabwe. Well I have no rights fifty years now and they're gonna say well. He can't have a gun that was decided the warriors go to that this has already been to. -- I share your frustration but as long as I have breath in my body as long as sandy beaches Brett and his body of lawyers David Olivia has brought in his body and Michael computer though and anybody else who who speaks about these issues. And as long as we look at the reported off the FEMA camps. I got to seize up and paranoid. Then we're gonna keep on harping and harping and harping the problem is is that we've got these ignorant bailouts. And -- Rush Limbaugh so accurately put it after the reelection of Barack Obama you can't beat Santa Claus and when somebody comes along and says you can -- the right for a -- -- you don't have to get off your ass because we're gonna take it from those evil people who've been screwing you for 300 years and give it to you. That's pretty hard to resist if you're one of the low light -- ignorant people. Our -- thank you for the call. Lot of people put themselves in the slavery and they don't even know. And by the way that doesn't just go for politics -- sport almost every area of life not just politics. Think about how many times you feel like you're in change back chains and you don't even know you've got beat the and the Eagles said that once in already on was that. So often times it happens you live your life in chains and you never even know you've got the key. Think about your personal life thing about your work -- think about your political life. Amen amen amen the great philosopher. Don Henley and Glenn -- After about 800 lines of cocaine. Now -- want him here because I yet I believe that our president Barack Obama is a social net. And I don't use that word lightly please understand -- not just be in the you know mr. all this dirt you know conservative. Talk radio guy. First of all I'm like more of a conservative area. That was the word that was actually invented as far as I know by one of my idea. One of my FaceBook people Rachel. Rachel wells. Which I rather I rather light. I rather -- Let's see -- Oh you know. Sorry and I did. I put it on my FaceBook page and so many people responded to my FaceBook post that now I can't find what I wanted to fine. Which is a good from the -- anybody might have argued that the next hour because I don't wanna hold things up looking for when I posted. Sorry about it it's a good problem to have but so are you over the audio. Up Obama Joseph Joseph asked. Yesterday the I mean. You know people are sat. People are upset -- me. Because I'm comparing what Obama says here. To these so called Angel of -- Joseph -- away who was the selector. Auschwitz death camp for Jews in Poland. And the comparison is extremely -- It is more apt than any comparison I've ever may. Here's what he told a woman. Whose centenarian mother. Was told by the doctor. All -- put a pacemaker and but listen and I never thought -- see that they when the president of the United States. Becomes. Mandalay standing at the railroad cars saying you go to the right you've got to let you go to the right you go to the left. That's exactly what they did that's exactly what Obama say and here. She's a 105 now over a 105 but at a hundred -- the doctor had stick to her. I can't do anything more unless you have a pacemaker. I said go for it she said go for it. But the everything -- specialist said no it's too old. Her doctors that I'm going to make an appointment -- -- a picture is worth a thousand words and when the other written especially so her. So her joy of life and so on he said I'm going for so that was over five years ago my question to you is. Outside -- medical criteria. For prolonging life for somebody who -- at -- elderly. Is there any consideration that can begin in four -- certain spirit a certain guy joys of living. Oh and quality of life or is it just done a medical -- to answer. NH and listen to answer any dips. And people mocked Sarah Palin and conservatives for talking about death panels this is an answer worthy of -- mango and -- assault. Every difficult problem in terms have been the end of life -- a lot of that is gonna have to be. We as a culture and as a society. Starting to make better decisions within our own families and and for ourselves. But we can't do is make sure that at least some -- all of the waste that exists in the system that's not making anybody's mom better. That is loading up on additional tests or additional drugs that the evidence shows is not necessarily gonna improve care. That at least we can let doctors know and you know. But you know what maybe this isn't gonna help. Maybe you're better off. Not having the surgery but taking. The -- All. Yeah that's what your presidency. And you wanna talk about how the Democrats. Accused Republicans constantly. Of a war against women. Other Democrats accused Republicans of a war as women all Oregon senior citizens. And here we have the president of the United States. Who as far as I know has zero medical training zero medical train. Well -- actually sure exactly what he's qualified and competent to do which had vote present. We have him basically telling. Not in so many words. This 105. Year old. Mother and her daughter who asked the question F view. Not so many words but that's the message.

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