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11-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's liberty -- -- -- Wow. While. Andrew Cuomo. I gonna -- -- -- Andrew Cuomo got a cold dose of reality last night. And -- ball is probably. He probably looking at some serious skid marks because Erie county. And when Democrats outnumber Republicans are counted. 121. And it took an -- -- Republican. A man whose head he will not enforce the New York's right back wins reelection. And go to -- lights and like today where now he was going against you guys they split the vote you have the votes of Dobson and done together they still don't equal. What Tim Howard the Republican got in a Democrat -- Now if that can happen in a Democrat county look out Andrew Cuomo because the fund has just begun for you. Now hopefully what's gonna happen is we're gonna get all of hicks all the -- all the rednecks all that traffic. All -- all the tractor driver in the column hurting chicken -- -- collecting. Dumb asses. Who Fiji who by the way who love their guns we're gonna get them all and all other families and all of their cousins and all the other nephews and all of their nieces and all of their grandchildren. We're gonna get them to register for next year -- wall ball. So we can throw your unconstitutional. In saying ass out on a rail. That is my dream if it can happen and Erie county. It can happen almost anywhere New York City exploded. To remove disclaimer they're the only due to the car commercials during will not include. So anyway. That's right that's just been outstanding now. In case you have forgotten. -- analyze say it is still the idiotic law in New York State. Idiotic it doesn't really do just that it's unconstitutional. I don't know how many times have got to say this folks but the constitution of the United States is the foundation of all law in the United States how many times has law been thrown up against their constitution and found to go against the constitution. The Supreme Court has found is unconstitutional. Well. Any reasonable reckoning of why safe verses the Second Amendment the Second Amendment wins so share power shell and all. Watched. I still haven't personally seen them but I can only assume. If every time he walks into the room we -- notices like those old bunkers there bunkers used to -- -- -- work. All right let's go to Steve all -- now with sculptures committee political education were update. The case in lock port and -- even the day after Election Day you have the troops out to keep an eye on what's happening in the Niagara county court Prius to speed on the case tell us what the case is who's involved in how many supporters against the law you. Well the cases so appalled what. From locked or he was arrested. For having too many rounds and legacy. The law says you can have all the as you can -- -- in the bag if he had the -- he had a full magazine and useful life or. Everything was legal. Yeah I spoke to him directly today and extremely -- -- ask -- if he had any -- immediately put it up but in the car. Searched the character. Everything that -- -- police are saying that they have no authority to do. They did. So the motion in court -- you dismissed because they the capitalists to -- so. Did the defendant. Did he wave his Fourth Amendment right to the cops say hey you might have idea to modify look at your car for my safety you know -- -- -- any punch he's pictured daggers in the Carty of. Well to my knowledge no he did not believe I would get that opportunity. Self. I get emotional as to what to do that because. The -- Foster had no way to check -- -- this is. Well I would argue that he had no right to ask the question. Yeah well you know he certainly had followed the field -- the -- with little effect it's followed. And we've guidelines. With. Or shall I say I don't think the the defense that was under any obligation to answer the question. Right there is no we are back. Four elections over in the -- -- to a lot of options over that period even when asked. I think as the president's about this that'll get you into an area of of the law that made via. Maybe a little bit cloudy image on the kind of guy I go to when I go through one of the traffic checks in May and they say were you don't. I say that's not your damn business recover in front of Q where were coming from that's my business is not the states. You know arrest me arrest me otherwise -- ago. Thank you very much. We had probably pretty close to a hundred people -- today you have to pull out those field. And there are a number of other. People with signs outside of little. We're kind of science. If we do say it's exciting and quite the support from law passes by real people. By causing him. -- comes -- -- it is pretty orderly the the four outskirts while very friendly and non. Is not a lot went. It is expected that emotion that's. That's sad is gonna get the VA two weeks to respond. So they set another date. What the next hearing is the November 27. At 9:30 AM. But what they -- what it. All that's that's just great I guess it must be I I guess that's like oh I don't know a certain judge in the -- Hoskins case having sentencing at 415 and Halloween. It's like that makes -- -- cell I'm in any event. The not not a lot happened in terms of legal procedure today but it did offer the troops an opportunity to show up to offer their continuing disdain and fiery disdain for analyze it. You know Steve stables that is what is from sculptures committee on political education. I can't imagine. That in his wildest dreams the New York born and bred Andrew Cuomo had any idea the kind of powder -- he was lighting up. And the fact as I said at the beginning of the show Steve -- a Republican -- who says he will not enforced the safe act. Gathered more votes in a 21 Democrat -- then did the his two opponents combined -- I think speaks volumes even in this highly blue county. And certainly people are as good so appreciative of that there's actually a public officials. Actual law enforcement that's willing to stand up there right. What we're seeing coming out all the -- So I hate it when people ask questions like what do you think he's thinking. But do you think this is a registered at all on the Andrew Cuomo's radar we knew -- was supposed to come to count today for area for fund raiser maybe he had you know -- maybe somebody told them that. He'd be asked to hold -- questions by the press about. How Howard defeated the same effect. I don't know if you ritual that not all do it without. Information the other day that they were going to be schedule. I see that that the and there. -- -- -- -- -- -- So they were going to be there endemic in many ways saw a lot of it is that there -- be down of society today that it should it will auction -- You know where the fund raiser was to have been held before was supposedly canceled and I don't expect his of people. To let us know whether they've been told to show up at Templeton landing today were or not you know those who've already seven under 1000 dollar donation for the joy of hearing this lunatic speak. And yeah. I'll. -- I mean that's that's worth a hundred a thousand bucks right there. They've. They've had to if there's -- little -- for the fair around the state ball for most of us. This land they'd let people know had to tell him we're going to be a -- -- -- well. A crowd of protesters that labels. He you know I think -- interest things even as the fact that at the first rally on my fed were 28. I think it was great because it gave all of the gun groups a chance to interact and bond and merge and you know get each others on board and for a I guess you might call it a collective. I get it against NY say. And it interact with each other and let each other -- in various parts of the state what is going on. Yeah absolutely and and all the states instead of Mexico oil playbook because but the other groups fiscal sense that. As he presents the world for a few years it was are all all working together. It networking and whatever we can't believe awareness -- -- people get registered. And get out and vote now. That change in Albany. There -- certainly hope so. This is. What was your average just I'm just curious the do you believe that. The -- -- issue was the only issue in the sheriff's race. That mattered. Now certainly it -- the only issue but it was a very important issue something that would galvanize the question of how it's -- You know if you look at all. It takes that position and -- -- that your the first -- It was the satellite platform. Is it really galvanized it's support in got people excited and now. So they sure did get out and vote for. And I'm sure that if the sheriff ever written egged it on his promise or his department -- remained on the promise. As quickly as he was supported those demonstrators can gather -- to attend Delaware just as readily as they can gather in Laporte. Yeah I know they're hard for a few years. -- Not I know that I you know we're in an era of -- educate help. Plant items educator doctor. So. True or was -- Senator wrote articles says that he would vote against gay marriage or civil rights -- Jeff he supports gun owners rights I guess it depends on which -- we're talking about the literal to metaphorical. On. -- only on this showed you get the words literal and metaphorical the profane and the and the whole of the sacred. Our -- Davis or anything else we need to know about what happened today unlocked -- with the 100 people showing up to support the guy who was arrested for having ten rounds when the maximum is seven. We're gonna find out the result emotional emotional accepted -- -- the day. There's. PA Arab luckily we what. And all that exactly period on the 27. And we intend to be out there with a big goal this settles for the. And -- -- by the way thank you so much because you know yesterday with that with the website and -- had a million things going on yesterday but. I was having a problem accessing and it's not like I am totally computer illiterate. But I was have a problem accessing the candidates guide and I'm glad you guys move that to the top of the web page on Election Day to make it as easy as possible for people who. No they support the Second Amendment but don't know about the politicians who support the Second Amendment. And I wanna thank you guys at scope for doing that for doing it in the first place -- them for featuring it in a position of prominence of people could figure out who was worthy of their vote. -- work cut out that I continue to build our database we'll have built more devastated database than we've ever on the floor. And create reflections really been much out there that same level. Candidates fall but we going to go to conferences they've -- all -- false they. In it and I don't think local college in little local local officials and they won't know we have kind of -- -- the Oval Office. Although it is now. All right Steve I'm so happy to speak with Q&A continued success that its scope. NY dot org I have a link to it on the Tom about -- via FaceBook page and -- -- always have you want to drug -- your website I'd be happy to provide you with -- with a sensual what nude photo of myself. That's the it will definitely. Well you don't -- 25 caliber Beretta Unita a 357 Magnum -- okay thank you were in touch. All right -- thanks there is Steve and also with sculptures committee on political education and you know I'm so glad that there's a guy like Steve round and and by the way I think you guys yesterday and I and this is not one of those phony. Here's a third of hoopla. But -- know everybody understood what I was talking about yesterday when I said it was have a real that I could not find the candidate -- on the scope website. And I did offer constructive criticism because we're on the same side. Others were on the same side. And Steve didn't get upset with me and my listeners didn't get upset with me it's not like those bashing scope in fact it's quite the contrary I want -- to succeed. Because I am so much on their side and if you want to. Feature information about many candidates as you can. My only point is you've got to make information on the Internet is easy to -- as possible with a few clicks as possible. And I expect next year on Election Day especially 2014 it's going to be a whole lot different so what effect. Stephane behind -- for county executive and -- a guy who is this about a rising star the molecular thing is stuff and has kept the job for more than two months now that I've fine interesting in and of itself. I've met Steve Steve Steve as the font is is is a nice guy. And I wish him a successful term in office. It would not surprise me at all to see him by going against that -- all the cars but will city. We shall see it is at 324. Now I don't want did you county executive. Give me dictator or nothing. You're giving away. Like -- -- that. -- -- -- Yes. You'd be -- people who voted for social -- -- Obama. Nice idea I feel bad -- -- worst report myself speakers. You know back in 2000 and it felt like -- was a split and the one expert argues. -- on the phone. Hello it's Carl Paladino -- -- that WB yeah -- I don't. Well my legs are starting to heal from falling out of the tree and Amber's last week so there's that. Anyway I Carl. When you call it an other something important on your mind. And why do so it was important remedial. Really well. Night and eight and the victories of the the Republican Party locally. -- -- I I think that some really subliminal messages were sent out yesterday by. The people in Erie county when they reelected sure Howard. And keep him. This band -- And thanks for for being the person that he is. That was a big move them to say that you should not going to enforce the effect. He recognized. You know they've been -- law enforcement all those years recognize the basic right of people who. Two. -- -- the second amendment rights and and he knew that loss in -- violated and eventually the courts are gonna throw out. And and he stood tall on the issue. And and I began to call ball. Should be looking. And and recognizing that he made a big stake force that down approach and New Yorkers. You know Karl I mean I I would I'm just thinking to myself that. He's got to be looking at county Erie county to one Democrat over Republican any Republican -- going against his pet bill and why safe. Gathered more votes than both of his opponents' combined. And he just had no Kuo. And only reason. So many Democrats and the curtain goes on punctures are good people -- constitutional people they believe and cancer -- No -- -- the democratic party for one reason or another and it -- to figure out. Straight about it. I think he made a big mistake the second thing that we saw yesterday which is also very important. Is that the people of Western New York recognized that this casino is very wrong upstate. It's going to it's good he -- This insatiable. Hunger of York city. Huge amounts of money. They're -- -- into this action -- children's sober and illegal immigrants. Go to college. You know it's just insatiable. You. Have to take more more -- The bond market the education funding and and not just like the lottery funds ended -- in the general fund they're going to be. And 50% of general fund at least not -- -- -- -- that goes on the near city. In New York City in the state. And fortunately none of the casino location to New York City. So therefore. Have to put up with the ills of casino gambling and the poor people and upstate New York core. Already suffering because -- ball and -- so little progressive movement to control everything lives. You know we don't have -- we were the most regulated -- highest tax state should. And and upstate New Yorkers feeling and and our leaders are totally devoid of but I think at that point that comes as. Is that these these easy OK -- the brain hole. These people who have been complicit with the Democrats put in -- These ridiculous. Bill in front of a casino gambling in and not fighting for a fracking. And not fighting against the saint. These -- In the Republican Party. -- -- No -- I was hoping it was duke. I think yes I didn't think you're gonna be breaking the somebody's house and broad daylight that. It was at one moment. That. The voice the Carl Paladino dog. Messages and so probably Western New York personal messages yeah. It's a very very positive note for next year we're gonna hit statewide election and and hopefully we're gonna get ourselves -- once and for all true. And get rid of these old school. Establishment people will they be Democrats or Republicans and and get some real leadership. If that gets to school from the local basis -- seems to be growing now. There were successes throughout the the local. Throughout upstate New York. The Republicans did very very well now we have to bring it to this state and federal level and we kept that we've we have to clean up diesel establishment mention. And bring in that group. I I can only hope. Carl I I speak dog and what do just said was hate Carl. I want to nibble -- he's -- parts often use them as a chew toy that's what he said. -- -- good dude it scared up an electric. And bell that was set that was simply personal thank you very much Carl I am I happy to hear from -- and well I'm gonna take a tour of your property very very soon. On main street thanks very much. Right there is Carl Paladino on that W. -- -- And but you know what seriously folks. This this victory for Tim Howard. Appellate the NL. Don't think he does didn't have a lot to do with the rest Thompson had a lot to do with Steve balls that had a lot to do -- it. Am -- forgetting anybody David -- they have a lot to do -- sandy beach at a lot to do with it because we spoke the truth to. That if they can go after a fundamental right. Like the Second Amendment. You really think they care about the first and assault speech. Audience as well after that. Then left the fourth and the fifth folks you can not give up a right government cannot take it right from you. At least not according to the history lessons learned when I was growing up. Unfortunately today's students are being taught in some cases that we live in a post constitutional. Era. Where that state knows best in the individual rights are not as important as the elective. Boy does that sound familiar at -- out of that Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky and a all those huge Greg's. Let's just say hello speaking of how it was -- a transition for our Allan. Unfortunately. I'm so conditioned to look at that stuff on election night that I didn't really get a lot of sleep which used to. I mean that's that's not a big deal but sometimes it might say that I'm jewel beamer. You'll understand why. Speaking of Joseph -- Joseph is the man behind the glass he is the operator at master control. And Chelsea is our call screener has always doing a phenomenal job I have the best team in the business and all accurately deport them is give them free Coke. And free snacks and when I -- I mean co vehicle. And Joseph likes war so I didn't even have to won by a refrigerator. So bank -- in the 800 boxers over -- those dorm reviews thank you. By the way the last small bridge we have in the building. When Monica was or news director of perjury that are kind of started leaking smoke in the fire department at. All right -- it that I mentioned that was the last personal refrigerator be at in the building. -- right it is at 343 -- -- listening who's laughing about it right now as we speak are right now coming up on the program. I've got some people -- The -- for court case today. Because. They registered handgun owner had ten rounds in his magazine instead of the maximum seven. All the horror of horrors. And folks just illustrates the he's the idiocy of this law. I can put seven rounds. In a hundred different clips and guys like slept in it and a whole bunch of magazines and I can strap across my body like a big ego. I can get up around them and that and assault rifle. Probably with greater accuracy. Because. Probably a better shot the ability of a moment ago. Anyway it is just getting -- is just getting game we're talking about my 38. Although the -- 45 the most accurate short barrelled weapon I've ever. Fired all were used. Seriously I mean it will turn somebody's head into a canoe from like fifty feet away easily. Turn their head into a canoe I think I stole that from either tombstone or why -- -- which are coming up more on that what happened yesterday and I agree with Carl Paladino. We sent a message from largely Democrat Erie county and if Andrew -- -- has skid marks today it would surprise me in the least. I've given -- detail pissed off I am Michael -- you know. Dorian well you're in the nine to noon show Flores sandy beach. -- he has -- but they go one. My biggest personal nemesis. That's not what pisses me off. What pisses me off as the fact that he did not make it a precondition to the interview that would -- -- bring me picks up. The debate. You have no idea how much I love -- not. I enjoy it but I've found that my stomach can no longer tolerate Greece and I hear that -- goes pizza is awesome. And for computer though Davydenko and and -- they go to the comment empty handed without pizza I think is an outrage. I personally am highly offended I take that as a slap in the face Michael if you do that again. You must make pizza a pre condition of the interview. -- -- -- is in my house it's important setup with a what. All opposite now pretty much agree I mean seriously. He got one life and you can't you cannot. Folks you can't spend your life and bitterness you can't do it it will eat you alive. It will it will consume -- Alive it's no good. And you know last night. I told you got it right back to the calls but I told you guys -- -- -- that a war from scope but every time I walked by that I would think Carl Paladino Rus Thompson David Olivia sandy beach and everybody else who's been part of this movement to overthrow NYC. And I looked at last night for the express purpose of saying well this was for all of us and I went up to. Because. It takes a village to fight tyranny. Back to the calls David in blog report David you are -- freedom fighter for the second amendments or recommend. -- -- -- -- I was at this court hearing this morning. That's great panda gets kind of uninteresting. No one -- but he hearing was over was. And the Second Amendment supporters were exiting the courtroom. I was passing right by the middle of the front where you walk in where the tables there. And the judge was saying we know you folks could stay there as a lot of other interest in cases going on today. And without even thinking I opened my mouth and -- it was arrested I opened my mouth and said yes but their constitutional. Says and the judge says to me aren't they law. And then many of the people who were sitting together you know they're math. -- it is absolutely. Awesome I applaud you for the quick response sir that is worthy of a radio talk show host. Well I don't have a voice -- radio. I cannot say surreal -- not a voice. Well I disagreed because voice you know what content is more important than voice and what's your voices so bad but it's -- -- -- But. I mean eight. And sometimes -- I talked before I think about what I'm going to say. And in this particular circumstance that didn't really get in trouble. All righty hey I am. I'm happy that you called unhappy that you're able to be either especially apparent especially the night right -- -- the afternoon right after the election. And I keep supporting this man. Because. -- I was an Albany who. Unfortunately I was one of them nasty people who worse stamping on the -- grip and ruining yet. All all I was there to assert I was there to like I was part of that crowd that did the eighty million dollars worth of damage to a 5 X 5. I'm exaggerating but I enjoy using hyper bowl and yes I know it's hyperbole but. In my show we -- -- operable to stamp on with the language. It. A lot of people a lot of people appreciate what you're doing and the call euros giving to the cause. Well I I appreciate that and I'd like your support and everything I do say or believe. I expected to follow me as you would follow Barack Obama a rate that was a real bad analogy. All right thank you are pretty sad when you look up sociopath and psychological magazines and you find out that you are one. -- anyway hey I'm glad you all. By now as far as locked for PD. Seekers here I have a personal on investment in Paris. And a lot of tell you why. Because. There were two guys. That word severely wounded. Back apologies. Ten years ago. -- little over ten years ago. There's this trashy guy named Jason can -- And view it is just nuts. And he got into a shoot out with -- -- were PD. And Stephen Ritchie a -- were dropped. He was in critical condition one point. Larry -- -- at that point captain -- chief. He was valor -- and wounded. And they received a lot of plaudits. For their role in containing a wild man. And I -- was over ten years ago. But. Larry haggard I know respects might work. My daughter had him as a teacher. And I know Larry maggert qualities and I think he is a fine man I don't know where he stands and in -- sick. I don't know -- I hope he's against it because he he's not stupid. But I will say that even if he is for analyze say. That Larry haggard from the -- were PD. It is he's in match. Is the Yiddish would say he's a match he's he's a solid man. I hope he's on our side witnessed. And he is a very galleries man as well. In every brave man in the field with courage. So I just wanted to point that out that it's it's difficult for me to say lock for PD now because back then. They really proved their medal for a small town police department they did awesome police work.

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