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11-6 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Story of the people of this great city. Overwhelmingly. Embrace tonight. It's the story I'm proud to now. Headed the story. With many more chapters ahead. That is Governor Cuomo -- and after -- velocity was elected. Mayor of New York City. I'll tell you what. -- that was until they want I that's -- sounds like Andrew Cuomo doesn't mean quit trying to get Byron brown to say. You don't need ten bullet -- -- idea. Maybe it was Honda Accord with the same but I'll tell it I -- the reason I brought up to Bosnia beyond affected sounded -- and sounded like -- government. Is because we have on the phone here the chairman. Of I'm the chairman of the -- -- new York Republican Party and Cox and Cox was in town actually in town for the New York State oil and gas. And I. Association's meeting downtown with. I cut up the last night he was in town to watch Erie county Republican Party knock the ball out of the park right there whether it's mister chairman. I sure -- might get into it can get. Thanks for coming out my I -- you are you look pretty please last night watching when your organizations cleaned clock. Often that's the of that -- you're relying -- organization and then all of a challenge here all work together what will that help from us and you know -- national -- -- realty. Next at her job. The little up the Republican Party here schalken serve the people of Erie county. Added. Now that's a majority. In the Erie county legislative that is a huge -- and first time since. 1977. Some. Yeah well that's well deserved that and Erie county understand that they need that good so the fact that. Taxpayer orient that pro growth programs that -- Republican legislature -- of our. -- I want I was -- -- last night about iris. I was home by the time you're probably still there and count the numbers. I didn't catch -- at the end of the night but I'm wondering I mean you've seen them you know he's seen election after election through at least you've mentioned before long before. Art you -- -- is there another -- and you were state. But that does so well as the Erie county Republican Party I -- I don't wanna put on the spot you gotta you -- like -- your kids but which one is your favorite. This is a big treat for the party and let it stand or what they can do for the people of Erie county. When you -- in the legislature like that now another saudis we've done well. Turned into Westchester County I would just to the one. Democratic like Erie county rob -- you know. Won the county executive 55. Forty that it's a spectacular. He couldn't quite carry majority of sure with them as as sure as a German leg more than -- -- here. I -- political legislature is really 88. Or party or -- Just in the organization there Westchester. And that is cute wit. It. We also course that's about that you know that won't want that but. -- -- -- Across the state outside the major cities but including the -- surrounding those cities we swept. Last night it was huge. Well I listen it's it it all sounds great I I I I was very pleased with us I was actually thought it was a remarkable -- last night. I thought -- street it was -- big for us. Well yeah yeah you know I have to say in four years ago. Year was the first bud. The of upbeat party as their party playback -- One pushed that super minority -- college you'll call. In the legislature that corrupt old then count XX Chris Collins -- and it did what 264. Six federal. But that was the start and then that HE it just got better and better and now a majority here in the legislature. Well it's it's quite something and and I wonder -- Certainly. The the story that we all heard that the Republican ideal would be rejected out of hand across the country Republicans are going to Barbara we have the duo dual burden of the shut -- was the end of the Republican Party now blah blah. We're not seen that on the local level. You're not seeing that some of the other key counties in the state. What does that what does that tell us about our ability to recruit candidates run against one of the most liberal governors that have ever been affected. Well it. And I thought we can live into the -- the Erie county if we can weigh in on the other side of the stage 21 Westchester county and we can win in. The city of Binghamton which is two to one democratic. New York State surplus to the lead democratic. With a lot of good work. And standing on the right template to basic representing. The hardworking taxpayers of New York State. We can would stabilize. Well I'll tell you I'm real interest and also why you're in -- united I understand you may be able to stick around for some calls in the next fifteen minutes you're still to be able to do that you -- I'd be happy to do that that be great I'd love to hear Mormon I know you have a lot of knowledge on the that natural gas arena and and you're in town to give the keynote speech. And New York's association of that industry -- with -- -- your visit to these. Well yeah I was invited to give keynote speech at the that are here in buffalo the independent oil -- association. I have court should go to stressed the development of hydrocarbons -- the moratorium. That the governor maintained. On the development hydrocarbons that. Here in New York State which -- Those that we develop those are talking about good blue collar jobs paying 708090000. More of that each year. At the moment Pittsburg is booming because metal bending and headquarters -- Dario he'd -- that Pittsburgh. Well both we'll have we got the etiquette. That is development of our hydrocarbons here because governor quote kept the moratorium on the but it scared of the idea -- they each environmental luddites who just don't want any hydrocarbon development but it matters to have a very. Strong impact on him politically he's been dithering about it and -- I'm not gonna get too much he killed that person might because. About it focus more on how that decision making with respect to developing the hydrocarbon tear gas. That debt spot which by the way is the best environmental fuel. To the future to alternative energy in future years. Inexpensive and it's clean. Less CO2 emissions let some other missions. We. Global holding it up. The same decision making process goes with the perspective of etiquette book that heating up. Our state and local but chips which respective. Unfunded mandates that are crushing our county government. With respect to even the moral and commission most recently on the. Awful travesty in the -- commission your response. Two when his political Alec came out and was taken swings at the senators who were a portion back -- -- response was great. They're they're just they can't police their own house the governor won't have any of his investigators look at his own people. -- what each other what he does he's going to say more at the what's the so called -- He is set -- ought to be at my health commissioner. And he's got to make a decision well actually it's a governor that decision yet behind the -- So the more -- there're -- all they're gonna do if they're gonna investigate but on the stage is speculating. Personal political benefit in the end it is a completely it's a erupted. Commission on corruption because the governor instructed it just where he's -- many other issues where. He watched perhaps what all other responsibility the behind the scenes he manages the politics. Plates -- interest against the other interest but the end of the substance that get but you know political guts to do the right thing for the people of New York State and -- Absolutely mr. chairman -- -- that we stick around we're gonna go for -- breaker but I do wanna say one thing. You warned us. Carl Paladino warned us that he was going to not make decisions that need to be made because of politics. And that's we're looking at today because if he had any that's at all he would be in buffalo speaking to the and appoint an independent oil and gas association. And he's not and thank you for being here mr. chairman will be right back with you in a moment. Here on news radio 930 WBE and. Okay. Well we're back again with chairman of the -- by the New York State Republican Party Ed Cox and we have a -- -- -- -- -- for you. Mr. chairman I wanted to ask you real quick again. Do you think there's any chance at all that governor Cuomo's going to do the right thing on and natural gas production. It's. It is people around them understand. And people at least talk to talk to me he understand he shut -- and in the first. Two months of it is. It's. Administration. You know just done just what Pennsylvania -- the island where. They -- up 50000 direct jobs now on. The -- assessment just cannot yet say 200000. Direct and indirect jobs you talked about 25 billion dollar a year industry a -- heretical. Order. And -- -- that that's somewhat the the -- there will be blood that there there. They're there they're -- our milk shake. All they have -- -- I was I was there aren't any age should have done but he he to a spooked by the environmental what I -- -- haven't smoked. And -- it can't make a decision making excuses are destitute trial they told that this that'll never be develop these ordered that -- village. That's not district he should just put out the regulations. As they have meant just about every other state and out of the way to get out of it what that does make those decisions absolutely Arabs yet. Spooked by the all the -- -- too much attention to politics. He got the politics of the state under control appointed you'll budgets on time and expect thank but the substitute get reps were drawing an issue after issue. And the recognition what -- really -- We can't. As Dave on the line here Dave and have called -- talked about some of the parties should -- there. Welcome you're on with Fed Chairman Cox -- well. Quote -- good morning. Morning. The court as a two part of the question and it involved parties and are determined. Cross endorsing and they of that though voter when they go into the global Thursday putting food. Seems like Hannity there is endorsed by the Democrats the Republicans the independents and conservative their right to -- the working families. Everybody. And I kind of question how. Every party can endorse the same candy if that means that there's no distinction amongst the parties. And myself being in I'm declared voters that they I turned eighteen I registered to vote. But how to party and I registered the -- for the selective service at the I have voted both ways. Before or form for many different election cycles but I'm wondering how -- looked at. I'm declared voters considering they cross the door. -- -- -- It's important that is more for competitive politics. And I think partisan politics that has stepped. Part of the greatness of our American political. System where ideas compete. People to administer and legislate those ideas compete. You have to or communicate with the voters periodically they judge you. I've mall where that on the other hand you have some offices. Or you just search order -- particularly -- judges switcher. Yet more to a month tours and try and situation -- you get that church that Ernie. Who. Who really. While they are elected Republican or Democrat again and they get extraordinary just turning it just forces or wage. The QB or you don't want the -- yet based are all the weather for that it is simpler -- opiate based what law at -- Of the law as it should -- Or as other people might think you should did so with those situations with judge that -- agents armed with. They and other political situation makes sense because of the without spending -- an individual. For the job that it factor -- fault divorce meant by. Well I'll tell you mr. chairman we also an interesting character running for legislative. Seat in the seventh district -- I don't get beat in the democratic primary. Went on there with both parties the conservative law and in the working families party line. That made me look twice that happens a bit here in this. I think I guess that that you get we are your -- one of the chief State's that much. The party lines do get amalgamated. So we we do have multiple. -- parties here in New York which means you have multiple ideas. Drug a lot of direction that's more confusing by the voters but that's what we've done in your new York and system we have to make work. Right and we have Dan from Akron. I'm while -- -- we hear you got a question for chairman. Yeah what does. Become kind actually put its support for Republican hitter for governor -- you thought about approaching golf course where. Statistically it regard or voted along Republican lines -- statistical -- would assure you Republican governor that's something. That's very -- mister chairman there are a lot of people talk about that about how it's a fact could be the governor's -- Well look I I think it is Wednesday. GM made -- -- brought there after such blunder. Or political -- to go back to what he was secretary of but the the electorate -- -- in the waning days the Clinton administration late ninety's. G. Forceful by -- regulations. The mortgage guaranty association the government Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac they all make loans to people could pay him back. And that tenure -- that was spot that actually here's what's responsible. For the -- recession that we are thrown into that so destructive to our country. He admits that he met together. I have an event and he gets. And I looked like it's this is black to the decision to withdrew that contribute more toward respect -- album art department. At blue collar job that they. And they pack the -- is not only at salt than what there is also a political -- are. Of course yeah. I don't you realize subsequent to Lebanese -- tried to make it up for persons traveling around New York your -- but the other Iran's actions by -- on the water with Mayor Bloomberg. District wide that they. And that regulates country that -- set a patch it up. That was really an insult the people of upstate New York but he. And -- you just can't recover from something like that much is job approval now hovering around at the 50%. Along with his daughter and order of what these out -- other. -- where he made the long -- and decision with respect to what the people of New York want and solar. With respect to economic and also. Issues like like on patrol just very bad mistakes on his part. Mean I put the right messenger of those are messages that could resident I don't know if we can actually beat them and in general yet. Atlanta and we need to have a right Mets so we who are decree at the message right -- he's giving it is giving up. Of opening to have the right message here that will. A attractive. -- four candidate not only upstate but also just about every place except in the in the in an inside the major cities. While mr. chairman I can't wait wait -- well I'll tell you mr. chairman thank you very much I really appreciate you taking time we've spent. I'm in the air with me during sandy beaches show. With a -- talk to you again it's Michael Bruno on news radio. 930. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169. Tooth. Precincts wanted to step up my dilutive. For four years to hold the county executive and county government accountable they want. In power didn't -- -- -- or a brand new. Law enforcement that you brought the sheriff's department for the entire career to continue. I do I go. Budgets still meeting. Obama picked up. He got me there. Well women are Smart yeah. This being in a smarter women. I still have not figured out weren't -- my wife Dave and I got a tweet from somebody telomeres ago. To the buffalo street grow and Hamburg. I bet I know they got a new menu they're mutually that. But oil type of the voice of buffalo I hear that when I come on the air here and it's just I just can't even sit in -- here remember. Arriving in buffalo for my my wife -- a cinema -- house on Orchard Park. And so on came Tom hourly on the air and she's listening to them in chief. From from Ukraine should used to talk radio and should look to me with a critical countries who is that. I'm -- that's the voice of buffalo at home now. Well. Now -- sit in the chair over he mania -- later today and that's something. My wife and I that trip is 2010. When we. And we have actually been on our boat our little part -- of the -- -- We got married on the top deck -- the we decided to go from Key West to buffalo board took this long time months in the me. Actually blew the engine during terrible storm on the Chesapeake -- went down. -- was during that storm and found my wife did not swim. And out and I'm not did not deceive you so we still survive we got off the -- the Boca -- Howard and we broader up to a to buffalo and -- -- and I'm not doing this week instead I'm sitting here doing the the sandy beach I was supposed to join our captain who -- hired to burn through who's taken the boat south it's in Washington. The captain actually departed yesterday I was supposed to be aboard instead I hired an old. Hippie friend of mine the rabbis who came in from San Francisco would be the first me in my place. And I thought you know I told team wondered if I'm gonna do this and anatomy -- -- check in with my crew every day. -- I wanna know just what I am missing in Bora Bora and I'm not on the memorable line on missile launch so. I actually have. Captain will on the line captain are you on line. Good morning good momentum and excellent we're now. Just. -- colonial beach in Virginia so your actually still on the Potomac where where. You're you're still on the Potomac. And your bee pollen into the Chesapeake Bay and what a couple of hours. Well let me ask you -- I didn't know when you know replacing me is very difficult to duplicate them so good with the lines and you know as someone who's captain of the boat you know I know and things don't vote. You know it's it's tough being -- captain and but. You know you went ahead and we decided to hire rabbis rabbi doing any good I mean you know he's just an old -- buddy of mine and I'm open. He's he's helped now. Rabbi out a -- -- that led to the -- you know he's he's still green yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Radiates outward almost -- you know -- -- since -- learned a couple of reps I think that Barrett. These guys got too many girl problems -- -- Well I hope -- -- something or varnish something while he's talking like that mean my goodness. You wouldn't let -- it's still wants. We'll -- and a and at the radio on. It will excitement that morning we're in the middle these. The soccer in -- from the Ingraham and actually conducting live fire -- And they radiate mean they've -- in the air rounds down range and actually about. That you loud laughter that. The port side we were watching -- drop in the water. We know we're not insured for how sensors OK so give his far away from that these. Where -- end up today in recent release him for today. We're gonna go all night and -- Virginia in the morning. Com -- -- missed that how you guys sleep and cold weather years. -- -- -- Well it's cold up here in buffalo Imus and I wish I was there. But I'll tell you I'm haven't -- on the year here are checked in with -- tomorrow great news this every day you go further south the warmer you're gonna get so. You have fun and keep keep. -- That's right we got FaceBook page called the mayor bill if you wanna. Follow that madcap adventures of captain will the Communist in -- rabbi. Please do it's the mayor bell on FaceBook and -- cat will -- calling tomorrow. Excellent. Well that's my idea my old friend can. And -- who is taking my idea. My vote in bring her down to Miami and unfortunately I'm unable to do that I'm here in the studio went. I'm not wearing my fancy captains. Expose like that brought that I didn't think Tony would keep me from doing. But it's been one one heck of an Election -- I'll tell you that the one thing I didn't get to ask chairman Cox which and was if he he years. Nick warning release. Footsteps behind him. America's chairman Cox. Is actually in town being hosted by what I consider to be the most effective economy chairman's statement. And I don't know summary emerges and that young and strong -- and wins in such a huge we outnumber Democrats to Reno lake. Like why are the -- that I think -- people's -- into what he might be it would do. As state chairman state chairman and Cox's -- embassy will be eager for another. Two years pressure. He has no real competitors he's well liked. But you know you can't argue with victory and that's exactly what. -- -- with -- last -- one thing that I think is overlooked. I got to send out props. Two Chris grant also Chris -- if you remember ones the Tuesday after Chris Collins. In the county executive's office now he works as chief staff to congressman Chris Collins -- and advisor. To Stephane behind Lou and and our other races that we won the Republicans won. Of this time around. You know Chris ran a heck of race mean Stephon. Was very disciplined. And stayed on message and he could've gone off the rails at any given point because it was one of those races. -- Chris grant kept him strong. Arm when it came time to -- communicate Kevin -- tax challenges. Chris grant cutter -- and rude but the props on not just from the angrily in the community to the people line. People we don't see. People like Chris -- activity yesterday. Well listen. We're gonna going to break here and this is Michael Prudhoe. I'm in for sandy beach here on news radio 930 WBE yen. Gets a call for the last fifteen minutes 830930. Start 930 give me a favor tell me where I should take my wife. On date night tonight we didn't have a plan that I want to buy one -- just popped in the town if you got some secret you just discovered in new restaurant. Replace that she deserved to go you give me hearing. Yeah 3093. The -- ready may have had a good night last night but it's going to be short lived victory when -- we've gone to this year and keep him all of the statewide elected officials. Well. When is an excellent day today that my second -- and get the hang of Estonia I think -- getting it. We had some very interesting elections last night and they are already already. Some. Some falling out from an -- on this website -- called politics and -- dot net. And we have an area on that website because so much of politics as rumors and innuendo so we started area on the website called. Rumor and innuendo in the -- that's politics in New York dot net politics and -- dot net and we have. One of our correspondents just posted that there is already fought in the water authority. I'll read you real quick is their change afoot at the Erie county water authority commissioner Christopher O'Brien was seen leaving for an 11:30 AM meeting. With -- county democratic chairman Jeremy -- with an envelope in his hand. He Olympic envelopes. Many believe -- O'Brien intends to resign his post as commissioner at the water authority. Insiders speculate that O'Brien is leaving to create a spot for current water authority commissioner. Fran -- going Fran is led Mike's rafts unsuccessful bid to become an Erie county legislator. Warrick links -- -- things term ends during the during the term of the newly elected legislative majority who were not expected to reappoint him. If O'Brien resigns worth wing can abandon his positions serve the remainder of -- term which ends in 2013. Politics and went and it will have more details as they become available now I don't know if you believe the rumors and innuendoes stuff. But it does kind of make sense because. Framework -- news. Enjoys his job there he wants as long as you can and my understanding is that. Chris O'Brien doesn't like him much. These recent appointee indeed he's not a joint there. The water authority has been around a long time people don't understand that we did the weight setup with the actually reports it would it's also. I've been criticized for being an and a place where patronage hires take place. But here we have. -- -- -- -- Due to the Republican takeover -- the assembly of the legislature. Here in the county. We're they're gonna admit to a quick reappointment while the Democrats still control -- afforded -- Republicans are sworn in in the new year. To stream things -- -- interest. Well listen. If you don't forget to call this Michael proved -- and four sandy beach telephone eight -- 930 -- star 930. On your cellphone. Here and news radio 930 WEB yen. We're -- tomorrow we're going to have on a gentleman who's in town for the -- New York oil and gas association conference. Gentlemen I'm last week in the natural gas areas. A Pennsylvania is there shooting film and a his name. Is Doug -- -- is a county commissioner. In. Bradford county Pennsylvania which has more. Natural gas wells than any others county in the state of Pennsylvania I think it's in opens. I was in the Bradford and I was just shocked that the economic development. Of course you have a lot of people who believe that. Bit fracking as they call it it causes all kinds of problems with the environment they have yet they have not -- any group to prove that the auction which is why. Room President Obama supports the use of hydraulic fracturing which -- called fracking. We have. Several states while -- Pennsylvania West Virginia. Is getting longer longer were tapping into one of the greatest. Economic booms. In the history -- nation. But meanwhile in the State of New York we are on able. To do in the hydraulic fracturing we have a moratorium on the technology. Because our governor as we heard. Republican chairman Cox. Our governor is afraid of the politics of. If he had actually acted within the first days administration his administration and don't like Pennsylvania and made -- -- and -- the group regulatory. Regime said. We might have us hundreds of thousands to operate while I was down in Pennsylvania. Working on this film. The -- the Pennsylvania State Department of Labor released in -- release at 232000. Jobs were dependent. On the natural gas industry 232000. Ups. What can we do with 232000. Arms and stated New York we passed them. About constitutional amendment yesterday to -- to create a couple thousand jobs at some casinos that are no near western. What can we do with 232000. Jobs in this country when I was. Traveling around the country of -- around the street with Carl Paladino won the 2010 campaign we learn from the industry. That they were going to be at least 25 or 30000. Direct jobs working on rigs and in the industry directly in the industry. Which would average about 75000. Dollars a year for between 1575000. We could use your New York we -- -- 5000 dollars to work our guard and a good day's hard work good days and we don't need. What we need that for. Jobs. You don't -- -- arms. I'm actually. Convinced that the governor is going to approved. Hydraulic fracking directly after his reelection. In 2014. My opinion I've -- checking this out it is widely held in my opinion is the governor is going to punt the decision. Two of this counties towns and localities the municipalities and to clear home rule. Make himself sound almost libertarian. And and that -- different towns and villages in and counties to make the wrong decision on the town boards and what company in their right mind. We take them millions of dollars it's necessary to invest in. I dropped via. The natural gas industry. In the -- New York why would they invest that money if they gotta go with their hand in hand. To every legislature every village every town and -- to be able to give them money and create jobs. No companies can do that when they can just set up their shop in Pennsylvania. In Ohio and West Virginia and print money. Print money. I can't tell you I was on of the awfully real quick story before. I was on a ridge -- coverage get some video hydraulic fracturing. Drilling rig and are -- and there was an old. Global Boyer a movement and apparently appellation is. And I said I do one with with this business he said RTC that four wheel drive we get up here with. That came from the natural gas industry come to find out that that was -- 30000. Dollars a month with animals. On this property and it's pristine. We don't need in New York State do. This is Michael the Prudhoe and force sandy beach on the news radio 930 WP yen it's been a my second day of a really fun and look for talking the only tomorrow. We're looking -- Doug Maclean eco Nubian at around 930 tomorrow -- -- were also gonna have. The comptroller stuff on my highland -- -- Stop by here on his victory lap that's again definitely deserved victory. What it was an impressive show I mean what are the results here. I mean this guy just killed. Killed his fault that he's really set up for office. Well again -- went for sandy beach newsreader 930 WB and thank you very much have a great day.

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