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11-6 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They wanted to step up my live. For four years does the -- -- county executive and county government accountable they want. -- Howard is in his law and order brand of law enforcement that you brought the sheriff's department for his entire career to continue. That was chairman -- renews your county Republican Party. Celebrating. Spending habits. I think -- Haven't had licensed to do so lastly and -- tonight. I have with me at the top of the 10 o'clock hour here I have -- -- -- who a lot of people know from the pages of art voice he's also. Known as buffalo pundit in fact Allan what's your Twitter handle at buffalo pundit and buffalo pundit that's happened at my house that's that buffalo -- I mean I can't hear you Marty had a. I actually when I first started the blog about ten years ago. It eventually morphed into that because and you know at the time a lot of blogs to sort of attack pundit at the end things. And no one and done it for Buffalo's I said well I'll do that so. While he lives on you you and I met very very good if it. I I was helping with managing Carl Paladino is governor's race I didn't and Inco and his cool ports are at the time west -- W in median net yes that's correct and I have understood it to Carl had some colorful emails out there -- I'd -- them I'd been reviewing them back into them and everything and I woke up one day in -- -- typical 6 o'clock wake up and -- called was from of the campaign headquarters where they were. Talking about your post where you had revealed -- emails that really upset -- of course of course. -- never gonna forget -- for no I wouldn't expect it to the end that it but it was you know I first of all I hated -- -- I hated publisher could you just made my life here and by the way. I was involved with Carl Paladino and his family and I hated to see that kind of stuff out there of course these are emails he sent but the judgment was going to come later. And I just know. Even though I hated it it did something to hurt my friend and it and it did something to -- with -- cause I was working I thought it was executed very very well and and as somebody who's been politics for -- to loan I pretend to respect. The the of the tactic even when it's done by somebody who just -- right -- -- fifth. So we actually got together after remember it absolutely don't smoke smoke peace price for its general Britain and it turned into -- a Twitter for reuse I would fight on Twitter quite a bit you're at buffalo pundit on Twitter I'm at Michael. And we've had a good a good time doing and I wanna encourage everyone I'm Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here on news retirement the WB Ian. Our call our number is 8030930. That's. 8030930. Or star 930. On your cell phone. -- -- gonna kick around some of these election results. And -- we'd love to take your calls because you can give an answer would not just from the right but also from the left at least for it to operate on a little bit different and -- -- -- you are talking before we went on the air. About. The what's and what's in store for for journeys -- I've actually heard people trying to call for him. Yeah I've seen that too by the way. He's a Democrat right out -- the Democrats -- he can speak with some like a little bit -- I'm not only Democrat I'm a member of the town committee Clarence. Which is you know a little bit like being. It's it's it's it's not a very big club that's a very exclusive club. But yeah. People have been calling for -- Olmert to resign from the moment -- is on the became the county chairman so there's. The fact that he had a bad night the fact that he had a bad cycle. That's the whole point of a cycle sometimes good sometimes they're -- some times and -- where these sometimes he's down these things happen. I think that there are a lot of sort of systemic issues. That are affecting the Democrats in Erie county in Western New York I think we have problems with messaging I think we have problems with money I think we have problems with candidate recruitment. None of them are insurmountable it's just it's just not our time it just wasn't our time this time around. In most of the big marquee races. And I don't know it's gonna take to turn that around but -- turnaround. I think so I think you know you you're trying to address money I mean we. Those of us without any thought that decry the idea that now you there on the Kennedys the recruiters self funders have a lot of parties relief arteries money. There really is and people don't like the system people are. On attracted to it. Especially in New York I think New York is a unique case and especially in upstate New York in Western New York where money is hard to come by there's not a lot of people with a lot of money. Lying around. Waiting to handed out to people's so. It's it's even more difficult here not just for Democrats but I think for Republicans as well it's just not an easy place to do it and you need money. Especially out and sort of rural districts where you can't do to -- doors effectively you have to rely on -- have to rely on radio and TV all that stuff cost money. Yet I I think also we saw some of the down sides are trying to -- cellphone -- army's -- that -- party. Our Pickford done as his candidate for sheer number it is. Career in the this year department. As -- that's an awkward morning. That's got to be an all -- -- you know I I've heard this year interviewed last night of the speech Stan shall. And he says they said what you gonna -- it -- done in the morning he said ought to find out -- anything anything he said was true. I'm like Borneo boys and a tough stats it's gonna. I call that was what I see on TV without making the assignments from electorate in -- -- done to the litre -- Cuts is studio -- -- it's tough but you know that Jeremy tried to recruit a soft under mean. -- done is he's legit government and a member of the -- for -- police I'm sorry -- law enforcement record but. When you're relying your your marquee race is this year race and you have it basically to run for sheer if you need some kind of law enforcement credential. And those with law enforcement contract with tend to be guys that you know. Our big shoulder it's a six pack guys who don't are are wealthy that have a lot of money. So your your kind of stuff you get past that we of the arts and I agree career in law enforcement. Unable to raise money just on east he admitted to me these ideas from ask him for. You know. I think lots of people have that problem you know I think I think one of -- one of the themes that I'm gonna write about coming up it is. The the way in which we conduct our politics in this area and the difficulty we have been in in recruiting good candidates. Has a lot to do with asking for money but also -- to do -- You know we call the politics of personal destruction and that happened a few times in several races. Around this you know in this cycle. And I think that that acts as a disincentive. For people to give money for people who wanna run for people to say. Hey I I think I should raise my hand and go run for town border -- ledge or something like that because. You never know if it's a tight race what's gonna come out it could be something completely nonsensical but. It can hurt you. Well it doesn't you know -- I'm I'd have personal experiences as a campaign manager at my opponents come after me instead of my head and it would Cuomo. Ran an -- on all the TV stations in my hometown talk about me being a deadbeat -- in the New York Times and -- that's one of my my best. I don't but anyway -- get back to that right after the break I think it's a variant to question please give a call 8030 remind them to be talking about. The negatives of politics and how that makes have a moves you did you hear some this negative advertising that make you wanna vote or not one of -- -- not news radio 930 WB EN. Give -- call 8030930. Michael -- here in four sandy beach. The plane ready may have had a good night last night but it's gonna be short lived -- victory when we're we've gone to this year and keep them all of the statewide elected its. This is Michael deployment for sandy -- as sandy beach here on news radio 930 WB you know I'm in studio. Here with -- Deco a blogger. Of the people -- from the Democrats Fides as a writer for democratic the democratic side and this is I'm not allowed to see Democrats -- pick. -- but. Also a writer for our voice and a reliable. For -- to anything icing on Twitter. He doesn't give me a break and within seconds he goes after me boom. Bloom let's go with Chris and I don't wanna Chris has been waiting thank you very much Chris you called your you knew you wanted to talk was about -- -- the two parties. Yeah yeah yeah thank you Michael. I guess my point of view I need to be a registered Republicans now I'm a registered independent. And I edit you know which was since both of January and studio what do you think just the lean ground that needs to be covered. To bring two parties together like Democrat Republicans. -- point of view. I guess not as I've been brought up but from what I see Democrats are always. -- expand and grow government and Republicans are just the opposite. Republicans want people to be more dependent on their own work in their own labor and Democrats seem to want to be able to just. Consider consistently help people that don't want to help themselves even. And those that you know they just I don't know they just they make everybody wanna just like sit around. Well you know Chris that's a good question prominently. -- -- Michael look I -- just one quick point I actually voted for a Democrat yesterday gradually. I tend to. And it was -- haven't -- believe an -- I thought to myself you know this type of trouble for. First supposedly not in -- -- I believe it was on the federal level. And I thought to myself you know blinded downsize government etc. You know what maybe it got in his way and millions of other people have gotten. And -- we had downside he would have had to pay them anyway. If there. As possible Chris I'm gonna I gonna let -- -- -- thanks Chris now nobody nobody -- that we estimate they're between our two parties. I don't think it's is black and white is that. And I think that players oftentimes especially on the local level and on the county level I think that there's a lot of opportunity for common ground I think if you talk to most Democrats. They don't want a tax people to death and they don't wanna spend people the death. I think quite the contrary what the differences are -- difference of priorities in terms of what gets taxed how it gets taxed and what -- spent because it's not like. You're gonna have a Republican majority in legislature. Starting in January that's all the sudden gonna. You know bring our sales tax and 5% and cut all of your property taxes down and all of a sudden it'll dispute utopia that's not gonna happen. There was still be taxes are still be things that are going to be spent. Our money that's gonna be spent on things it's the word things it's going to be sort of the the the centerpiece. Of disputes going forward and the wrenching thing is. When you're talking about things like the county alleged the only control like 10% of their budget anyway. I mean 90% of what they do is thirty preordained so it's gonna be little little fights about little things but that's where we get the most headlines. But I don't think that the the differences between the parties locally is the way that the. Caller described I think he uptight then you have the guys who defied description like George W. Bush respect like that concealed Albright is in office and he swept the problems with the legacy. Of spending. The level of the challenges Democrat. The spending gets you reelected it depends on what used what you're spending and on how much you're spending and what the constituency is that your trying to get votes from. You know mark own cars wants to spend money on. The arts and cultural things. And Republicans oftentimes will go along with that sometimes the pick and choose the things they like -- that they don't like -- Collins did. And sometimes they just say no we can't afford this and those are the types of policy discussions that that count locally. But to say that Democrats just won us you know tax and spend that that's not necessarily been true for you know generations. Well -- and I think in -- I grew up with that worked for Jack -- and Jack was kind of guy who would sit down with anybody talk about everything. -- choice he had a talk about it but he was always sitting down Democrats I mean Bill Bradley were great friends and they brought about tax reform that. Has not -- absence. And I remembered it after Wright left Jack and went to work for our speaker Tom Foley I ran the radio and television newsroom for -- he's a Democrat. And I love and he was somebody that I just respected so much I think a lot of the comity. The the big into the is really. And not around for him much more Washington I think we get here and there are a lot of people here that were together maybe not mark -- cars and in against the -- -- Lou. But you know I mean. I'd sit down -- cars tomorrow and have a meal like that. You know I like I like the -- perfectly well I think he's in the nicest guy in the world. I don't think he's qualified to be controller not necessarily. That matter no -- he won. So you know we're gonna happen whether we like it or not for four years I think we do have comedy I wonder what rich in Hamburg has to do has to see your talk and -- about. Paladino verses Higgins. I'd definitely would be ideal matchup -- -- -- looked up to capability the bill met. Of beating against -- what do you think. Well Italian. -- when I when I first met with Karl on before he decided to run for governor if they asked him you're gonna run for -- -- run for governor and he said. -- -- CEO type I'm not the kind of guy that's gonna wanna sit on a panel full of people trying -- -- while now we have Carl Paladino sitting on a panel. Making decisions in the school work. So well let's see with the likes the slavery skip from he's got a lot of work to do there and we know that -- got a lot of work to do in the school were. And Alan you've had some good things about -- work in the school. Yeah I mean I look I think this is part of you know. What that an overarching theme I think is that we have flawed candidates and flawed politicians no matter who you're talking about so Carl Paladino has problems not withstanding. You know I do respect the strong voice that he has on the school board wanting to make sure that kids in buffalo got a good education and if you leave it at that sort of generalized notion. I really respect what he's doing because he put himself in the arena he's not just talking about it and he's not just demagoguing it. What would happen if Carl win against Brian Higgins I know you when I would have a lot of fun anatomy right would be. Epic race card because they're both well funded -- well respected they have big constituency and they don't like -- and they don't like each other at all at which is ironic I guess because there there related. By marriage -- -- America but they're two very different Canada miles and you were actually. We've got to just a little over a minute here that you were talking no longer off there. About what -- by the way rich thank you very much. That you were talking -- -- -- off here -- about this I'm rob -- opened -- in Toronto maybe somehow or another he's he has really made the newsroom news is all about our election but elections are over. And Mac guy woods -- He was party and he's just you know he went when you -- mayor mayor of Toronto the mayor of the fourth largest city in North America admitted yesterday. That he wants at least once smoked crack during one of his many drunken stupor. Which is an astonishing thing and it's been very fascinating listening to keep to Ronald talk radio listing of the people who support him. Because a lot of the issues that come up in -- issues in the fort problem. Hit home for buffalo has to do with regionalism has to do with Tea Party type politics and asked to do with protecting the taxpayer which is what sport's all about. It's about a suburban constituency. Going at it with a with an urban constituency in this city of Toronto. And being people people are actually talking about the city of -- may break up over this it's fascinating. What's going it is and I think we'll get back to that right after this that news break we're here on the news -- 930 at WB and the sandy beach show. I'm Michael -- -- or give us a call we've got some -- stand Avaya we -- take your call 803. 0930. And we -- back after this break. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that -- is now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Work very hard and with the resources in place for all of the out of candidates throughout the county and we we believe we did very well last night throughout the county in the -- -- here we are again. News radio 937. At the end of the sandy -- -- -- Michael you know. I am here with Alan. The -- who is the buffalo pundit from our voice decidedly left of sent me being on the right of getting his com. The two of us have for touch of gray by the way he -- at -- -- got to play the most popular song absolutely right I don't know. Well we were talking about this art crack smoking mayor out of Toronto I thought Toronto was in the party in town. Apparently it is well you know it's. What's interesting about rob Ford and what I think. He has to teach us in Western New York. Is that Toronto is. And amalgamated city which means that imagine if buffalo swallowed up west Seneca and and Hearst and -- Wanda and they all became part of a municipal. Regional government. And I think their 4546. City councilors. Rob Ford is the mayor and he's a mayor from one of these suburbs and he ran on a platform that's essentially it. Kind of a Tea Party platform you know I'm gonna protect the taxpayers sounds a lot like a Chris Collins -- Carl Paladino. I'm gonna protect the taxpayers and not gonna let the city get away with fleecing the suburbs and he's a very sort of polarizing figure because of that. And he kind of got caught in this scandal this crack smoking in on that mean the guy's obviously out of control army's 400 pounds and smokes crack which is doesn't accent -- streaks and it drinks and talks about mr. -- copious amounts -- And when your foreground. But he's like this weird combination of like -- you know a lesson on regional government. And the problems inherent in the and he's a combination of you know Carl Paladino he's got a very strong. Support system he's got a lot of people who personify him as being the sole. Person who can speak for them on these issues about protecting the taxpayer. By the same token he's a lot like Marion Barry -- price he's just this. Out of control figure. And a little bit like Chris Christie not only because he's a big guy. But because he's a plain talking guy isn't he isn't suffer fools lightly so you know with the press comes -- number. You know people who oppose him come -- he will brighten their face and he will argue right back at them so -- Really interesting mix of weird American politics. -- in Canada. Not I -- I'm watching and you're ready here should. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom. In buffalo Tom we've been waiting for Roth thank you very much. I don't. Hear them thank you very much. The problems of the Democratic Party locally a little it would be and and and future. National party given his expertise. And don't tell us why is that she goes well the ball. With a cynical nature of keeping it down at all costs and become an expert at it. And you -- the national party trying to do and it's all about keeping your vote count because the majority of Americans -- vote Democrat. Well I'll tell you I don't I don't agree I just came back from a series of meetings at the camp foundation in Washington. Where they're talking about larger tent you know big -- -- -- issues I do think you're right that there are some members of the Republican Party that are trying have a vested interest in keeping the -- -- in different areas. There's no question that cynical politics does exist. Actually the Republican party's thinking -- -- that we think the wider than that they're gonna have to go. I mean they don't really have a choice because -- more and more over the past 101215. Years. The Republican Party has become very assertive regional very. Close minded. And not at all attractive to young people. And if it's going to survive as an entity on the and I'm talking about the national level -- what happened in Erie county last night because like you that you can't you can't. Combine the -- You just can't and that's your your capsule you absolutely have to go through because the heart and soul of the national party are the counties and the county chairman and that's how you win. The what the lessons on him it doesn't transmit. As I mean you're not seem the same kind of improvements seem kind of -- in interest and stuff they're doing here on the national level. But with a bit this is something an instructive lesson at the Republican Party could. Could learn on the national let's talk for a second about Sergio yeah I mean that's a perfect example what what Tom was talking about. Yeah you know I. I like Sergio -- and I am not a huge fan of arena we Sergio is -- tribute -- the -- I don't think and he can probably dropped his last name and sound right like share this hurts you Sergio Rodriguez Republican candidate for. For mayor did not have a lot of support from the Republican Party because Republican Party thought it would drive out more Democrats to vote in favor of mayor brown -- -- didn't have impeccable. Yeah you know I -- I think -- Sergio had another -- -- and he would have a bigger impact. But the promise is that for Sergio Rodriguez wants to run as a Republican in the city of buffalo which is. A monolith of democratic machine politics. That's that that has its base on the second port City Hall. He really has to have support from his county hierarchy and you didn't have that for the reasons you gave. And when you don't have that and you can't go out to. Local donors much less out of town donors and say hey would you give me money because the first thing out of their houses will. What about -- -- you know what about your county committee where's the money coming from nominees is one of their support in the regular you don't mind either. So Sergio finds himself kind of a man without a country. You know. Working his butt off for months and months and months and in what I liked about Sergio is. It was almost he was almost like the Democrat I mean he was talking about poverty and schools and you know the social issues the social ills. That played buffalo while Byron was kind of more. The detached. The the book to talk priciest candidate and he was the guy was the big money guy -- he controls who gets to develop what winner. Taking credit for things he had nothing to do with -- showing up at ribbon cuttings. That's that's hard to compete with and then Biron didn't compete right he stayed home. Right -- and have a brace. You're right about -- -- I woke up yesterday to get rated from first him. And I tweeted. One guy wins no matter what today Sergio from mayor ran a great race he stood strong did he wouldn't quit he spoke truthfully he never faltered. I I think if the Republican Party. Loses Sergio Rodriguez. Here in Erie county. I think it it it. It doesn't bode well for us I think he was he wasn't treated well there there were reasons for sure there's a reason why absolute -- rattling worthy is the winning -- today immunity. You make some tough decisions there's tactics and then there's substance and this was a tactical thing rather than a substantive thing because I think that if nick all things being set aside. I think playing -- would have supported. Sergio for mayor if there weren't these you know if if they had a a useless guy who had no shot at the countywide races he would support. You write in and and I'll tell you there's word that you know that searchers kind of mulling over possible party change. I think he's probably a little hurt right by the lack of support the league I think that. He made a few mistakes in his relationships. With the Republican Party not big ones I think everybody can be a bigger person everybody can step back from their ego. And their and and say you know what. I forgive you Sergio for what you sense -- you know what I understand I forgive you guys -- doing. Because there's a place in the Republican party for Sergio Rodriguez and it isn't just yeah I think that he represents a lot of things for the Republican Party. And it surgery if you listen and do not leave on the -- the Doran you're not allowed to go you have to remain in the Republican Party because of what Tom said. Where did Thomas talking about how the Republicans -- disinfecting. Intentionally disinfecting. Small groups are activists in providing troops to in order to win. And Sergio please do not leave you are. We were very successfully yesterday. He did as much with no money. As a candidate running against brown before did with a million bucks it's true and he did it I mean you watch -- on social media when he was their remarkable I also wanna give a shout out to -- sturgeon who ran against when -- and I thought she ran a really honorable and really excellent race -- listen we're -- we're a little bush rove weighed on break here Europe -- news radio 930 WBE and give us a call on. 8030930. Gearing you to -- will be with you right after the break. It's so much losing their job it's -- losing the majority that is is going to. You know energize his opposition is potential opponent. This is Mike deployments. Four sandy beach here on news radio 930 WB and give us a call. At 8039 -- 0930 or star 930 and your cellphone were talking elections. And I'm sitting here. With my nemesis the talented then go. Allan we've had a very patient Karl Geary from Cheektowaga Gary are you still there whether -- Thank you Gary you you get the award for patients that. But where are prepared that what base dugout -- though that without these. Political blunders that are going especially out there with politicians in themselves this. Doing things without really -- get into the Peter. -- -- the the that the public. But my problem here the way you guys are talking I try to get what -- -- -- you're the probable a guy Garrett he got a certificate from. I'm 47 years old and you know again and they don't have a problem voting for Republican brand that Republican has something good on the agenda. My only problem is is that. The difference right now that's going to it is that you're capturing 845. Were eighteen to thirty year old out there we're actually sitting Specter saying. Well wolf my -- three but the way you're going to establish -- documentation or the new law or this new agenda just doesn't fit. And can and a lot of those guys reliable people between eighteen and thirty. I'll sit back door way to hear. Wire making. Why are you doing things for many went I don't necessarily agree what the trouble it was both parties. But mainly Democrats I'm very supportive democratic part because the Democratic Party is acting as an active for the past six figure out like a watchable. Why am writing things down might -- telling -- what's good for me what to expect. It's and unfortunately your loot some of them younger Democrat because -- start to wake up and you know what I don't like that they were really really don't. What's an example of carrying what what what gives examples of what they don't like what you think camera. -- I mean it's not over hundreds of over the past year. The young Democrats. Between the ages eighteen point -- -- one thing that they're. -- -- -- culture. That it's being implemented if you don't buy it or don't do something with the it's fine and read through the dark ages of the old saying -- You. Are eager to work. You're gonna get why it is okay fine. Up in a involved you -- On a higher. I'll start doing. Your column and leave your car and having gone out. Well I'll tell -- Gary you're you're absolutely right area and I think -- Al's been chomping at the bit listen to your question he wants to -- wants -- -- -- bad I don't I don't I disagree with the premise I I think that. Young people whether they're Democrats or Republicans are independent or whatever between the ages of eighteen and 25. I mean first of all that the obamacare allows them to be on their parents' insurance until the age 26 anyways that they can get through. Grad school law school. Ph.D. without having to worry about buying health insurance that's number one number two if you're just starting out and you're that age. You're gonna be cheap to ensure and you're gonna have probably not a big income which means are probably gonna get a nice big subsidy. And your insurance is gonna cost that much are they gonna get find if they don't buy it yet because we have an individual mandate which is the way that the thing was set up to be. But you know I think for the most part people if they were given the choice between being uninsured. And risking some sort of catastrophe. And being insured and having to pay a small amount every month. They were probably -- the latter I think most responsible people would. Well actually this is one of the things argue about all -- that is. I -- -- vice been 35% in my professional time fighting on behalf of America's corporations. And I think it's. It's a horrible plan I think it. We're seeing a bit of its impact on the unemployment numbers and we have been for nine months and we're gonna see much worse in the future. I just got my cancellation -- -- for -- you know you're an island mature on Twitter about I knew was coming so I've been out shop. Around and having my problems. Don't really compared to -- beat them on the nationals. Our New York health -- it is a law Boston and then Obama's. But in a week and there are the prominent Republicans have we didn't offer any alternative rented that was attached to clear from the very beginning. We said no no no no no we didn't say no but how about this in fact I discovered -- -- this on Twitter I discovered. -- Just before the elections. And -- -- twelve of the republic had gone abroad to research done much polling done a lot of fun digging. Trying to find alternative that that would that would work in the came to the Republican leadership in the house and senate and said. This is what we come up with we spent a lot of money on the research what you. Think -- -- -- thank you but no thank you and it went nowhere. You know a -- if you masters CEOs that the guys who run big corporations why is it that it's easier. To build a factory in Ontario Canada than it is to build -- factory in New York State or any other state the United States. And it's because other countries have managed to get. Corporations and employers. Out of the health care business they pay a certain amount of money to the government the government insurers the people. Whether it's private or public. That I think is the easiest solution for people to have some sort of Medicare football. Some sort of a single I wanna take it from the business but it's it's an arena I I don't get them because. The only we are ready and I know but that was my choice that was -- it that well you have to if your business you still have to attract people come and work for you that's right do you attract people to come and work for you if you're not offering them a slate of I can't get it -- based. To doing that when mixup in the wage and price controls in the city we can't reach the salaries or offer something else that don't have ponies with its offer. Healthcare it could have been lollipops are right but just get a lot of shops won't. Do you view chemotherapy treatments and Bowman right and what's a lot of props for example if suddenly suddenly the government says okay. Everybody's gonna have a lot of proper we've gotten used to have an outlawed -- know your corporation your employers would give your Life Partners let's make it mandatory for them. Why is that fair. Well look I think it's fair because I think that every person in the United States this is a fundamental difference Democrats for the in general believe. That having access to affordable health insurance is a right it's it's it's something that civilized societies offered their people Republicans don't. Always agree sometimes they do sometimes they don't it depends on the way its employees there but I think that that is the fundamental dispute and debate that's going. And in this country right now well listen -- -- echo thank you very much for being here as you -- wrong as you aren't but thank you very much for taking our Twitter wars off off the Internet and on to talk radio. -- air at news radio in my thirty WB yen. Ever call a sip -- 8030930. And next -- we have Republican chairman Ed Cox CU and a few minutes.

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