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11-6 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well here it is my second in radio on my name is Michael -- -- -- here on news radio 930 WP year and I'm in force in the beach on the big post Election Day. A lot of things happened last night at the polls. One thing that happened that everybody's talking about the Republicans have taken over. The Erie county legislature for the first time. Since the blizzard of 1977. I've always thought that -- massive snowfall. Had something to do with the Democrats taking control of the county legislature and now finally a flaw. It looks like probably the biggest winner yesterday. Of all of them when we had some winners -- you can't count out some of the Democrat wins on the town on the -- level but we. The Republicans. Guard clean house -- Tim Howard -- -- won reelection effort for sheriff. -- from Ohio who arguably with someone who would have been vulnerable with solid opponent -- walked in for reelection for years now. Two two to keep his are you on the Poland cars administration. You also had done out of the incredible victory -- more over -- Fisher in the -- legislative district that's that was a battle for the use both sides took. Really hard shots at each other. Fair game. Ten Morton words. When after when he -- record with a police officer earlier criminal record she was just. Involved in some domestic incidents or with your neighbors had been visited 37 times by the police. That message ended up doing hurt some serious damage in the end she was a lot closer to -- -- It was a very competitive race until those ads started running on radio. And sort of making it in the newspaper that. The ms. Fisher had some disagreements with the neighbors and had Morton and his -- four wheels exposed. In the Buffalo News that dutifully. On behalf of the Democrat party but that race and I'm going to Ted war and the Republicans and tip the scales. In a wave that I've not seen the scales tipped in a long time. I've seen a few. I've got to tell I have not seen the Republican. Party but county Republican Party. Do such tremendous work in my thirty years in politics I've seen some counties. I told and declined to review the chairman. You return Republican Party I spent. Most of the last election cycle in 2012. In the the counties outside of outside of Philadelphia. The old wine counties too that are so important to Republican turnout. And they didn't even get off their darts -- to try to defeat. President Obama to win any of the local races and I saw less activity in three counties outside of Philadelphia with a whole lot of money. -- An activity didn't even did beat triple arena I think he returned it was triple quadruple that kind of management. What. -- like these armed with Peter -- -- are nothing short of phenomenal. And we really have. I'm a real battle. Sneaking up on us here. County executive mark -- is now surrounded. I think he's feeling a bit late -- You know -- -- you know kind of under siege but he's certainly got a legislature with not going to be rubber stamping his plans. And in addition to that he's got to a whole slew of Republicans that are lined him up trying to make amount and re election. That includes. Arming them stiff on hi -- And our whole host of others but this has been a big day for the party. And I think one of the most interesting races. I was watching the State's Supreme Court race between mark on towards Democrat conservative all the time has occurred in the county -- Republican in Japan. That was you know typically go to the judicial races -- little more subdued him. -- and leave the work will be Wes on the margins. Negative campaigning etc. But. That race went to mark -- war on mark. Or visit the of the what has a plan from Ryan -- it was through -- mark 12 were to a certain reasonable level returns. In Erie county and win big and Niagara county because that's where. Paul -- Islam. There's quite a legacy of his in the Republican Party. It didn't work out for it to work on form at all. -- month or won big in Erie county big in Erie county. And you know I think what has it who didn't get to 3000 votes on. On -- were in -- in Niagara county that was an incredible race and I think. I'm maybe a little biased but I think who turned that race was with Carl Paladino three years after his. In -- rocking victories in Western New York during the primary and even in the journal -- Andrew Cuomo he still has real influence when he signed on to endorse. Judgment on tour for the State Supreme Court. It pretty much sealed the fate of all the -- That's just my feeling I think the most effective and of the entire season. Was the advertisement that mark one toward development Carl Paladino speak on his behalf here on every radio station in the area. I think that really turn things around I think it took the recently from Paul as a team and increased all the vote for mark one -- End to a level that he could it that in your county where Paul what is it couldn't overcome. What a morning it is for our for decline rookies wake him up from the blue birds are helping them put on his coat the guy's living a charmed life. We'll talk more about this and more. Here on newsreader at 930 WB and don't forget our -- wind is 8030930. That's 8030930. Or star 930. On your cellphone. And we'll be right back. I need help help help I need help. My mother just came in last night from Ohio hi mom and listening. And -- guards are surprised this came in and out the visitor group granddaughter and daughter's fourteen months old and I now have a date night I don't have any idea what to do with them confused and my wife and I haven't been out for months and months at least fourteen -- So I'm gonna need -- -- and if you don't think in any. Any ideas I've forgotten about WD -- -- 8030930. News radio 930 WB and this is Michael Prudhoe. In four sandy beach and -- with a person who tweeted me. Behind the scenes and a little direct message anonymously and said what are you and the playing worthy dating now the answer is no we are not dating. That is not very nights. I'm nick is. In newly married as it would be very upset not dating I am fond of what make has done with the Republican Party however. Here and Erie -- he's done something quite remarkable by taking over the the county legislature idea point. There's one person I'd like to be right now today just the day and that would be in the language. If there's one person I would not want to be today just for today. It would be mark Poland cars. On the county executive who I like very much and he and I get longer it was organized. He had as. Real battle on his hands he doesn't know where it's gonna come from is gonna come from -- Rico is gonna come from and ran things. The next audit from. Comptroller. Ohio who are gonna bite him it's it's going to be a tough couple months even just trying to figure out what's. I think county executive means he crystal ball. We're at 8030930. I'd love to hear what you think about the Republicans taking over the county legislature and if you can help me. What do why do. With date I have no clue I mean we used to love going out to gain that restaurant in Hamburg it was world class. In hand and with the game is now closed -- fortunately it's sad thing for me and that's just agree please go one team and its. It was also close. So if you got some recommendations that we needed to and we haven't had -- -- recently -- my mom in town and we're gonna take advantage. -- today at 11 o'clock. We have the chairman of the New York State Republican Party and Cox he's going to be calling in trying commitment and gets the call -- -- Giving a keynote speech -- the New York State oil and gas association meeting down at the -- We're chairman Democrat chairman jammies on TV protest. I guess that's what you do after Election Day and you don't -- India and the and the and the good news to talk to people. But Australia chairman Cox has just witnessed what he doesn't seem much cross the State of New York. He witnessed the Republican -- in an accounting by the way the reason why -- so it's what I've worked in house parties. So for a Republican parties worked in areas like the I four quart or cross border which used to be so reliably red you couldn't men how it's changed a bit. And are for many years I lived the boys. And Allen county Ohio which is the most read. County at least it was. In the entire country. I've seen Republican county organizations common ago on to blacks and do well and to portly accidentally. I have not seen a Republican Party you know if it's not just this election -- -- -- -- strike. He's done well McNair and the elections since the vote -- county executive loss would ever since -- -- Chris. Collins. Declined for the has not been caught sleeping he's won every release. Beaten candidates I was. -- engine and he's beaten a slight drop. I cartel idea if so if if the -- there is not doing some. Right I might be one of the first person people people -- to put my hand so. You gotta believe when it comes from media I I really am very impressed and I think I'm gonna talk to chairman Ed Cox about that as well. Because that's I wonder if there's how many counties can compare thirty year there in in the -- New York I know we have some strong chairman. And some other counties in Long Island some strong chairman. An -- work for Carl Paladino Ian. It took -- Ross Thompson took. As you view all across a statement every single one of the Republican county chairman. Most of them required showering afterward. But I remember when nick and mine released -- a on the dais. At the Republican Convention in 2010 when they're blocking. Horrow. From speaking. -- did not want to hear his voice at it is they were still very club. Leader prompt. And buyers and loss. But and I remember -- reveal an eye on them a couple of political experts. Coming up with -- gambit to force the cult would be able to speak. On the dais here is this young guy and he was 29 time I'm watching the roomful of Republican chairmen there and -- Armenians. As as this young chairman from Erie county stood up. And basically. Worked the Robert's rules of order in the rules of the convention to force the old bulls to let his candidates speak. It was something I'd actually never seen before -- this is a -- ever have to watch. And I haven't watched it and I know a lot of people if you're watching last night he saw civilians seem much. We want to see that -- Trace of -- missed the Republican Party that quote unquote caused the shutdown this of the Republican party of its. Much less popular than we've ever been before apparently. These voters -- your -- don't agree with that. Because they went with pumpkins almost across the Natalia doctor Barry Weinstein. While Arthur is supervisory switches I thought he was gonna have a hunting and he ended up almost walked away that. I'd I have. In a Alitalia. Is it his opponent. Amanda I -- -- good ads or when he was actually talk to the right part of talking about keeping taxes or even though. Doctor Berry kept taxes were talking about the Smart development even though doctor Mary has been developing smartly for quite some time. From -- walked away with a in a target and you don't see -- doctor orders a quiet man he doesn't walk around thumping his chest. He's loath to do anything that's immodest. And he came and the one of the way he wanted -- -- doctor Weinstein won the way he wanted to you got to give it to him for about. It's something you don't see very much remember when he was thinking of running for congress from people far. Well he doesn't have the personality to run for congress while he certainly has the personality. To run and win. -- -- Four counts for a town supervisor roughly one. This has been a big -- a really begin I want folks the call and Antonia what do you think you're surprised. Barney. By the Republican route is this something you expect -- -- Well where -- news radio 930. At WB. And our telephone number is 8030930. Years are 930. On your cell phone. We've got some great gas was at 10 o'clock today. I do a lot of fighting on Twitter I think that's on and -- I need to get more. And probably explains I don't have date night for him much. Playing around on Twitter. Like my wife -- definitely thanks. Ridiculous for doing that the one of the guys I go back and forth with on Twitter. Is -- ridiculous you'll be in attendance -- don't convince him to buffalo -- This is -- from 2% reach on news radio 930 W the yen. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WBA and that call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free -- star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. We're back. Now. And the complaint suggests start -- people -- complaints to start now I've already gotten. A tweet. Might direct mail box telling me that release practice. That's okay though I'm fine with that I'm pretty good and it. I'm just having fun with -- time sitting in for sandy beach and really enjoy here working -- -- at 930 WBE and we've got some -- -- -- has been a big day. Yesterday elections huge for Republicans some small successes for the -- Remember our numbers in 030930. With star 934. From you or cellphone but let's go to the phones here we have. John from buffalo. And don't tell me John what do you think one of the report with decent well. John are you there. John we're missing John but Glenn. -- -- story there. A Glenn thanks it's so why do you your kind of fed up with -- Democrats you say -- Well -- about well a lot of -- parliament members part of without ever -- -- that the -- as you mentioned has done a good job that -- people who may -- Actually work out the life was -- taxes and you know normal level -- importance I think commitment to hold over from the national state of bubbles that Democrats are all great country. And you know -- obamacare the deficits and everything else and people are so well that. And I insignificant really could ever vote for a Democrat and at a local problem or how much great appeal. I mean it's the same party. -- you know aren't there -- could destroy the country so I think commitment or banned from the other district. Shall -- Republicans are not quite as public as well Eric. Every -- a disappointing result in Virginia with -- coach and only the Republican nominee being beaten. My mr. McAuliffe of the Clinton only two and a very close a lot closer than we thought it was going to be. And that's where a lot of of federal bureaucrats live right there in Northern Virginia. That's right I thought that the so like Gregory -- point to taxpayers. There's and others to taxpayers and orders in in the Virginia there's. There's one government employee and one you know somebody out apartment and out so that's -- -- which you go to. Perjured. Not a Democrat. There in the time I was working in Washington I've lived -- went to Virginia is placed the bright -- I'm really disappointed with -- -- announced and called -- can't be trusted in my opinion. And they're they have that libertarian candidate -- -- that split the vote for the Republican side that we come to find out. The activity was funded by a a billionaire who it was a big donor to Barack Obama. Did you hear that. Now innovate they play games at all levels you know the problems for those games to -- that one was very successful for Barack Obama. Hey Glenn thank you very much for Conan makes you call again I appreciate -- call. Scott from Cheektowaga. You call in about this year from the comptroller races those -- big wins for the Republicans. -- and you know. I think about you know a lot of negativity that reflected -- pure power. You know. As a voter. You know I -- been on both sides. An elected official and and you know. -- wearing a seat. As a voter and I think you know when you -- -- if you look at all scenario Pritchard. You know it's like leave it to be reviewing exceed thirty minutes of the show and the other Tory premier power behind closed door you don't know what's going on. Arm because the media sometimes blows up stories so we can band. You don't know what to believe and I just really thought that was a really good tight race. Her. Pure power and he. You know I I really -- convert I'm sure I'm a little bit better. Are you had ever done spent like I'm a good map maybe you orbiting spent over 3000 dollars and 6000. Plus votes are really should check that number before going off and start doing the math that's an expensive for vote charge. I thought it was gonna give him. -- predictions for weeks ago when he decided to run as a spoiled and -- in finished a distant third. And that's about as distant as you can get. I. And the other and the -- I. -- Lou you know here you had a couple things waving industry remember warrant we don't know he was good news journalist I'm. General sentiment channel two general through for the longest time. So you -- his name was out there. You know. Everywhere technology either recruit talent guys. And you know I I think that played in its favor. But I really like to -- -- Stephon is doing. What do you like about. I'm great I think you know upon it there's really straightforward about. What's going on and I mean I I met with -- once and it has -- you know what was office. And I get to see some some figures you know. -- -- think that's what it's about you know. If you're going to be elected position in an elected position unique to have an open door policy. No question about that in an Alitalia. He certainly does that I've I've Iger talked about Abu I have never seen some but he. Rabbit he's in every part of the country at all at all time topic here -- if you follow -- on FaceBook you better have speed reader. Neckties everywhere -- you're not if you don't get a chance to come -- eventually gonna go CU that's should. Well you know like I said something -- is a moment ago I said -- -- gets accomplishments he -- only 7858. Votes in the sugar race. That was a 17%. Showing compared to 52% for two -- 31% forward to Dobson. Now if you do that math. Each one of those votes cost Burton's done ten dollars and 71. Cents. So that's bad Matt if that's what you -- paper wrote. In your advertising. -- relation. Well listen thank you very much I'm one I wanna encourage. John to hold on for a minute here we're going to be going off to break will be back on that long. But John. Of and all the rest because we are at 8030930. Star 930 as a recall on yourself when this is news radio 930 WB and my name is Michael from ago. I am in force sandy beach Nazi and he's off on vacation I'm guessing he's probably got a boat drink or maybe it's early for that right now and with -- he's. But it's -- off on vacation I'm here. Through the next attendees. It's already been a lot of fun. Tell everybody these -- I need some news talk to John you'll hold on. -- news radio 930 WB and this is Michael inference and the beach. Well here we are big day big big big day for the Republicans in -- economy and not always a big day lately. For Republicans anywhere else. Seems to me that we've got a pretty good party and appear in Erie county. And we've got some really. But if there's some things underneath the surface that. The folks don't really talk about a -- mentioned earlier. A buyout program Mark Mullen Tories for me. There I think people might there're some insiders were very surprised to hear Carl Paladino is voice on that and I think broke the race. And I think probably the best review of the season. We're. The worst -- -- very directly very well written spot you'll excuse the media buys that they were tremendous. You know because Paul which has accused as a conservative guy -- he says. There's a strong attorney and rethink cities. Real quite qualified for the position. He was a majority however -- one -- is. The difference here is that -- what has it. Is the brother of -- with it is a referendum on some -- don't respect much a former chairman of the 99 county Republicans -- very much allied with. A state senator George -- easier and unfortunately. George -- terrorism. Which has six and some others including. Including. Georgie -- Are in a bit of a fight with the Conservative Party in Erie county with the Ralph ego and anybody who runs with hopefully there fighting because the Erie county conservatives did not give. The conservative endorsement to. Senator -- -- as the head. They thought they would be getting in that Brad blog has kept going. I know people on both sides -- -- folks some sort receive that kind of argument coming. Among my friends but boy when Karl jumped in and we didn't just jump in the currencies support -- into Greek. But he also jumped in I think because he wanted to strike a blow for the Erie county where -- a Conservative Party here it's a split a rift. That has been hurting conservatives but actually if you look at conservative record. In this election they did pretty well a lot of people -- But that -- on tour with Paladino was really quite something John. Who is been dutifully waiting on the line here John you still there. Are great John thanks for whole moment and thanks for calling back. And you are you were talking a bit about the reason why Republicans want this -- You believe they examined about what you were talking about the Paladino had. You know I am a Democrat and it almost got me to vote for the Republican have been Paladino. On the depth when it cuts both ways vetoes. Yeah I mean I I seriously considered in that voting -- yesterday putting -- check down. And I generally vote. With the Democratic Party. Well you know I think when somebody decides whether they're going to use -- voice and robo caller an advertisement they have to consider the upside and the downside. But in Erie county it's still -- decided upside. I think he probably did some. Yes for sure mogul my one memory while it was dead. You go -- -- looking at the more restrictive voter ID laws but it Republicans and push pushing across the country nationwide. And looking for a lower voter turnout. And this being an awful election though no -- no governors no senators no congressman. Soldiers to man actually -- turn out. Election. I -- think that favors Republicans were little but low turnout election event and the more experience compare where public say is that. Don't you think that Republicans really need to stop alienating big blocks of voters that he. With the government shut down I think the race in Virginia last night for governor and that I think that cost the memories. Because that's so heavily. That state Virginia with all the military bases so heavily dominated by area. You know and being so close to Washington just federal workers who do. Literally lost their jobs for a few weeks in their their livelihood for a few weeks. And soul. I hear what you -- saying and I'll tell you I have my opinion in. -- may disagree with you doesn't mean your own. I just have a different opinion I -- and trying to beat two story about -- But hearing him on WB eons duplicate that with enough. From our -- yeah I think that the Republicans have a lot at stake here I think that the they had two incumbents at the top of the ticket. -- and they had a real -- in -- of the of the of the chairman did a really good job working with its chairman is mentioned and others getting the message out to the troops. That we have a shot at something we hadn't seen in certainly you know I think we haven't seen it says that -- who was born. So I think he got the message that they had their real possibilities and and all of the downside here you saw a couple of candidates locally trying to connect there Republicans. Opponents. To the shutdown of the government in Washington with a dubious but you know none of that trickled down -- it didn't help the Democrats at all -- the negatives that word. Hang around after the government shut down one -- and effective message on the local level. We're really worked was the possibility in the hole opened the idea of it. That that it might review was -- able to -- impart to his troops that hate -- and we can do with the return which now not your other. Hard question on Virginia and I thought Virginia was lost I thought it was -- -- loss there was going to be kill and I thought of that the coach you know with the Republicans going to be very -- very bad it's been. Lot of time in Virginia in September analyzing -- for some clients. And I told them to give up on because. McAuliffe is taken off and he is likely to peak is back from the Clinton recombinant form. To. It was a disgusted voters. And the candidates. I think that you know about it 24%. You know favorable rating in the McAuliffe a much better I think he's like 35% so it. Now you know they're both it -- -- cost an insider an insider's insider and and and intentionally had some scars. But we're really Witten caught my eye on mileage on and you -- -- agrees. That the numbers closed in the last ten days coached mr. creeping up on my it was -- I couldn't believe it took -- add to -- club exhibition don't you know. Because I didn't want to throw good money after bad -- creeping up and it looks like if you parsed every pick apart those polls. There coming up but in part not totally but in part because of the failures of the affordable care. A lot of people who received. Cancellation notices who were frustrated. By the new federal law health care law. Switch their vote. And you know this is in the face of one of the most you know high levels of bureaucrat populations in the in the nation. Yeah. One other question -- -- you about Chris Christie. Do you think he has the potential to win me Republican nomination. Well I I have stood. Tell you here but I I do some work for from the arm to from new Jersey Republican Party and I know Christiane I think he's pretty Greek name. I've -- spent some time with the chairman over -- they're very hopeful that he has a show on the on the federal level I gotta tell -- I've worked in seven presidential races. You know. Four of them here in the United States. And you gonna have to would be pretty conservative to win the the kind of the Republican primary if you're as a -- if you're a Democrat after pretty liberal to win so. -- Christie has a tough tough road there. Didn't did you think they're -- was kind of pretend conservative I mean he's really seems pretty moderate and that. That's that's phony baloney aspects of him. Yeah well I'll tell you we we gotta go your job I'll tell you what I was not a big Romney supporter unfortunately not many people were. This news reviewed them and a 930 WB -- don't forget our number 8030930. Next up for during the 10 o'clock hour we're gonna have -- the -- of the buffalo pundits.

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