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Wrapping Up Election Analysis

Nov 6, 2013|

Michael Caputo; Pt III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael -- could -- is in studio political strategists from politics NY dot net he's filling in for sandy beach from nine until noon today talking about the election and you know Michael we've been spending much of the -- talking about how Republicans steamrolled of this election year. What are they setting their sights on where they going forward after today. Well I think no one knows that better than county executive -- point cars are going after him. He's definitely. Our target number one and we also have not just one Republican interested in and running against -- there's a whole handful from. While -- the Republicans out there like me hope we don't have a bruising primary. Because of that may help our -- a -- -- survive. An intense race you know Chris Jacobs obviously is one of those public a couple of well I would say passed from highland positioned well I think Ed raft as of family tradition in in again and that kind of trajectory. -- you market. State senator. On that we have I think four or five guys that are you know better look and I think they're very serious on the Republican side and they've all one big. You know we -- we you know there are clerk mr. Jacobs was actually out campaigning. He was going door to door he wasn't even up for election. And he was out campaigning you know trying to get contact with the with the residents on behalf of the clerk's office but he was out there. OK this sounds like the Erie county Democratic Party really. Has us some. Incredible. Work to do in the next year. What is the future of chairman's -- Well I think chairman's honor came in on controversy even though it after all the court smoke clears he won he won affairs -- chairman. In over folks -- rusty -- side of the fence would disagree with frank next. Was running against the franc Max wants to be chairman I mean people in the party there are many in the party think he can handle the -- a little bit better. -- Jeremy have a -- to show how he handles reigns in this election things didn't turn out the way he wanted but he certainly had a uphill climb. Now a couple of nail biting races at her. Looking one way but it's not official no -- an Orchard Park in Hamburg for town supervisors. How do you think these are gonna play out. Well you know usually the absentee ballots break the same way that the that the Britain of the general ballots break I mean we have. In Hamburg Steve Walters is up 158 with -- 61. Ballots out to absentee ballots in Orchard Park -- of a hundred you have team up on him 32 votes with tour 59. Absentee ballots out I think they're both within safe distance there are either. Of their opponent. But I'll tell you somebody in in Hamburg that did something extra. To have to get these absentee ballots and whether it was a Republicans -- Democrats. It's not clear it would be a really bad day. If the winner of the of the election. Turns around says that we do something with the absentees in a review of each other and says I don't know I thought you were doing something with the his -- didn't contact him. If you didn't send them a letter there -- for your opponent. You know Michael you mentioned earlier. -- excuse me the importance of the party chairman. Recruiting people to committee positions in towns and they have to run of course on primary day. But in many towns are committee people who rom without the chairman support sometimes without his knowledge and they went. Hollow Dawes a chairman controls these people. Well you know from a county chairman's perspective what's -- from the experts but -- very close relationships with his town chairman I'm from Rory he's very close to our town chairman Jan. And that bat -- close relations -- across the board and most of the towns and it's it's through vet that structure that command structure. But it chairman or no holds power and that it chairman fills the seats a lot of these Republican committees are not full. There are some empty seats there that just shows that that local town tournament hasn't worked well again I'm sure -- over for Michael Caputo. Political strategists from politics and white dot net.