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Election Night Analysis

Nov 6, 2013|

Michael Caputo; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And our bid global day after election story of the chairman of the county Republican Party in Atlanta were they sitting a top the local political world this morning. As just candidates march 2 decisive victories and yesterday's election playing really is most notable achievement capturing control of the county legislature. It's just -- the first accident in 1977. But the Republicans have gained a majority of Erie county legislature. Okay Michael Capuano is in studio of those political analyst and editor of all politics on why dot net. The race that well assuming the there was there were there were other races do. But we're looking at the race that gave the Republicans control of the legislature the Chad Morton when he Fisher race the eighth. Erie county legislature district. Give to candidates here that really did not. Shine they were there were candidates who have flaws in their character. I mean. What are we gonna expect from Chad Morton once he gets into the legislature because of his indiscretions. As a financial advisor. Well I can tell me it was -- taken seriously. I think I I think you if you look at. -- Morton's issues that they brought up in the campaign. They're professional issues it was a misconduct are of his professional. Up front and you know it as a financial planner he didn't steal money he didn't. Commit a crime he didn't do anything that people would consider to beat. Our our you know -- illegal he did something that was his his organization's nurses association's considered unethical. Our bats -- are -- real different from electing someone you find out an inevitable. Old if you borrow money. From your client and your client is unaware that your borrowing the money. Right that's you know that's. Two people can consider that to be. And far more than unethical I think that. -- of this is it's something that the chairman discussed with the candidate and Mick -- with disgust with the candidate. Before the election. They analyze that they sought is something that they could. Explain to the voters I think that that took one did a good job explaining himself to voters in the willingly given the chance and it's not you know he didn't win by just there. You know EE he won the race are fair and square and I think he now has. An opportunity to prove himself properly legislator. And now -- because of that when this flips the legislature for the first time to Republican control. In decades. Right last time it was and of Republican control are shuttling up the driveway in the blizzard of 1977. I think I would still be -- Because it was a tough winter for everyone including Republicans only loss of the next Europe at this is remarkable. -- -- see this is something that's going to give mark point Arthel neutral.