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Election 2013 Analysis

Nov 6, 2013|

Michael Caputo; Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's turn to Michael Capuano he's in studio as a political strategist to go one. And at a narrow politics and -- dot net Michael. Thank you for coming in earlier and are you doing. Sandy show beginning at 2 9 o'clock committee got to get here early get your engine to and illusions to third on the near pretty clearly dive into that -- Speculation drinking -- -- Iraq you or something else did mention. You never seeing no local political party. As well organizes the Erie county GOP about you know over the years I mean it it goes back and forth a lot. -- it's all cyclical of course it is and it really has a lot to do with the people with the chairman recruits to the Republican committee because they're the ones who do the work. And one thing beware of the folks noted is that every single Republican. Appointee every single Republican officer and county and state -- liberty and in an Erie county took a vacation days last couple days and they were up the work. And somehow or another the Democrats didn't take their vacation days and they were in the office and if that's happened and. Something's wrong. -- country was here last night the state that GOP chairman. Is that have anything to do with with our races are. Well I think our area counties and chairman chairman Cox's favour count me it's the one counting on his board that it's consistently outperformed everyone else. He's also here for a speech at the oil and gas association. Downtown today I think but he's actually going to be on sandy beach show today between 111130. Carlin from the conference he's -- were there today. Eric is he's very knowledgeable about fracking in natural gas. He came here also because he wanted to see winners a lot of winners announced the -- -- -- The the conference that the of the governor's sort of ignored. It is -- I would think that the government would find it so much more popular elsewhere he hasn't made natural gas priority in his administration. In Pennsylvania they have 232000. Jobs related to natural gas in New York we have zero. We have any idea how the fracking decision ultimately -- -- everybody thinks is gonna. Well there's nothing you can do to stop it it's that this safety concerns are being with being addressed all of the different environmental concerns are being proved to be some you know most of them false. He's going to have to prove that the problem we have is that he's been a week after his election. And also we thank you meet pundit. To the localities and make it county by county -- town by town if you wanna be if your company you wanna invest in the natural gas industry lobby every. Events of the election nick. Blame -- the stock has risen significantly after last night's election you know what what's in his future. Well first the ball a lot he's very young he just passed thirty year old your thirtieth mar keys just gotten weird he's just start for him he's just. Get started and it's it's remarkable let me tell you I mean. People in the Republican Party know that I in the past have been critical of of -- make angrily. And he came to me -- personally called me and said he wanted to talk to Meehan and work things -- I mean the guy has Arab would have to when that. Tom I think he's forged alliances were there weren't our lines is in the past are still differences departed but it's not divide them -- The Democrats. And they lacked. Marquee. Candidates in the race for sheriff. And control than they did and that's where the Republicans were really good job and candidate recruitment. Our Jeremy Helmer on these good guy in the Chinese artist there Antonia -- -- -- tough road for him oh. He ended up haven't a couple of bad candidate recruitment is -- for initial candidate for comptroller. Back doubt because of disagreements with the with chairman in the party. And you know many in the back seat that -- candidacy was. Then filled -- by Kevin -- who was flawed -- -- from the start. Army is our compared to be -- -- Germany's having difficulty in the sheriff's he's he's he recruited. What he thought was a strong candidate emperor torment turned out -- on was strong revenue wanted to be. Because when Burt Darden got beat in the democratic primary he kept going to split the vote. And sheer power came in victory. Yeah talk about that split and that's how it played out -- sheriff Howard got 52% of the vote. So would -- to sound and like it wouldn't of mattered. If done was in their race or not. Well our our Dick Thompson who's a very good guy. He's out from where I'm from east -- really good idea he had trouble raising money in people thought that first of all that. Our share power was going to be with -- that they thought she turns out pretty and also they knew the bird -- gonna spend some money so they kind of knew it was a sport race. In the end I think Portland took a few votes away from Tim Howard as well not just stick dobbs and so I think the if if if if if bird on was not in the race you've probably seen a bigger margin. For this year. Okay Michael Capuano political strategist who's going to be with us through the 9 o'clock hour before he. Pills and percentage actually warm up.

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