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Sabres Sneak By Sharks

Nov 6, 2013|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This portion of Buffalo's early news has brought you by -- -- hissy New York's artisan cheese while our big cheese is here micro but I sabres analyst for MSG morning Mike. How are you. Hey we're greatly you know sabres were lucky last night the sharks actually scored in overtime but nobody noticed the way the -- -- for buffalo I'm sure that they don't care how they get the win right. We got -- -- Well they are very equipment are yeah you're right in -- nobody. A couple of thoughts on the usually. You launcher which happened at some point in the past or there's not a lot of parties. A given game -- including Berkeley to -- Arabs didn't. In San Jose in the channeled their players and nobody really hurt that much screaming about it but you know. As their personal situation -- into the air and it shows. You know. It argues. Not a game of perfection -- partners -- the states. You know that's I mean how the heck does someone's door Golan nobody notices that doesn't ever happen during your playing days. Well I'm sure yet I just can't remember exactly. You know what -- what side by side sure that incident as a -- or. You know. Narrow -- I think what it looked at video replay but whatever skirt -- on the -- Charlie it's that really make a quite major because we're. At some point somebody should pick that up and saying you know -- pretty close an important part of the game. Let's just take a look at arts and they didn't solve the Eagles aren't and that's one -- mirror -- -- -- In my bubble -- three wins this season all on the road the sabres are all eight and one on home ice why does this team have more success away from home. Well we're probably not they don't look quotas tigers to a Barnes and Barry could what are you can change dramatically -- thank you play the game are you prepared yourself and -- their shelves right now that. You know what their game. On the role of the fact that they're shoring up quite a lot harder -- -- It's they get a proper level I think more than anything -- there and in order Europe on your integrity in everything -- you're just supposed arts so carefully. That's not done on the road so. Barrier he gambles got a preparer on the road you can loosen up a little bit up and play the game here spokespeople -- He -- the sabres gave up 51 shots on goal last night is there anyway you can put a long winning streak together they keep giving up so many shots. No other arm. Like Gordon after the -- are the first things you really have to cut their arm a -- shops that are extremely. Hard. When you're hearing you know or you're just basically -- -- game after game after -- and certainly no love -- shot attempts. It's -- on a consistent basis in order. Channel's normal or even the score sheet so. There has to be certainly they're corrected it and at some -- -- scored have to be a lot of the -- Arctic club because. You Gretchen murdered the answer your question is certainly very you know they're -- in -- somewhere along the line. They're the -- the -- your defensively and -- really curtail. The other thing it from getting scoring opportunities. The other teams tomorrow night how good of that. They're pretty felt like he they're very strong and they couldn't that are just strategically where -- -- arms on reports that the work. Bill what will you physically in any given game. There are for club and a lot of Wear and the understand what it takes away and they're willing to do whatever it takes to work now. There are being ship that's perfect partners -- you know the things that a lot of our games. Perhaps are ill and certainly -- probably Republican their Mercury at all finally get a break for white buffalo. Well that's. You know -- dangerous -- play the game. Anything could be the other team to get a bite there -- -- -- bit stronger so you might catch -- -- -- game a little bit -- Derek admirable strength. Hey -- great talking with you will see you next week. Rick art and art net savers analyst for MSG -- a time.

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