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Election Night Not A Total Democrat Downer

Nov 6, 2013|

Jeremy Zellner

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome our next guest he's Jeremy is -- chairman of Erie county Democratic Party. Gerri good morning thank you for joining us. -- an -- you were doing OK you know on earlier counterpart deadline worthy is riding high today after the Republicans have captured control of the legislature. Kept the sheriff's office cup the comptroller's office. You have to have some pluses yesterday. Well -- Absolutely and we were able to return army -- back to office we had a big win with mark on tour for State Supreme Court. On it appears that we put the town board and Hamburg. And we were not ready to concede yet was stacked team out Orchard Park or -- or walk or Steve Walters for that matter Hamburg we've got a lot of holes out there are so we'll see what happens. What happened in the Erie county legislature with a Terry McCracken seat. Well it appears that to have Morton has won that seat so we will probably we will lose the majority at this point. Germany you know you have to wonder. Republicans winning big in the counting of votes overwhelmingly democratic and enrollment a Richard Dobson he had little money to spend. On an effective campaign against an entrenched incumbent sheriff. Only to be challenged by a third party guy and none of the stuff from Honduras. A lot of observers seem to think you had a weaker candidate in in and Kevin gone. What about those two races given a second thoughts about those two. Well that religion I guess what I would say it any time you have to incumbents that are well financed in this off year it's going to be an uphill battle and we knew that going again. And I we recruited a great candidate. For controller to begin with. A woman of the CPA it was a controller in the private sector. And she ended up pulling out of the race of the with a lot of auto week to go in the petition process so we get the move quick and we think Kevin was a good choice in that time period. And you know Kevin admits his deficiencies but there's a great name any worked awfully hard. How close is the Orchard Park in Hamburg supervisor's race. At this point I'm not exactly sure but I know what's. That that there is no chance that before I went to sleep last night the east Orchard Park race was by a mere couple bolts and -- grace which includes. Maybe fifty or seven people that fourth. So it'll definitely be recounted. Yeah and it costs -- of absentee ballots than those districts as well Jeremy are you concerned about your futures party chairman. I'm not at all John reads like that said though yesterday to the Buffalo News we've worked very -- and put the resources in place for all of -- how the candidates throughout the county and we we believe we did very well last night throughout the county in the columns. And I've had enough of a positive reaction from my -- chairs and committee minutes throughout the county you know we start the campaign for Governor Cuomo today. And then there you know. The plane ready may have had a good night last night but it's going to be short lived there a victory when would we go on to this year and keep him all. Of the statewide elected its search. Okay Germany good to talk -- this morning thank you for taking the time to join us. Thank you take care as the chairman of the Erie county Democratic Party -- result.