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GOP Has Big Election Night

Nov 6, 2013|

Nick Langworthy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Election results the chairman of the Erie county Republican Party Midland where they. Sitting atop the local political world this morning as his candidate of march to decisive victory as of yesterday is elections. Playing where there is most notable achievement capturing control of the county legislature. It's just started the first accident in 1977. That the Republicans have gained a majority of Erie county legislature. Jiri county GOP chairman nick -- where they is with us this morning on the WB and Lima last line -- good morning good morning and congratulations. So much right so the Republicans take control of the legislature for the first time since the seventies the sheriff has been reelected the Republican comptroller stays. Tell us how you did this. Well it it'll -- -- great candidate recruitment and you know I think we assess the problem hi Lou in and share Tim Howard landslide victory last night. You know it shows that the job that they were doing was so widely accepted the in approved by the taxpayers they wanted to see Stephon I would have. For four years to hold the county executive and county government accountable. They want and Tim Howard didn't in his law and order brand of law enforcement that you brought to the sheriff's department for his entire career to continue. And I think those candidates -- record spoke for itself when you look at the legislature I think that the people Erie county wanted to accountability. In in county government more so on more checks and balances on the county executive. This is then overwhelmingly. Democratic county. Neck while we're keys to the victories for Tim Howard and stuff on the on the. Well I think I think he he's certainly we're down to -- enrollment. On every countywide race we have really -- businesses Republicans. Winning we have to -- Democrats to -- for our candidates away. And it shows that these candidates were able to reach across the aisle in -- party politics society and indeed people to believe in the job that they were doing. It -- The landslide. Margins that -- in power to step -- hi -- One by last night to is is a great -- seal of approval from the voters -- -- county that they like the job they're doing. You know -- now that it's over this three way battle for sheriff. Did -- done play spoiler or not. Alberto certainly spent a lot of money but you can -- -- -- 52% of the vote soul you know if you had both spurred dozens -- together -- that mr. Dobson. The Naples combined couldn't it defeated two hours. -- Ed Cox flew state Republican Party chairman -- the night in buffalo he watched election results here. Of the two have you talked while I was here. -- chairman Cox today he had developed a great friendships is that a full partner in our efforts. You know relations since 2011 when he helped us without legislative races and then we could we get assistance in our efforts this year I mean we. At the beginning of this year -- set out a mission wonder reelect. Empowered to reelect Stephon I was three you would capture a majority of the Erie county legislature for the first time since 1977. And we got it done one. And you're gonna savor this for awhile but what do you setting your sights on next. Why did you that you never rest on your laurels and you always have to be improving every. We have stick and I am like he's election results and if you some places we didn't do so well continue to build and find in recruit good candidates and people. They conserve the taxpayers of Erie county. Nick we're glad you could join us thank you so much congratulations. You. Airy county GOP party chairman -- -- writhing on the. The State Capitol. The glacier -- schedule and where to go.