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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Election Results Recap with WBEN's Dave Debo & John Zach

Election Results Recap with WBEN's Dave Debo & John Zach

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is John -- along with Dave do you -- Dave anchoring WBN's election coverage last night. They of the Republican bandwagon it's rolling along who would have thought just a couple of years ago it would turn out like this. In fact if you look at a couple of years ago Erie county Republican Party chair -- -- where they started out his tenure. With two big losses he'd lost the Erie county executive's race to mark -- cars when Chris Collins was running he was heavily involved in that campaign. He was heavily involved in the Jane Corwin campaign. When she lost the special election to -- vocal so he started out being the guy that everyone thought was the goat. And now this morning he's the king maker he picked up. All sorts of races in the Erie county legislature they got the majority there. He picked up the comptroller's race keeping an incumbent Republican there. Keeping incumbent Republican sheriff he already had county clerk the only office really that the Republicans don't hold county right now. Is county executive but he's in the catbird seat as we look ahead to that. Okay the county legislature will now be under Republican control. The clincher was the Ted Morton -- over when he Fisher a couple of candidates. Some observers. Say both have some flaws. Absolutely in fact toward the end of that race in recent days what may have turned the tide is a lot of heavy advertising. I against -- -- it turns out she has had many run ins with the police in her neighborhood. And that -- have been what tipped it Morton had 57%. Of the vote to -- 37. And that was pretty much of the board the race that ended up flipping the control of the legislature over the Republican. Let's move on just bit now to Jeremy -- older where does owners stand now. That the -- worthy seems to be running on top of the water well a he's. He's got some issues and a couple different ways this morning first of all. His day job -- this as chairman of the party but his day job. He's chief of staff of the Erie county legislature. That's a position that's appointed by the majority and once through majorities which is the Republicans he's out of his day job. So he's right there a little bit behind the eight ball. Now let's look at his stature as leader of the Democratic Party. Some of the candidates that he selected lost so he's behind the eight ball in that regard. He faces an internal party challenge from some people who want to be chairman. Frank Max the Cheektowaga town chair has been battling with them for a long time. -- -- candidates didn't do much better than examiners but if you look at the overall scorecard Republican Democrat -- -- didn't do well at all -- Democrats didn't do well at all. That's got to be an issue. The race for Erie county sheriff Tim Howard the sheriff had been on the ropes a few years ago largely because of the of the Bucky phillips' escape from the holding up the -- and Alden. The suicides of holding center now is on top of the world again. And a lot of that could be just because of the New York State's safe that the discussion about gun control. Sheriff Howard said he felt that everything that Albany did in that regard was unconstitutional. It turned out to be a wedge issue. The other two candidates Dick Dobson on the democratic side and Democrat -- on who was running a minor party line. Both of them said we would enforce the -- fact I was talking last -- during the election coverage with analyst Carol calabrese he says. That was probably the turning point not just because the gun issue resonates with Republicans but there's a lot of middle class blue collar union types. That also are against the gun control act stuff from Ohio Republicans. I mean go figure we're -- coming here word democratic enrollment is overwhelming. Me. What happens. That's another one where perhaps some of the advertising is what did it you look at the ads that came out in the latter portion of that campaign. And there was quite a bit made out of the fact that many years ago not currently but many years ago. Challenger Kevin gone had some back taxes notes they put out a lot of ads that said hey would you trust him to. Balance your books if he can't keep a good ride on his own. Another thing that I think you have to look at in that particular race Kevin -- on his run for election six different times every time he's lost. He then add on the name recognition from Stephane my -- Former TV reporter for a PR executive and incumbent in the office and all of those things kind of added up to -- his favor. Town supervisor races and Amherst Orchard Park in Hamburg. In Amherst was the clincher about the other two could be up in the air. Barry Weinstein did beat mark -- in Amherst again incumbency again Republican. That's a town that is just slightly more democratic. So there were some people thinking that -- Might squeak it out. But a lot of the polling going into that a lot of the is Amherst headed in the right way or the wrong way polls showed that people like things in Amherst that's probably would do that for doctor Barry. Okay what about Hamburg and Orchard Park their close enough that they might be ones that we'll have to wait a day or so to know the actual results up. Right now it looks as if Republican -- team may have beat the incumbent -- -- -- an Orchard Park. May have only a 123 votes so the closer is four years ago and it was -- and -- has run before. For county legislature when he barely lost so he's someone that people have started to like the polls anyway. And right now that one's really too close we're probably gonna see recounts and absentees and all that coming. And the hamburger is also close and Stephen the walkers are very popular guy. Yet during the election night coverage last night there were times when Walter -- the Democrat was way ahead than for awhile Walters back and forth back and forth. Right now Walters a lead is about 200 votes. Not big enough to not and up looking at the absentees and recounts in that procedure now mayor Byron brown. Talk about the steam rolling election. The city of buffalo is about seven almost 821. In favor Democrats so once mayor brown won the primary the conventional wisdom obviously was. He would be reelected obviously he's been reelected seventy to thirty the challenger was a Republican for the first time in the long time. There's been a challenger on the Republican side and the interest in part there. Is how well Sergio Rodriguez did we talk about that last night with analyst Carlo calabrese here's what he set about Sergio is effort. Through such a thing as a moral victory in politics Sergio got it tonight that's an impressive number -- hats off to him. To get 30% in net in that city with that enrollment advantage and having such -- few resources financially and otherwise. 30% that was done -- shoe leather. And he worked hard for the 30% he should be congratulated moving out of the state propositions are just gonna talk about -- the -- one proposition one. And overwhelmingly. People voted in favor of allowing more casino gaming. It doesn't necessarily affect us here because the areas they're going to put the seven casinos. Are not in areas where there's already an Indian casino like we have with the senate -- But what it means is that statewide. There's going to be more competition for those casinos. And the groups that were up pushing for people to vote in favor of this -- it'll mean a lot more money coming into the into the state for both jobs and education and things like that. I'm Johns back with Dave -- who maker WBN's election coverage last night.

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