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Erie GOP Chair Langworthy & Legislators

Nov 6, 2013|

celebrate a new Republican-led Majority

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Legislator in Dixon. I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight I especially want to thank my colleagues here on stage and my family is here my husband Mike -- it's on here and my sister -- brother lot. The patients that they exhibited over the course of the last few months and I couldn't go at them and -- trips and I'm not home for dinner. Helping to take -- to and from there on the cross and hockey games it's it's an icing your part. I hand. It's great but that I'm. Grateful to two people a -- Salina south buffalo. And hammered it proven that it doesn't matter what letters and it matters about the community and it matters that people and sport two terms now. -- try to. People that don't know me or heart or no matter. Tried to tell people that have known me for years who I am an out and Leon back so. You know they tried it and it tried it again and that's where I'm. The people of -- a lot and it's well -- -- special people have a special place car. It's about serving that's -- this community and last. -- soon to be in this position and -- know each January and now you iron. If it -- for now let me. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. And it really is the Royal Opera House Republicans to stand before you and say that we are now the majority caucus and Erie county legislator. I heard it said earlier and it has to be said again change is coming to all county hall. Absolutely. We are -- big change that respects at taxpayers we're gonna being changed that respects the businesses of Erie county. We're gonna take this county forward. Beyond where we've already -- this minority caucus has been leading Erie county. Even though we haven't had the votes now that we have six votes we're gonna bring about change is gonna make a massive and radical difference for all the residents of our community. Ladies and down and I have sat through 150 sessions of the county legislature under Democrat control. I've sat through 600 committees under Democrat control I am sick and tired a Democrat can draw. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen I want to thank the voters of the sixth district and Amherst Clarence Akron and instead and we look forward to serving you and the majority into NE fourteen thank you ladies and gentlemen -- -- legislator. Mid term elections are tough for county executive sometimes. And I think this one was especially tough -- -- cars. Someone get right off the -- somehow got under mark -- cars just can't seem to care for these young men easy. And the legislature as a freshman in. How are -- Paris can't expect him to blend into the woodwork and Hillary goes it held all I'm gonna hold him accountable every step of the way. Thank you what a night. Well at night thinking -- -- -- dad for leadership in the Conservative Party. Every else here thank you so much of -- -- I didn't think my family my wife is here my mother's here my dad is here on stage which is great. Our staff is fantastic you are great for -- vote out and supporting us all. We got a lot of changes common a lot of great stuff. It was 1977. The last time we elected Republican majority I wasn't born yet. So now. I'm happy to announce my wife and I are expecting their first child and that child we'll come into the world with the Republican majority in the -- And now this next -- examples of the fan club. So it's not really fair. But as we set out everyone on his campaign mailings security practices what he preaches about the government. Doctor Kevin Hardwick. They -- Diet Coke. Eight out you know so many people that thing so many people who think nine -- in -- that you. Thank you so many so make people that think my. Up worse than mine Ross is that -- manage my campaign is time. On another course and Tracey McNerney was there are doing all my graphics everything Chris -- for my website Sean -- or whatever that he did. And upgrade their daughter Lindsay students from -- -- college with a diet -- Brandon all of you thank you. My family my daughter Aubrey and her husband Greg Hill in my son's been -- Jeremy could not be here today. Grand daughters Hayley and Julie now it well I'd been married to my life. -- an awful long time. But it's nothing compared to 36 years it's been 36 years since we better Republican majority. In Erie county legislature and we accomplished that tonight. Got a guy that's -- pilots -- There's history -- the all excited until. Until this -- there they -- in the next door neighbor come over with a ladder and as the latter problem from the person that I banquet two years ago. Jeremy down there. And it's due to constituents. And that's that said some things about audience. Endorse my opponent. And I'm saying oh my god oh my -- You don't beat. Erie county democratic chair is endorsing. My opponent sure -- William and I. No because the Republican -- is backing. And this. -- -- is is responsible for everything. That's happening and -- Republican -- Later but he picked up he picked up big Republican council member in the city it's -- -- under the -- with a victory of on the carpet being bad for Jeremy. And eat it's actually a good thing because Jeremy we'll get more patient. Maybe you'll get lowered taxes because he's got Republicans representing him. In this City Council the county legislature. Tell you one more thing with the help -- -- span over here state cherry Red Sox. Are favorite public. Going to the governor's mansion in Albany. That campaign. You can do a lot worse than this guy right here to my right. Lot of people make this happen. You take your -- I got a few stages before we get to our majority maker. I think my beautiful wife Aaron. I want to thank Carl Paladino. For all you did make it. I want to thank our congressman Chris Collins. And here's someone that did an awful lot to help this effort out -- Chris Graham. Ladies and gentlemen number six the majority maker Ted. I had thank you all IA. I'll tell you where I came from from two years ago with a heartbreaker in Cheektowaga. Since then where I'd be here tonight it's just absolutely amazing night. First of all I just got to -- out of my lord and savior Jesus Christ for this opportunity. Look out across this room and I see so many familiar faces that have. It helped that so many different parts of the campaign I am so thankful. I'm so thankful that. I chairman -- worthy. British trusted me. To do with this and -- -- now my colleagues I kept saying and hopeful colleagues or whatever. But they -- with me every step of the way and you know I also want to thank my my running mates. Where is liars. Liars. Editors here somewhere -- And and Bob Anderson -- -- -- -- from. Now I I don't obviously want in the past the other two maybe it's your first race I'll tell emotion you don't know I ran the first time seventeen years ago. I may have set a record in Erie county from longest time between first race in victory. So I'll tea we need people like you that ran we needed to keep persevering and I am so proud and honored to be here. Again I just wanna quickly thank my family that. That is always met with me and my mother my advice -- -- my brother my my daughter. In my life. And I'll tell you one last thing that's interesting. If there's a majority maker here tonight it's not me it's my wife because I'll -- eight years ago. Years ago. When the legislature went while the three. I was like a lot of people that say you know like I don't know if I can stay here any longer. And she said that you don't want this is our homes or families take you gotta stay and fight. My wife here the majority -- -- -- --